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Found 51 results

  1. Hello all MCFers, we have landed on MCF and we are happy to be here and coming to a step closer to drivers like you! We know that in today market, there are alot engine variations, such as 3-cyclinder, 4-cyclinder, 6-cyclinder, V6, V8 and even the hybrid engine! Motul has gained experience as an official supplier to many racing teams and manufacturers and contributes with them to further technological development in motorsports. We are confident that we have the expertise to share and educate you guys with the right application. We will listen and try to answer as many question you have as possible! And thank you for supporting Motul!
  2. Laserjet

    Mycarforum Faq For Newbies

    Please also read MCF Rules & Guidelines, Signature Guidelines, Avatar Guidelines, Guide to Point System What is MCF? MCF stands for MyCarForum Why can’t I start a topic? Users with less than 10 posts will be unable to start new topics. You will only be able to reply to others. What if I really have the need to start a new topic? You may try to do so by posting your discussion here : Newbies, post ur questions/request here If the moderators deem the discussion as necessary for a new topic, we will create a new topic for it. Why can’t I post more replies after 5 posts? Users with less than 10 posts will be unable to do more than 5 postings within a 24 hours time frame. How does the ranking for MCF members work? We reward members who actively participate in the forum by awarding them higher ranks. Ranks are tied to the number of points accumulated by the member. Neutral Newbie 0 points Clutched > 25 points 1st Gear > 50 points 2nd Gear > 100 points 3rd Gear > 250 points 4th Gear > 500 points 5th Gear > 1,000 points 6th gear > 2,500 points Supercharged > 5,000 points Turbocharged > 7,500 points NOS-ed > 15,000 points 2Fast2Furious > 25,000 points What benefits do i get from a higher ranking Apart from being recognized as a forum ‘regular’ member, you will have more power with a higher rank. Power is the daily amount of points you have available to award/deduct via the praise/dislike button. You will also be able to post more items in our Marketplace as your rank gets higher. Can I add a standard signature to my posts? Yes you can. Simply do the following : 1) mouse-over your username on the top right hand corner 2) click on "settings" 3) click on the "signature" tab Why is my signature removed? If your signature has been removed, it probably does not adhere to our Signature Guidelines. Please read before putting up your signature. Why is my post deleted? If your post has been deleted, if could be because it has violated some forum guidelines. What do I do if I lost my username and/or password? If you have lost your username and/or password, you can do a request via here. Is registration required? Registration is not required to view most of the forum content. However, there may be areas that are restricted only to members. Non-members are also not allowed to participate in discussions. Registration is free. To sign up, please click here. Can I post my used items for sale? If you are a direct owner and have used items for sale, you can post your items at our Marketplace section. Please read the Ad Posting Guidelines before posting your items. Is there any a charge or fee payable to post items at Marketplace? There will not be any charges or fee involved for posting of used items if you are a direct owner. It is a special privilege for all our members. However, if you are posting your items for commercial purposes, you are required to sign up a Merchant Account. I am a merchant. How can I advertise my products/services to mycarforum members? To advertise your products/services, you will have to sign up to be a sponsor, else your posts will be deleted, and your account banned. How to become a sponsor. Alternatively, you can advertise your products/services in the Market place section. To advertise, please contact us. I would like to organize a group buy in MCF. How should I go about doing it? Group buys are only allowed to be conducted by forum sponsors. How to become a sponsor How do I insert images into my posting? There are 2 ways to insert images. The 1st way is to link it to an image hosted on another website. The 2nd way is to attach the file into MyCarForum from your computer. The below screenshots shows you where the buttons are. How can I view new posts since my last visit? There are 2 very useful buttons in Mycarforum that will be beneficial to frequent users. They will allow you to find out what are the new posts since your last visit, as well as to find out if anyone has replied to your posts. How does the warning system work? Members that violate the forum rules will get a warning. This warning is symbolised by a yellow card. Once 3 yellow cards are accumulated, an automatic ban will be imposed on the member. However, for serious violations of forum rules, an immediate ban may be issued. I’ve just gotten a yellow warning card how long will it stay? Warnings will expire 6 months from the date of issue of the most recent one. eg, if you get a yellow card in Jan, and another in Mar, both the yellow cards will only expire in Sept. Bans are permanent. I have seen a few discussions on MCF mega meetups. Is there a fixed day of the year for mega meetups? There is currently no fixed day of the year for MCF mega meetups. However, for latest meet-up activities in the forums, you can keep yourself updated in the Meetups folder. Please also read MCF Rules & Guidelines, Signature Guidelines, Avatar Guidelines, Guide to Point System
  3. changed to a new PC recently and restored my browser bookmarks was going through the bookmarks for organise and deletion realise many car forums already shut down for good most car forums have migrated to Facebook as car interest groups or they simply die off as the car models went end of line is MCF the only local car forum left today? feel kind of nostalgic, back then when car forums were popular, with lots of gatherings organized and new car gadgets for chng and modify one of the some car meetups i went to (in 2005... gosh 15 years ago.......😞
  4. SGCM_editorial

