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  1. every time car cannot start i towed and got charged for servicing starter. recently every half year cannot start. tow to a different shop this time and the shop owner told me actualy its the cable loose. just push it in and it start. asked if he can gert the cable connector new one for me he said cant be bought previously kenna cheated by the other workshop . beware of this freesion workshop at synergy kaki bukit.
  2. Bros and Sis........Coming to a while since I join MCF and would like to share some info. Besides sharing, I also think it is good to give the brothers at this place some salute for serving us over the years as some of us may have know this place. Ho Hup Seng at Blk 7 King George Ave. I know this place since 1996 when I was then driving an old Suzuki Jimny registered in 1979. I have since been to this place many times over the years as the place was run by 3 brothers (Ah Seng, Ah Chai and Ah Li). Even when I do drive a new car, I go there and buy the old man coffee as they serve me well over many years. Place of set up - They are just general spare parts stockist and one of the brother is doing the repair and replacements for people who know them. They have little overheads and they charge really cheap. So for small problems, I still go to them. Besides, if you have more complicated issues, they do recommend you to their affiliated workshops whom are also equipped and reasonable. So for this, I am writing to share as well as a salute for these old brother's whom serve our community well. For our bros and sis whom do know them. Please also comments. I think with years to come, they may just disappear.......Cheers.
  3. Hey, For people who are about to buy their first car, or recently did, here are very good tips for maintenance you NEED to do regularly, to keep your car in good shape and avoid damage!
  4. I just changed my air-con valve and condenser and thoroughly flushed the piping system. Thereafter, I topped it up with new air con gas and oil. It costs me a whopping $830 😐 There was a leak and since it is an old car already, I might as well just change the old parts in case they fail again. I hope it last me for many more years.
  5. Hi bros, 1 REF/TOP HOSE (WATER HOSE) 1 $ 190.00 2 FRT BRAKE PAD 1PAIR 1 $ 130.00 3 ENGINE MOUNTING SET 1 $ 920.00 4 COOLANT R30 1 $ 50.00 Prices alright? Or robert pricing? These are the items in the quotation. water hose is the one connected to radiator, If no vibrations felt, issit no need replace engine mounting?
  6. What's your servicing interval for your car (within warranty or after warranty) for oil change? 5000km for fully synthetic motor oil or 10,000km as industrial standard practice? Which oil should you use? 5W30/5W40/5W50?
  7. Going to get a Honda Civic 2007, any known problems i should look out for and change? How much will the estimated costs be? Thank you!
  8. Approaching 60k+ svc soon. Will be trying to get parts myself to save cost Car is 4 yr old 1.6 turbo diesel. Currently using Castrol Edge 5w30 but thinking to change to Shell Helix Ultra 5w40 as offer better protection against high rev/temps esp in hot weather. However not very sure about ACEA grade A5/B5 which is what the Edge is rated at. The SHU is rated at A3B3.. from what i gather it refers to viscosity? Is the SHU compatible with the current engine? From what i gather, ATF wise.. the handbook says it recommends BOT 341 fluid. Not sure what ATF is good.. Using Volvo MPS6. Thanks in advance
  9. Just purchased my mark x not too long ago... was reading online and realise that mark x beside standard oil change need to change rear axle oil... asked ex owner and he say he nv do that before. he also told me that his spark plug not changed since day 1 as can last 100k. Current milage is 115k. No wonder the car is very sluggish... now i thinking he prolly skip many other required maintenance for mark x... Was wondering any fellow X owner here can enlighten me and the estimation for the cost so that wont kana chop carrot. Thanks!
  10. kena a lot of ants in my house- HDB, used all sort of method liao
  11. Just wanted to ask some general questions about coolant. My car almost 8 years old liao. Was told on my last servicing that coolant was "low condition", required $60 to change. I declined as i already spent some money on changing brake fluid and also replacing my fan/serpentine belt which they said was cracked. Servicing manual says change coolant every 30k. Car is being serviced once a year. I thought it was just a simple top up like washer fluid or what. I didn't look inside the engine bay. So i bought a 2L coolant bottle on 11.11 to "top up". I also watched some youtube videos, so i do know how to release the spigot valve at the bottom of the radiator for my model. To do a full change would probably require somewhere in the level of at least a a couple more litres. Hmm today morning went to take a look when my engine was cold, but the coolant in the reservoir tank is actually above the maximum mark. Then open radiator cap is u can see the fluid level but i know there's no marking inside. So should i buy more coolant and do a full flush? Is the above the maximum mark coolant level in the coolant reservoir abnormal? My engine temps dont seem to have any issue.
