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Found 162 results

  1. Yeah it's me again. Let's see who has the largest and nicest rims!
  2. Pic A. Color pic B. B&W look Pic C. Low color mode
  3. To prevent spammers from rampaging throughout the forum, we have implemented the rule that Users with less than 10 posts will be unable to start new topics. These users will only be able to reply to others. We understand that this could pose frustration to new members who may have a legitimate need to post new topics. So if you have such a need, post your discussion in this thread. If we deem justified, we will create a new thread for you. Feel free to also ask any question within this thread. Please read Mycarforum Faq For Newbies before posting.
  4. Can anyone help me? I am trying to post my ads for sale but encountered the following error (checked that my files are within the 2Mb limit): 413 Request Entity Too Large nginx/0.7.65 Thanks in advance.
  5. Urgent Advice Needed - Trouble with Workshop for Accident Claims Good evening all, Posting here as there's very limited information on motorbikes.. I am both a driver and a rider. I got into an accident this year where a car hit me when he was exiting a carpark when I was riding. I’ve received a letter from TP stating that the driver has committed an offence of Careless driving causing hurt and action has been taken by the TP against the driver. I’ve engaged a law firm to initiate the claims. My understanding is that on usual basis if you choose to go with your law firm’s workshop, you’ll not need to pay anything upfront for the repair of the bike as the law firm will settle everything for you. As for myself, I’ve chosen to go to my trusted regular workshop to conduct the repairs and the law firm previously told me that in this case I’ll have to pay the upfront repair costs and I was fine with it, as I trust my workshop. I was estimating the bill to be in the range of $2 to $3K maximum. For whole bike respray, alignment and some accessories (brake levers, handle bar grips etc). Initially when I send the bike in for repairs, I have asked several times regarding the estimated repair costs that I will have to pay but did not get an answer. 4 months down the road, the repair is finally done after chasing the workshop numerous times and the bill came up to around $7K. I am totally shocked as I did not expect the bill to be this high. My repairs were mainly respray, alignment and some of the accessories (brake levers, handle bar grips). Nothing was done to the engine as it wasn’t affected. The workshop did not inform me about the the estimated costs before commencing on the work, although I’ve chased them a few times. If they had told me the costs of $7.1K before starting the work, I will have never given permission for them to go ahead as I am not able to fork out upfront. And honestly, for the few work that is done, $7.1K is extraordinary high. The workshop claims that this is the amount that is given by the independent surveyor, whom was contacted by the workshop. Right now, the workshop wants me to pay for the $7.1K before they can release the bike, the repair invoice and the independent surveyor’s report to me. My law firm requires the repair invoice and the independent surveyor’s report before they can raise the claims against the third party insurer. On a check with my law firm, they said that it is highly unlikely that I will be able to claim this $7.1K back in full, as the costs are way too high and that the third party surveyor may give a much lower repair cost. So if that happens, the liability of 80% may work out to be around $3K to $3.5K. Law firm also recommended me to pay the full sum as previously I chose this workshop and there’s nothing much that they can do. Will you guys be able to advise on what I should do? I am not able to come out with a bill of $7.1K. I need the invoice and surveyor’s report for my law firm to initiate the claims as I have injury and medical claims as well. However, without paying the repair costs of $7.1K, the whole case may come to a stop and I’ll not get my compensation for medical and loss of income due to the accident. Please kindly give me some advices! Extremely helpless on this case. Thank you very much!
  6. Hi, How do I post message on other forum. I can only post message here only.
  7. Hi, I am having trouble uploading picture to the forum. The picture has been viewed upright but it turned out inverted after attaching it to post. Anybody has any fix for this? TIA
  8. https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=351168979094837&_rdr He called the police so no reason to post this on FB. Poor girl. I would have paid for her and gave her my contact to return the money. Many uncles here would do the same hor.......
