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Group of irresponsible cyclists take up all 3 lanes on West Coast highway

Group of irresponsible cyclists take up all 3 lanes on West Coast highway



Some cyclists were caught cycling irresponsibly on the West Coast Highway, even going as far as to take up all three lanes of the highway. It almost seems like they have a death wish by treating road safety like a joke. 

Watch the video for yourself below 

Guidelines for Cyclists

LTA guidelines clearly state that cyclists on the road must adhere to on-road safety guidelines by NOT cycling on expressways, road tunnels as well as selected viaducts.

They also must keep a straight course, not weave through traffic, and avoid sudden swerves.

The cyclists in this video seem to have broken all the rules mentioned above, putting both their own safety and others in danger. They also appear to be occupying all three lanes and even swerve between lanes at high speeds.

Considering that cyclists are at the highest risk of injury in the event of an accident, one would think that they should have a higher regard for their own safety, yes?

Doesn't look like it though.


Netizen’s Comments 

Netizens have criticized the cyclists for being irresponsible by disregarding road safety guidelines




What do you think are supposed to be the guidelines for cyclists on the road?  Let us know your take in the comments section below.



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Pedal so hard just to move so slowly.


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AMAP/BYK, please take note.


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They are not just cyclists, they are also a*s shakers.

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It’s more of a case of having more resources as the police seems to be over loaded. Of course there is the other bit where Tp and LTA need to decide which area of this offence falls under. 


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The writer is just stirring sh*t.

The riders were in one lane and moved to the centre lane as the leftmost was an exit to a container terminal. One rider was overtaking and he checked back to make sure no vehicles and moved to outside lane and quickly moved back in. 

Dont make it seem like they are road hogging all 3 lanes throughout, even though its an off peak sunday morning. 

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