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Found 38 results

  1. /against the rules here? any car owner letting off their car (2 years or less)?
  2. Cross without looking, focus is on mobile or tablet in right hand. Can't blame the driver.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=505303449584721&set=vb.487870694661330&type=2&theater During the train breakdown, they needed a pair of scissors to do repairs??????
  4. I will drive Auto gear car in next few months my oversea secondment, but I have never driven AT car before, my question is while the car climbs up slope if I feel engine power is not enough, can I shift gear from "D" position to D1 or D2 without step brake? thanks
  5. Hi All I know its a very slim chance but just trying my luck. My car was parked at SingPost Paya Lebar today between 12 to 6pm. Some stupid car or motorbike hit my car and run away. My car was resprayed 1 month ago and groomed only 3 days ago. Spent $1800 in total and now this sh!t happen. I went to 1 workshop and they quoted me $450 for the repairs. Moreover tomorrow is a PH and not many workshop are open!!! I might need to wait till Thursday to repair my car. What a waste of money. I hope someone out there witness the hit and run. Please call me at 81111207. Many thanks.!!
  6. anone driving honda civic fd1? do u change the wiper yourself? was planning to buy from carrefour or giant due to convenience. but got a few type, don't know if they are compatible. any bros bought from there and using it can share? thx
  7. The luggage over-limit thing can understand but inflight service so CMI meh? From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-...-times-20121109 90 mins to get hot drink on Qantas - after asking three times Published on Nov 09, 2012 LAST Saturday, I flew home on Qantas from Melbourne with my four-year-old child. I had a single piece of luggage, which exceeded the 23kg individual weight limit, but was within the limit for two. I had no problems about the luggage weight in earlier legs until the Saturday flight. The Qantas ground staff insisted that I pay an overweight charge. When I tried to explain, referring to the flexibility I was given on the earlier flights, he replied that he would charge me for those legs as well if I did not comply. I had to scramble to find another bag to repack, and meet the 23kg limit. Customer service on board the flight was poor too. I asked three times for a cup of hot chocolate for my child at meal time. It came 1 1/2 hours later, when hot chocolate was served to all. As a premium airline, does Qantas not know how to care for the needs of the young? Syndee Yap (Ms)
  8. After KPKBing & kicking the US forces outa both Clark Air Base & Subic Naval Base more than two decades back, these fellas now have to eat humble pie & continue to bug Unker Sam for more arms especially after a humiliating encounter with PRC vessels at their own backyard recently. Even if they are to get their hands on the latest arms, I don't for a sec think they will have the nerve to go against the PLA forces when the push comes to a shove. Still the Americans will only be too glad that their proxies such as the Pinoys are doing all the dirty work based on some treaties to keep the PRC busy... Just hope some cool heads will keep matters from being blown outa hand. CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp...1198913/1/.html Philippines asks US for radars, patrol boats and aircraft Posted: 03 May 2012 0411 hrs
  9. I was at east coast beach near the mc Donald's outlet yesterday night and was approached by a group of pinoys with one of them playing a guitar sing song asking for donations. I ask them they from which licensed donation organization but they just said they from phillipines and donation for the poor there...i then shoo them away...it's illegal to ask for a donation witout a valid license!! Anyone encounter such pinoy groups? I saw 2 groups yesterday going around the beach asking for donations....
  10. Hi guys, I have recently bought a audi a4 from PA, just a normal mu version 1.8t. Was previously contemplating between the 320i, c180, volvo s60 and is250. Really liked the is250 in terms of overall package and comfort but eventually couldn't resist the allure of the led lights haha. Just want to check with the audi drivers here, I heard there is a way to chip up the car to 200+ bhp, would any a4 drivers here like to share on the issues or experiences you have when chipping ur ride? fun/sad/technical bit of it, will be most happy to hear! cheers! :)
  11. hi bros, i need advice from bros here with conti experience. I am thinking of switching car to a conti car if it fits into my budget and I am looking for car which is more then 5 years on the road. Can the bros here advice me on what are the things to look out for while searching for this type of 2nd hand cars? I am currently eyeing on some bimmers and VW that is available on the 2nd hand market but I will also jump at the change of own an audi or a merc if there is any. I read so much pros and cons about the realibility and spare parts or maintance which is also a main concern of mine coz i dont know what to expect for this type of cars which is this old. Hopefully I can get some direction from bros here. P/S my history of owning cars are rather young. I only managed to own a honda and a hyundai so far. thank u bros in advance who take their time and patient to answer my noob questions.
  12. We have been living harmoniously with our Malay and Indian brothers and sisters over the past 40yrs. I say we send this family back to PRC if they cannot integrate with our food and culture.. <_<