    MCF Markdown with Skoda

    Over 30 MyCarForum (MCF) members gathered at The Karting Arena located at The Grandstand at Turf Club Road on Saturday morning for the MCF Markdown with Skoda, with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the full Skoda lineup of cars, as well as to try their hands at a little go-kart action. Unfortunately, the weather proved to be a bit of a downer, as the non-stop rain meant that the MCF members were not able to head out onto the go-kart track. Nonetheless, there were still plenty to see and do during the MCF Markdown. Claire Jedrek and Yuey Tan, two of Singapore's premier motor racing drivers, were on hand to share their experience driving their new family SUV - the Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 TSI Laurin & Klement. Together, they highlighted how the Kodiaq delivers when it comes to practical family needs, important as they now have two children. The car's ample safety features ensure that all passengers are well taken care of, while the seven-seater configuration also means that it can easily accommodate the whole family, parents and in-laws included. Convenience features like the hands-free tailgate allows easy loading of groceries, important for Claire as during grocery runs, she always tends to carry so much in one go that her hands are always full. However, the couple also highlighted how the Kodiaq still delivers when it comes to driving dynamics and sporty performance. This is important as the Kodiaq also allows them to partake in adventures up North, including a recent off-road experience. There, the Kodiaq was spacious enough to easily fit both of their mountain bikes, while the car's all-wheel drive system allowed them to easily tackle the dirt tracks along the way. Also, one aspect of the Kodiaq that Yuey especially enjoys is the driving modes - out on the open road, the Sport mode firms up the cars suspension, increases steering weight and sharpens throttle response, allowing him to engage in spirited driving befitting of his racing credentials. The discussion panel was moderated by sgCarMart Senior Automotive Journalist Desmond Chan, who also took the opportunity to share with the MCF members in attendance about his recent week-long holiday in Scotland where he had driven a Skoda Superb. While the rain meant that guests were unable to head out onto the track, thankfully the eight racing simulators ensured that everyone was still thoroughly occupied. The many youngsters in attendance were especially competitive when it came to sim racing, and even had the chance to race against Claire. Members also has plenty of opportunity to test drive all of the Skoda models, including the Kodiaq, the Karoq, the Superb, the Octavia, as well as the Octavia RS 245. Of course, attractive prizes were given out during the MCF Hangout, with the lucky draw winner winning four The Karting Arena Grand Prix vouchers worth $110 each. MCF members had ample opportunity to test out the full range of Skoda models. The Octavia RS 245 proved highly popular among all those in attendance. Claire and Yuey shared about their experience driving the Skoda Kodiaq. Everyone got behind the wheels of the racing simulators to try to set the overall best lap time. One lucky individual walked away with the grand prize of four The Karting Area Grand Prix vouchers!
  5. SGCM_editorial

