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  1. Paint protection services in Singapore are increasingly gaining popularity, and it's easy to understand why. Despite our best efforts of regularly washing and cleaning our cars, it can be mightily difficult and frustrating to keep our cars looking in tip top condition. A devilish combination of our erratic hot and wet weather, combined with the dust in the air that comes from numerous sources (such as the constant construction projects around the island or simply just the sheer number of cars on the road), means that it is virtually impossible to drive from one place to another without getting your car dirty. New Age Polish started out as a single-man mobile service, and has grown in size as well as services offered Many drivers have also wisened up to the value of paint protection systems, which help to both mitigate the build up of dirt on their cars, as well as helping to provide a high gloss finish that allows the car to look consistently spanking new. Of course, car grooming services also offer us a particular convenience that all Singaporeans love - time. It saves drivers the precious hours needed to repeatedly wash and polish their cars. After all, who really wants to spend tedious hours during the weekends cleaning your car when you could be spending more time with your loved ones, or even just in bed? Who is New Age Polish and what services does it offer? New Age Polish is a car grooming centre that focuses mainly on paint protection. Starting out as a single-man mobile service, the company opened a retail store in 2015. Helmed by Gabriel, the permanent retail store allows him to expand his range of services and equipment to offer a more comprehensive range of grooming services and packages. One aspect that distinguishes Gabriel from others is also the fact that he is a very hands-on boss, undertaking much of the work himself, together with his small team. At New Age Polish, the range of services include quality foam wash, polishing and waxing, pest fumigation, steam cleaning and anti-bacteria treatment, leather restoration, leather protection coating, as well as the two main services of paintwork restoration and paint protection coating. Paintwork restoration is one of the more popular services, and Gabriel highlights that many drivers with older cars tend to take up this particular service. It allows seven to eight-year old cars to look brand new. New Age Paint Protection System New Age Polish offers three paint protection regimes tailored for different customers The main focus for New Age Polish is its Paint Protection System. Developed to counter many of the issues that drivers face, such as damage from chemical and environmental contaminants, paint oxidation and the loss of the paint's hydrophobic effect, much research has been undertaken over the years to source for the right products to offer the highest level of paint protection. [at New Age Polish offers paint protection regimes: Kubebond Nano Ceramic Coating (Kubebond Diamond 9H). Priced to cater to customers with different requests ($380 and up), the three packages offer high gloss levels, scratch resistance, chemical resistance, protection against UV exposure and oxidation, hydrophobic water repellent effect, smoothness and durability. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r--sMCYL4gs These paint protection systems help to prevent against water marks, dirt and algae, as well as presenting a high-gloss wet look finish at all times. It is also wallet-friendly, as it drastically reduces cleaning frequencies, with no more polishing or waxing required. These paint protection systems are suitable for all paint finishes, including matt paint. Both New Age Ceramic and New Age Hybrid also come with a three-year warranty period, and have a durability of three and five years respectively. New Age Polish Pte Ltd is located at 11 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #01-112 North Spring Biz Hub S768089. To find out more, you can visit the company's Facebook page. Alternatively, you can call +65 8161 0131 to make an appointment.
