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Found 31 results

  1. Thread too big. Continue here Previous thread https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2711791-singapore-reckless-drivers-part-vi/
  2. any shop that repairs thread of wheel lug bolt hole?
  3. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/upshot/sink...-203620309.html
  4. along Sembawang Road on 30 Jan...circled the tail end of the car
  5. ....hope a hitman takes him down Former Romanian diplomat Ionescu released from detention in Bucharest By Claudia Craiu | Posted: 26 November 2010 0747 hrs Photos1 of 1 Silviu Ionescu (file picture) Twitter Messenger BUCHAREST: Former Romanian diplomat Silviu Ionescu was released from detention late Thursday night (around 10pm Romanian time, 4am Singapore time). He had been held in preventive custody at Rahova prison in Bucharest for seven months. His trial began on October 6. But now Ionescu has been placed under judicial supervision, which means that he cannot leave the country and must show up for his Court dates. His next appearance in Court will be on January 12 next year. Ionescu is facing charges of homicide, causing physical injuries and making false statements, arising from two hit-and-run accidents in Singapore last December. The decision on Thursday to release him came after his defence counsel had appealed to a higher tribunal in Bucharest. The lawyers had previously applied to a Romanian court, which decided against his request when the trial was adjourned on November 17. But after many attempts to get their client out of prison, they have now finally succeeded. The tribunal's reason for granting Ionescu's request was not available on Thursday night. It will likely be known on Friday when the Court reopens. Ionescu cut a relieved figure on Thursday night when he spoke to reporters outside the prison gates, moments after his release. He said he would continue to prepare his defence because he considered himself innocent. He was also glad the decision to release him came when it did. He said it was his wife's 50th birthday on Thursday. And after a brief moment with his lawyers, friends and son Bogdan, the former diplomat headed home. - CNA/de
  6. How did this happen???? I am thinking the guy never saw the orange cones and ploughed into a work site?
  7. Chrispie

    A$$hole MAlaysian car

    look at how this idiot drove. ignore the date.. forgot to set it after i reset the device.
  8. Vega

    Pot hole alert

    TPE towards SLE, middle lane before YCK exit. Its quite big lor. Any number i can call to inform lta.
  9. Tom_kkh

