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  1. Turbonetics

    520i tune to 528i performance

    FI should have lower compression ratio for petrol engines.
  2. are u concern that your NCD will be affected when u langa your friend's car?
  3. Turbonetics

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Videos

    This is a period where there are many inexperienced drivers on roads as they are mostly renting cars during this festive season.
  4. Turbonetics

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Videos

    seriously if u have a video in car please report it to TP. this guy will cause some lives sooner or later if not tamed. are u crazy? this is not near miss?I hope u don't have poor judgement like the driver. it was less than a car length and the party didn't even signal its intention.
  5. Turbonetics

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Videos

    thumbs up for u...it is not easy to do that. I only do that if iam in super good mood..lol sorry,NPNT...lol
  6. Turbonetics

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Videos

    and also to those who said the driver should blocked the Evo which I think is not a right way. we won't know what the other party is capable of doing. if they really have some things to hide like drugs...etc...they will try to escape by all means.
  7. Turbonetics

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Videos

    the video doesn't looks like the video car driver deliberately match the speed,but I can see that he didn't want to slow down or brake to let the Evo come into his lane. Here is the link of the camera from the rear where I can see that the Evo driver also didn't want to slow down to filter behind the video car but tried to overtake it. The video car driver,i think he, mentioned that his son is also inside the car from one of his FB comments. https://www.facebook.com/Calvin.SCT?pnref=story
  8. Turbonetics

    Watches IV

    that is 16610LV not known as Hulk. good taste.
  9. Turbonetics

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Videos

    I guess u didn't know the lane numbering start from right.
  10. Turbonetics

    Stomp - Car Accidents

    STOMP meant that the 4 vehicles were playing bumper car...so not a bad England...lol
  11. Turbonetics

    Kana hit and run...

    is the damage serious? if not then don't waste time for repair. but then the driver skill damn jiak lat.
  12. could it mean that the higher numbers means the car starts to break down after 10 years so many people are selling off instead of driving it to the end??lol
  13. Turbonetics

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Videos

    My first time visiting this interestiing thread and some videos I had seen them in FB before. 2 videos that I have my personal opinions. Let's start with the 6 series vs the Van. I saw a lot of comments bashing the Bimmer driver but from what I see it was the van driver who seem to started it. Firstly he filter out and didn't keep to left lane but eat into the right lane. Secondly, at another merging part he tried to block the Bimmer from overtaking him. I guess this is how he got hot and did a hard jam braked on the van driver. Again 2 wrong doesn't make 1 right but it seems to me the van driver had a big ego. The other video is the Maserati. Like most of u here I agree the Stomper was making a big hoo haa. I agree the Maserati driver wasn't jam braking nor did I see Stomper's car was braking hard at all. But I believe the Maserati did a light tap on brake was on purpose too,maybe to wake up that Stomper road hogger. Stomper is pot calling a little black.
  14. Turbonetics

    Watches IV

    Submariner has always been a hot seller. But then I won't be surprised if they keep some stocks until the price increase to earn more profits. I heard the increment is between 7-10%
  15. yes,Singapore has many rich people indeed. if our economy is not doing well or improving,there won't have so many rich people and the rich people are growing in recent years.