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Found 67 results

  1. Would like to introduce to forumers this number 1 selling Korean hair product. Daeng Gi Meo Ri For more information on their products and keep updated on promotions, join their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/DGMRsg We have given away sample packs at our recent Bosch-Sonax MCF car clinic. We will also be giving out samples at our booth at SmartKids Asia, 21 -23 Mar, Expo Hall 5. For those who tried it, please write your reveiws here.
  2. Hi Seniors.. Need your advise on the below: I was involved in a cross junction traffic accident whereby I was driving straight towards a junction when the greenlight is in my favour. I hit a right turn car. My front bumper is badly damaged with engine and passenger air bags activated. The car is quoted 65k to repair at authorised dealer. As my car has a high parf of 80k and a resale same car is going at ard 100k. The opp insurance company treat this case as a total loss. As much as i will prefer to repair the car..thereis now no other offer from other workshop to take up this job. What other alternatives are available to me? As a total loss write off will be at my disadvantage? Appreciate your constructive comments please. Thanks
  3. Mods pls close off this thread if already started somewhere else... https://www.theonlinecitizen.com/2019/07/01/analysts-predict-temasek-and-gic-to-have-negative-returns-in-last-fiscal-year/?fbclid=IwAR03ZvPXPBVTzaEZKjAiqcHDPFTKY7X0W10LJ3F2SC1BC6Z-Cgtd2VO2nVE Analysts predict Temasek and GIC to have negative returns in last fiscal year
  4. Hi all, my car may be declare total loss by the surveyor. Can anyone advice me how do insurance calculate total loss value and how will the insurance compensate me? I read my policy and it states based on market value at the point of loss, how do that determine that? My PARF & COE Rebate is 29.5k according to onemotoring.com.sg calculator. SG carmart 2nd hand selling price is 80k. Any expert can advice me on this?
  5. SINGAPORE Airlines (SIA) has come to the rescue of Tiger Airways again – this time with hard cash. The national carrier will be injecting up to S$140 million to plug the budget carrier's haemorrhage - PHOTO: SPH 18 Oct5:50 AM Singapore SINGAPORE Airlines (SIA) has come to the rescue of Tiger Airways again – this time with hard cash. The national carrier will be injecting up to S$140 million to plug the budget carrier's haemorrhage. The funds will be part of a proposed rights issue Tigerair announced on Friday to raise S$234 million. With its regional ambitions savaged by fierce competition, Tiger on Friday unveiled a staggering net loss of S$182.4 million for its fiscal second quarter ended Sept 30, 2014, compared with a net profit of S$23.8 million a year ago. It also proposed a rights issue of about 1.2 billion new shares priced at 20 Singapore cents each, a 38 per cent discount to its close of 32.5 cents a share on Thursday. SIA, which holds a 40 per cent stake in the company, said it will subscribe to its entitlement and excess rights shares, up to S$140 million. "Singapore Air is rescuing Tigerair," said K Ajith, a Singapore-based analyst at UOB Kay Hian. "With the conversion of securities and rights offering, there will be less risk to the balance sheet. I don't foresee Tigerair needing more funds after this." Prior to the rights issue, SIA will convert its 189.39 million perpetual convertible capital securities (PCCS) holdings into shares. The conversion will raise SIA's stake in Tigerair from 40 per cent to about 55 per cent, and possibly up to 71 per cent after the rights issue, assuming SIA is the only one to subscribe for its rights and convert its PCCS. SIA will not be making a general offer as Tigerair's minority shareholders had approved a whitewash resolution in March 2013 to waive their rights to receive a general offer as a result of the PCCS conversion. In another telling development, Tigerair said it was exiting Australia, barely months after it exited Indonesia and the Philippines. It will sell its remaining 40 per cent stake in loss-making Tigerair Australia to Virgin Australia for A$1 – Virgin paid A$35 million for its existing 60 per cent stake barely 14 months ago. The estimated net loss arising from the sale is S$60.1 million. "We need to now stem the losses arising from this joint venture and divert our resources back towards our Singapore-based airline in the execution of the turnaround plan," said Lee Lik Hsin, Tiger's chief executive since May and an SIA veteran for 20 years. Dubbed the "Sale of the Century" by some analysts, the move was largely expected given that Tigerair Australia has been suffering operating losses since it started its services in Australia in 2007. Its financial woes worsened after safety breaches grounded its entire fleet in Australia in 2011. Already, the group's plunge into the red for the second quarter ended Sept 30 included S$161.1 million in one-off accounting provisions, comprising S$59.8 million for the divestment of Tiger Australia and S$99.3 million related to the sublease of surplus aircraft which it was forced to sublet at a discount to address its over-capacity headaches. While analysts said it made sense for Tigerair to do a reset and focus on its Singapore carrier and its tie-up with Scoot - SIA's other no-frills, low-fare airline - many were surprised by the extent of the "value destruction". "Shareholders must ask SIA and Tigerair for an explanation. Who's running the show? Details are sorely lacking," said an analyst. Tigerair also needs to convince investors it still has a growth strategy, now that its regional wings have been clipped. "They need to address a strategy going forward because