  2. Hi all, I had this stick brochure on my windscreen this morning and it claims that with "Cup of water to wash your entire car". Has anyone received such brochures before? I was curious and call the company and it claims; - Only water to wash the car without any wax polish. - The car is shine for 89 days - One time payment S$140.00 last 89 days - Once 89 days are up, go back to them n wash again. - Claim to have anti-static that rejects all dust and acid rains. Like to hear comments from all. Thanks & rds, Revol.pdf
  3. Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet (New Age Hybrid Coating) + 10 x Complimentary Maintenance Advantages & Benefits: ✔ Exceptionally long term durability up to 60 months ✔ Back up with 3 years warranty ✔ Free 10 times complimentary maintenance with any packages sign ups ✔ Free Complimentary Parking at their detailing studio ✔ Fantastic water repellent effect ✔ Bird dropping, water spots, bugs splatter resistance ✔ Anti-soiling and dirt-repellent ✔ UV exposure , Thermal, Acid Rain, Oxidation & Scratches resistance ✔ Helps to prevent water marks, dirt, algae and bird fouling from adhering ✔ Presents wet look, high glossy finishing at all times ✔ Drastically reduces cleaning frequencies, saving energy, time and cost ✔ Wallet Friendly (No more polishing/waxing require) ✔ Suitable for all colour car including matt paint ✔ Eco-friendly and harmless to neither human nor the Earth ✔ Professional competence paint protection specialist ensures all vehicles are coated with consistency and fine quality workmanship For more inquires Email - [email protected] Call / SMS / WhatsApp : +65 81610131
  4. Hi, creating this thread for all your car wash recommendations!! Would be great if can include estimate prices and location too!! 🤗
  5. Toyota Sienta (New Age Hybrid Coating) Advantages & Benefits: ✔ Exceptionally long term durability up to 60 months ✔ Back up with 3 years warranty ✔ Free 10 times complimentary maintenance with any packages sign ups ✔ Free Complimentary Parking at their detailing studio ✔ Fantastic water repellent effect ✔ Bird dropping, water spots, bugs splatter resistance ✔ Anti-soiling and dirt-repellent ✔ UV exposure , Thermal, Acid Rain, Oxidation & Scratches resistance ✔ Helps to prevent water marks, dirt, algae and bird fouling from adhering ✔ Presents wet look, high glossy finishing at all times ✔ Drastically reduces cleaning frequencies, saving energy, time and cost ✔ Wallet Friendly (No more polishing/waxing require) ✔ Suitable for all colour car including matt paint ✔ Eco-friendly and harmless to neither human nor the Earth ✔ Professional competence paint protection specialist ensures all vehicles are coated with consistency and fine quality workmanship For more inquires Call / SMS / WhatsApp : +65 81610131
  6. Paint correction is also known as swirl mark removal, machine polishing or buffing. The definition of paint correction is the removal of all imperfections in paintwork, such as scratches, water marks, dried bug remains and fading to reproduce an as new condition or better. The process is undertaken by a professional detailer or someone with quite a few years experience in understanding how the structure of paint is applied on a vehicle. It involves the use of a machine polisher, a selection of abrasive compounds and an assortment of buffing pads, together with regular checks with a paint depth gauge whilst polishing, to keep record of exactly how much paint is being abraded away. Why Consider Paint Correction? A car’s paint has to endure a lot of challenges thrown up by the environment ·Traffic grime and grit · Tree sap, industrial fallout, bird muck, dead bugs · Road Tar ·Water spots (Rain-waterspots) ·People brushing against the car with their clothing or bags ·Poor machine or hand polishing techniques ·Cheap and nasty car washes Sadly all of these things can leave the finish of a car looking less than perfect and at worst, dull, faded and covered in light scratches, swirls and other marring. Those things detract from your car’s appearance and ultimately reduce its value. Will Removed Marks Reappear? NO. Any marring is permanently removed by our paint correction techniques, so the marks cannot reappear. New marks may appear over time (we can’t stop future scratches), but we’ll provide you with free simple advice to help limit future damage caused by wrong technique of washing and making sure you keep the paintwork in top condition all year round. At NEW AGE POLISH our services are designed around you. We provide car care packages to suit your needs, so that we are able to polish your car whenever you feel it is needed. To book your car paint correction service or to find out more, contact us at +65 81610131 today.
  7. Any decent carwash in the west? I saw there was thread for East but not for West
  8. http://www.sparkcarcare.com/services/vehicle-grooming.html Anyone here can share the serives or the work done on their ride ? Seems quite good..
  9. Hi all heading down to JB tml. and most probably going to shop at Paradigm Mall. Is there any trusted car grooming service near there?