    MCF Hangout with Motul x Subaru

    Over 30 MCF members with their loved ones arrived at the Subaru showroom in Leng Kee last Saturday, in the latest edition of MCF Hangout in partnership with Motul and Subaru. The hangout with French lubricant brand Motul and Subaru isn’t a random occurrence. Motul and Motor Image, exclusive distributor of Subaru cars in Singapore, has held a partnership for many years. In 2008, Motul, along with Motor Image Rally Team (MIRT) developed the Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) Team Racing Oil. 100% fully synthetic, the APRC Team Racing Oil is specially made for MIRT’s cars racing in hot Asian climates. Just earlier this year, Motul and Motor Image announced that it will supply an exclusive line of lubricant products to its customers. Developed in Japan, the new Subaru engine oils by Motul are specially tailored for the brand’s boxer engines. MCF members also got a chance to learn more about Subaru’s range of cars on offer, as well as Subaru’s EyeSight safety assistance systems at the event, too. Member of the Editorial team at sgCarMart, Idris Talib, shared his experience using Motul’s 5W-30 engine oil for his Subaru Forester XT after a service at Motor Image. Idris mentioned that he was previously running 5W-40 oil, based on recommendations from friends and workshop owners. “Many have told me to use 5W-40, as turbocharged engines run hotter and require thicker oil. But upon using Motul and Subaru’s 5W-30 offering, I was getting better performance, improved fuel consumption and never had issues with engine oil temperatures” At the event, Senior Manager - Regional Product Planning at Motor Image Enterprises Pte Ltd, David Ting, shared more on the benefits and abilities of EyeSight Technology. He also answered questions on the technology from MCF members. EyeSight’s Driver Assist Technology includes Adaptive Cruise Control, Pre-Collision Braking and Throttle Management, as well as Lane Departure Warning. According to David, these systems can function to alert and mitigate collisions from speeds as slow as 1km/h, up to a top speed of 200km/h. After the sharing session, MCF members also had a chance to experience the safety assistance systems at work with a live demonstration, using a Subaru Forester equipped with EyeSight. Later in the day, MCF members were also treated to a lucky draw session, where three members walked away with limited edition Subaru WRX STI collectible models worth $50.
  6. SGCM_editorial

    MCF Hangout with INFINITI

    Over 40 MyCarForum (MCF) members gathered at the INFINITI showroom on Leng Kee Road last Saturday, to get up close and personal with the new INFINITI All-New QX50. Particularly unique about the All-New QX50 is that it offers INFINITI’s VC-Turbo engine, the world’s first variable compression engine in a mass production car. To get MCF members to know more, Isaac Tan, Product Specialist of INFINITI, was on hand to chat a little bit more on how it all works, including sharing about its other advanced features such as its Active Torque Rod vibration cancelling engine mounts, and the All-New QX50’s safety assistance features. Idris Talib, from sgCarMart’s Editorial Team, also shared his experience driving the INFINITI QX50, and how it fares against other mid-sized SUVs in the market. Aside from checking out the QX50 and the rest of the range INFINITI has to offer, MCF members at the event also stood a chance to win attractive lucky draw prizes. MCF members also checked out the QX80, a large SUV with a lot of road presence. Isaac shared how the All-New QX50's Active Torque Rod works to cancel out vibrations from transmitting into the cabin, with a strategically placed active engine mount. Idris also shared his experience driving the All-New QX50, and how the car offers a spirited drive despite having a CVT transmission. That wasn't all the activities at the showroom. Participants also played a round of Bingo! One lucky MCF member walked away with the grand lucky draw prize, a weekend driveaway with the INFINITI All-New QX50, worth $1,000.
  7. Dear Valued MyCarForum User, This email is to inform you that on the Saturday, 24th of August 2019, 9AM(GMT+8), we will be implementing a System Upgrade. We anticipate this to take about 24 hours, and we seek your kind understanding should there be any service disruptions. Services Unavailable During this period, users will find that the forum function will be unavailable from 9AM. Services are expected to resume at 9AM on the Sunday, 25th of August 2019. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. If you have any queries, feel free to contact admin@mycarforum.com Thank you for your continuous support! Warmest regards, MyCarForum Support Team
  8. Dear MyCarForum committee, A great job well done on the welcome gift. Very impressed and thoughtful. The Accident Kit is an extremely handy and essential gift. Would like to find out if this Accident Kit is up for sales as well. Convenient and good for all drivers to get a copy of this kit. Regards / Vin3663
  9. SGCM_editorial

