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  1. Some cyclists were caught cycling irresponsibly on the West Coast Highway, even going as far as to take up all three lanes of the highway. It almost seems like they have a death wish by treating road safety like a joke. Watch the video for yourself below Guidelines for Cyclists LTA guidelines clearly state that cyclists on the road must adhere to on-road safety guidelines by NOT cycling on expressways, road tunnels as well as selected viaducts. They also must keep a straight course, not weave through traffic, and avoid sudden swerves. The cyclists in this video seem to have broken all the rules mentioned above, putting both their own safety and others in danger. They also appear to be occupying all three lanes and even swerve between lanes at high speeds. Considering that cyclists are at the highest risk of injury in the event of an accident, one would think that they should have a higher regard for their own safety, yes? Doesn't look like it though. Netizen’s Comments Netizens have criticized the cyclists for being irresponsible by disregarding road safety guidelines What do you think are supposed to be the guidelines for cyclists on the road? Let us know your take in the comments section below. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  2. Meecar

    Jalan Haji Lane

    Is there any worth doing at Jalan Haji Lane? The last time I was there last week on a weekday, i was rather dead. thanks
  3. These videos was taken some time back. Decided to share some of my personal encounters. Video 1 Ang Moh was on Phone, holding on right hand some more. Too bad I can't snap a shot with my phone. Video 2 Kena lane cut for no reason. Cut liao still Brake Brake Brake! Buay somg lim beh horn you flash you is it? Video 3 Don't tell me I am Road Hogging!
  4. Little did he know... Now, we don't know whether to laugh or be angry if we came across such a situation. As seen on STOMP is this video of a driver driving along Tampines Ave 4 with the intention of turning into Tampines Central 1 when he/she realises that there is suddenly another car in his/her path. This was captured on 8th of Dec 2020 and we bet the camera car driver must have been shocked as he seemed to be traveling at a decent speed before needing to slam onto the brakes after he spots the offending car in his lane.
  5. Here's another case of Singaporean drivers not being gracious. For those who have been reading our blogs, this looks slightly similar to the other incident we posted last week where the camera car refuses to give way. Posted on SG Road Vigilante first, this BMW 5 Series could be seen cutting across the camera car's lane and also across the double white lines early in the video. Our first instinct was, "wow what a horrible move by the BMW". But later in the clip, you will notice that the BMW did signal his intention of going into the filtering lane at the end of Clementi Ave 6 going towards Bukit Batok. However, the camera car chose to not give way, probably triggering the BMW driver's temper. Not a cool move from the camera car we rekon. Would you have given way to the BMW if you were driving the camera car? Or you reckon the BMW is just being silly? Let us know!
  6. Dear all, Just want to ask, are heavy vehicles (Buses, 14 footer lorries, Tipper Trucks, Prime Movers etc) allowed to turn right on the extreme right turning lane if there are 2 turning lanes? Means 1 right turning lane, and the lane beside is go straight + turn right? Thanks
  7. A stretch of Penang Lane, just a stone’s throw from the Istana, was temporarily closed on Friday afternoon (3 November) after a suspicious grenade-shaped item was reported in the vicinity. Police said that the item was actually a toy resembling a hand grenade. Yahoo News Singapore understands that the item in question was found on a patch of grass along Penang Road. Authorities were alerted to the item by a member of the public at about 2pm. Police sent out an alert via social media at around 4pm, advising members of the public to avoid the area and not to speculate on the matter. More at https://sg.yahoo.com/news/false-alarm-penang-lane-closed-suspicious-item-found-101440671.html
  8. I just received TWO letters from LTA. Saw them lying on my desk and I have a very bad feeling. Opened it, and found that they are for 2 separate offences. 1. 25 sept 1108 - Fine 130 2. 25 Sept 1309 - Fine 130 Offences, both for stopping in a full day bus lane. What happened was that there was an impt document i need to get from a client to be signed and returned along robinson road, outside Sing Investment Building. What I did was to drive, stopped for 1 sec, wind down window and get the doc. Went to get it signed, and same thing, wind down window to return the doc. 2 hours apart. When i drove there, i scanned and have ensured that there wasnt any LTA camera man or Any approaching bus. Tot i was safe.. until now. So dun take it for granted. You never know where they are hiding. Learn from my lesson.. 260 is 2 full tanks for me. Sian.
  9. Usually 3 lanes turn right to 3/4/5 lanes will have dotted lines so can follow, but 2 lanes turn right to 2/3 lanes seldom there's dotted lines. Most of the time, if I'm the first car, I use the "waiting to turn right area" to gauge imaginary dotted lines to which lanes it's heading towards, then just zoom off when I can, to avoid any incidents. If there are a lots of car, I'll just follow the cars in front.. some times most right lanes turn right to lane 1, sometimes they turn to lane 2. But which is the correct one? -- Initially I thought that's what a user-submitted video is complaining, then I'm wondering if the taxi did turn to the wrong lane, but after watching multiple times, he's complaining about how the taxi cuts into the first lane as it turns. The video also shows an instance of 2 lanes right turn to 3 lanes.
