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  1. I tried to search for the word "Fishing" but did not get any. As I had sold my fishing boat in SG many years back and been living in China where I lost all the Khakis. I did leave about 18 fishing rods and reels in Singapore. Recent transfer to Thailand leaves me with tonnes of work but I realized I am able to travel around by driving and there is lots of fishing areas over here. So time to re-live my love for fishing and find out who in here are anglers and also share Singapore fishing scene or even overseas
  2. Which do you prefer? I have seen many rental bike-sharing these days , but more easily spotted near MRTs. Personally, I like oBike as they have many and need not any deposits. Seen this somewhere in the news: Ofo raises US$700m in Series E; Mobike unveils new bikes; oBike says it has local advantage. So far what have you tried and which do you prefer? Do share. Cheers and thanks
  3. Beautifully written! not abt CoE, condo, rolex…. Well to some la Good insights to meaning and purpose! https://lawgazette.com.sg/practice/practice-support/mistakes-i-made-in-searching-for-happiness/ thanks @Viceroymenthol for sharing
  4. Sharing some scenery of the places I traveled. Hope you guys like them. Some more
  5. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/electric-car-sharing-scheme-to-hit-the-roads-dec-12-9466622 Electric car-sharing scheme to hit the roads Dec 12 The first fleet of cars for an electric car-sharing scheme will hit the roads next Tuesday (Dec 12). BlueSG, a subsidiary of French transportation firm Bollore Group, said it will deploy 80 vehicles which users can book via the BlueSG mobile app. The app will be available on the App Store and Google Play from Dec 5. By Elizabeth Neo @ElizabethNeoCNA 04 Dec 2017 02:21PM (Updated: 04 Dec 2017 10:31PM ) SINGAPORE: The first fleet of cars for an electric car-sharing scheme will hit the roads next Tuesday (Dec 12). BlueSG, a subsidiary of French transportation firm Bollore Group, said it will deploy 80 vehicles which users can book via the BlueSG mobile app. The app will be available on the App Store and Google Play from Dec 5. The company signed an agreement with the Land Transport Authority and the Economic Development Board last year to develop the electric car-sharing programme, which will see 1,000 electric cars deployed in stages. Rentals will be charged based on duration instead of distance, and users can choose from two subscription plans. Under the premium yearly membership plan, priced at S$15 a month, subscribers are charged S$0.33 per minute for a minimum booking of 15 minutes. The weekly membership plan does not charge a recurring fee and users will pay S$0.50 per minute for a minimum duration of 15 minutes. Users will be able to book the electric cars via a mobile app. (Photo: BlueSG) “We are excited about the impending official launch in Singapore, as it is the world’s second biggest electric vehicle car-sharing programme after Paris," said BlueSG managing director Franck Vitte in a news release. He told Channel NewsAsia separately that the pricing is "relatively consistent" with that of other cities in which the company operates. "We are confident that it is going to be quite successful," he said. The company also has a presence in Los Angeles, London, Turin and several French cities. In Singapore, a total of 30 BlueSG stations offering 120 charging points will be rolled out islandwide by the end of this year. Of these, 18 stations will be located in public housing estates including Tampines, Bishan and Punggol, while 10 stations will be in the city centre and its fringes and two others will be within the industrial and commercial estates at one-north and the Science Park. By 2020, the company intends to have a fleet of 1,000 electric vehicles and 2,000 charging points, Mr Vitte said, adding that third-party cars will be allowed to tap on the charging points then. "If it becomes even more successful then we will discuss with the authorities, with the Government whether we have to deploy more cars or more charging points,” he added. The new car-sharing initiative was welcomed by one industry observer who said it will introduce more Singaporeans to the idea of electric cars. "What it will help is to establish a network of charging points which has probably been a prohibitor in the past, and also show the economics of owning an electric car versus a normal car," said Mr Richard Skinner, strategy leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers Singapore. He added: “A couple of reasons why we haven't seen that many electric cars in Singapore is probably the lack of subsidies we have in Singapore. So in China, in Europe, in the United States, to establish the electric cars initially, there were quite strong subsidies. And at the same time there was also help in building the connecting points." Those interested to rent an electric car can sign up and register on BlueSG's website. Source: CNA/nc
  6. I shall share these after LTA released the monthly data every month (usually it's on the 12th or the next working day). Here is my 1st sharing basing on LTA's jz released data for Oct 2014. 1) Both the number of dereg for Cat A and Cat B went up 11% and 9%, respectively. Cat A dereg for Oct is doubled of Jan's!!