    MCF MarkDown with Skoda

    More than 75 MyCarForum (MCF) members, together with their partners and family, gathered at the Skoda showroom at 26 Leng Kee Road on Saturday for yet another entertaining MCF MarkDown with Skoda. It was during this time when everyone present got the opportunity to get up close and personal with the comprehensive range of Skoda cars, such as the Octavia and the Karoq. Given that young families and several enthusiastic fans of MCF MarkDown made up the crowd that morning, it was natural to see them so eager to learn more about the cars from the Czech Republic carmaker. sgCarMart Editor, Julian Kho, also took this opportunity to share with the guests his experience with the Skoda Octavia and the Skoda Karoq. More importantly, he gave his honest opinions about how he feels about the Octavia. “With its well-engineered and well-thought out development, the Skoda Octavia may have discovered its own spectrum of remarkability. It’s the sort of car that’s made by the common people, for the common people,” Julian said. More excitingly for the guests, they were given the opportunity to test drive a number of Skoda models, such as the Octavia 1.4, Octavia RS245, Karoq, Kodiaq and even the Rapid Spaceback - all done to allow them to have a personal touch and to let the guests have a feel of the cars themselves. Skoda has proven to be a suitable brand for families. Needless to say, like all MCF Hangouts, guests were treated to a mouth-watering buffet spread, as well a variety of activities to spice up the day, including quizes. Guests also took back a goody bag to remember the event by.
  10. Hi all, I am rather concerned that there’s no effort to protect our login. Currently. Whatever we type seems to be sent in clear and it will be quite easy to obtain both our user name and password. I am suggesting MCF at least implements a verified SSL certificate so we have https running.
  11. SGCM_editorial

    MCF Hangout with Jetabout Holidays

    Over 60 MyCarForum (MCF) members gathered at CoSpace Park, at Science Park Road to attend the latest MCF Hangout with Jetabout Holidays. The event proved to be a learning opportunity to MCF members who want to head for self-drive holidays and tours in Tasmania. Jetabout Holidays is an established travel agency that provides various well-priced and all inclusive tour packages that include self-drives and group tours in and around Tasmania. For self-drive packages, it includes vehicle rental, too. Tasmania is known for its beautiful landscapes. Despite being Australia’s smallest state, it is geographically diverse with over 40% of land area reserved for national parks and wilderness areas. MCF members who attended the event also received goodie bags from Jetabout Holidays, and one lucky draw winner walked away with a $200 travel voucher. sgCarMart Deputy Editor, Nigel Yong, was on hand to share his thoughts on driving overseas. As shared by Nigel, a Singapore driving licence is recognised in Australia. For other types of driving licences, as long as the driving licence is in English and you have over a year of driving experience, it will be recognised. According to Nigel, driving in Australia is very similar to Singapore, and drivers are courteous. But he did mention that speed limits, as well as the usage of seat belts for drivers and passengers are regularly enforced. During the event, Jansen Chua, Associate Instructor at the Canon Imaging Academy, also shared some tips on how to capture great photos. During the last Tasmania self-drive trip, holiday makers managed to capture a glimpse of the Southern Lights. Fiona Lee from Tourism Tasmania was also on hand to share more on what one can expect from Tasmania's vast geographical diversity. The event ended off with a food tasting experience. MCF members had a chance to taste food and drinks that is unique to the region, like Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey.
  12. 5kylark

