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Found 68 results

  1. Hi all Mcfers, Do check out for monthly promotion here. Hope to bring you MCFERS more products and promotion in the near future. Latest promotion will be updated here. Keep a look [/size]out Cheers Benny aka Maddriver aka Maddetailer Visit me at www.optivax.com.sg for the range of detailing products
  2. Sdf4786k

    Spark Car Care

    http://www.sparkcarcare.com/services/vehicle-grooming.html Anyone here can share the serives or the work done on their ride ? Seems quite good..
  3. Ronnieseah

    Flat tire sealant

    anyone here has use those flat tire repair kit that come in a spray can? if encounter a flat, just connect into the valve and spray into the tire. want to know whether this work? as I feel getting this is better than having a spare tire.
  4. Damienic

    Puncture Proof Sealant

    http://www.punctureproof.com Anyone tried this before? It is said that the sealant being inserted into the tyre acts to seal up any leak in the event of a tyre puncture. Does it work?
  5. Dear all bro & Sis, Can i still use back my tyre if i had pump in sealant ? hear from some feedback once sealant being pump into tyre, the tyre cannot be use and got to change new tyre. it is true ?
  6. Hi. I will be going up Malaysia for a road trip with my family on my wife's Mazda 3 this end of April and have a few safety concerns. Penang to be exact. Distance wise it's gonna be the longest I've ever travelled. Have a few concerns since I have two kids with me. Do you all actually keep a spare tyre in your boot? My wife's Mazda 3 does not have one. I do have tyre repair kits on hand like your usual worms etc. But as you know we are travelling with kids and it may be dangerous and inconvenient to stop on the highway to patch my tyre if we were to be that unlucky. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/events_features.php?AID=3371 Saw this article on sgcarmart. Will this be useful? TireCare Sealant. Anyone used before? I'm looking more to use it as a preventive measure. According to them upon application prior to the trip, any punctures will be sealed automatically. And no need to head to workshop to patch the tyres after that. Reliability and cost is a factor here. At $269 for the revival kit it does not come cheap. Though the kit includes a compressor which I would not mind having, and the current offer of free AA membership. I appreciate all feedbacks especially those with kids, how do you all prepare for your road trips? As you already know the entire family's safety is on our shoulders and our spouse... sadly will not be able to help us. If this is posted to the wrong folder or if it's considered as repeated, mods please help me to shift it. Thank you.
  7. Who are we? We are a group of automotive detailing maniacs who spend most of their days around scratched and swirled up cars, trying our very best to bring out the shine in your ride's paintwork. Our passion for shiny cars have turned into an obsession to find the best protection for the precious clear coat, so that you do not have to spend thousands in replacing the factory paintwork after a few years. Regardless of whether your car is new or used, we treat all cars with the same tender loving care as you would. Countless coatings have been tested in grueling conditions and we are glad to finally introduce to you, Honjyo, A Japanese Car Coating Company. (PS. No innocent cars were harmed in the process) Honjyo Glass Neo Why do we need a protective coating over our car's clear coat? Singapore presents a challenging environment for our cars' paintwork to maintain her lustre and shine. In a tropical country, we are constantly faced with torrential rain, high humidity and other destructive forces such as bird droppings, dirt and sand scratches. Constant deep polishing processes that help to remove swirl marks, scratches and watermarks will result in the thinning of clear coat over