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Found 108 results

  1. Hi Guys, Do you know what is the problem ? Anything wrong with gearbox, clutch or the manual transmission fluid ? Last weekend, I went to the workshop for my 40K servicing and got my manual transmission fluid drain and re-filled. According to the mechanic, its the same spec (but different brand) as my factory fill (W90). However, occasionally I noticed that there are difficultly when I try to engage my into my 1st gear. Sometimes have to force it in or re-clutch and re-engage. Changing gears also seem abit "clunky". Strangely, 3rd, 4th & 5th gear is quite smooth. Do you think I should change my manual transmission fluid again (to a more reputable brand) ? Thanks in advance.
  2. All time greats:- how would you name the greatest 5 or 10 for each of these categories: Hard, Soft, Metal?? (or they overlap?)
  3. Any can recommend where to go? Need to recover data from my damaged drive. Thanks
  4. SG Hard Truth Found this from a FB link sharing. I think it says a lot what some of us have been feeling but we didn't have the stats or facts to substantiate. Coming from Prof Koh, this is a good read.
  5. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...gkok_green.html Look at the BMW's bonnet...... Then look at the other car's. Not much damage done to the side wor.....
  6. Sp4wn

    Hard rubber mats

    Hey guys I looked through some of the older posts but couldnt find any info on the "hard rubber" type mats. I remember my college room mate had these in his car (not sure if it was because of the the winter weather). anyway, noticed most of the car mats are the 3M nomad type (or the "frilly" / soft type for trapping dirt) however .. i find that they always wear out extremely fast (my car came with carbon fibre ones, but my shoes have worn out the CF plate >< ) also, any recommendations for a decent vacuum? or should i just buy a generic one (gf freaked out today when a bug was found in the car .. so i think i need to start vacuuming ...) appreciate the help!
  7. Tungsl

    External Hard Disk - Reliable

    I recently bought a external hard disk backup plus seagate 3T after 2 weeks it die on me and cannot be read because it is now RAW had to go to a data recovery centre the questions are: 1. are there any reliable reports on the most reliable hard disk for consumers (not talking about hard disk to be used in NASA space craft) 2. if yes what brand - Lacie 3. backup sounded a bit ridiculous, used a backup drive to backup another backup drive 4. most company writes life span of 5years but warranty only 3years 5. backup with DVD - any issues, backward compatibility thanks nope the answers provided will be useful for others too
  8. Heard from my mum that she learned driving on a car with no power steering and it was very xiong. Are non-power steering cars really that hard to drive or is it because women have lesser strength? Can some old bird kindly share his experience?
  9. of late my auto transmission car is having difficulties shifting from P to D mode, I have fully depressed the brake pedal before changing the mode but still the shifting is hard. it couldn't be caused by the ATF as it was changed on Sept this year. (or is it the car is not fully warmed up? I usually drive off after 2-3 mins of starting up) While on the road, the changing of gear is not a problem as it does have unusual symptoms I know i should bring to a ws for advice.. but still I would like to seek views from some gurus here. thnks in advance..
  10. Anyone can tell me? As per title, during slow speed accelerate is okay but hard acceleration, it seems like choking. Thanks friends.
  11. Hi guys, my car has a keyless start that requires me to step on the brake pedal before the engine starts. Recently, I noticed that when my car is cold, eg in the morning, the brake pedal is very hard to step. I can barely compress it. Many a times, I need to stomp the brakes a 2nd time to start my car as my 1st attempt is too weak. Anything wrong? Or its something I can just ignore?
  12. Greatbirdlegend

    The hard truth: People in Asia dislike sex

    This is just too funny that I had to post. ----- Mon, Apr 04, 2011 The Jakarta Post/Asia News Network Email Print Decrease text size Increase text size The hard truth: People in Asia dislike sex by Nury Vittachi A newly-wed bride on honeymoon put on her sexiest clothes. Her husband reacted in the obvious way
  13. i have alot of hard liquor which over the years collected ... i have too many of it and wanted to get rid some of it... now drinking more of the red and white wines ... anyone can tell me where i can sell it off or someone want to offer for my collection??
  14. My dad's car mileage is just 15,000km for 3 years, when I sent it to Borneo for servicing, the SE told me the tyres are dry and hard (supposed to be soft) and need to be replaced (first set since the last 3 years, with good tread depth). Is there such thing that tyres need to change after a number of years even though the tread depth is still good?
  15. 2BDriver