    MyCarForum Point System

    MYCARFORUM POINTS SYSTEM Let's discuss how this forum points system should be revamped and enhanced to meet future needs. Allow me to start. 1. All point earned are reset annually to ZERO. This way, does not matter if you are old bird or new bird, the quality of posts in a year earns the points. 2. Anonymous 'dislikes' are not allowed. This served the forum well when initially implemented but in this day and age, dun hide if you want to take maximum points. Maybe you want to take, you have to give 50%? 3. Bullying laws are being drafted, those unsubstantiated buddy attacks deter new members from posting and attracting new like-minded folks. This forum, already manipulated by the 'team seniors' with thousands of points is not going to progress if not reinventing itself. :-)
  13. SGCM_editorial

    MCF Hangout with Citroen

    80 MyCarForum (MCF) members and their loved ones gathered at Masons at Gillman Barracks on Saturday afternoon to celebrate Christmas with Citroen Singapore. Aside from a sumptuous brunch, the event was an opportunity for MCF members to learn more about the Citroen brand and its latest range, in particular its C3 Aircross, which is in the running for sgCarMart's Compact Crossover of the Year 2018. During the event, sgCarMart's Deputy Editor Nigel Yong shared his experience driving the C3 Aircross, which he describes as 'a quirky-looking compact crossover that's highly practical'. "The C3 Aircross, with its pudgy proportions, slatted rear quarter glass and animated two-tier headlamps, is so unorthodox that you can't help but love it. And thanks to the PSA Group's PureTech 1.2-litre three-cylinder turbocharged engine that powers it, supplying 110bhp and 205Nm of torque to the front wheels, there's enough spirited performance for zipping around town. More importantly, the amount of storage bins and cup holders on offer meet the standards of its class, while its 410-litre boot is big enough for a family's needs," he said. Dave Wong, Senior Manager Sales & Marketing, Cycle & Carriage France, continued by giving the guests further insights into the rest of Citroen's history, technology and range, which currently comprises the C4 Cactus and Grand C4 SpaceTourer, too. At the same time, guests had the opportunity to test drive the full range of Citroen models, while those who were waiting for their turns enjoyed quizzes and a round of Bingo. Of course, in the spirit of giving, some lucky MCF members also walked away with attractive Christmas hampers. All smiles behind the wheel of the Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer! sgCarMart's Deputy Editor Nigel Yong shares what he likes about the C3 Aircross. Guests learn more about the Citroen brand and its products from Dave Wong, Senior Manager Sales & Marketing, Cycle & Carriage France. Tummies have to be filled! Fun and games for guests of all ages! In true MCF Hangout tradition, everyone goes home happy! Those who have graced the event, and have yet to pen down their reviews of the Citroen cars they drove, can submit one here! Click here to see more photos from the event.
  14. Do you know that MCF has a group page on Facebook for you to share/post your USED items? Find us at MCF Marketplace on Facebook! Please note that it is only for the posting and sharing of Used Car Parts & Accessories. I would also recommend you to post your used items first on MCF Marketplace, then use the 'share function' to reach out to more car owners on Facebook (who could be MCF Users and non MCF users). This makes it easier to consolidate and track all your ads + share out to other groups as well! For the sharing function, if it's not working for you, please check your 'pop-up ads' blocker. Thank you!
  15. Dascrew

    Deleting mycarforum account

    Hi Moderator, i wish to delete mycarforum account with all my info and post. Any members know how to do that? Regards
  16. Aventador