time. So how can a protective glass coating help? Glass coating provides an enhanced hardened layer of protection over the original clear coat of your car, thus, less deep polishing processes are required, prolonging the life span of your car's clearcoat. Why spend money on aftermarket paint jobs to repair the damaged factory paint that you have paid for? Let us protect your prized possession with Honjyo Glass Coating today! What is "Crystal Glass Coating"? Very solid multilayer coatings, preventing smearing on paints, easy for cleaning, enabling you to accomplish a car wash in very short time. Having hydrophobic effects, thus breaking water into molecules and repelling them from the surface. It can resist even the most burning summer temperatures. Crystal Glass Coating is designed to suit the critical temperature changes of our local climate. The advantages of Glass Coating Weather Resistance : Protecting UV rays, acidic rain and other environmental effects. Pollution Resistance : Not easy to be tainted, in fact, stains can be easily washed away. Bonding Effect : Forms a tight bond with paints, enable it to last longer. Temperature Sustaining : Prevent from melting under high temperature. Chemical Resistance : Preventing attacks of chemical corrosion from exhaust gas or other corrosive substances on car body paints. Hardness : Forming very hard surface, protecting car body from scratches.. Glossy surface : Transparent effect of coatings enhances the colour clarity. Call us now at 98243252 (Brendan) or visit us at Lot 21, 15 Commonwealth Lane, Singapore 149554 for more information and package details. All PM's and Whatsapp messages are welcomed as well! Follow us on Facebook now! Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there. Interior makeover for your car. Some of the other services that we are able to offer at Detail Mania: Paint rejuvenation in various stages Paint coating prep and applications Full interior steam cleaning Cabin grooming with leather and vinyl care Rims protection coating Window glass coating and polishing Official brands: Give your car a brand new shine at Detail Mania Autoscrub treatment for removal of embedded contaminants on the surface Paint rejuvenation: 3 Stage defect removal with Japanese Nano-wool buffing pad, NS orange compounding pad and NS Blue polishing pad Paintwork coating: Honjyo Glass Neo Rims Coating: Nanoskin Brake Dust Pro Glass Coating: Honjyo Skili Kun Leather and Vinyl Protector: Nanoskin FEED
  8. Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet (New Age Hybrid Coating) + 10 x Complimentary Maintenance Advantages & Benefits: ✔ Exceptionally long term durability up to 60 months ✔ Back up with 3 years warranty ✔ Free 10 times complimentary maintenance with any packages sign ups ✔ Free Complimentary Parking at their detailing studio ✔ Fantastic water repellent effect ✔ Bird dropping, water spots, bugs splatter resistance ✔ Anti-soiling and dirt-repellent ✔ UV exposure , Thermal, Acid Rain, Oxidation & Scratches resistance ✔ Helps to prevent water marks, dirt, algae and bird fouling from adhering ✔ Presents wet look, high glossy finishing at all times ✔ Drastically reduces cleaning frequencies, saving energy, time and cost ✔ Wallet Friendly (No more polishing/waxing require) ✔ Suitable for all colour car including matt paint ✔ Eco-friendly and harmless to neither human nor the Earth ✔ Professional competence paint protection specialist ensures all vehicles are coated with consistency and fine quality workmanship For more inquires Email - info@newagepolish.com Call / SMS / WhatsApp : +65 81610131
  9. I read that a layer of wax or sealant on the rims will not only protect your expensive rims but also for ease of washing the black stuffs that stick to the wheels. This is only for protection not cleaning so it is not abrasive. I found no such products in the usual shops or supermarkets. Do you use such products. What is your recommendation?
  10. Extremme

