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Found 182 results

  1. peacenowar

    All BMW owner thread

    Hi everyone, I'm starting a thread for all BMW owner. So we can share everything inside here. I'm currently driving G30, cheers and have a great weekend!
  2. Continue your stressful events here: Old link below: http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2695919-the-global-stressful-thread/ must follow the master style on how to post! Jin stress
  3. Hello MCF forumers! Be the starter of a popular thread and stand to win petrol/shopping vouchers worth $150 in total! The ‘Thread of the Month’ is the one that receives the most praises in the particular month. Each month, three lucky thread starters will be picked from the ‘Hot Threads’ section of the MCF forum. Points to note: Threads that is started only that particular month will be counted. Topic of the thread is not restricted to cars only (i.e. can be related to food, lifestyle, etc,). Please post on the correct folder & check before you start any new thread. Duplicated and similar threads will be removed. COE Bidding Thread is excluded effectively from March 2017 Calculation of praise points will be based on the first post of the thread Thread that has won in the previous months will be excluded from the winning selection Contest winner will be announced in this thread and will be contacted through PM Prizes (Petrol/Shopping vouchers) – First prize: $100 voucher; Second prize: $50 voucher; Third prize: $20 voucher Internal moderators (eg, Babyblade, KobayashiGT, Jerminator) are not allowed to participate to the contest. If internal moderators post is part of the top three winner, their post will be disregard thus the winners position will be move up one place. To see the standing of the "Hot Threads of the Month" you may check out the homepage! Start putting on your thinking cap now!
  4. therock

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    Did a search and I didn't find any owners' thread, so here goes.. Some links I found useful: External workshops: http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2675115-independent-workshop-for-mercedes-benz/?hl=mercedes Freebies that you can expect from Merc: (with contributions from @heman75) 1. 3k service credit. anything more depend your bargain and model. E and above will be like 5k. A, B and C i think only 3k but can ask for more. i did it for my other car. usually within 500$more 2.. JS front back camera sure give 3. insurance some loyalty discount for next two year renewal. 4. 3D matt 5. solar film 6. some car essential package inclusive nano coat. 7. welcome pack.. laptop bag. 8. some amount of overtrade (feel free to add more to the list)
  5. Thot is start this thread n not corrupt the Amazon thread Learn How Easy it is to up the HDD to SSD as that is king. Chip in here for further knowledge sharing This hybrid is interestinG but still ...
  6. Guess your know how these cryptos have run up since 2017. anyone brought bitcoin?
  7. Hi MCFers, I am here to announce another piece of good news to all of you. On top of having the Threads of the Month Contest, we will be introducing the ‘Most Worthy Thread of the Month’ Contest. We’re seeing some really good and quality threads/posts by some of the members here but unfortunately, they’ve come short of winning ‘TOTM’ due to popularity votes. So this is where this contest comes in. Think of it as a wildcard. Let’s cut to the chase. What’s deemed worthy? Must it be car related? Anything under the sun. We’re not kidding. If you’re a wanderlust, it could be your own travel thread complete with pictures, advice, tips on how to travel better, cheaper, and smarter so everyone can explore the world on a budget too. If you’re a hardcore car enthusiast, which is what this forum is all about, share with members your crazy DIY fixes, modifications, latest improvisations etc. Points to note: - There will only be ONE winner for Most Worthy Thread of the Month - It will be selected by the Internal Moderators - It is possible to win both Thread of the Month and Most Worthy Thread of the Month - Winner will be announced by the 15th of every month - No winner will be announced for any particular month if no threads are selected PRIZE: $200 Petrol or NTUC Vouchers So.... First Winner for Most Worthy Thread of the Month (Moderator's Choice) Congratulations to @Vratenza for being the FIRST winner for Most Worthy Thread of the Month – Wheel Spacer Installation DIY http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2705970-wheel-spacer-installation-diy/?hl=%2Bwheel+%2Bspacer Your effort in making the thread informative and instructional has not gone unnoticed! We will contact you shortly via PM .
  8. Throttle2

    The GST Thread

    With ABSD raised by 5% , i reckon we wont need to raise GST to 9% already! Yeah, whhooppeee. Maybe can even cut GST to 5% ? How does this impact you?
  9. Sleepyman