  13. Any feedback on these 2 cars? I'm looking at 2nd hand 06-07 model, i feel the price is reasonable compared to Jap cars of the same yr. My concern is the part availability and maintainence of the car. What are the things i need to take note when choosing 2nd hand C3 or Meriva?
  14. Stop asking stupid questions whether it is secret. Singapore got how many voters? How you trace when the serial number go up to max of 4 numbers. I smell either a conspiracy theory or the stench of daftness when people keep asking this question!
  15. Another compensation case. IIRC, the 2 of them were trying to cycle upslope. The ATB made it up ok but chess master was having trouble. ATB went back to help but hit something, fell off the bike and smacked her head. THE family of Chinese tourist Nao Xueping is seeking compensation after she died falling from her bicycle last month. Madam Nao, 45, was at Pulau Ubin with her friend, Singapore Chinese chess grandmaster Tay Siang Hock, 76. It is from him that the family hopes to claim compensation, although no amount has been named yet, according to evening newspaper Shin Min Daily News. Madam Nao's 23-year-old son said she had borrowed $4,000 from relatives to come to Singapore. It is believed that she was here on a tourist visa to help her son find a job. Now the family members have no idea how they will pay back the sum. The family arrived in Singapore last Monday, and she was cremated last Saturday by undertaker Roland Tay at no cost. She was flung off her bicycle on a stretch of road that has had a history of accidents. She suffered severe head injuries and died on the way to hospital.
  16. nose digger... got ear digger... how come i never see before a nose digger?... leaving long pinky nail hard to maintain and look like fish monger my mum says... wahahahaha
  17. http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/showthread.php?t=3025524 [laugh]
  18. Has anyone encounter a spectacled women tailing you to your car in Funan Center carpark, then acts like she is so desperate and asks you for money (by selling you tissue paper). Her reasons are husband is unemployed and she needs to feed her kids. I suspect she is trying to get sympathy from lone driver and get more money. Why wouldn't she sell her tissue paper else where but in a deserted carpark?
  19. As per topic....any guys here have good methods? I've googled abit and can't seem to find a good method suitable in my situation, is there a relative method of measurement? Like shoe size = ring size? (Just quoting an example)
  20. Hi, I am a relatively new driver looking for car rentals to enhance my driving experiences as well as going out with friends. Any good recommendations? I'm currently 19 and still holding a p-plate
  21. What is the world coming to? Had 2 encounters with strangers asking for money . . . asking and not begging! Yesterday was at Jalan Bukit Merah carpark near the Thai temple, had sent my sonny for his weekly maths tuition and I was washing/claybaring my ride when a guy in his 20's approached me. "Mister" he said . . . "I want to take bus but got not enough money, can spare me 20cents?" "Huh? 20 cents? Wait arhh" I said, wiping my hands dry before checking my pockets. Took out a dollar coin and passed it to him, "Nah!" He looked at me, suprised. I saw his look and asked "Why? Not enough arhh?" "No, no . . . I only asked for 20 cents" "Nevermind lah, bye bye." and waved him off. "Thank you, thank you . . . pai seh leh, I only need 20 cents" "Nevermind lor" and he sauntered off. "Lao hiah" I thought to myself "you better go take bus and not buy ciggies with my money" TODAY, Sunday afternoon. I was at my block's carpark waxing my car when a young malay girl came up from behind me and said "EXCUSE me!" I jumped slightly as I got a shock. "Huh? wat isit?" I turned around. "Can I have $10?" she said. "Ten dollars?? You say $10?" I asked in disbelieve. She nodded her head. "No, no, no" I wagged my index finger "One dollar can but no ten dollars, sorry arhh" She walked off without looking back. What a weekend! The only times people asked me for money are during Saturdays' flag days but these encounters with strangers asking for money, I have never come across except for the one unker who dragged his aged mother along asking for money . . . well, that was another incident which I related in a thread many moons ago. Strange!
  22. Kungfu

    Kept Asking - why???

    Anybody can shed a light on customs guys, everytime I go JB, confirm ask "What's your car plate no.?" Isn't it already registered????????????
  23. Hi, as above, any bros/sis in the banking sector can kindly advise on the asking salary for this position? Zero experience in corporate accounts sales but have close to 4-5 years of experience managing ppl and being a person-in-charge of a certain field in my department.
  24. Hi all, I have this close relative (sis-in-law) suddenly call us and wanted us to help her on a product purchase. Their family is not very well off, got three teenage kids and both parents are from the low income group. She's been visiting this thermal massage bed shop in the east to "treat" her back problem. She claimed they having a promo till end Oct, each bed costing about $4500!!! with credit card can pay instalment for two years. She wants to use our credit card for the instalments and she will pay us monthly. I was thinking, they need to feed their family (school fees, daily expenses) and that should be the priority, right? If we reject her, things may turn ugly. If don't reject, we might "harm" them further or we fear we may ended up paying the instalment ourselves. (she still owns us a few thousands since 2007!!! in fact she own other siblings $$$ too, mostly 4 digits) any bro heard of this massage bed call Ceragem?? is it that good? any good advice to "educate" them? heizzzz, this are one of those situation, sigh....