  10. SEMA SHOW which is The largest show in automotive exhibition area in the world is coming !! 🚗🚕 From 5th - 8th of November, Las vegas ENJOY THE SEMA SHOW WITH STEK !! STEK can't wait to see you in SEMA SHOW!! #PPF #STEK #STEKPPF #STEKINSEMASHOW #JOININSTEK
  11. Annyeong! MyCarForum is offering giveaways for all car grooming enthusiasts! Grooming your ride is already a tedious chore. Finding an available washing bay, then washing, claying and polishing your car in our sunny island can be quite tiring! But luckily, Bullsone has recently reached our shores and they would like to make your car grooming experience a pleasant one. Not only that, they also have a quality product that ensures your car achieves a veneer-like condition! Bullsone Singapore is giving out car care products for MCF members to give it a try! You may choose 2 out of these products and you will also receive 1 bonus product (total worth up to $56)! Bullsone First Class Crystal Coat Bullsone Waterless 2 in 1 Cleaner Bullsone First Class Multi Purpose Cleaner Bullsone Firstclass Extreme Wheel Cleaner Bullsone RainOK Extreme Rain Repellent for Side View Mirrors Bullsone First Class Superfine Cloth for Cleaning Towel Set Bonus products (while stocks last) Bullsone RainOK Speed Spray Bullsone Saladdin Car Deodoriser (Forest) Bullsone Saladdin Car Fumigation Deodorizer (No Fragrance) Bullsone Saladdin Car Fumigation Deodorizer (Mint) We will arrange the items to be collected at the sgCarMart office, or a meet up at Kallang Leisure Park. You can choose your preferred venue and collection timing at the registration page. For the first 30 members who have written a review, we will also be giving away Bullsone Bullsoneshot Pro (worth $19.90), a deep cleaning fuel additive that is proven to clean and protect your engine from harmful deposits! Join us now by selecting your most desired Bullsone product! Our admin will drop you a PM to confirm your entry! Do check you PM frequently! Have fun grooming your car with Bullsone! Love My Car! Shortlisting criteria: Only for MCF Premium Members Neutral Newbie needs to at least have 20 posts Registration fee: $10 REGISTRATION CLOSED Terms and Conditions After payment is completed, kindly self-collect the item at venue and date that you have chosen. You can share your reviews at these pages before 28 July 2017 Bullsone First Class Body Crystal Coat Bullsone First Class Waterless 2 in 1 Cleaner Bullsone First Class Multi-Purpose Cleaner Bullsone First Class Extreme Wheel Bullsone RainOK Extreme Rain Repellent for Side View Mirror Bullsone First Class Superfine Cloth for Cleaning Towel Set Those who have submitted 2 product reviews at pages above may claim a Bullsoneshot Pro - Enhanced Total Fuel System Treatment for Gasoline Engine 500 ml worth $19.90! The reward needs to be collected at SGCM Pte Ltd, 61 Ubi Avenue 2, Automobile Megamart #07-05/06 from Monday to Friday, 10 AM – 5 PM, before 18 August 2017 The total worth of items a member could claim for this giveaway is up to $76!
  12. Check out for this month's latest deals & discounts. One of the best deals, promotions and discounts specially for our members that could never be miss out. Hurry and Grab your favourite deals today! Quote SGCARMART PROMOTION to the retailer. CNY Grooming Promo $8 Car Wash for all vehicles! Grooming promo for small car $58, medium $88 and large $118. Contact us at: 91550452 / 97213331 $38 Drive Home Service ChauffeurME-Singapore renders drive home service to party-goers who care for their love ones. Drink.Drank.Drunk? What ever it is, why put yourself at risk? Drink driving is a serious offence not only in Singapore but throughout the Globe. Worried getting stopped at Police road blocks or getting into accidents causing injuries or fatality? Well, we won't know what is exactly going on around us when we start getting tipsy. Put all these worries aside. We are just a call away! Our experience drivers will pick you from your location and drive you home to your loved ones safe and sound! Nothing else matters more isn't it? Advanced bookings are welcome. Our friendly operator will allocate you a driver to send you home SAFE! Only @$38. Contact us at: 8777 7087 Cool n Lite Titan Series The Titan series offers optimum protection featuring both excellent UV rejection coupled with an extremely high level of solar energy rejection. These range of solar films are manufactured with the industry’s latest technologies, using only the finest materials to guarantee a long lasting performance for your investment. The metallisation of the Titan series uses ground breaking Sputtering process, applying Titanium as its main element together with a combination of other exotic metals such as copper, gold, silver, inconel, chromium and aluminum to achieve its amazing heat rejection properties. The Titan series exudes a cool neutral grey tone, exclusively available for Titan users. The application of Titan films on your vehicle will further enhance the luxurious contrast of your interior. Definitely a must on any luxury automobile! Contact us at: 6100 6262 Mcwell Online Store! Up To 40% Off! Singapore's best car parts and accessories online store, discount up to 40% off! Visit us now! Contact us at: 9838 7743 Pro-Jex V2D 3-In-1 Package 3-In-1 Package at only $240. Includes oil change, air con restoration, throttle and intake manifold flushing. Tested and proven on cars, bikes and boats running on carburetor or fuel injection. You will experience e following after this procedure : 1- Easier start up. 2- Very light throttle response. 3- Fuel efficient. 4- Engine vibration will be minimized. Contact us at: 8668 7676 Instant Cash For Your Scrap Car! We want your scrap car with parf eligibility! Instant cash on the spot! No need to wait for LTA refund. Contact us at: 9787 6217
  13. anyone tried this company name call lucky polish? any feedback? is lucky polish...paiseh
  14. from my noob knowledge, if u want a nice finish, you need to cut/polish away the imperfect surface of the top coat/clear coat to reveal a nice smooth layer. but that means some places may over polish and reduce your top coat thickness. so is there any groomers that focus on top coat measurements so as to minimize the cutting depth?
