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Found 278 results

  1. As above. would u: 1) talk and ask her the reason(s) 2) divorce her? 3) look for ONS/sex worker? To Mr Mod: If this thread is rude or offensive, pls delete them.
  2. hi, i have some recipes for soya bean milk you can make at home. easy to follow, anyone keen?
  3. Video: http://razor.tv/video/493414/how-to-deal-w...eckless-drivers Speeding, hit-and-runs and sudden cuts and turns - these are some cases of reckless driving which have made news headlines over the past few weeks. Videos of these incidents have been posted and shared online, thanks to motorists' increasing use of car cameras. Several members of the public have also been sending their videos to citizen-journalism website Stomp to alert others of errant drivers. The official figures for inconsiderate and careless driving are indeed alarming. In 2012, Traffic Police reported 243 cases of reckless driving, which is a 50 per cent jump from the 163 cases in 2011. The number of speeding offences in the first six months of this year has also increased from 109,960 to 129,578 - an 18 per cent rise compared to the same period in 2012. Mr Eugene Lee, a driving instructor at the Singapore Safety Driving Centre, points out that one mistake Singapore drivers often make is to jam their brakes suddenly and excessively whenever they spot a potentially dangerous situation ahead. But "by braking, they will cause danger to others", he adds. So, what should you do when you encounter a dangerous driver? Watch the above RazorTV clip to find out, and click here to see the top mistakes by Singapore drivers. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...s-drivers-the-r
  4. http://sg.yfittopostblog.com/2010/09/02/ar...-late/#comments Another example of journalist writing for the sake for writing and didnt get his facts right. Only those that make purchase after 30 Augs are affected by the increase in MOP. During the YOG , the report for the horsing riding competition also made a mistake. http://sg.yfittopostblog.com/2010/08/24/sa...es-yog-history/ There is only 1 event.. and it's mixed.. There is no "over at the male event" ..
  5. Is disc rotor universal? As long as the hole and diameter match? For example, 5 x 100 296mm can be used for any make and model which is using the same spec?
  6. As the topic, Very strange, all of the world is there 2nd auto manufacture like Honda?
  7. Interesting read from Xin MSN http://lifestyle.xin.msn.com/en/worklife/c...eetings#image=1
  8. can't wait for its opening next week
  9. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singap...now/745958.html I rather not.
  10. Any bros still remember this guy saying this back then? http://newspapers.nl.sg/Digitised/Issue/st...es20060627.aspx (Prime Page 4) The Straits Times, June 27, 2006 GRCs make it easier to find top talent: SM Without good chance of winning at polls, they might not be willing to risk careers for politics By Li Xueying SENIOR Minister Goh Chok Tong yesterday gave a new take on the role of Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs) in Singapore politics. Their role is not just to ensure minorities are adequately represented in Parliament, he said. They also contribute to Singapore's political stability, by 'helping us to recruit younger and capable candidates with the potential to become ministers'. 'Without some assurance of a good chance of winning at least their first election, many able and successful young Singaporeans may not risk their careers to join politics,' Mr Goh said at an event marking the appointment of members to the South East Community Development Council (CDC). 'Why should they when they are on the way up in the civil service, the SAF, and in the professions or the corporate world?' But he was quick to add that GRCs themselves do not guarantee victory. 'A minister wins only because he has won the people's trust and the Government has delivered good results for the people. If a minister performed poorly, it could result in his losing the GRC to an opposing team with a strong leader,' he said, in what appears to be an oblique reference to comments made against GRCs in the general election held this May. Since GRCs were introduced in 1988, critics and the opposition have attacked them, saying they allow rookie People's Action Party (PAP) candidates to get into Parliament on the coat tails of heavyweight candidates in their team. Also, they do not lend themselves to a level playing field, they add, as the opposition struggles to find the specified minority-race candidates. Mr Goh carried four new faces into Parliament in the six-man Marine Parade GRC team, which was unchallenged at the 2006 polls. Altogether, the PAP had 24 new faces. One was Mr Teo Ser Luck, former general manager of courier company DHL and now Parliamentary Secretary (Community Development, Youth and Sports). He acknowledges that for a rookie politician, being part of a team ensures that 'you have a bigger chance of winning'. 'If you're fighting individually, you go through a steep learning curve and you may not have enough time,' he added. East Coast GRC MP Lee Yi Shyan, who left his job as chief executive officer of IE Singapore and is today Minister of State (Trade and Industry), concurred: 'If the system can remove as many impediments as possible, then the political system will be able to get more people to join.' But both told The Straits Times they would have entered politics even if they had been fielded in a single-seat ward. Said Mr Lee with a laugh: 'You could say that I'm more confident of myself!' In his speech, Mr Goh also stressed that the PAP's ability to attract capable individuals and its practice of political self-renewal were key to Singapore's success. Turning to the CDCs' role, Mr Goh highlighted their important position as a bridge between 'rules-bound' government departments and grassroots organisations. CDCs are agile, flexible, and give personal attention to residents, he said. 'They are therefore better placed to devise local solutions to tackle local issues.' Mr Goh, who in 1996 mooted the CDC idea, lauded their achievements, highlighting their role in community bonding, as well as finding jobs for retrenched workers and helping the needy. He now wants them to undertake yet another task: helping to reverse the declining birth rate. He has suggested to Mayor Matthias Yao that his South East CDC draw up an accredited list of service providers to help parents, who can pay for them with their baby bonus. 'Such accreditation can help ensure the quality of services or lower costs through economies of scale,' he said. xueying@sph.com.sg
  11. Incredible. GVGT. German motorists apparently stopping their vehicles by the sides, some even out of the roads to give way to an ambulance with sirens on. Don't think we can progress till this stage. Bro Kiadaw you witnessed before? From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...ke_way_for.html Posted on 12 Apr 2013 Would this happen here? See how German motorists make way for ambulance There's an accident on this German expressway, and an ambulance is en route to the scene. Would Singaporean motorists be this quick to give way? The video showing an ambulance responding to an accident is being circulated on Facebook. Instead of having to weave through intervening traffic however, the ambulance driver has a straight drive to the scene of the crash -- because other motorists have pulled over to give way. Even heavy vehicles have moved out of the path of the accident as best as they can, in order to allow the ambulance to pass. The video has led to people of different nationalities questioning if people in their own countries would have been as courteous as these German motorists.
  12. Based on picture, what is this Car Make & Model? Thanks. Moderator may delete this once answer is out.
  13. From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-...arking-20130322 Don't make it so hard to report illegal parking Published on Mar 22, 2013 IN THE early hours of March 13, I saw several vehicles parked illegally in Lorong Mambong in the Holland Village area. As it was a common occurrence, I decided to photograph the vehicles and submit the photos to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for action. I received an e-mail reply on Monday telling me that I should have reported these offences on the One.Motoring website. However, the form for reporting is long and detailed, and deters people from reporting offences. Since November 2010, the LTA has taken over the enforcement and administration of illegal parking offences from the Traffic Police. The police are on duty 24 hours a day, but what are the working hours of LTA enforcement officers? Does the Traffic Police still have the authority or initiative to issue summonses for illegal parking? It would be more effective for both agencies to work together to improve the parking and traffic situation. Khoo Boon Lee
  14. Wonder anybody experience the following..........I was too shocked for words. My 5 years old gal was enrolled with "Berries" & " I Can Read" for pte lesson for some time. Last week, junior fell sick and was given MC by KKH due to Viral fever and hence missed a lesson form both of the above institution......then the shock came....both ctr said they dun do refund but will make up class....."I Can Read" said they will make up 1/2 hr (normal lesson 1.5hrs).....I was like :wacko:, I ask thme what then happen to the 1 hr.....they said is their rules. The more shocking came...."Berries" said they will make up.....15mins (normal lesson 1hr 45mins)........I more :blink:, what then happens to the 1hr 30mins....again rules...wow my blood really boils.........meaning the kids can't fall sick and each time they sick the ctr gonna benefit from 1hr to 1.5hrs, what more kids fall sick easily..... Are they regulated by MOE....or sukar sukar set rules?????? Feell like asking our Minister via his FB is there anything to do about this??? (already did shared on his FB)
  15. My car dvr suction keeps loosening. I had place double sided tape to reinforced. Car has window tint. Still loosen. Any tips?
  16. http://www.yourhealth.com.sg/content/chine...les-make-babies Why can't sgp have this man? It even provides the services of a sexpert to give "pointers". Kinky. I wonder if the baby will have leopard prints on the skin after being born?
  17. Just curious after reading that SMRT will be bringing in more SAF people into the organization. Who have experienced working with ex-senior officers in the private sector before?
  18. Anyone knows where I can make those customised license plate holders where I put my own name and stuff? I asked a number plate shop, and they told me theirs is $15 but it's sticker??!! Meaning it's just stickered on the original frame. But I do believe I've seen embossed or printed ones on the road before. PIs also have their own customised number plate frames for the cars they sell. So it must be able to be done somewhere. Would like to know where to do and pricing for a pair too if possible. TIA!
  19. Jman888