    Hard Truth of Dr.M

    https://my.news.yahoo.com/failed-malays-know-no-shame-says-dr-m-094017568.html Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad lamented that he failed in his 22 years in power as the Malays did not feel ashamed when they failed, whether in examinations or in life. "I spent 22 years trying to change the Malays, trying to alter the perception that they were lazy, I failed," Malaysia's longest serving prime minister said today. His comments came after the Education Ministry revealed that two examination papers for a national primary school test had been leaked, forcing nearly 500,000 pupils to resit the papers on September 30. "In the past, when a Malay was sentenced to jail, the offender would hang his head in shame as it was not something to be proud of. "But today, when a Malay is sentenced to jail, the offender will walk with his head proudly in the air, smiling as if he has achieved something." The former prime minister was speaking at the launch of the book “Wahai Melayu” by author Anas Zubedy in Petaling Jaya today. He cited Mat Rempit or members of Malay motorcycle gangs as an example of Malays who did not feel ashamed about not working hard. If anyone asks me today, I would have to say Malays are lazy. - Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad "When they fail, they say we will go and become Mat Rempit. Look at the gender breakdown in our public universities. "Women make up 70% of the students while men are a mere 30%. What has happened? Is Malaysia lacking in males? "No, the Malay men appear to feel proud to be Mat Rempit. They do not feel ashamed when they fail in their examinations." Dr Mahathir said he spent 22 years as prime minister trying to change the mindset of the Malays and turn them around. "I always tell non-Malays not to think that the Malays are lazy. If anyone asks me today, I would have to say Malays are lazy," Dr Mahathir said. Another failing among the Malays, he said, was the lack of honesty and integrity, and their failure to handle money properly. He spoke of his experience running a bakery after his retirement from politics. "I am operating a bakery and have given many opportunities to Malays to hold management positions. "Unfortunately, time and time again, honesty and integrity appear to be lacking as there have been staff who keep stealing. "They do not seem to understand that it is wrong to take what is not theirs, they do not think of the big picture or the long term." He said he had hoped to change the Malay mindset by introducing the Look East Policy in 1982 because he had high regard for the attitude and determination of the Japanese, to whom failure was “unacceptable”. "Despite the massive setbacks they had suffered, the Japanese refused to yield. They were determined to rebuild their country (after World War II). "Look at how Japan has risen from the ashes. Their economy is among the top five in the world. This was accomplished with blood and sweat. "To redeem their honour, the Japanese united and strived to make their country's economy strong until it was among the top five in the world. "The Japanese feel ashamed if they fail to accomplish what they have set out to do. They take everything seriously." "In the old days, Japanese commit hara-kiri or seppuku (suicide) if they have failed. This is because failure is unacceptable." Dr Mahathir also reminded Malays to repay their debts so that they would not be looked upon poorly. "Unpaid debts not only affects us as individuals, but as a race as well. We do not want other people to look at us and assume we are bad paymasters. "As Malaysia heads towards 2020, the Malays must work hard to ensure that they are not the poor people of Malaysia," Dr Mahathir said. "If we fail, we should not blame anyone but ourselves. We have failed because we did not do what was right." – September 11, 2014.
  16. My fender got a dent..quite wide but shallow and is hard metal. Can it be restored by paint less dent removal ??? Those mobile one like Gary or meng can do?? Anyone Kena dent on fender before ???
  17. Just in on Yahoo news - PAP MP Inderjit Singh confronts Singapore’s hard truths in wide-ranging Facebook post.... https://sg.news.yahoo.com/pap-mp-inderjit-singh-confronts-singapore-s-hard-truths-in-wide-ranging-facebook-post-090404111.html "Quote" People’s Action Party Member of Parliament Inderjit Singh has written a lengthy – if surprisingly critical – commentary on the performance of the government under the ruling party in the past three years. The disconnect between Singapore’s wealth and citizens’ well-being, the importing of talent, the complacency and elitism in the top ranks of civil servants, and the national identity for Singapore’s young people – these were the issues the former deputy government whip raised in a Facebook post Monday night titled “Response to the President Address At the Re-Opening of 2nd Session of Parliament May 2014”. Known to be vocal about political issues – he spoke against the population White Paper that projected as many as 6.9 million people in the city-state by 2030 and eventually abstained from voting on it – Singh explained that he was sharing his thoughts on the social media platform since he was currently overseas and could not participate in the parliamentary debates on President Tony Tan Keng Yam’s address. An MP for the Ang Mo Kio group representation constituency, along with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Singh noted that after the general election in 2011, the government got a very clear signal from Singaporeans about the issues that affected them most and the government spent considerable time fixing these problems. The problems themselves were “created as a result of a decade long series of policy misjudgment linked to its ‘growth at all cost’ economic strategy” but he added