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Found 93 results

  1. Especially at highway near the chevron marking. Is it illegal?
  2. So a quick disclaimer before we continue - We don't know what might happen after the Traffic Police gets alerted to this video evidence, or they might have even stopped the truck driver after the video got cut off. But what's happening in the video seems rather peculiar. Shared on SG Road Vigilante's page is this video of a Malaysian truck doing more than 90km/h on lane 1 on PIE heading towards Tuas on the 22nd of February 2021. Sometime later in the video, the Traffic Police closed in in their car and it looked like they had the intention to notify the Scania truck of its offence. Naturally, most of us would go "haha the truck sure get it from the Police!" but no, nothing happened! What a miracle for the truck driver. But, as I mentioned at the start of this post, the Traffic Police might act after watching the video. It's a little too early to celebrate yet Mr Truck Driver. Here's what some netizens had to say about the matter. What do we think? Well, if he got off without any punishment, he should consider himself lucky and not do it again.
  3. Not sure why anyone would risk their life doing something like this but hey it's quite funny in our opinion. We are guessing this young man which can be seen wearing shades (at night) and smoking, needs more followers for his Instagram or Tiktok. So he has to unfortunately, rely on his goofy dance moves and some courage to dance on our expressway ( looks like ECP to us). Did he garner more followers? Only he knows. Hopefully, with Fabrications About Singapore's sharing of his video and us also helping him out, he can achieve his goal.
  4. No, it's not clickbait! The Cerato drove right into the motorist and sends him sprawling from shock and the impact. This happened on 20th January, on the west coast highway, The Cerato driver obviously had his eyes on the wheel, apparently, given how he drove right into the motorist. Who would've thought that this day would come? That we'd actually see an idi*t blatantly driving into someone else. I braced myself watching this and felt my heart wrench into anxious anticipation of what could happen LOL. My guess is that the driver was either irresponsibly texting, using his mobile phone or making TikTok videos. Or, he could have dozed off for a bit after a late night's up – but this doesn't absolve him of any responsibility for being such a road hazard. This looks like a scene in a drama where xxx tries hurt zzz out of jealousy and tries to make it look like an accident. Like in Stairway To Heaven. *dramatic heart-wrenching angry music plays* 🥺 Here's what the others on SG Road Vigilante's YT channel had to say: Attempted murder is a tad dramatic but the hit was so blatant and head-on!!! Ugh, some people really don't deserve to drive. 🥵🥵🥵 Imagine your body sprawled on the highway with cars furiously zooming by, still unaware of whatever happened... yikes. My heart goes out to the poor unsuspecting motorist who did not see it coming, literally. I hope he's alright – mentally and physically. No sympathy for the Cerato, unless he had a pretty damn good reason for this. This Cerato driver is the epitome of "your eyes grow on your buttock" ok. 😤
  5. Now this is pretty high level stuff. We have yet to see anyone try escaping ERP charges like this Malaysian biker did. Posted on ROADS.sg and COMPLAINT SINGAPORE's Facebook page is a clip of a Malaysian biker trying to 'siam' the ERP gantry by riding off road. The video is pretty self explanatory as we can see the Gantry on the slip road from the PIE merging into the CTE towards Ang Mo Kio, with the Motorcyclist slowly bumping along on the grass. That is some commitment there for sure, we reckon.
  6. Saw this shocking footage on ROADS.sg Facebook page, the first thought that came across my mind was, woah, the rider was literally centimetres away from death! Really, the spot his helmet contacted the ground was in the direct path of the Honda Vezel's front left tyre! Unsurprisingly the comment section was filled with praises for the driver of the Honda Vezel. Indeed, it was the driver's attentive driving and lightning-quick reflexes that saved the rider's life. In fact, it looks like he had damaged his car in the process of dodging the fallen biker - a truly selfless move! As for what caused the rider to fell over, there were some speculations: Seems like it could've been due to exhaustion or issues with the bike. At the end of the day, we need to remember that, as drivers, we should always be attentive, and aware of the surroundings - put down that phone! Be it a driver or a biker, we should always aim to get on the road only after getting sufficient rest, and also to keep our vehicles in tip-top condition. That way, we can all stay safe on the roads. You can watch the full video on ROADS.sg's Facebook page
  7. chitchatboy