  9. Mods pls close off this thread if already started somewhere else... https://www.theonlinecitizen.com/2019/07/01/analysts-predict-temasek-and-gic-to-have-negative-returns-in-last-fiscal-year/?fbclid=IwAR03ZvPXPBVTzaEZKjAiqcHDPFTKY7X0W10LJ3F2SC1BC6Z-Cgtd2VO2nVE Analysts predict Temasek and GIC to have negative returns in last fiscal year
  10. Singpost Postman caught throwing a stack of letters into the rubbish bin , being confronted https://www.facebook.com/sureboh.sg/videos/1726051920748339/ - Postman mentioned he has 2600 parcel/letters to deliver which is heavy workload and still work despite having an ankle injury, "placed" letters into the rubbish bin - Video uploader sign up flyer distribution with singpost in the few blocks at keppel bay , end up all his flyers went missing in the vicinity which he is also staying
  11. Singapore Rolls Out Next-Gen Post Offices Complete with 3DP http://www.engineering.com/3DPrinting/3DPrintingArticles/ArticleID/8643/Singapore-Rolls-Out-Next-Gen-Post-Offices-Complete-with-3DP.aspx SingPost is rolling out new generation post offices island-wide as part of its ongoing efforts to transform its post office network. To provide a more seamless retail experience to customers, SingPost began to integrate essential Sporting an immaculate and modern look, the spanking Suntec City Post Office is one of the new generation post offices featuring 24/7 auto-lobbies offering essential services. Over the next few years, all post offices will undergo a major revamp and be remodeled into a vibrant lifestyle hub integrated with a 24/7 auto-lobby to bring round-the-clock access to customers. Other customer-centric features will be introduced, such as user-friendly signages, packing desks where customers can pack and prepare their packages for mailing and service ambassadors on hand during counter operating hours to assist customers with their needs. Dr Wolfgang Baier, SingPost’s Group Chief Executive Officer said: “Our new-generation customers are digitally-inclined, buying online and on-the-move, and they expect a post office experience that is digitally integrated. To meet their changing lifestyle, we are basically remodeling our post offices, and transforming them into modern, efficient hubsto meet their e-commerce and digital needs. This includes 24/7 self-service lobbies with POPStation and ezy2ship facilities for them to post, collect or return parcels.” Dr Baier added: “Customers can look to us also for digital solutions such as tracking parcels, calculating postage or locating a post office through mobile. This integrated experience will also apply to other touch points such as SAM (Self-service Automated Machines) where they can access multiple platforms including smartphones, tablets, desktop and our physical kiosks.” SingPost pilots Innovation Corner with 3D Printing Service In its push for innovation, SingPost is piloting an Innovation Corner in Suntec City Post Office. Innovation Corner provides a collaborative platform for starts-ups and young entrepreneurs to showcase new business ideas that enhance and complement the post office experience. In collaboration with 3D Matters, SingPost is piloting 3D printing service at Suntec City Post Office, giving small businesses and end-consumers the convenience and option of printing cost-effective prototypes and customised gifts such as such as architectural models, accessories, figurines, toys, etc. Mr Elvin Too, SingPost’s Vice President for Post Office Products, Services & Network said: “We are innovating for the future. Our customer needs are ever changing. This Innovation Corner serves as a testbed for innovative new services that can be offered at post offices in the future, such as 3D Printing. That way we can ensure the post office always offers services that are relevant to Singapore.”
  12. Approaching New Year 2019 soon! For car sellers, it means: - meet Dec target, get monthly bonus! - meet Q4 target, get quarterly bonus! - meet H2 target, get 2nd half bonus! - and if meet 2018 target, get big big bonus!!! So they can probably sacrifice profit margin for 1 or few cars just to meet the big big bonus. For car buyers, it means: - more aggressively priced cars due to above points - facelift new cars introduced, older one will go on discounted sale - sometimes even just change of year manufacturing, outgoing year go on discount - get rid of old display units, test units, management units - hoping for COE to drop even further So please share all year end car deals you are aware of, from: - social media ads - newpaper print ads - brochures - roadshow sales Thank you and good luck to all car sellers and buyers! All brands welcome. :)
  13. Hi dear forumer, if i crash into a lamp post and damaged it.. the whole pole drop down and land onto the road... what is the fine that i'm likely to pay? Could i use my insurance to pay for the damage? or insurance would not cover that?
  14. /against the rules here? any car owner letting off their car (2 years or less)?
  15. Turbonetics