they have divested Australia, they are out of Indonesia, out of the Philippines, so what next now?" said Derrick Heng, analyst at Maybank-Kim Eng. "Are they going to stay as a standalone unit just in Singapore? That will put them at a disadvantage to other players like AirAsia, which is growing across the whole region." It is too early to say if SIA was throwing good money after bad. "On paper, all these make sense. Scoot and Tigerair have lots of synergies they can tap. But how the alliance will pen out, it is still a wait-and-see situation," said an analyst with a foreign bank. Tigerair shares fell almost 11 per cent to a record low of S$0.29 apiece before recovering to end Friday at S$0.31, down 4.6 per cent on the day and nearly 40 per cent so far this year. SIA, a unit of Temasek, was unchanged at S$9.65 a share. In Australia, local media reported that Virgin Australia signalled it plans to cut a bloated Tiger Australia fleet that has hobbled its own turnaround efforts. http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/companies-markets/sia-rescues-bleeding-tigerair-after-shock-s1824m-q2-loss
  6. Hi, I was involved in a accident months back, and had my car total loss. I was compensated market value by insurer. I noticed that the car is back in the resale market. Is this legitimate?
  7. Anyone hasnt lost anything before? (PS: Virginity excluded from this, in case readers are wondering) 1 What are the most common things you have lost, and hopefully found? 2 How tormenting was the experience? 3 How did you thank the founder? 4 If you were the founder, how was your help appreciated? I have lost my hp (it was set to silent mode) for a few weeks. Later found it under the sofa cushion coz i napped there and dropped it. Small case. Another case: Lost car remote key. Ended up paying few hundred bucks to get a replacement from AD. Later, about few months after that, found the original key in my jacket which i wore for a wedding dinner and never wore for a long time after that. Few years back, lost my other hp in Kobe local shopping malls. Only realised it an hour later in another mall. Traced back my walk in the few malls i visited and narrowed down to a bench outside a electrical shop. It's a chicken / duck talking thing when I 'asked' the shop keepers in english mixed with sign language about my lost hp. Somehow she managed to communicate with me that i should go to the nearest polis post to check. (my 3-month basic japanese lessons taken before the trip helped a little). She was polite and patient. Managed to walk 10 mins to the said polis post and chicken and duck again with the middle age polisman sitting inside. He was stern but managed to let me know he needed proof i was the owner of the phone it someone ever foundand passed it to him. Suddenly i remembered passing a tourist info post nearby few hours ago and there was a syt who spoke english. Ran over to her for help. She was nice and helpful, spoke to the policeman on phone. My wife had the same desktop family picture on her hp like mine. So syt suggested i show my wife hp and its desktop picture to Mr Policeman as proof of ownership of my lost hp. Rushed back to Mr Policeman who looked bored coz that day his police post bo sing lee. After he took more than a minute to examine wife hp's desktop picture, he then slowly opened his drawer and took out a hp --- it;s MINE!! Later, we found out Mr Policeman had the lost hp in his drawer even before i first saw him and he did recognise my face in the desktop picture. But he just wanted to understand 100% sure the woman in the family picture was indeed my wife! The syt from the tourist info post 200m away was the vital link which explained everything to Mr Policeman and linked everything in two languages.
  8. SYDNEY—BHP Billiton Ltd., the world’s No. 1 miner by market value, recorded its worst-ever annual loss as US$7.7 billion in charges exacerbated a deep slump in commodity prices. Melbourne, Australia-based BHP reported a net loss of $6.39 billion for the 12 months through June, compared with a year-earlier net profit of $1.91 billion. Underlying profit, stripping out one-time charges, slumped 81% to $1.22 billion. HEARD ON THE STREET Heard on the Street: BHP Billiton Mines Cash for Uncertain Future As recently as 2011, annual profits topped $20 billion. The loss deepens the gloom in the global mining sector, which has responded to global economic uncertainty and low prices for commodities from copper to iron ore by closing mines, laying off workers and slashing returns for investors. BHP’s earnings also took hits from problems not shared by many of its mining peers: a deadly disaster at an iron-ore mine in Brazil and weak oil and natural-gas markets. Those enormous charges were largely against the Brazilian venture and U.S. onshore energy assets—$2.2 billion and $4.9 billion, respectively. BHP’s petroleum business, intended to help it through bad times in metals markets, lost $7.72 billion after its write-downs. BHP Billiton’s annual loss was the first at group level since it was formed in 2001 through a merger of Australia’s BHP Ltd. and U.K.