    Heavy rains expose deadly section of PIE

    With the weather turning slightly wetter in the recent days, this part of the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) is turning out to be quite deadly. Shared by the 'good samaritans' of SG Road Vigilante, someone has been recording from his/her apartment some of the accidents that happened at the Jalan Anak Bukit flyover towards the direction of Jurong. As we can all see, all the four incidents had the drivers losing control of the rear of their vehicles as they crest over the left hand turn. Some of drivers looked like they oversped but not every one was doing so. We guessed these drivers all lifted off the accelerator abruptly and/or had bad tyres at the rear while negotiating the turn, causing their vehicles to go into oversteer. LTA has made this corner less treacherous than before in the recent years but it still does seem to catch quite a few drivers out. Other than having good tyres, our advice when approaching the corner is to maintain your speed and to obviously keep to the speed limit. P.S. this corner does remind us of the infamous corner, Eau Rouge of the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. Watch the clip and see how cars go off the corner as they lose the rear of their cars in that deadly turn.
  8. Remember the black Volkswagen mk5 Golf GTI that was spotted racing on CTE at night with an Mitsubishi Evo X before causing a van to crash and flip? Here's a recent cum compilation video of the GTI causing havoc on our roads. As you guys can see these are some pretty reckless driving. A big no-no when dashcams are everywhere. And yes how could we forget the ever-increasing number of Facebook pages that shame bad drivers. Naturally, the comments section on SG Road Vigilante's page has its supporters slamming the driver. On a less serious note, the GTI is a pretty good point and shoot car with its fast-acting DSG box and turbo engine eh?
  9. Could this be another case of street racing spotted on our roads during the Circuit Breaker period? Spotted on Reckless Driver SG's facebook page, a video has been posted showing the camera car driving slowly on the middle land before a small group of cars went past it at a higher speed. Yes. this is milder than the incident on the KPE that had the drivers in the video arrested, with only three cars shown in the short 40-plus-second clip. In fact, we reckon the 'tiong chias' were doing approximately 120-140km/h while the camera car was doing 70-80km/h. The cars, likely a Ford Focus, a Honda FD Civic and a Honda Integra were caught on camera at around 11:20pm on the 25th of May heading towards AYE Jurong inside the CTE tunnel. 1.mp4 On another note, we were surprised to find most of the comments attacking the video owner, saying that the camera car was road-hogging. Do you agree? Let us know!
  10. Our Circuit Breaker measures sure bring up quite a few weird incidents. I mean why would you even cycle in an expressway tunnel? As seen on ROAD.sg's website, it did seemed like someone cycled along our Marina Coastal Expressway on the 9th of April and was stopped by a Special Operation Command Police vehicle. As uncommon as it is to see a cyclist on an expressway, it is even rarer to see someone from the SOC stop a traffic offender as it is not part of their job scope. Kudos to the fellas for going the extra mile! Even netizens on the facebook page were also grateful to police force! videoplayback.mp4
  11. PaiKia-Lee

    Accidents across the causeway!