    EDMW hates MyCarforum members

    Posted by TwerDNA who here offended him? ------------- MyCarForum.com is really a pathetic place I'd admit I used to frequent there for a while. I realize it is a cesspool consisting mainly of 3 kinds of typical Singaporeans 1) car dealers: they masquerade themselves as normal users but are actually lowlife sales executives. Even if the world is experience another ice age, these scums would still be fear mongering "COE rising Liao. Taxes up up up! Buy now! Buy now before boat sails away!" 2) those who bought cars at a high price. These are idiots who bought in when COE was high and now that coe is falling, they are very desperate to keep blowing the illusion that coe prices will increase. Strangely, they gain nothing that way BUT they want to see prices higher (or at least higher than what they paid for) to pwn fellow sinkies 3) no money but wanna buy car Singaporeans. They frequently start off by asking "what kind of car should I buy?" and throw in a large range of cars for people to suggest. Actually, behind their back they already have a car model in mind and a budget they can't stretch. Hence the whole discussion you can see this type of loser self massage his own balls and defend his initial choice. Finally, I conclude by saying that I recently went to a gcb estate and noticed people driving Kias and Hyundais there. But when I go to those slum EC/condo/bto.. I see Audi and BMW dime a dozen. Also you can see a few of such people in hwz esp this guy who stays in Slum EC but drive Conti think he damn satki. Rofl http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/mycarforum-com-really-pathetic-place-5879258.html
  17. SGCM_editorial

    Faces of MCF: Up-and-coming newbie kdash

    The love for cars transcends all boundaries. Just the other night when I was washing my car, a little nod of acknowledgement turned into a conversation that could've passed for one between two long-lost friends, between a 37-year old Toyota 86 owner and myself, who have never met prior. My other half struggles to understand this. How can people from different social, geographical and cultural backgrounds, of different age groups, get together and talk for hours on end about metal boxes on four wheels? But cars are more than that. Cars are special things that can unite mankind better than any religion in the world. The love for cars can begin from as young an age as one, till the day we die. And thanks to the availability of online forums, car enthusiasts have a place to pour their hearts out, whether it's advice for the next mod, best makan places to drive to, or anything under the sun, really. One such forum is MyCarForum (MCF), the official forum of sgCarMart.com. And one rather special member is Mr. Zhou, better known as kdash. A 30-year old civil engineer and a father of two, kdash's love for cars began in the 80s. "I am a sucker for manual 80s and 90s cars from the time when I was growing up and also 'pop-culture' cars such as the DeLorean DMC-12 (Back to the Future); the Toyota AE86, the Mazda RX-7 FD3S and the Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 (Initial D)," he says. As a relatively new car owner who's on his second Toyota Sienta, kdash joined MCF to learn more about cars and at the same time, to make new friends. After joining, he was encouraged by some forum members who responded positively to his 'newbie' questions and that prompted him to continue being active in MCF. He believes that MCF provides an excellent platform where people can ask questions, learn about a particular subject or two and browse through previous posts to find the answers they seek. A big draw for kdash is the many experienced car enthusiasts active on MCF who are ready, willing and able to answer his questions and share their personal opinions on new cars, car maintenance and the car industry in general. "There are also threads on other non car-related topics, and MCF members are generally quick to help and give advice. The various opinions and views shared on many topics also help to give me a broader and more balanced view of the issues discussed." Of course, in return, he also does his part to contribute positively to the forum as much as he can. With MCF, kdash found a community of active forum members who are friendly and ready to accept newcomers like himself. The MCF members actively discuss the various hot topics of the day, and are always ready to share a joke and not take things too seriously. In his daily surfing of MCF so far, there are always funny, interesting and encouraging posts, which make his day and compels him to come back day after day. Like many, kdash is appreciative and respectful of all the views of senior members and most importantly, he likes that everyone knows when to be serious and when to relax and joke around. "I believe that as time passes, people will be able to get a glimpse of who you are by what you post, and that fosters the friendship and familiarity, which I see in MCF currently for the regulars. I feel that I am generally accepted in the forum, and encouraged to find and meet like-minded individuals here." That newfound friendship, however, is not limited to the web. After two months of joining MCF, kdash managed to make friends and got involved in some of the informal activities like meet-ups, lunches, and even a running group. "It is always good to be able to put a face to some of the members and get to know one another better so that we can better understand the context when someone posts in the forum," he says. With all the interactions and interest in MCF, kdash hopes that MCF will continue to be around for many years to come, and hopes to also be able to contribute positively to that effect. Like the Toyota 86 owner I met while washing my car, kdash and the other MCF members prove that the love for cars transcends all boundaries. And judging from that love, you won’t have to hope hard, kdash.
  18. HI GUYS, I need your help. We are looking for active users of sgCarMart to find out how you use our service. If you are interested in taking part in our user study, please click on the link below and fill up the form. 10 participants will be shortlisted for an interview at SPH News Centre. Those who complete the face-to-face interview will receive a $30 cashcard. If you are keen, please click on this link for more info: http://win.asiaone.com/sgcarmart/
  19. It’s the season to be jolly and MyCarForum (MCF) has a special announcement just for you. Accessing the Forum and the Blog sections is now much more convenient with your smartphones as MCF is now mobile friendly! Stay tuned for more as the Marketplace and Lifestyle sections become available on mobile next year. We appreciate any feedback that you may have on the new MCF mobile site and we invite you to submit them below!
  20. Download FREE Service, Repair & owner's Manual of cars & SUVs. including parts catalogs, pocket reference guides and supplement manuals www.vehiclepdf.com We strive to provide free available manuals for masses. In fact building a online storage of free Service, Repair & owner's manual. Providing Manuals in PDF format to assure the ease of users You can request manual for your car here, we are not promising but we will try our best to find free manual you required. It is important to know that manuals for every vehicle is not free of cost but we provide the manuals that are free available. some times manuals are available on internet for sale but users can't find them easily. In case manual is not free we will find the best lowest price manual of your ride available on internet. We are thankful to management of www.mycarforum.com to allow us grow with them. myCARFORUM is the place justifying its name for every user with decent source of information and learning over internet. plz specify of vehicle you want manual full name model generation
  21. Anyone else having problems connecting to mycarforum from yesterday onwards? Server keep timing out from browser.
  22. Has anyone encounter same problem as my IE11 when surfing mycarforum webpage, the "Back" button is not usable eg. webpage does not go back to previous page when click any post
  23. Tanyachua88

