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  1. Got the offered extended 2 warranty price for Sharan -$3800
  2. Thanks, any workshop to recommend?
  3. My car Sharan is almost 3 years. Not sure I should continue to service my car at VW. Is their maintenance package worth considered ? How about their extended warranty package? Anyone has experience?
  4. Bkling

    WORX Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner

    Motor Same power, the battery also same power but the green one has bigger base and have better attachment. Currently Tmall or Taobao has offer with free direct shipping to Singapore.
  5. Bkling

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    Anyone encounter this problem? Today I just drove to IPOH and found out the water temperature gauge meter keeps fluctuating from around 75 to 95 deg. After travelling for around 8 hours, the faulty engine signal turn yellow. I didn’t check the engine oil temperature.
  6. Bkling

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    How to join the whatsapp group?
  7. Bkling

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Don't be silly to think that JB needs Singapore etc..without Singapore, probably it only make life slightly difficult with some shops being closed down. However life over there goes on as they have bigger domestic market with large land and bigger population and resources.. Even Malaysia stop any trading with whole world, it will still survive with more hardship but definately not Singapore. So wake up the idea of being too proud to think that JB needs our support etc..
  8. Bkling

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    I drove Sharan for around 5000km after owning it for 1 month plus. I agree most of the things mentioned except the fuel consumption..I probably hit ~7km/l if drive around neighbouring hood. The suspension is definately on the hard side. I think is almost a perfect car for bigger family with kids and teenager. Although I seldom drive fast but it can really move very fast and stable when I tried it at NS highway.
  9. Can....don't...write......with so ......many many Ma...ny... dot dot....dot...dot....very hard......to ......read leh.... it ...takes 2 times...,,longer.......to finish .....a simple.........sentence.... I read finish behind one....already forget the front one.......
  10. Bkling

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    During my signing, I was told that my package shall be 3M crystalline for all Windows and screen. However, I found out during warranty registration, only the front windscreen and front seat windows are crystalline film. Behind are 3M premium plus. Felt a bit short changed as most customer will not verify and check. Go for crystalline if possible. By the way, VW will not install those dark film on the windows for you. as standard practice, they will install sure 110% LTA compliance tint Color.
  11. Bkling

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    You better check with VW on the model of 3M film, I asked them before signing contract and they told me all are crystalline version. But when I registered online and released they bulls**t, only the front seat windows has crystalline version, the back seat and rear windows were all installed with lower grade version. Suppose to be CR40 become HP35. The solar rejection rate performance drop from 66% to only 42%.
  12. Bkling

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    Got a lot of accessories I bought online which left quite a lot of as Wife does not allow to install. PM me if anyone keen to buy over. I tried a few round with various tinted film. Basically installed 4 times. Some of the heavily tinted film will have a lot of reflection. Too dark also cannot see the blue sky. Finally settled with 3M crystalline-40. Not so dark and yet can shield the hot sun off.
  13. Bkling

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    Recently just got the new Sharan. Somehow after few days of driving, 2 of the 2nd row seat cannot glide front and back. Any Brothers encounter this issue?
  14. Bkling

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    OMV $34321. Heavy car but responsive.
  15. All the theory and predictions do not hold up. Nobody really know whether the COE is up or down in next round. Even Mr. Donald Trump won the election. So anything can happen and COE may drop till $1 or may shoot up to $100K.