that since then the government has done well in many areas, particularly in sorting out issues in housing, healthcare and even transport to some extent. He then elaborated on the areas that he believed had yet to be sufficiently tackled. Disconnect between Singapore’s wealth and citizens’ well-being Singh said that while the country has become richer, not all Singaporeans are reaping the benefits of that growth as some citizens face even tougher times coping with the rising cost of living than before. Even though Singapore has emerged relatively unscathed from the 2008 global economic crisis, Singh questioned if the lives of average Singaporeans had improved. He commended the Pioneer Package, but said that beyond it, “If someone were to ask me honestly whether the lives of all Singaporeans have become better in these last few years, I would not be able to do that.” Singh also disagreed with the government’s approach of linking asset appreciation to homes. He cautioned against “overly emphasizing the role of the home in providing for retirement adequacy” as this asset appreciation would instead create stress on the younger generation who would have to deal with rising house prices. He called it “an inter-generational transfer of wealth”, where young working Singaporeans pay elderly retirees inflated prices for their homes. The MP also criticized the promotion of medical tourism done by government restructured hospitals amid the crunch in hospital beds. He said, “Shouldn't the services in our government restructured be for Singaporeans and residents first?” Importing talent and creating wealth for citizens According to a recent wealth report by Barclays bank, Singapore has the fifth-highest concentration of millionaires in the world and was the fastest place for one to accumulate wealth, but Singh doubted that the rise in wealth had been equitable. Instead, he believed that a large number of the wealthy resident millionaires are new citizens or PRs who had “transplanted their wealth” into Singapore. He also suggested that the reported increase in Singaporeans’ median income was highly correlated to the increase in the number of new citizens and PRs. Singh wrote, “Today we are willing to achieve growth by transplanting what others, including foreigners can do into Singapore – an 'instant tree' mentality of sorts -- what pride do Singaporeans have in such a prosperity?” He added that “the ends have too often been used to justify the means.” While he praised the government for heading in the right direction with its “inclusive growth strategy”, he identified low wages as the root cause of the problem in creating wealth for citizens. Singh said, “I urge this government to further develop the [progressive wage] model”. He said, “Why not instead give everyone a decent salary so that they do not need to depend on government handouts to live comfortably?” Is Singapore a home — or a hotel? Singh also expressed his concerns about how members of the younger generation envision their future in Singapore. He shared his friend’s thoughts about the country. A 30-year-old man was quoted saying, “At times, I do not feel like Singapore is my home. Yes Singapore is a brilliant place to make money but not to live anymore.” He also lamented that Singapore “seems more and more like a 6 star hotel - emphasized by the huge amount of imported wealth and labour - where everything is perfect if you can pay the high room rates.” Singh believed that the influx of foreigners has “destabilized” Singapore a little and has “reversed our gains on building a national identity”. He admitted that “the government made a mistake of bringing in too many foreigners [too] fast”, as he had indicated in his speech on the White Paper in 2013. While it is not possible to ask new citizens and residents to return to their countries, Singh encouraged the government and Singaporeans to focus on making things work with “those who are committed to Singapore and treat Singapore as their own home" and not "bend backwards" to give privileges to those who see Singapore as a stepping stone. Singh also emphasized the need to keep in touch with talented Singaporeans students studying overseas, to “make them feel more wanted and welcome to come back” instead of having to bring in foreign talent. Complacency and elitism in top ranks of civil service Singh also spoke out against the complacency and elitism he “detected” in the top ranks of civil servants. He said, "today’s policy makers live in a different society from the average Singaporean”. The MP said that during his Meet-the-People sessions, he had encountered a number of residents who questioned the rationale of government policies. He urged the government to consider reorganizing the policy making process, to “reverse it to make it more bottom-up and driven by the man in the street” instead of the top-down approach of policies crafted by those seated in “an ideal clean and sterile policy lab or an ivory tower”. Singh had observed that the civil service’s top ranks are populated by scholars chosen for their academic achievements. He expressed concern that these scholars, who are “parachuted” to high positions at a young age, may not have the experience or understanding to craft policies for the rest of the population. Singh supported a different approach to talent management in the public service, saying that “we need the best people for the respective jobs not necessarily the best academically qualified for all the jobs.” Since it was published on Monday evening, Singh’s post has been shared over 400 times on Facebook, garnering over 400 likes. Comments thus far have been positive, applauding Singh for his insights and thanking him for speaking out. The CEO of a Singapore home appliances and electronics company, Singh has been an MP for 18 years. "Unquote"
  18. GongJiaoWei