    CS-II Sealant

    Hi Guys, What is the difference between wax and sealant? Am thinking of getting CS-II sealant for my new ride? Any bros/sis have comments?
  11. Hi, I just collected my car and would like to know how I can protect the paint work. Can I apply Synthetic Paint Sealant? Thanks for advice in advance!
  12. Contest from 16 October 2013 to 15 November 2013 Take part in our monthly sgCarMart contest by answering questions about the Steam Jet Car Spa and stand a chance to win attractive prizes worth up to $1,194. More details here : http://www.sgcarmart.com/contest/listing.php
  13. Is this good for body paint or unnecessary? If I remember, it is $300-400+. Coating can last about a year, only wash body with water, but can not wash with soap, may remove the coating. But when wash the windscreen with soap, the soap will drip to the body right? http://www.mercedes-benz.com.sg/content/si...tar_Shield.html
  14. SYF77

    A visit to Amazing Shine

    The last time I had sealant treatment done on the paintwork was in June 2010, which was the System 6 paint protection system by Tuff Clad at Sin Ming Drive. I learnt about Amazing Shine from a leaflet on my windscreen and decide to give it a try on a Sunday afternoon. For $38, it includes vacuuming, polish, clay bar treatment, tyre shine and rim polish. The process began with a car wash. The company is using Sonax products. The 2 staff that attended to my car are attentive in their work. The co-partner of the workshop, Ben, was there to ensure that the car is free from debris before the polishing work starts. Half way through the works, I was asked if I would like to top up another $28 for sealant treatment. Sensing that these guys were serious about their work, I decided to top up the difference. The gentleman in the above photo also helped me to peel off the
  15. Let say after wax/sealant, 2 days later rain and got dirty water splash from the road to the car. By wiping away with cloth n water , does it remove the layer of wax ?
  16. thinking of ditching my spare tyre (odyssey) and get one of those canned puncture sealants. i understand that these do help inflate the tyre and seal it temporarily, but wonder if anyone here got experience using this can give a review, particularly for the following: - how long can the sealant last ? - can the puncture be serviced the regular way (plugs/patch) and reused or is that prohibited ? - storing the can itself - how long before it expires and doesn't work ? I'm in favour for replacing the spare tyre with 2 cans of puncture sealants and a fire extinguisher AND a 4-channel amplifier :)
  17. While try to find good sealant at youtube, but found this product oversea. Anyone had import and tried before?
  18. Dear detailers, Someone asked if wiping removes wax/sealant earlier. But how about using squeegee after washing your car to remove excess water? Does it remove the wax or sealant? Thanks for sharing.
  19. $65 for claybar + sealant at One Detail, anyone tried their car detailing service? Want to make my car shiny and clean before my wedding. http://tinyurl.com/groupon-detailing
  20. HI all MCF bros out there. I was just wondering how can I make my baby more bright and shiny? I want to make sure my baby is always in a tip top condition. I heard in many forums Silver and grey cars will not show much improvement even regular polishing and waxing! Is that true? Can some pros help me out here? I know Sliver cars are easy to maintain but to make it shine is not easy.
  21. The guy was demonstrating as soon as someone parks the car.... even scratch disappears? Anyone encounter this before....
  22. Octopus

    Polymer, Carnauba Wax & Sealant

    Chemically it ( a polymer) is a molecule formed by the chemical union of five or more identical combining units called monomers. The Polymer and waxes used for detailing are semi-solid; they are actually a very concentrated solution in an organic solvent or aqueous emulsion. Basic components; although somewhat more complex than other products, waxes and sealants also involve just basic chemistry, when a formulator designs a wax or sealant, they consider several factors; ease of application and removal, cleaning ability (if required), depth of gloss or shine, durability and resistance to detergents / soap. Unfortunately, no one wax or sealant product can meet all of the above characteristics. If one is emphasized and enhanced, it will be to the detriment of another. For example, increased durability means that application and removal can be more difficult. Or, if cleaning capability is emphasized, the depth of shine will be less. The best wax or sealant to use is one that provides as many of the characteristics as possible to achieve a shiny, durable finish. Note- many waxes and polymer sealants actually look better after an initial post-application wash The basic components used in waxes and sealants are; 1. Solvents or mineral oils- used for chemical cleaning, and as a carrier system, it also makes products workable and to provide spread ability, as is the case with Carnauba wax, which in its natural state is rock hard. 2. Emulsifiers - to stabilize the product (oil and water) and make it easier to use 3. Very-light abrasives
  23. Is PPS really necessary? any good place or brand to recommend for PPS. BTW, i will be getting a white car. thanks.
  24. Zheshi


    Dear Brother here, Just got my new car, it white in color and this is my first car that is white. Hear Preview from people that for white color car, if you never apply 'Sealant' on it, it might be yellowish next time. Any Brother here got any Good Workshop to recommend?
  25. Now I'm using Aquawax sealant but I feel my previous JW acrylic jett has longer lasting slickness. I'm not too concern about shine but enjoy slick touch on paintwork. Please advise. Thks.