    Guess the speed they are travelling in? I simply dont understand what is the mentality of these young people. How come you cannot keep to speed limit?? Young, inexperienced and like to hao-lian. Next time no chance to hao-lian already. I use the highway 15 times a month and most of the time my speed is a mere 110km/hour even though my car is bloody damn stable and my tyres will never burst due to extra applicant being applied on it. But I still keep to speed limit. Please learn your lesson. For many people, they learnt their lessons when they go downstair. She blames herself for driving car S'porean killed, girlfriend injured in N-S highway crash By Amanda Yong June 17, 2010 He would have turned 22 today. But Mr Soh Weihao died in a car crash in Malaysia on Tuesday evening. And his girlfriend, student Kammy Goh, 20, blames no one but herself. The second-year nursing student at Nanyang Polytechnic was behind the wheel when the vehicle hit a central divider on the North-South highway in Johor. The car was Mr Soh's, but he does not have a driving licence. ( And why he bother to buy a car to hao-lian in the first place?! ) ] The impact flung the young couple out of the car. Kammy suffered a head injury and fractured three toes on her right foot, her doctor said. Mr Soh, who had serious head injuries, died instantly. His body was taken to a mortuary in Batu Pahat.
  12. Hi Guys,there are stationery camera spotted on both ways after Pagoh R & R when driving along NSW Highway.Are there more cameras that I miss out..lets share.If get caught by cameras ,how long does it take for us to receive summons notice from them and how to pay? Howabout Man on Camera hideout? As far I know,usually spotted below the Air Keroh R & R Bridge.Is it True? Many thanks for those who give tips and share.
  13. From what I observed from maps, North South Highway seem to be broken into two parts. The lower half of the highway will end somewhere in the south of KL, and the upper half will continue somewhere in the north of KL. Please correct me if I'm wrong. How do I continue my journey from Singapore to Penang this way? Please advise. Thanks!
  14. Hi, need to check with you guys, where is the better place for chinese food along the NSH? don't like the food stall in R& R. 1) yong peng: lots of coach stop over there, how is the food there? take the south exit or north exit? 2) Ayer keroh or Ayer hitam, can not remeber, was told there is a restaurant in the overhead bridge. any other recommendations? Thanks
  15. LEARN TO SURVIVE HIGHWAY THUGS Experts provide tips on how to protect yourself while driving up North By Tan Mae Lynn June 04, 2007 YOU are driving in Malaysia and have to make a pit stop along the highway. A man walks to your car, brandishes a knife and orders you to open the door. What should you do? Judging from the reaction of Singapore motorists involved in recent crimes, few know how to react when faced with such scenarios. Recently, a Malaysian woman, whose husband works in Singapore, opened the car door to an armed man while her husband was at the washroom of a petrol station in Tampoi, Johor. The assailant drove off with her and her young son in the car to a secluded spot where he and an accomplice took turns to rape the 28-year-old pregnant woman. In other cases, Singaporeans were accosted by robbers. Said Mr Lionel de Souza, a former police officer: 'If you're on a highway and being pursued, try and make a dash for a police station or a crowded area. 'If you're outnumbered, just give them what they want. It doesn't feel good to lose something, but your life is more important. You can always earn money back.' He also suggested driving to Malaysia in a convoy. 'At least if one is hijacked, the others can get help,' he said. 'And don't drive a flashy car.' Professional race driver Denis Lian, 35, who drives into Malaysia quite frequently, said the last thing motorists should do is open the door to strangers. He said: 'When you open your car door, or when you just step into your car, you're at your most vulnerable. CHECK MIRROR 'Before you come to a stop, look in your mirrors and see who's around or approaching. If you see anyone around who looks suspicious, or hovering around, or anyone who just makes you feel uncomfortable, drive off.' And never, ever get out of your car when faced with a suspicious situation. 'Your car is your weapon and your only defence. 'It's much safer behind the glass window... It's unlikely the person will smash the window - it's very difficult to do that.' Agreeing, Mr Tan Teng Lip, president of the Singapore Motorsports Association, added: 'Make sure you car is locked from the inside. Never wind down the window to speak to strangers. If you sense trouble, sound your horn to attract attention.' AVOID STOPPING As many Singapore families are expected to head north during the current school holidays, it may be prudent for them to be prepared for overseas road trips. Chief editor of Wheels Asia magazine, Mr Mazlan Samad, advised that even when someone bumps into the back of your car or causes you to hit into their car by braking suddenly, you shouldn't stop the car. He cited these as some of the common tactics robbers use to get motorists to stop their vehicles. 'If you're in foreign territory, alone or don't feel safe enough, take note of the car number but don't get off. Just drive to the nearest police post or petrol station to get help.' He also advised that it would be prudent to note down the telephone number of the traffic police or traffic emergency services in whichever country you'll be driving in. General manager of the Automobile Association of Malaysia, Mr Samuel Saik, added: 'If there's an accident, there's not much you can do anyway. It's better to make the call for the person than to put yourself at risk by getting out of the car.' Also, always keep to the main road and never stop at secluded spots for rest or toilet breaks, especially when driving alone and at night. 'Even Malaysians don't do that,' he said. source: http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/news/story/0,...,132157,00.html?
  16. kngjq