    Insurance loop hole

    I got a quote 1 month ago for $1500 2 days ago, i went back and try to get a quote again and it quoted me $1650. Bo pian i try to purchase on line and the system indicated that my records were not consistent. So i called up the insurance company and told them my problem. well, i keyed in my DOB wrong, than they gave me a password so i can make the changes on my record. The thing is, after logged in, i realized the quote for $1500 still valid and i clicked on buy! 1 month difference $150... lucky that time i itchy backside and clicked to check for fun. for those who are renewing soon maybe can try this loop hole? get an early quote, so if the earlier quote is cheaper, buy! If the latest cheaper buy the latest 1!
  10. I noticed that there is a pin-hole camera-like gadget fitted on the wind screen near to the rear view mirror of Merc, Beemer, Camry, etc. expensive vehicles. I tried surfing their websites and MCF for more info on this gadget but could not find any. Bros driving Merc, Beemer, Camry, etc. could you please share more on this gadget? Is this really a camera or some driving assistance sensor. If it's the former, does this cam only serve to record images seconds before an accident or it records 24/7? Any other topics on this also?
  11. wtf sia... kanna pot hole on CTE saw pot holes on woodlands ave12, SLE, CTE... how it suddenly appear sia? then in JB kanna another one cause heavy rain couldnt see properly... today polishing car saw this... wah piangz... if you look carefully my tyre kanna like scrapped some rubber off... got a short 'valley'.... this set of tyres very suay already 3puntures one is tip of side wall... this is the other side how the fender should be... this is after i used a plyer put between the fender and the tyre and force open... what the hell caused this sia??? did i roll over a big rock or smthing?... dont know if the under carriage got other damage anot...
  12. To my horror and shock, i saw a hole in my car at the end of the day.... dunno how, where even when it got there.... it looks like someone slashed a pole into my car... what could have happened???? haiz... so usually for this kinda repair, what do the ws do? how they patch the hole? or they have to change the whole panel??? haiz.....
  13. aNY 1 got lobang?
  14. I dont understand with this people http://news.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNew...202-196153.html KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 2, 2010 (AFP) - Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said he would call Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife as witnesses in his sodomy trial due to begin Tuesday, accusing them of conspiring against him. Anwar, who was sacked as deputy premier and jailed on similar charges a decade ago, criticised the case as "the machinations of the dirty, corrupt few" as he arrived at court accompanied by his wife and daughters. Anwar said he had evidence that his accuser, 24-year-old former aide Mohamad Saiful Bukhari Azlan, had met with Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor at their home shortly before he lodged a police report. "We want to subpoena Najib and Rosmah as witnesses because they were personally involved in the conspiracy and frame-up," he told reporters. "It is politically motivated," he said of the trial which he maintains is a plot to end his political career and neutralise the threat he poses to the Barisan Nasional coalition government. The court adjourned until 0630 GMT to allow defence lawyers to attempt to delay the trial while they pursue manoeuvres including a bid to obtain prosecution evidence such as medical reports and CCTV footage. "They should not proceed with the matter. Anwar should be allowed to exhaust all appeals," defence lawyer Sankara Nair told reporters. "Everything should be disposed of, to ensure a fair trial." Anwar's lawyers will now meet with Malaysia's chief justice to seek his support for another postponement in the trial, which was originally due to begin last July. As the hearing got underway, up to 300 opposition supporters marched into the High Court building and stood on the staircase in the main lobby, yelling their battlecry of "Reformasi" or "Reform." "We are here to demonstrate against the injustice that Anwar is facing, we will be here every day until this matter is resolved," said parliamentarian Tian Chua. The courtroom was packed to capacity, with reporters, legal observers, and diplomats from the US, Japan and European nations who are keeping a close watch on the proceedings. Human rights group Amnesty International has criticised as "dirty tricks" the charges against Anwar, who in his first trial was brought to court with a black eye after a vicious beating from the police chief. Saiful's father, Azlan Mohamad Lazim, said at the court that his son was present on Tuesday and "ready and prepared to testify in the case." He declined to comment on Anwar's allegations over the meeting with Najib, but the prime minister last year told a press conference that Saiful did call on him to allege he had been sodomised by Anwar. Anwar rallied the opposition to unprecedented gains in 2008 elections, seizing a third of parliamentary seats in the most potent challenge yet to the Barisan Nasional which has ruled for half a century. The charismatic 62-year-old, a married father of six, was a celebrated finance minister before being sacked in 1998 amid a policy row with then-premier Mahathir Mohamad during the Asian economic crisis. He was convicted of sodomy and corruption but after spending six years behind bars, the sexual misconduct charge was overturned and he was freed in 2004. The trial looms after a tumultuous few months in Malaysian politics, with the opposition beset by infighting and the government struggling to handle a religious row that has seen places of worship firebombed and vandalised. Najib has battled to defend Malaysia's image as a moderate Muslim-majority nation after a caning sentence against a young woman caught drinking beer and other cases that have raised fears the country is being "Islamised." The Anwar trial, which defence lawyers say could drag on for eight months, poses a major challenge for both sides on the political divide, and will be a high-profile test of Malaysia's much-criticised justice system.
  15. Octopus

    Wrong Hole.