    Funny Gifs/Pictures/Videos Thread

    saw this somewhere lolz
  10. RadX

    GE2020: Singapore General Election - 10 July 2020

    This will be the offical Elections thread with the opening of the register https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/registers-electors-ready-public-inspection-feb-26-march-11?fbclid=IwAR35b5zOAEzNcms43KklYO-BGZwc1hJZLFtBO1xWCVHPeFEhhjuIwP4CEiQ SINGAPORE — The registers of electors will be open for public inspection from Feb 26 to March 11, the elections department said on Monday (Feb 25). Singaporean citizens who are at least 21 years old as of Feb 1, and who are not disqualified as an elector under any law, will be allowed to vote. They must also have a Singapore residential address on their National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) as of Feb 1. ADVERTISING inRead invented by Teads Singaporeans can check their particulars: Online at the Elections Department website At community centres or clubs At the Elections Department located at 11 Prinsep Link Singapore 187949 They should have their NRIC or passport with them. Those who wish to check their particulars in the registers at community centres or clubs can only do so from 6pm to 9pm on weekdays and 3pm to 7pm on Saturdays and Sundays. During the inspection period, a person can submit requests to include or remove his or her name or to update his or her particulars in the registers. Persons whose names were removed from the register for failing to vote in a past election may apply to have their names restored to be able to vote in future elections. REGISTERING TO VOTE OVERSEAS Overseas Singaporeans who have changed their NRIC address to an overseas address must also have a Singapore residential address registered with the Immigrations & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) as of Feb 1 to qualify to vote. Overseas Singaporeans whose names are listed in the Registers of Electors, and have resided in Singapore for an aggregate of at least 30 days during the past three years, may apply to register as overseas electors in order to vote at designated overseas polling stations. Registration and checking of particulars can be done at Singapore overseas missions that serve as overseas registration centres. Those registering must have their NRIC or passport. Singaporeans who registered as overseas electors in previous elections will have to register again. Registration as an overseas elector is open year-round, but overseas Singaporeans are encouraged to register early. Overseas Singaporeans who wish to vote in the upcoming elections must register as an overseas elector by the end of the second day after the writ for an election is issued.
  11. Porker

    Who's your favorite lau-chiobu actress ?

    For the maniac rangers here.. Don't always talk about SYTs Michelle Yeoh confirm sexy Another sexy Michelle Kuroki Hitomi
  12. Alright folks, wadda ya say, time for a forum game! It's word association. The rules: Only 1 word is allowed per post. Your word must be directly related in an explainable way to the word in the post before yours. You may not post the same word, or a plural of the post before yours. Example: Person A: "Chew" Person B: "Munch" Person C: "Snack" Person D: "Time" Let's begin: Leftovers
  13. Dear Forumers Too many analysis on the COE trend with all kind of theory, assumptions and predictions. I would think the best is still for Forumers who patronized the car showroom to share and upload 1st hand information probably with photos, crowd condition, sale condition etc of each AD in systematic way. With the real field situation, it will be more useful for everyone to know how likely hood the demand of COE in coming months. Any suggestions?
  14. boonhat_91

    Noob questions on property

    Starting a thread for noob questions you always wanted to ask, but didn't dare to or didn't know how to. Let me start the ball rolling. Why does property appreciate? Does it not experience wear and tear like any other material possession? Is it because of demand vs supply and inflation?
  15. Thougt i start this on loans now and to monitor as well rates for vehicles and perhaps houses. One thing that got me thinking is that loans form a core business with the legal ah longs...er banks. One post i rem jamesc posted is that one ahs and shd be considerdd prett high on the list to be given a loan. Criteria? Choco can u elaborate? how does the bank deem if one is worthy or not? Lets keep tis academic and focussed so ppl can discern n think of their own ability or liability before taking a loan.
  16. Can anyone share stories of the most horrible colleagues you have met? My office is still ok but how do you handle tai chi masters, backstabbers, hot air balloons, prima donnas, blur sotongs and other difficult people at work?
  17. any shop that repairs thread of wheel lug bolt hole?
  18. Gadgeter

    Protonist Lobang Thread.