  7. Bros and Sis........Coming to a while since I join MCF and would like to share some info. Besides sharing, I also think it is good to give the brothers at this place some salute for serving us over the years as some of us may have know this place. Ho Hup Seng at Blk 7 King George Ave. I know this place since 1996 when I was then driving an old Suzuki Jimny registered in 1979. I have since been to this place many times over the years as the place was run by 3 brothers (Ah Seng, Ah Chai and Ah Li). Even when I do drive a new car, I go there and buy the old man coffee as they serve me well over many years. Place of set up - They are just general spare parts stockist and one of the brother is doing the repair and replacements for people who know them. They have little overheads and they charge really cheap. So for small problems, I still go to them. Besides, if you have more complicated issues, they do recommend you to their affiliated workshops whom are also equipped and reasonable. So for this, I am writing to share as well as a salute for these old brother's whom serve our community well. For our bros and sis whom do know them. Please also comments. I think with years to come, they may just disappear.......Cheers.
  8. Let me introduce you, my old 2010 and black Toyota Vios with fake carbon fiber hood! The car with dashing black limited edition 15" inch TRD Wheels, with "Brembo" brake callipers. https://www.facebook.com/carreviewsncare/videos/219492925663578/ Nothing is more fun that driving your own car, where you can sit in and outside of your car without worry the dent and scratches on the car. The interior of the car is spacious and come with full hard plastics dashboard that make the car really dull, suitable for boring man but it last really long time without rattle sound... The NCP93 VVT-i Vios engine is really powerful, cute and small at the same time. Now even Perodua Myvi 2017 are using the engine! The boot space is really big, and I can put all my rubbish inside without worrying dirty my car seats! The car come with hybrid of GT Street and TRD body kit that help to improve the aerodynamics of the car that cruising at 200km/h. This is no joke, man. I love the car because it don't have cruise control, volume control, paddle shift control on steering, etc...
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYbeTmIvbJE&t=104s Having trouble with video shooting while on a vacation or didn't know what to do with hundreds of photography you've taken ? ( Not an advertisement of affiliation post ) Well I have just the right tips for you to share when I did this recent very short trip to Penang. Using the Canon Hybrid Auto mode on the camera feature I am able to capture still photograph with video all at the same time at a snap of one single shutter press. What's great is the Hybrid Auto edits and stitch all the video together for you so you only need to upload the final finished hybrid video to your Facebook or YouTube without even going through the hassle of a video editor. Find out more on this cool feature and for those who didn't want to know about this Canon ( because you are a Nikon fan , hahaha ) do check out the scenery in Penang !
  10. I am sure everyone have been irritated by telemarketing calls to their mobile phones. * especially the roaming charges incurred when overseas. What I will personally do to counter these telemarketing calls : 1. any call that was identified as telemarketing calls will be saved with contact name "Block". 2. all these "Block" contacts will be marked "reject all calls", so that my mobile phone will block their future calls and will not ring. 3. all contacts will be linked to google account, and transferred to the next phone when upgrading handset. The next step is online [MCF] sharing of these "Block" telemarketing nos, so that the "blockage" can be widened. - example : 12345678 - abc insurance 45678901 - cde spa etc..... - would the online [MCF] sharing/posting be allowed ?