    http://www.metacafe.com/watch/3475353/the_wrong_hole/ Nice song...
  16. http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/...306-126498.html Jamie and Glenn have new squeezes Three weeks ago on Feb 13, Class95 DJ Glenn Ong shocked listeners by announcing on his morning show that he had separated from Jamie Yeo, his wife of five years. Three weeks down the road, The New Paper reported today that both celebs have moved on and are dating other people. Thirty-one-year-old Jamie Yeo was spotted holding hands at an Adidas Originals house party with Mr Thorsten Nolte, 34. The Englishman is chief executive officer of Deploy Digital, a local digital communications company. Meanwhile, Glenn Ong, 38, told The New Paper that he is seeing fellow DJ Jean Danker and they are "dating exclusively". Jean, 31, is the host of Class95's evening show Cartunes. Both Jamie and Glenn say that they have been dating their new partners for three weeks now. Coincidence? Perfect timing?
  17. Someone must have been was looking after this flight, thankfully the pilots landed the plane safely and there were no injuries. Must have been a hellish experience for the passengers. ----------------------------------------------- Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp.../362710/1/.html MANILA - A Qantas Boeing 747 flying to Melbourne made an emergency landing in Manila on Friday after a dramatic mid-air rupture that left a "gaping hole" in its fuselage, officials and passengers said. Stunned passengers reported how the jumbo, which had taken off from London and stopped in Hong Kong, plunged 20,000 feet (6,000 metres) in what one said was an "absolutely terrifying" ordeal. An urgent investigation is underway into what punched a hole of about three metres (10 feet) in diameter into the fuselage near the right wing. A Qantas spokeswoman said the plane, carrying 346 passengers and 19 crew, was now undergoing an inspection on the ground in Manila, where luggage could be clearly seen jutting out of the hole. "There was a terrific boom, and bits of wood and debris just flew forward into first (class) and the oxygen masks dropped down," June Kane, a passenger from Melbourne, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. "We were told that one of the rear doors, a hole had blown into it, but I've since looked at the plane and there's a gigantic gaping hole in the plane." "It was absolutely terrifying, but I have to say everyone was very calm," she added, speaking from the Philippine capital. Qantas chief executive officer Geoff Dixon said initial inspections showed the aircraft had sustained a hole in its fuselage, and it was being inspected by engineers. He said the flight crew performed emergency procedures after oxygen masks were deployed and there were no reports of any injuries. In a statement, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau said the plane had been flying at 29,000 feet when the crew were forced into an emergency descent after a section of the fuselage separated and resulted in rapid decompression of the cabin. It said the crew descended the aircraft to 10,000 feet "in accordance with established procedures" and diverted the plane safely to Manila. The Bureau said it was sending four investigators to Manila to assist local authorities with the investigation. Qantas flight QF30, which took off from Hong Kong at 9:00am (0100 GMT), had been due to arrive in Melbourne at 1145 GMT, according to the Qantas website. Passenger June Kane said the problem had appeared to centre on the baggage compartment of the plane. "I'm looking at the plane now and just forward of the wing, there's a gaping hole from the wing to the underbody," she said. "It's about two metres by four metres and there's baggage hanging out so you assume that there's a few bags that may have gone missing. Passengers praised the crew for landing the plane safely. "We heard a very large bang, the oxygen masks came out. But the crew was very calm and everything was fine," said Phil Rescall, a 40-year-old man from England travelling to Australia for work. "The shock came when many got off the plane and saw the hole," he told AFP. "You see the hole and you realise we were very lucky. "Some people were crying, some people were pretty shaken when they saw the hole." "The crew were terrific, they did a great job," another passenger, Brendan McClements, said. "Everyone gave them a round of applause as we landed." Qantas said the 747-400 was not the one that was used to fly Pope Benedict XVI out of Australia earlier this month after his visit to Sydney. - AFP/jk/ir
  18. Hi, Any ideal wat to do with the hole after remove spoiler? 1) Patch and spray paint how much? 2) Use the nice screw to cover up will get rusty? Care to share which is beta?
  19. cos the tint is too dark thats why they cut a hole? or is it the tint is very strong ie. better quality like those vkool types?
  20. careful when u see this vehicle on the road... auntie open door and bang real hard on my side door, came down kept claiming cos the wind too strong and she not purposely... not even a word of sorry.. challenge me and dun even intend to pay any amount of money at 1st... daughter came down and pick a quarrel wif me, somemore ask me go report police and she will said she never knock my car... initially said she wan call someone come down touch-up for me and i told her i where got time to wait here and there dan she say forget it lor dun pay for scratches... she is a real shrewd, i really pity the husband of hers... below is her car, dun let me see her on the road if not i make sure she wun be able to pass me and i will drive slowly...
  21. Hi guys, 1. Recently, we have been talking about people buying expensive performance cars that have been fitted with CNG to enjoy rebate. As known, the saving from the rebate is quite significant given the high price tags of these cars. 2. Do you think this is a loop hole for people to buy expensive performance cars at cheaper price? Note that it is not compulsory to use CNG though fitted with one. You can always switch between CNG and Petrol on the fly too. If one still uses petrol despite fitting with a CNG, won't this defeats its original purpose? 3. Is there a way to distinguish a car that has been fitted with CNG? One can always easily remove the CNG tank after installation. Can TP or LTA tell whether a car's CNG has been removed from the exterior? Regards,