    Dear Fellow Protonist. Am starting this thread to share on some of the lobangs on Proton parts found across the causeway.
  19. This is my first post since becoming a member. A current badge whore by social valuation. Spurred by perceptions of car buyers and enthusiasts. Car Banters: Badge Loverz- Audi A1, A3; BMW 1-2 series, Merc A class Conti Lover- Volkswagen Luxury lovers - roll royce, bentley, messerati Speed Lover- skoda, honda Space Lovers - tivoli, toyota wish, estima Handling whore - Subaru AWD, BMW RWD Money Lover - renewed COE cars Ganchong reliability Lovers - Any Toyota, lorry also can. SUV lovers - Almost 50% of new car market Car Care Banters Detailing Loverz - meiguars and coating addicts Street Car Loverz - Rims, stickers and spoilers addicts Audiophile - 4 digit priced speakers minimum Racer - Engine mod specialist and manual car addicts All these thoughts are triggered when my bro in law told me his car due for change this year and asked me for recommendations which car good n cheap? I dont have that answer, how much is cheap? Annual Salary price? Half annual salary? 3 years salary? Good what? Handling? Soundproof? Speed? Space? So the main question is for car buyers in singapore, what determine our decision? Mind Just sharing of your journey towards your decision for your current ride? I drove toyota altis till scrap then wish for 2 years then now audi A3. While staying in UK bought golf then passat. Basically volkswagen toyota user as it is a common folks car.
  20. Hi guys, Starting the v2.0 of this thread, since the previous one is full.
  21. Win total 8 pairs of ticket (worth $320) to BMW World - Of Passion and Joy by starting a new thread about BMW in MyCarForum! Contest mechanism: Start a new thread in MyCarForum about BMW. Contest period: 1-15 August 2018 Please post on the correct folder (any car-related folders) & check before you start any new thread Members may post more than 1 thread. However, only 1 thread will be qualified to participate in the contest. Duplicated and similar threads will be removed Internal moderators will choose the contest winners. 1st winner will get 2 pairs of tickets. 6 winners will win 1 pair of ticket each. Contest winners will be announced in this thread and will be contacted through PM on 16 August 2018 Contest winners are not allowed to choose the tickets' dates More about BMW World - Of Passion and Joy This event will take up two halls (halls 403 and 404) at the Suntec Convention Centre and is set to open on the 25th and 26th August, from 10 AM to 10 PM. BMW World will also serve as a place for the introduction of a number of BMW’s latest offerings to the Singapore market, as well as concept and showcase vehicles. Visitors to BMW World can expect to see the following models: BMW i8 Roadster BMW X4 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer BMW M2 Competition BMW 8 Series Designer Mini by Paul Smith BMW Concept X7 iPerformance Terms & Conditions Winners need to be above 18 or accompanied by an adult. Singaporean, Singaporean PR or have a valid Singaporean ID to claim the prizes. Only 1 valid Singapore ID per every pair of tickets claimed. No purchase required to participate in this contest. Collection of tickets are to be made on 16th and 17th August from 10am – 5pm at sgCarMart’s premises (61 Ubi Ave 2, Automobile Megamart #07-05/06, Singapore 408898). Any prizes left unclaimed will be forfeited after 17th August 2018. Collection of tickets will only be allowed with the presentation of a valid ID and email stating that the person has won. sgCarMart's decision is final and no query, challenge or appeal may be made or entertained regarding the decision. Prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash and may be subject to availability. sgCarMart will not replace any prizes if winners are unable to attend the event. Acceptance of any prize shall constitute a release and discharge of SgCarMart by each winner from any and all liabilities, claims, and/or damages which the winner may have arising out of or relating to: (i) the campaign, (ii) personal injury and/or property damage, theft or loss suffered by the winner as a result of the use and/or enjoyment of the prize. sgCarMart reserves the right, at any time, to modify, alter, withdraw or update its Contest Terms of Participation without prior notice. By participating in this contest, you are allowing SGCM Pte Ltd and their affiliated companies access to any information that you provide, so as to notify you about any updates about this contest or any promotional content that may be of interest to you.
  22. Parkingidiot

    The Whiskey Thread

    This thread was inspired after MO made me thirsty when he brought up the bottle of Jack in the Why Surf In MCF thread. I feel that Whisky deserves it's own thread... no politics or drink driving issues please... I love whiskey or whisky. Just a bit of general knowledge about the drink: There are many varieties of whiskey (Single malts, blended, etc). Can read this for an info overload: http://www.maltmadness.com/malt-whisky/beg...-to-scotch.html So.. let's discuss the whiskeys (no offence to the beer or wine drinkers - you can always start your own threads).
  23. Hi all, we have something exciting that we would like to share with you guys. We would like to spice out the detailing folder by adding an all-new contest called Detailing's TOTM! Detailing TOTM (Thread of the Month) is to find out quality thread monthly that can help the readers to their car detailing journey. If you are a car detailing enthusiast and have knowledge about car detailing, do post a thread and share with us anything relates to car detailing. We will be starting this contest from now till 30th of Nov 2017! Winner will be an announcement through their thread and also this thread! We will judge based on content, praises and pageviews. Each month, there will be one thread winner that will walk away with exclusive goodies that are worth $150++! *Pictures are for illustration only. Actual prizes may vary. Start creating your own detailing's thread! We would also like to take this chance to promote on thread ownership. We hope that all the thread that have valuable content will help readers and members who face the same issues or problems. We would like to encourage thread starter to keep the thread alive and make it more meaningful for this community! This Detailing's TOTM is proudly brought to you by SONAX Singapore. SONAX - Cleaning and polishing like a professional. A market leader in car care product in Germany, and one of the leading manufacturers worldwide. The brand is represented in 100 countries around the globe including Singapore. For more than 60 years, the company has been developing and manufacturing high-performance car care products, to satisfy the highest requirements, in Neuberg an der Donau. Whether it's in motorsports, in the tuning scene or in the world of classic cars; When it comes to the perfect presentation of automobiles. SONAX will always be on hand, for car fans and experts.
  24. The old thread was 9 years old already Continue here adding last reckless post This 2 year old toddler is super lucky to be alive after having 2 SUV driving over her. Can't really blame the drivers as the girl is exactly at the vehicle's blind spot. All drivers, do take note of your surrounding as much as possible. You may just save a live...
  25. Hi all, do anyone encounter such chipping from your tyres before? Hankook kinergy DOM (5214) Detected the chipping more than half a year ago. All chipping only on the outer side of tyre. https://ibb.co/m6wvHQ https://ibb.co/bRSPBk https://ibb.co/huc2xQ https://ibb.co/nvKPcQ https://ibb.co/gZL845 https://ibb.co/iKM4cQ https://ibb.co/gAVaj5 https://ibb.co/mJRRrk