    Post your MCF decal(s) here...

    here is mine.... colour combination of my 3 decals goes very well....
  16. Sunny

    Nice bike pics - post here

    Saw a cool bike the other day Any nice bikes around, pls post too
  17. Icarsclub is down for few months now. No renters from them at all even cny peak period. Pretty disappointed as a member. Where else can I post to rent my car(mpv) out for the cny period? Tks.
  18. Hi Skodaman, Thanks for the message! 1 question, Why cannot post picture in skoda lounge ? regards Greg
  19. Dear ADMIN, May I ask, Where can I post a "looking for" or "WTB:" thread for a specific used car model/make, which Category/section/sub-section is allow ? As in the After-market Category, I don't see/find a section for Auto-car. Thank you in advance.
  20. IPerfectStranger

    Test post

    This is a test post.
  21. ShawnLee_160618

    Test Post

    Test post test
  22. For those who frequent this branch, pls be aware that their weighing machine at the counter charge higher compare to their self-service machine. I used the counter that is nearer to the exit/entrance area. I forgoten the counter no. I mailed a local Singapore documents. Self-service machine : 245g at S$1 Counter machine : 250g at S$1.50 I paid S$1.50 at the counter. Feeling buay song (being cheated), i walked back and demand for the difference S$0.50. Which government department in charge of catching market stall owner "eat chin tao" (cheat extra gram in hokkien)? I must forward them this email. ================================== Below are their reply. Almost faint after reading it. They didnt even mention that they are going to do anything. That means continue to "eat chin tao" Dear XXX We apologise for not being able to respond to you as we were in the midst of checking this with the business manager. We deeply regret to hear of your unpleasant experience. The self service machine at Ang Mo Kio Central Post Office is working fine.However the weighing scale at the parcel counter is sometimes not accurate because of the pressure from the air conditioner blower above the the parcel counter. Extra few grammes are sometimes added due to this. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you once again for bringing this matter to our attention. Regards, XXX Customer Care Officer Customer Care & Excellence Singapore Post Limited (Reg. No. 199201623M)
  23. Hi Bros & Sis, since everyone love to pink your Nissan QQ, I would like you all to post your rides' photo to share with all the other QQ owners here. So we can exchange pointers to make our rides even more BEAUTIFUL.
  24. Their reply was classic but the entries AFTER was lagi classic Nikon's FB post goes viral due to photoshopped winning entry Nikon Singapore has gotten plenty of flak online after naming an allegedly badly-photoshopped photograph as a prize-winning shot on its official Facebook page on Jan 29, 2016. Screengrab: Nikon Singapore/Facebook Prize winner has apologised for his mistake, claiming it was a 'joke' BY WONG CASANDRA wongcasandra@mediacorp.com.sg PUBLISHED: 7:34 PM, JANUARY 30, 2016 UPDATED: 9:18 PM, JANUARY 31, 2016 SINGAPORE — A post on Nikon Singapore's Facebook page has gone viral with over 25,000 likes, close to 19,000 shares and 4,000 replies — but for all the wrong reasons. In the post —which has since been deleted —, the camera maker had awarded Mr Chay You Wei a Nikon trolley bag worth S$169 for being this week's NikonCaptures winner. He had submitted a black and white photo of an aeroplane flying overhead framed by a ladder, one which many netizens have pointed out to be a badly-photoshopped image.