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Found 171 results

  1. Genie47

    A new tire size calculator

    My recommendation to be stickied with the top post. http://ejelta.com/tiresize/index.html It is very flexible. For example, I will use the Aveo as an example: The stock 13" tires on the Aveo are 155/80-13. So to link the page to someone so that he can decide what tires to use on the Aveo will be: http://ejelta.com/tiresize/index.html?tiresize=155/80-13 For more information on how to link see here: http://ejelta.com/tiresize/linking.html
  2. Hi one of my car tire cannot be charged, suspect the charging valve is stuck. What should I do? Can the valve be replaced or must I change tire?
  3. Hello admins, The tire size search function in marketplace used to work really well. You would put in the width, profile height and rim size and the dealers selling tires in that size would show up and you can choose. Now, when I try with 205/60/R16 the search function either returns nothing much or returns everything in the directory including tires I did not specify. If I just keyed in 205/60 and left the rim radius blank, I get what seems to be 2 pages. Clicking on Next or page 2 results in a whole lot of other pages appearing. Makes it hard to filter searches. Thanks!
  4. my car front tires 195/50/R15, rear tires 195/55/R15 is it any effective in term of FC, performance?
  5. Bluecollar

    Temporary Tire Repairs

    Hi All, Some cars these days do not come with spare tires, although not much of an issues if you are in Singapore. However if traveling north in the middle of no man's land may be a problem and personally have a completely toasted tire with a spark plug pierced into the tires before in Malaysia. So the question is can tire sealant helped until you find a next available tire shop??? What about sidewalls???. Is there any external temporary patch of sort that can use on sidewall available in the market???? Note we are talking about temporary repairs only until you find earliest available help.
  6. I bought a spare tire for my car and it's an odd size. I wonder if bros can help locate a place to get a tire for this? And how often do you replace the tire? Thanks I've asked a couple of the more popular stores and they say they don't have this?
  7. Xiao_qiang

    Any Tire Shine to recommend??

    Bros Any good tire shine to recommend?? Been looking for one, and tried some foam types but the results are not that good..
  8. Hi Guys, Just got my tire patched today. Very surprised the price of patching has increased by so much I remember having a simple worm patch at 4-5 dollars a few years back. I was quoted between 8-10 dollars at various shops over the past 1 month I had the puncture Finally had the time to finally do the job, and stopped by at simpang bedok. I was quoted $18 for a patch, but the boss said his is patching from the inside, where the tire is removed from the rim for sticking it with a round pad. Its definitely a safer way of patching, as I've had a bad experience for the worm method. For this price, I should have been roberted, but seriously, what is the market price for this job?
  9. Ronnieseah

    Flat tire sealant

    anyone here has use those flat tire repair kit that come in a spray can? if encounter a flat, just connect into the valve and spray into the tire. want to know whether this work? as I feel getting this is better than having a spare tire.
  10. nazerath

    Tyres shop in Bedok or Ubi?

    can anyone please recommend me at tire shop? Going to have it changed. Going for Michelin or Bridgestone. Thanks.
  11. Just to share with bros, but tires at Autobacs, wheel alignment has 50% discount, plus free lifetime rotation and blancing and nitrogen top up and free tire puncture repair. Found out when I bought 4 pieces of Yoko ES501. I am not affiliated with them in anyway, just want to share a piece of good deal, but i took 20 min to find the place in Ubi.
  12. Same car (Golf GTI), same tyre model (Goodyear Eagle F1A3), same tyre width (225/45R17, 225/40R18, 225/35R19) Dry Handling: 19" Wet Handling: 17" Comfort: 17" Quietest: 18"
  13. As above, https://www.facebook.com/K.Y.C.TyreGarage/ Is it good? For 4 tyres is about $270 16" wheels
  14. Bluepica

    Do I need to change tire ?

    Hi, W.R.T the photo attached, is the track still ok? Thought the side a bit botak already. Been rolling for slightly more than 40k already. It's GR-90
  15. wah lau eh... punctured tyre to start my long weekend zzzz..... any folks as suey as me today? haha
  16. Drive

    Kumho PS91

    Hi Any tried the above? Seemed to have good reviews
  17. When pumping the tire, the air from the pump does not seem to get into the tire. When I remove the pump from the tire valve, can hear a loud stream of air coming out from the pump. Need to go through about 3-4 times before I hear the ting ting sound that the tires are fully pumped. Why is there such difficulty.
  18. Hi, I dun know when to pump air, every time drop by the workshop ask them to pump, they said dun need. Then when should i pump when i start see sign
  19. Hi guys Tires reaching 3 years old and I'm looking for something at least on the same level of the F1D5, or a good upgrade to it. My tire size is 195/50/15, and I'm looking for good cornering and grip. Comfort and sound levels don't matter to me. I was looking at Michelin PS3, PS4, and the ContinentalSportContact 5. Is the PSS too out of my league? Also, I've wanted to try Hankook RS2, but apparently its already EOL, and the RS3 does not have my size. Seeking the help and advice of tire gurus here for which is the best upgrade to my F1D5. Thanks!
  20. Hello everyone, For people with full size spare tires, please check your spare tire's pressure periodically, say every six months. I checked mine earlier this week, the pressure has dropped to an unusable 150 kPa (1.5 bar or 21.8 psi); I only pumped it to 250 kPa about a year ago. Further, mine was already more than five years old; while it has never been mounted on the car before, I decided to change it this morning, as it would have suffered from rubber deterioration. Unless one has X-rays' eyes like Superman to inspect the tire's internal structure, one would not know if the steel radial cords and the rubber have lost their bonding and the tire's structural integrity is compromised and therefore unusable. A five year old tire should not be put in service, regardless of tread wear and usage pattern. Some may think it is a waste of money to change your spare tire which one hardly use; if you just drive in Singapore and distances are very short (50 - 100 km), I think it is OK to use your old spare tire and drive to your usual tire shop for repair and replacement. However, if you travel to Malaysia sometimes, I think a functional spare tire (full size spare or temporary spare) or tire repair kit is important, so that your mobility and safety are not compromised. Drive safely, regularly maintain your vehicle and you would enjoy many years of safe motoring.
  21. Is it common to have tires of different date of manufacture? I asked for 15 manufacture but was given one of 14 year. how ah?thanks in advance
  22. Went for 2nd tire rotation after 20k Inner wall all "eaten" up. Suggest to go alignment Went and done... Results as shown. Question: why after alignment still got Red for camber? Seriously I wonder why I didn't take note when he pass the results to me after I asked for it...
  23. I've considered but never bought a Korean car due to past experience, but Korean car owners should be quite proud of this feat sponsored by Hyundai. Especially having seen better cars stuck in snow/sand (probably due to driver stupidity) https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=232&v=3EOAXrTrsOE
  24. While inflating my tires earlier, discovered a gash at the sidewall; seems quite bad, don't know whether to replace, please refer to attached photo (sorry taken in night and low light conditions). Any bros have experience? Will visit my usual tire shop first thing tomorrow morning for assessment. Thank you.
  25. Guys, do you guys have any portable electric tyre inflator** and battery charger to recommend? **My car does not come with spare tyre hence I want to buy for contingency. Thks