    Helps by MDA to make more babies

    Making babies is more important! stop watching EPL on the first half of the game, you can watch the 2nd half for the result. :D highlighted in red of the timing and channel on Starhub
  20. collaboration with NUS and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. http://www.bschool.nus.edu.sg/Staff/bizteocp/Moneyin4D.pdf
  21. YEN96

    How to make a video ?

    guys, can enlighten how to make a simple video clip ?? Just wanna make like some slides and integrate with music background. Something like youtube but my own slides with music i choose
  22. Wt_know

    4G - can make it?

    anyone jump in for telco 4G? btw, iPhone 5 only support 1800mhz 4G which will be limited use in Spore for so many years, 3G still cannot make it especially in MRT. pay 3G plan and most of the time fed up and give up. can 4G make it? see telco ads in tv liao ...shows 4G sibei fast but in reality i seriously doubt so
  23. Dear all, if there are 2 right turn lane, please make full use of them, you will definitely have chance to change lane to left after turning, stop being so selfish by creating a single file. You deprive others of a chance to cross the fast changing traffic light...
  24. Saw quite a few saying they make money...but until now I still don't believe...went to a AD early this week...I thought if really can fetch more money...I don't mind selling current two cars off and just live with one new car...since selling away both cars and getting back one new may be able to help offset the rocketing COE...so I ask the SE...He say used car price same same...not much change from last time...because they cater for different needs...if someone need to pay so much for a used car with low COE...they might as well buy a new car...well...what he say is what I thought too...and no reason that he will lie to me...because then he lost a customer...in fact he should tell me old car fetch good price and encourage me to change... is the myth busted...or the salesman is new on the job !!! [confused]