-based Billiton PLC. Prior to that, BHP last posted a full-year loss in 1999, also a time of weak prices. ENLARGE “We are clearly very disappointed with this result. However the underlying performance of our business... remains and is getting stronger,” Chief Executive Andrew Mackenzie said. The company, which in February abandoned a policy of stable or rising capital returns, cut its final dividend by 77%. Still, at 14 U.S. cents a share, it was higher than the 8-cent minimum required under its policy, which BHP said reflected confidence in the health of its balance sheet. BHP didn’t signal a recovery in commodity prices was imminent, instead saying that abundant supplies of crude oil and metals such as copper are likely to persist. Also, it sees the economy of China—top consumer of most of BHP’s commodities, including iron ore—as merely stabilizing rather than rebounding. Advertisement In response, BHP said it continues to seek $2.2 billion in savings over the two years ending next June by making its operations more productive, while cautiously advancing new projects such as a U.S. Gulf of Mexico deep-water oil field that can boost revenue. “We are starting to open up at long last a decent margin and therefore strong cash-generating capacity,” Mr. Mackenzie said. The company’s London-listed shares were up 3.5% in midday trading, helped by forecasts BHP could double free cash flow in the year ahead if commodity prices remain stable. Last year, BHP shifted assets in several niche commodities such as manganese and alumina into a new company called South32 Ltd. that was listed in Australia, London and South Africa. Mr. Mackenzie has justified the overhaul—one of the biggest attempted by global miners in the current downturn—as a way to boost BHP’s profits by focusing only on its biggest assets. The strategy hasn’t paid off yet: While South32 shares are up by a quarter over the past year, BHP’s are down 20%. Mr. Mackenzie insists BHP would be worse off now if it hadn’t restructured, and calls the company’s current portfolio “pretty close to what I would say is ideal for BHP Billiton right now.” Credit Suisse said the 2016 financial year should be the low point in the cycle for BHP’s earnings, despite global uncertainty that includes China’s economic slowdown and the U.K.’s vote on June 23 to leave the European Union. Other analysts think BHP may also need to set aside more money due to last year’s deadly dam failure at the Brazilian iron-ore mining operation it jointly owns with Vale SA. To be sure, BHP isn’t alone in grappling with tough commodity markets. In July, Anglo American PLC reported a first-half loss of $813 million as it recorded a $1.2 billion impairment for some Australian coal assets. However, BHP’s purchase of energy assets near the peak of oil and gas prices have compounded its mining woes. The company plowed about $20 billion into U.S.shale assets in 2011, becoming one of the biggest petroleum producers outside of large integrated oil companies such as Exxon Mobil Corp. The oil-price slump has made that unit “a problem child,” Credit Suisse said in an Aug. 9 note. Still, Mr. Mackenzie on Wednesday stood by the energy business for what he called its damping effect on long-range volatility. “Our petroleum business is a better business by being inside a minerals business; our minerals business is a better business by being alongside our petroleum business,” he said.
  9. I am having an issue with my 07 WRX recently. When stopping at traffic light for a long time, my ABS light comes on intermittently and when it does, my voltmeter reading drops below 10 and my radio goes off. After a while the voltmeter reading will go up, the ABS light goes off and the radio comes back on. When moving off, the car feels like there is a loss of power momentarily and will lurch forward for a bit if the ABS light is still on. Once I hit normal speeds the problem disappears. Once in a while the Check Engine Light will come on too. I sent it to a workshop today, and I ended up paying $50 for them to just tell me that there is some part that is probably failing, but there is no way for them to know until there is a permanent light. As the car is going to be scrapped next year, I don't want to spend $$$ on a wild goose chase to fix this problem. But at the same time I am driving Grab at night, so when the car lurches forward it's not comfortable for the passengers as well. I just got this car recently in April. Anyone experienced something similar before and can give advice? Have a short video here of the problem happening (pardon poor quality)https://youtu.be/t77PVht05GA
  10. Hi everyone, Was involved in a traffic accident where the other party is at fault (clear cut case), lorry bang me from behind at a slip road. My sedan car become hatchback now. Car left with 7months (market value after scrap value about 6k), repair cost estimated by AD to be at 13k-15k. Seems like 3rd party insurer will choose to write off the car. However, my workshop is saying that i cannot claim loss of car usage (courtesy car) from 3rd party insurer until they approve the claim. Which may take weeks or even month. Is this the norm? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. much closer to home this time. SINGAPORE - Passengers on a Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight bound for Shanghai on Saturday had a bit of a scare when both engines experienced a temporary loss of power amid bad weather. The incident occurred at 39,000 ft about 3.5 hours after Flight SQ836, operated by an Airbus A330-300, left Changi Airport. "Both engines experienced a temporary loss of power and the pilots followed operational procedures to restore normal operation of the engines" said the airline's spokesman. The flight with 182 passengers and 12 crew on board continued to Shanghai and touched down safely at 10.56pm local time, he added. The engines were thoroughly inspected and tested upon arrival in Shanghai with no anomalies detected. SIA is reviewing the incident with engine maker, Rolls-Royce and Airbus.
  12. Wah, like that also can. Any experts can comment if they actually stand a chance?
  13. Hi, I had made an OD claim against my own insurer. The loss adjuster and surveyor had contacted me and ask me for an interview. Anyone have similar experience? May i know what kind of questions do they ask?
  14. Hondaes8