  22. GM Reports $39 Billion Loss on Deferred Tax Charge (Update3) By Jeff Green and Greg Bensinger Nov. 7 (Bloomberg) -- General Motors Corp., the world's largest automaker, reported a record $39 billion quarterly loss after three money-losing years forced the company to write down the value of future tax benefits. GM fell as much as 5.6 percent in New York trading after the size of the loss surprised analysts. Excluding the tax writedown, the deficit was $2.80 a share, more than 10 times the 22 cents estimated by 15 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg. Mortgage-related losses at GM's finance unit overwhelmed improved automotive results. "This has been a challenging year, for sure,'' Chief Financial Officer Fritz Henderson told reporters in Detroit. GM is writing down the tax assets because it may not be able to generate enough earnings to use the benefits. The move reflects a darkening outlook for the U.S. economy, as GM cited defaults on subprime mortgage loans at its partly owned GMAC LLC finance unit and "more challenging'' auto-market conditions in the U.S. and Germany. GM's third-quarter loss of $68.85 per share widened from a deficit of $147 million, or 26 cents, a year earlier. The non- cash charge is related to deferred tax assets in the U.S., Canada and Germany, the Detroit-based company said in a statement today. Its results also reflected an after-tax gain of $3.5 billion from the sale of its Allison Transmission unit, $1.6 billion in pension-service costs related to prior labor agreements, and $350 million in charges connected to its former Delphi Corp. subsidiary. Record Auto Revenue Automotive revenue rose 8.9 percent to $43.1 billion, a third quarter record, and automotive operations excluding the tax cost had a net income of $122 million. The automotive loss a year earlier was $455 million. About $700 million of GM's adjusted loss of $1.6 billion was related to the tax changes, Henderson said on a conference call. "Most of the decision for the write-off is driven by history, the fact that we've had a three-year cumulative loss,'' said Chief Executive Officer Rick Wagoner in an interview. GM fell $1.48, or 4.1 percent, to $34.68 at 9:59 a.m. in New York Stock Exchange composite trading after dropping to $34.14 earlier. Henderson said the losses at GMAC's mortgage unit and a strengthening Canadian dollar against the U.S. dollar were significant factors in the wider-than-expected loss. The Canadian currency has risen 28.3 percent against the U.S. dollar this year. The automaker attributed the charge to a "three-year historical cumulative loss'' in the U.S., Canada and Germany. GM had a net loss of $757 million related to its 49 percent stake in GMAC, which posted a $1.6 billion third-quarter loss on Nov. 1. GM sold 51 percent of GMAC last year to a group led by Cerberus Capital Management LP. Accounting Matter Under U.S. accounting rules, GM assesses the need each quarter for a so-called valuation allowance against the deferred tax assets. In 2005, GM took a valuation against tax assets in South Korea that it reversed last year when the outlook for profits improved. The automaker also took a similar charge in Brazil in 2005 that it reversed in 2006. Henderson said he couldn't estimate when GM might be able to use the deferred tax assets again and declined to forecast when the automaker might return to profit. "Certainly having ResCap turn into the red, then bringing GMAC into the red, has an impact on us,'' he said. Outlook Changed GM said it previously had determined it wouldn't need the allowance for the U.S., Canada and Germany because losses over the three-year period were caused by one-time expenses and because of the continued expectation of strong profits at GMAC and improved earnings in North America. "The establishment of a valuation allowance does not have any impact on cash, nor does such an allowance preclude us from using our loss carryforwards or other deferred tax assets in the future,'' Henderson said in the statement. The allowance also doesn't "reflect a change in the company's view of its long-term automotive financial outlook,'' Henderson said. GM reported deferred tax assets of $34.8 billion in the U.S., $3.1 billion in Canada and $2.5 billion in Germany as of the end of last year, in an annual regulatory filing in March. The three countries accounted for $40.4 billion of GM's $40.8 billion in such assets, according to that filing. Today's results including the tax-related charge may overshadow GM retaking the No. 1 spot in worldwide sales from Toyota Motor Corp. Chief Executive Officer Rick Wagoner also moved to reduce future costs by approving a labor accord that eliminates retiree health-care obligations and cuts new workers' pay by 50 percent. Labor Accord GM completed an agreement with the United Auto Workers last month after a two-day strike to transfer $47 billion in future union retiree costs to the union in exchange for a one-time contribution of about $32 billion. Wagoner had already reached labor agreements to close plants and trim health-care expenses, which the company has said would reduce its costs by $9 billion this year. GM has said the union retiree health fund will drain cash next year by $3.3 billion before adding $2.8 billion to cash flow in 2010 and $3.3 billion in 2011. GM's 8.375 percent note due July 2033 rose 0.5 cent to 89.75 cents on the dollar yesterday, according to Trace, the NASD's bond-price reporting service. The yield fell to 9.44 percent. Credit-default swaps tied to General Motors Corp. climbed 4 basis points to 598 basis points, the highest in seven weeks according to CMA Datavision in London. An increase signals declining investor confidence in the company's ability to pay back its debt. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...qFKg&refer=home
  23. Is it alright to install a rim without an adapter to match the centre bore? It is a bit*h to find the adaptor to fit BBS rims coz the outer diameter required 82mm. I need 82mm to 60mm adaptor.
  24. hi guys any ideas? best is DIY ideas hate my spoiler
  25. Dear all, I've lost my Sirion towing hole cover! Am I able to find a replacement from 3rd party accessory makers? Called STS Kallang Parts, but they said they only sell the full bodykit for replacement. This is what I mean by a towing hole cover (indicated in the red box). [inline missing.gif] Anyone can help me with some info?