    What is your favourite emoticon?

    Got new emoticons added in MCF. Which one is your favourite? Or is your favourite not inside?
  24. GongJiaoWei

    Our MCF Die Hard Supporter

    Spotted this car in an underground car park. I believe he must be a DIE HARD supporter of our MCF? Total 7 MCF stickers Which bro's car?
  25. SGCM_editorial

    Fun and laughter at SmartKids Asia 2014

    The SmartKids Asia event was held at the Singapore Expo Hall 5 over the past weekend. MyCarForum was at the event, and we look at what went on at the largest education fair in the Asia region. Premium members of MyCarForum were able to take part in a sure win lucky draw at the booth. Prizes include a Power Bank from Kim Hoe And Co. - a local tyre dealer for brands such as Continental, Dunlop, Michelin and Yokohama etc. Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie windshield cleaner. Hair products from Daeng Gi Meo Ri - a leading anti-hairloss treatment brand in Korea. Premium members also stand a chance to win MCF Cashcards. Non premium MCF members can upgrade to a premium account at no cost. Visitors can also sign up for an account on the spot, and walk away with MCF car decals, or receive an accident kit for free. The event was busting with life over the weekend, with a wide variety of educational programs specially tailored for the young ones. Parents can capture special moments of their kids' growing up stages with professional photography studios. Or even enroll their children in rock music classes. And of course, there is wide range of fun-filled games at the event for kids. To keep the parents busy, there are booths catered for the grown ups too. Dancepointe - a local ballet dance school - also put up a showcase of performances by their students.