    Jam Brake Game

    Recently saw a lorry keep trying to over take a car and jam break in front of it. Not sure why but I think the car somehow offended the lorry driver. He did pulled finger a few times at the car driver too before the car speed off. Not the first time I saw this on the road. But just wondering - what does one gain for jam breaking in front? Insurance can claim meh when it is the jam break driver's fault? What if someone is playing this kind of game with you and you just decide to smash into him?
  17. I'm planning to go on a 1800km road trip sometime in July. The plan is for us to use the old trunk coastal roads of the east coast of Malaysia. The plan is for a leisurely drive to enjoy the view and the nostalgic feel of the coastal kampongs and of course the over land drive to Gerik, Perak. Our first planned stop is the Legends Resort in Kuantan, Pahang where we will spend the night before driving up to Kota Bahru, Kelantan the next day. The third day will be the highlight of the drive which is through the picturesque Gerik Highway where we will go all the way to the third night's stop in Cameron Highlands. We plan to start the Gerik Route from Pasir Putih in Kelantan. This trip will just be between 2 good buddies in my car. I will post up the pics and experiences once I come back from the trip. Even though we are seasoned road travellers, will appreciate any bros or sis who can give any advice on the places to stop at and route to recommend. We still have a 3 weeks to prepare. Thanks and wish me luck!
  18. As above. I don't usually travel around this period of time. But when I did yesterday, it was very crowded for the time stipulated on CTE. At the back of my head was wondering...... "who are really these ppl driving on the road at this hour? Aren't they suppose to be at work?" I personally took off yesterday to attend to some personal matters. So how about the rest? Outdoor sales, delivery, construction trucks, taxis, insurance agents, tai tai heading for tea-break?? Or everybody just like me took off on the same day to do some personal errands?
  19. On the way home saw 3 highway patrol Volvos stopping 1 car (look like Mazda 3). So serious offence meh? Need 3 Volvos to attend to 1 car?
  20. There are 4 dashboard cams on offer from AAS in their Highway Magazine this month. They are: CAR DVR HD GS8000LS$ 85 CAR DVR HD C600 S$ 85 CAR DVR Dual (front and back) Mirror S$149 OKK 3 in 1 Rear View Mirror RS-918 S$319 Anyone comment on these cameras function and the price?
  21. Hosay liao............ciggy going to increase price in MY........smoking at R&R tio orh gong RM250-RM500.........worse than speeding...... http://transport.asiaone.com/news/general/story/all-malaysian-highway-rest-stops-become-smoke-free-zones IPOH - Smokers will have even fewer places to light up soon. All rest and recreation (R&R) stops along highways are to be designated as "no-smoking" zones by year-end, with the coverage expanding to a radius of 3m around the covered areas of the facility. Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam, who announced this yesterday, said it would mean that eateries and even toilets at R&Rs would be smoke-free. He added that the ministry had set a target to lower the number of smokers in the country by 16 per cent because the Global Adult Tobacco Survey 2011 showed that 23.1 per cent or 4.7 million Malaysians were smokers. Vowing to expand "no-smoking" zones in the country, Dr Subramani­am said discussions had been held with the relevant agencies and all had agreed to gazetting R&Rs as "no-smoking" zones. "We want to implement this as soon as possible. "The smoke-free zones will cover a 3m radius within the area," he told reporters after launching the national-level "International No Tobacco Day" event at a hypermarket in Meru Raya here. Dr Subramaniam said that Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) would also gazette its sheltered walkways spanning 23km in the city centre as smoke-free zones. "The authorities will also be stepping up enforcement and monitoring these areas to deter people from smoking. "I know that enforcement will be a challenge as it covers a large area but it will be done. "It is only through strict enforcement that we can drive our message across," he said, adding that offenders could be fined between RM250 and RM500. The minister warned that those who failed to pay their compounds could be brought to court and fined a maximum of RM10,000 or face up to two years in prison if found guilty. Dr Subramaniam said the ministry had also beefed up enforcement against sales and procurement of illegal cigarettes. He added that the ministry wanted a 70 per cent tax imposed on cigarettes to deter the young from picking up the habit. - See more at: http://transport.asiaone.com/news/general/story/all-malaysian-highway-rest-stops-become-smoke-free-zones#sthash.eGTvQhAS.dpuf
  22. Jellandross

    Heart of Flame on North South Highway

  23. all bra-lers and sit-ters, pls be careful when lai-bing on wet-coat highway, bcos i saw tp camera-ing cars on both side..... i tink they going to suck our blood bcos Mr Cheng Hu is many thousands poorer after they gib money to haiyan victims.....
  24. Bluepica

    Highway Code online

    Is there any local highway code online?