  11. LEARN TO SURVIVE HIGHWAY THUGS Experts provide tips on how to protect yourself while driving up North By Tan Mae Lynn June 04, 2007 YOU are driving in Malaysia and have to make a pit stop along the highway. A man walks to your car, brandishes a knife and orders you to open the door. What should you do? Judging from the reaction of Singapore motorists involved in recent crimes, few know how to react when faced with such scenarios. Recently, a Malaysian woman, whose husband works in Singapore, opened the car door to an armed man while her husband was at the washroom of a petrol station in Tampoi, Johor. The assailant drove off with her and her young son in the car to a secluded spot where he and an accomplice took turns to rape the 28-year-old pregnant woman. In other cases, Singaporeans were accosted by robbers. Said Mr Lionel de Souza, a former police officer: 'If you're on a highway and being pursued, try and make a dash for a police station or a crowded area. 'If you're outnumbered, just give them what they want. It doesn't feel good to lose something, but your life is more important. You can always earn money back.' He also suggested driving to Malaysia in a convoy. 'At least if one is hijacked, the others can get help,' he said. 'And don't drive a flashy car.' Professional race driver Denis Lian, 35, who drives into Malaysia quite frequently, said the last thing motorists should do is open the door to strangers. He said: 'When you open your car door, or when you just step into your car, you're at your most vulnerable. CHECK MIRROR 'Before you come to a stop, look in your mirrors and see who's around or approaching. If you see anyone around who looks suspicious, or hovering around, or anyone who just makes you feel uncomfortable, drive off.' And never, ever get out of your car when faced with a suspicious situation. 'Your car is your weapon and your only defence. 'It's much safer behind the glass window... It's unlikely the person will smash the window - it's very difficult to do that.' Agreeing, Mr Tan Teng Lip, president of the Singapore Motorsports Association, added: 'Make sure you car is locked from the inside. Never wind down the window to speak to strangers. If you sense trouble, sound your horn to attract attention.' AVOID STOPPING As many Singapore families are expected to head north during the current school holidays, it may be prudent for them to be prepared for overseas road trips. Chief editor of Wheels Asia magazine, Mr Mazlan Samad, advised that even when someone bumps into the back of your car or causes you to hit into their car by braking suddenly, you shouldn't stop the car. He cited these as some of the common tactics robbers use to get motorists to stop their vehicles. 'If you're in foreign territory, alone or don't feel safe enough, take note of the car number but don't get off. Just drive to the nearest police post or petrol station to get help.' He also advised that it would be prudent to note down the telephone number of the traffic police or traffic emergency services in whichever country you'll be driving in. General manager of the Automobile Association of Malaysia, Mr Samuel Saik, added: 'If there's an accident, there's not much you can do anyway. It's better to make the call for the person than to put yourself at risk by getting out of the car.' Also, always keep to the main road and never stop at secluded spots for rest or toilet breaks, especially when driving alone and at night. 'Even Malaysians don't do that,' he said. source: http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/news/story/0,...,132157,00.html?
  12. Sharing this lobang while surfing, i tried their service before and its not bad. They had this DBS deal awhile back and it was a good deal but I missed it. Now just found out they have some deal coming up, looks like leaked or some do-do bird turn on and forgot about it, They are some local online company, seems to be growing quite fast, launch in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan i think, honestbee.com interesting story, love local start ups and I always support they can go out to put Singapore on the map. They have NTUC, so I like...and MMMM! and Pet Lovers' (i have a cat, so easier to order things) Back to the Lobang, found on HWZ - http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/chill-out-hangout-den-234/good-lobang-%2410-off-free-delivery-groceries-5254298.html Took me sometime to figure out the link problem, the actual link - http://district.honestbee.com If I read correct, $50 min spend - $10 = $40 and free delivery...not bad. The Free delivery part excites me every time, no more queueing and carrying heavy stuff, just order and delivery service. - That is the best! Friends always say I don't share lobang, ok, I shared. - peace. -> If you gave lobang will you share? or keep to yourself?
  13. hi guys Market downturn. cost of living is going up. every dollar saved is a dollar earned. lol found a shop that sells a lot of stuff rather cheaply. everything is $1. even cheaper that the usual value dollar shop. Sedikit-sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit compared to NTUC or redmart really much cheaper. e.g coke per bottle is $1 vs $2.0 in RedMArt Tiger balm is $1 vs $3.50 in NTUC Digestive biscuit is $1 vs $2.95 in Red mart hopefully it will help some bros here. Address is in basement #B1-13 of JCube. good for those bros staying in the west. they also have another normal value dollar got more stuff. but not as worth as this one. cheers
  14. Thought that this year is especially meaningful because we have the chance to participate in the celebration of SG50, a very special occasion for the nation. As we celebrate 50 years of nation building and Mother's Day this year, are you thinking of doing anything this Sunday? Lai lai share ideas
  15. I was wondering if any one practices this.. I personally when go out for lunch, usually I have time remaining on my parking coupon.. I will pass it to the next car that rolls up infront of me.. Haven't receive the similar treatment from anyone.. but well, why not.. so.. just wondering if anyone have same thoughts that such simple thing can share among drivers..