  12. Hi folks, Looks like my current budget only allow me to buy Avante 1.6A car in the range of 2008-2009 registered vehicles. As such, would like to seek fellow Avante drivers about the maintenance section. 1. do Avante like some older car need to change timing belt ? If yes, at what mileage interval (e.g. 60KM) need to change and how much $$$ ? And also, does it also need to change the water pump that usually associated with timing belt ? 2. How much is to replace the original shock absorber (4x) ? 3. How much to replace the aircon fan belt ? 4. Anything special about Avante car battery ? Can settle with $150 ? 5. So far anybody overhaul or change their auto gearbox before ? If yes, how much ? 6. Anybody replace their master brake pump ? If yes, how much ? The above is based on my current ride experience which I need to replace. Any other areas where I have missed, will be be glad if you can point out to me :) Thanks
  13. https://www.sgcarmart.com/news/writeup.php?AID=637 eh? i cannot fathom how can one tell if a fuel pump, alternator, starter or ignition coil is failing. in all my years of driving, all these components either work or don't. very very rarely will they exhibit signs to show they are about to fail. they just work and then fail. for alternator and starter typically it is carbon brushes which are worn and unless you have x-ray eyes you cannot see unless you dismantle it. for the alternator it can also be the rectifier that spoils, also no way to predict before hand. and i dont see how these items can be maintained except to replace them when they fail. Maybe with the exception of not pumping fuel only when really empty to help the fuel pump, for the rest there is nothing much you can do to stop them from failing, unless you don't use it. the only way to lower the probability of breakdowns for the above parts is to replace them periodically,but only a super rich maintenance freak will do so. every 50-60k km replace all, should be very safe. 😁 feel free to disagree.
  14. Ev owners, when do you all start to do servicing like aircon filter, and wiper i just bought a model 3 performance, and had checked with my workshop, but they dont seems to know also. also as for the tyre, i see that the stock tyre is Pirelli elect, i cant seems to find any tyre shop selling it also.
  15. LONDON (AFP) - - A British man fed up with his wife's complaints advertised her for sale -- and got a number of offers. ADVERTISEMENT "Nagging Wife. No Tax, No MOT. Very high maintenance -- some rust," wrote Gary Bates, 38, in a small ad in Trade-It, more usually used to buy and sell cars or household goods. Bates, a self-employed builder from Gloucestershire, southwest England, snapped after his wife Donna on got on his nerves while she was watching television and decided to place the ad as a joke. "She was nagging me for doing something small, while she was watching some rubbish on TV. So I just thought I'd put an ad in to get rid of her. "I didn't think anyone would ring up but I've had at least nine or 10 people calling about her. It's gone mad. There was no one I knew -- just people asking, 'Is she still available?'" The couple only married last year, and Bates said his 40-year-old wife -- whom he advertised in the magazine's Free to Collect section, along with some of his fishing tackle -- initially gave him "a bit of an ear-bashing." But he said: "She's seen the funny side of it now though!"
  16. What has been a major difficulty you have to face in maintaining your car? How did you go about it?
  17. Hi all, i am looking for your opinion. In recent regular maintenance, my engineer suggested me to change the front absorber and engine mounting which cost about 1.5K inlcuding labor. I can feel the problem while driving and it is getting a little worse in the past 6 months. Howver, I am not sure whether I shall chang them now since the car is due in 3 years and I probably will change another car. what would you do if in my situation? thanks.
  18. Dear all, Goodday all Consider of getting a turbo car soon but lack of knowledge like need extra maintenance to take care of turbo engine? type of fuel grade? Anything about turbo sharing will be appreciated....thanks in advance
  19. May i know following for 10yr+ 987.2 Boxster Tip: 1. Annual maintenance cost 2. Cost to replace IMS bearings and rear main seal? Thanks in advance!
  20. https://www.yourmechanic.com/article/the-most-and-least-expensive-cars-to-maintain-by-maddy-martin
  21. Driving the Jaguar for 5 years. Found the cloth of the roof ceiling detached from the roof and sagging. Know of anyone who can fix it at a reasonable price. How much would it cost.
  22. Hi folks, probably feeling a tad suicidal or something but was wondering if any of you here owned fiats before? I saw a listing for a used Fiat 500 manual and got me tingling abit. Was wondering if it is really as horrific as it was thought to have been? Or perhaps in some ways, the drive and ownership is somewhat rewarding? or the tradeoffs perhaps? Some tips of the trade or some some? Any tip would be good. Thanks
  23. The high profile divorce suit between socialite Jamie Chua and Indonesian tycoon Nurdian Cuaca was settled yesterday. The couple came to a settlement under confidential terms following which a freeze on Mr Cuaca's $93 million worth of assets was lifted by the High Court yesterday. Chua, 36, was seeking $450,000 a month in maintenance from Cuaca based on the previous standard of living with her husband. According to the Straits Times, Mr Cuaca is known to spend around $303,000 a month for more than 27 months. He also has cash in the bank and trading share accounts, together worth some $15.4 million. Mr Cuaca's other assets include two houses in Sentosa Cove and in Hong Kong worth $14.6 million, $79.2 million in shares in a private company, his wine collection and his three cars - a Lamborghini, a Porsche and a Ferrari. Madam Chua was a former flight stewardess and is currently the managing director of the Manolo Blahnik Singapore shoe boutique. She is also frequently spotted at high society events in Singapore. [email protected]
  24. Looking for brake cleaner at Toh Guan area. Anyone came across which shop selling? Pls do not recomend engine degreaser/ carb cleaner as Im not sure it will attack piston seal or any rubber parts on the caliper.... Thanks.
  25. Paint Protection (PPS) coating such as ceramic coating/glass coating comes with 3-5 years warranty protection. Is maintenance needed annually or after 3 year? Or if it a apply and forget coating? Anyone send his car back to recoat annually and etc? I use to do that for car wash. What are your views, thoughts and advise? Necessary or waste of money?
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