  15. MCF Hangout with Sonax at Autobacs Learn how to groom your car with the industry expert. Hello to all the grooming enthusiast out there! Good news for you guys! We have partnered with Sonax Singapore. A renowned grooming brand that you may have used one of its 200 products that are all available in Singapore. Why does driver groom their car? With the advancement of grooming products that is available in Singapore such as paint protection, Paint Protection Films and Sealant and wax, There are abundant of choices for you drivers to choose. As a driver myself, we all like our car to be clean and sparkly. It's our pride to drive a clean and shiny car rather than a car that is covered with dirt and tars. And we are glad to invite Sonax Singapore to share with us about a once a week grooming regime where you can keep your car in tip-top condition. And with the rising numbers of paint protection users on the road, we will also be sharing the grooming tips for these customers. Paint protection is an excellent investment to your car paintwork. So swing by and see how this works! Okay, so I need to bring my bucket and cloth down? Is this a mega wash? To find you the most conducive venue for you guys to understand the weekly grooming routine, we have arranged to host the event at Autobacs, Ubi. And so once you have understood what to do for your next car wash, you can start by buying your Sonax products there at a discounted price! Alrighty. Like to wash a car? Register Here~! We will select 25 members to join us for this event. So register earlier to secure a slot! RSVP NOW! The Management of MCF will remunerate the registration fee with Maz Nitro Fuel Additive 50ml x 3 (Worth $39.90) during the event. Last date of registriation is 24 June 2018. Programme specially lined up for you 930 – registration start 1000 – Event Start – Opening Speech by Autobacs 1015 – Car Clinic – Autobacs, why preventive maintenance is the way to go 1030 – Car Clinic – Sonax hands on! Sharing with you guys the best way to groom a car! 1115 – Tea break 1130 – Giveaway quizzes, Win attractive prizes 1145 – Group Photos / End of event
  16. Any lobang for good mobile car grooming services? those that comes to your office or home to polish your car one? Thanks.
  17. Tested, Approved, Verified, Certified by SGS Car detailing products from the common market always claim their product has film thickness, but the coating is barely visible by naked eye, therefore, everyone can do their own ultra-marketing. To assure our quality to our customer, we brought KubeBond Diamond 9H to SGS to do the thickness measurement, they also informed us that, normal film thickness measurement tools are not capable to measure any film below 10µm, by contrast, you must measure it with Optical Microscope and magnify the specimen 1000 times. This information blows a lot of bluff on the market. Optical Microscope test reports from SGS indicated that, 5 layers of Diamond 9H average thickness on the panel is 3µm, which is anti-graffiti ready; specimen of 10 layers Diamond 9H reached 6µm is already scratch resist. Achieve with KubeBond-Nano Ceramic Coating OFFICIAL COATING TESTING ☑ Pencil Hardness JISK5400 (1990) - Above 9H ☑ Alkali Resistance Test ☑ Acid Resistance Test ☑ Salt- Water Resistance Test KubeBond Products has been tested by "SGS" - A world's leading Inspection, Verification, Testing and Certification Company. Recognized as the global benchmark for Quality and Integrity ISO 9001 Certified -An International standard that specifies requirements for a quality management System (QMS). REACH Compliance - European Union address the production and use of chemical substances, and potential impacts on both human health and the environment. Industries' regulations like REACH are constantly changing and add new items into compliance's every years, to assure our quality and safety to our customer, choose nanotech laboratory maintain high quality initiative; every year we bring our product to a global trusted SGS, renew all certifications. For official reports, please visit New Age Polish Wind Drag Certification (Latest) The nature is full of examples of structures, materials and surfaces whose traits can be exploited for commercial application. Back in the 1990 Inspired by slippery sharkskin, the Airbus tested aircraft coating, in order to improve aerodynamic, despite many difficulties, the end result is promising but not yet sophisticated CHOOSE NanoTech has developed a specialized motorsport coating, when it cured, its molecular density and nanostructure could reduce the drag by lower the surface energy. As a low-drag coating system, our coating system could increase the aerodynamic performance in motorsport with the drag reduction up to 5 percent. Tested by NCKU ASTRC Wind Tunnel Lab, the national research facility which is coordinated and responsible for the wind factor of Taipei 101.
