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Found 6 results

  1. Bros and Sis........Coming to a while since I join MCF and would like to share some info. Besides sharing, I also think it is good to give the brothers at this place some salute for serving us over the years as some of us may have know this place. Ho Hup Seng at Blk 7 King George Ave. I know this place since 1996 when I was then driving an old Suzuki Jimny registered in 1979. I have since been to this place many times over the years as the place was run by 3 brothers (Ah Seng, Ah Chai and Ah Li). Even when I do drive a new car, I go there and buy the old man coffee as they serve me well over many years. Place of set up - They are just general spare parts stockist and one of the brother is doing the repair and replacements for people who know them. They have little overheads and they charge really cheap. So for small problems, I still go to them. Besides, if you have more complicated issues, they do recommend you to their affiliated workshops whom are also equipped and reasonable. So for this, I am writing to share as well as a salute for these old brother's whom serve our community well. For our bros and sis whom do know them. Please also comments. I think with years to come, they may just disappear.......Cheers.
  2. Hiya everyone, You must have encountered splattered side mirrors whenever it rains and it is causing you to have uneasy moments when you try to change lanes. Cannot see clearly right? Fret no more brudders and sisters, I was down at A***B*** last weekend and happened to come across this MIJ product. It is some kind of a treatment for mirror to repel droplets of rain water and it works! Drove in the heavy rain today along Bukit Timah Road and wow! It really works and changing lanes was a breeze! It comes in an orange container and you just need to spray one coat on the mirror. Works like magic Dunno how long it will last though as instruction was in Japanese. Gl*c* <-- if you are interested. Drive safely yor' . . . .
  3. Hiya MCF brudders, need your advice here as I'm at my wit's end. Bought a sofa set from P***** & R*** around middle of 2009 and was told by the salesman that the leather they use (Eco leather) supposed to have been treated in such a way that it can withstand spillage, easy to maintain and durable, 5-10 years no problem. Well, that was what we were told. I even mentioned to the salesman that the sofa that I was replacing lasted me 8 years before the leather started to crack (with little maintainence). To my horror, about more then a month ago, I discovered that the so-called Eco leather had started to form "blisters" at the edge of the seats and some had tear in them (1 cm long). Called P***** & R*** to complain and was told by their customer officer that I did not "take care" of the leather, that's why the cracks and tear. "No no no" I said, leather where got like that one and it was only after slightly more than a year, I told her. I demanded a replacement of the seats and if need be I'll pay for them 50-50. Sent in photos of the damage and the CSO informed me that they will get their factory people to review and they will decide the next course of action. Should I get the replacements seats knowing that the leather may be of inferior quality? Or should I go to CASE and thrash it out? Headache arhh because until now no calls from them regarding the replacements and the sofa set cost me $2K+ How arhh??
  4. Ok, kana chase by mod, even we squat more then 50 pages, still kana chase away and land taken under our feet for re-development. Lai lai, Part Two starts off here. [laugh]
  5. Good morning Time to fall in already Roll call 1
  6. Lai Lai Kopi this Thursday afternoon, 4pm @ Tanjong Pagar MRT. Onz bo? Agenda [ol] [*]START DISCUSSION - TCSS [*]TCSS [*]TCSS [*]TCSS [*]AOB - STILL TCSS [/ol]
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