    Our MCF Die Hard Supporter

    Spotted this car in an underground car park. I believe he must be a DIE HARD supporter of our MCF? Total 7 MCF stickers Which bro's car?
  19. chitchatboy

    Supercars. Driven or parked?

    Recently I came across another one of these mad videos where this particular owner posts videos of him doing gravel rallying, burnouts, drifts and the likes. Pretty mad stuff in my opinion. Makes me wonder why one would do that to their cars. Maybe the owner is sick of the cars? Or perhaps he is sick of people commenting that supercar owners can’t drive? On another note, you have owners who don’t even drive their cars (think of the collectors). I was recently at this local club and there was a string of nice assorted supercars parked nearby. I couldn’t help but to stop and digest what was in front of me. But that lasted only for a good three seconds because I thought it would be brilliant if these cars were barrelling down our F1 street circuit instead. (On a side note, organisers, please let us have a go at the street circuit.) I can understand why owners do not want to trash their cars or even drive it often. It may hurt its value, see. But leaving it at home or driving it to the nearby pub/club and then back does not give these supercars much justice. These sexy cars aren’t meant to be furnitures, see. So my question to all readers out there: If you were rich enough to own a supercar, would you drive it or just admire it?
  20. really look like 古惑仔 movie [sweatdrop]
  21. now car dealers have to offer special??
  22. Torquey

    Motivation to work hard

    Motivation to work hard.....what happens when you run out of it. Under these circumstances how do you continue to motivate yourself: Superior curtails your opportunity for exposure and self improvement, Delegation of work not under your scope therefore results not reflected in your KPI, Company has strong preference for new hires rather than promoting existing staff Annual increment, if any, is less than inflation, Lacklustre job market has diminished chances of moving on, Has anyone got out of a similar rut? Pls share your inspiring paths.
  23. Not hard if u install this LOL
  24. Jman888

    Another hard life job

    this is quite a cruel job for an old man [laugh]
  25. From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-...arking-20130322 Don't make it so hard to report illegal parking Published on Mar 22, 2013 IN THE early hours of March 13, I saw several vehicles parked illegally in Lorong Mambong in the Holland Village area. As it was a common occurrence, I decided to photograph the vehicles and submit the photos to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for action. I received an e-mail reply on Monday telling me that I should have reported these offences on the One.Motoring website. However, the form for reporting is long and detailed, and deters people from reporting offences. Since November 2010, the LTA has taken over the enforcement and administration of illegal parking offences from the Traffic Police. The police are on duty 24 hours a day, but what are the working hours of LTA enforcement officers? Does the Traffic Police still have the authority or initiative to issue summonses for illegal parking? It would be more effective for both agencies to work together to improve the parking and traffic situation. Khoo Boon Lee