  18. Hi all, we have something exciting that we would like to share with you guys. We would like to spice out the detailing folder by adding an all-new contest called Detailing's TOTM! Detailing TOTM (Thread of the Month) is to find out quality thread monthly that can help the readers to their car detailing journey. If you are a car detailing enthusiast and have knowledge about car detailing, do post a thread and share with us anything relates to car detailing. We will be starting this contest from now till 30th of Nov 2017! Winner will be an announcement through their thread and also this thread! We will judge based on content, praises and pageviews. Each month, there will be one thread winner that will walk away with exclusive goodies that are worth $150++! *Pictures are for illustration only. Actual prizes may vary. Start creating your own detailing's thread! We would also like to take this chance to promote on thread ownership. We hope that all the thread that have valuable content will help readers and members who face the same issues or problems. We would like to encourage thread starter to keep the thread alive and make it more meaningful for this community! This Detailing's TOTM is proudly brought to you by SONAX Singapore. SONAX - Cleaning and polishing like a professional. A market leader in car care product in Germany, and one of the leading manufacturers worldwide. The brand is represented in 100 countries around the globe including Singapore. For more than 60 years, the company has been developing and manufacturing high-performance car care products, to satisfy the highest requirements, in Neuberg an der Donau. Whether it's in motorsports, in the tuning scene or in the world of classic cars; When it comes to the perfect presentation of automobiles. SONAX will always be on hand, for car fans and experts.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boT2JOc0njM&feature=youtu.be Many pet owners dread the process of bringing their pets for grooming, as travelling and waiting for the grooming service can easily take up half a day, a luxury that some busy professionals may not be able to afford. Also, it can be difficult to find a suitable groomer, as some may be rough in handling your pet, which is not something anyone wants to experience. Likeable Pets offers professional mobile pet grooming for busy individuals, to solve the hassle of travelling with your pets to the pet shop for grooming. Likeable Pets' own in-house pet-stylist and groomer has four years of experience in pet grooming, and has a Class C qualification with the Singapore Kennel Club, so you can be sure that they will be gentle when it comes to grooming your beloved pet. To engage Likeable Pets' house-call or mobile pet grooming services, simply book an appointment with them to arrange for a scheduled time and date, and the groomer will arrive at your home or chosen location with the grooming equipment. You will need to provide a suitable area for the grooming to be carried out, and Likeable Pets will take care of the rest, including clean-up of the area after the grooming is done. Why groom at home? Grooming your pet at home saves you time, and offers great convenience and assurance - Your pet gets one-to-one personal attention from start to finish. - You save time on travelling and transporting your pet as our groomer will go to your place at your convenience. - You don't have to leave your pet at the salon for the whole day, which means no stress and no separation anxiety for you and your pet. - There is no chance of exposure to diseases, ticks or fleas that can be passed on from another pet to your pet at the salon. - You get great savings for a household with multiple pets as you only need to pay transportation charges for one trip. - It is great for puppies or kittens that have not completed their vaccinations, as they will not be any exposed to other pets. - It avoids stressing or tiring older pets that may have difficulty walking. For more information, visit their website at www.likeablepets.com, or contact them at 8685 2360.
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