  16. So sad breakup song to share. Please add on to the list.
  17. Went to RV to change my battery. Not a regular there (because don't like the oil they offer). Inspite being end of business day, they gave me good customer service, to the extent that when the new battery do not fit due to my car's quirky height restrictions, they brought me to another shop. The technician assigned follow through until the battery was replaced. RV was also professional when swapping batteries. Not just clip a spare battery to the terminals and change (which can accidentally dislodge while removing the terminals) On a side note, before I went RV, I was at another tyre shop and to my horrors, they just start my engine and remove my terminals. For old cars this is fine but I have not seen this method for donkey years. That shop also did not have the right battery size and wanted to cut away my terminal cover so that a recessed type battery can be used. I have to insist NO before they put back my old battery. Just to be clear, I am not in anyway affiliated with RV. Posting this because I thought helping me to find another shop and following through is something worth encouraging.
  18. Hi all, I am going to work in Middle East for few months and rent car for daily transportation, try to collect some Middle East driving style, can Singapore driving lisence be using there? many thanks
  19. I got his contact from my friend.. to call Mr. Soon, to purchase Amaron maintenance free (Dry Cell) Battery. Thumb up for his service and patient. Most importantly - PRICE. Very honest guy and knowledgeable in Battery. His no is 90239533. I'm not related to him at all. I just want to share the good info with among all the driver. If he as ask who recommend you.. just said : Black_Subaru-Forester
  20. sharing my experience with regards to buying/selling used cars. My personal experience tells me if you go for budget performance cars which fitted into the price range of 60-90k, in particular turbo models like evo/rex or worst, poor fc cars like rx8, be prepared to have the mentally to hold on to them till scraped as they can be a bitch when come to selling off. Most/all dealers don't want to even hear from you even if you are willing to accept any price other than paper value. Your only choice is to sell on your own. Not as easy as it seems unless yours is a truly special one or fully stock and first owner. Apart from that, you got to wait for the right buyer to come in as those interested are normally quite young, not necessary cash rich or not ready for such cars. I never have so much problem selling off my previous few rides be it to dealer or on my own until this time, which was eventually sold. i will be very careful when going back for such cars again. all thanks to our wonderful COE system which shaped the way how our car buyers think, now, including me, unfortunately...
  21. Last night chanced upon a free app (for now) as above. Found it very useful. Basically it makes your iphone work like a car video recorder with GPS logging functionality. I have been testing out a commercial recorder of $400 value and found the apps to be of much better quality, due to the good camera in my 3GS. 4G iphone should return even better performance. During playback, you can see the video together with gps location and speed, very cool. Should be good for oversea driving holidays too. But you will need to pay US$3 to get it exported from the phone, which I will gladly pay if the need arise. Try it and see if you like it.
  22. Hi all, Have a question on lane sharing with Motorcyclists. Scenario 1 If a Motorcyclist is riding near to the left edge of Lane 1 and you are behind him. If there is sufficient space to go forward, do you guys proceed or just drive behind the motorcyclist? Which is more correct and an acceptable practice? Scenario 2 You are driving on Lane 1 (may be our cars these days are smaller or the bikes are getting larger), a motorcyclist just sequezed in by the left edge and run parallel with you. Do you speed up or do you drive slower to let him overtake you from the left? Regards,
  23. pump today.. the station girl gave me a whole discount booklet.. told me they are going to close for renov from 1 apr.. it consist of 4x monthly $2 off petrol coupons (from apr till sep, total 24x) 2x $2.50 car wash coupons (total 12x) polishing & servicing coupons (that i don't use). only catch u can only use them in 4 nearby stations. guys, go grab them if u interested
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