    GPS - loss of signal

    Hi all, anyone experience loss of signal for the last 1-2 days ? i am experiencing this with my Garmin inside the car while driving. Out in the open area static, is ok. happen to both my Garmin 205 and Garmin 2465.... not sure if my set is faulty as i do not have this encounter before. Pls advise.
  15. But wtf, monopoly still can suffer loss..LOL Does it affect u? http://sbr.com.sg/transport-logistics/news...loss-in-history 30% dividend cut more than possible. According to Maybank Kim Eng, SMRT has become a "fallen dividend angel" because of this historic earnings tumble, but remarked that it could use this short-term weakness as a bargaining tool to argue for higher fares through the undergoing government review. Here's more from Maybank Kim Eng: Loss guidance follows wage hike
  16. Mllcg

    SMRT expects Q4 loss

    Listed transport operator SMRT Corp said Thursday that the company expects to post a net loss for the fourth quarter ending March 31, 2013. "Increasing operating costs without corresponding fare adjustments have adversely affected the group's profitability," it said in a statement to the Singapore Exchange, adding that it is also registering a $17 million impairment of goodwill in Chinese associate Shenzhen Zona Transportation. The group will, however, remain profitable for the full year ending March 2013, SMRT said. It posted a net profit of $95.2 million for the first nine months, down 10.1 per cent. SMRT's net earnings for the previous fourth quarter (March 2012) stood at $13.9 million, a 59 per cent drop. Full-year earnings for 2012 came in at $119.9 million - 25.6 per cent lower. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...he-red-20130328
  17. Get some advice from bros here. My relative recently suffering from short term memory loss. But not severe. Eg. Go for an event yesterday. Today if you ask him, will say that he never go. But if you describe to him the event and ask him whether did he go, he will then remember that he went. He is the one who realise that he has this problem. And wants to go see doctor voluntarily. This kind of situation should see what doctor? Age is about 55.
  18. Hi guys, anyone have any experiences on renewing insurance after total loss ? I've claimed a total loss from my own insurance at about 70k. I'm looking to buy another car now, but my concerns are whether any insurance co will take me ? My previous policy was done in this manner. A has no valid driving license, A is the owner. B is named driver. C (which is me) driving the vehicle at that point of time, which is claiming total loss. If buying another car, will insurance for all A, B, C be affected ? Can A still be the owner ? Or probably no insurance co will accept ? Anyone has any experiences or great info to share ? Please advise, thanks in advance!
  19. if car is beyond repair and consider total loss by insurance. how will they pay out?scrap value?thanks.
  20. Recently, I have been feeling that the steering feel on the CSC5 is no longer crisp. Estimate about 20k mileage so far. Anyone on CSC5 has the same feeling about the steering response from the tyres when old?
  21. hilarious looking at the precise photos... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/...-free-kick.html You Wall-y: Nasri does his best to dodge Robin van Persie's injury-time free-kick I don't fancy this much: Nasri - a former team-mate of Van Persie - hides behind Edin Dzeko and Gareth Barry some comments are also funny: - Pay me
  22. Aj2009

    Honda making loss?

    chanced upon this in one motoring website by chance, saw that honda is making loss by selling honda jazz.... take a look below.
  23. So will there be a huge rise in fares after she steps down in Apr? http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1189825/1/.html
  24. FaezClutchless

    Mazda seeks for new partners

    [extract] It is not a secret about Mazda having zero net profit for the past three years and it is likely that the Japanese auto giant is going to go through another year of financial loss. And due to this, Mazda is looking for partners to share development and manufacturing costs so as to return to profitability. According to the company