  10. Its interesting. Maybe we should apply one in congested road area P.S title typo: assist*
  11. and it was 1 mth ago.. I dont remember entering the bus lane Any idea how does the cameraman look like?
  12. This is at Beach Road turning left to Raffles Blvd towards Suntec. Taxi did not follow lane, nevermind. Stop liao, honk liao, let him go. NVM. Case closed. Best part... lao hero in Vios honked from behind, cut in front of me, then stop on the right started staring and gesturing at me. What is your view?
  13. This is a discussion on what you think SHOULD be the law. Should lane splitting be illegal or not? Why do I ask? Last night I saw an accident, huge huge jam on the PIE, I don't know the cause, but my educated guess is that it was lane splitting motorbikes that were involved. I also saw a lorry clip a lane splitting motorbike around 5 months ago. I have had a couple of close calls because of speeding lane splitting bikes. Should it be allowed or not? If you were the Minister of Transport, what would you do?
  14. Hi All, I am a frequent commuter of the expressways in Singapore. Noticed that the trucks (with up to 70km/h sticker at the back) like to go onto lane 2 on the expressways. Are there any reasons why LTA/TP/whoever made the decision to allow this to happen? On most times, I can see that the slow truck going snail slow while there are a long trail of vehicles behind it and clear path to the next vehicle in front, up to 3-4 lamp post. In the 80s, this wasnt the problem and most trucks would automatically keep left. Any good constructive comments are welcome to improve the OVERALL speed of our expressways. I feel that even if the lanes are increased to 10, with the trucks going from Lane 2 to 10, it would be the same problem. Regards
  15. Since the speed limit for goods vehicles had been revised to 70kmh, lane 2 became their "default" lane. Many had been using it like their Right of Lane. Driving at 70 or 80kmh like their Ah Kong's road. So on a 3 lane expressway Lane 2 & 3 kenah mekan be these goods vehicles. So car drivers will have to tread in and out of Lane 2 & 1. But as lane 1 is reserved for overtaking and emergency vehcile. that is a problem to live with. Lately, goods vehicles have migrated to using lane 1 as their "faster" lane. Wont be surprised to see Heavy vehicles also use lane 1 like their VIP lanes.
  16. So I decided to be cheap and not pay $1 ($0.50 x 2) for going past Orchard road from Wheelock Place to Sunshine Plaza. (It was Saturday and I was on a bike.) No problem, I'll just take a detour through Grange road to Irwell road, then River Valley road, and I'll hit Hill street and finally Middle Street. I wouldn't do this if I were driving, but I was riding and the bike's FC is good (38 km/l). I never expected to encounter two incidents in the detour. There are 4 lanes turning from Grange road to Irwell road. I was the first vehicle on the third lane. There was a Wish on the second lane. We moved off together when the light turned green. The Wish was somewhat in front of me, but it didn't pick up speed. Didn't seem right. When you're riding, you tend to pay attention to little things like this. Right after we completed the right turn in our own lanes, the Wish turned immediately into my lane. No signal. Know the distance where you usually stop behind a car at a traffic light? It's that close. I was in a shock. By the time I thought to honk him, the matter had already past. Nevermind, live and let live. So now I continued my journey on River Valley road. There's a junction where the 3-lane road merged into 2 lanes after the traffic light. So, first off again. Cleared the traffic lights and since it's a merging lane, I checked my mirror. Hmm, what's this? A black car seemed to be accelerating behind me very quickly. I was on the right side of the merging lane and quickly approaching its end. "There isn't going to be enough space to overtake me, is he still going to overtake me?", I wondered. The car still didn't relent. It kept accelerating and finally overtook me on my left at the very end, forcing me to take evasive actions. I could kick his door, if you want to know how close he was. A black BMW. I remembered the honk this time.
  17. Anyone could suggest any cheap or free parking around Genting Lane? Going to buildings like Platinum 28 & Macpherson Industrial Complex.
  18. Chance upon this video on Facebook ,.. Not sure you guys hv seen it .. Hope the link works.. https://www.facebook.com/thesiakapkeli/videos/1044150862274601/?autoplay_reason=gatekeeper
  19. Yep, your read it correct I was returning from Malaysia on 17 Mar-14 around 6pm, nearing 7pm. So while in queue over at the Singapore customs side, I saw a convoy of ~ 7/8 Lamborghini's go past on the left most lane, which spirals down toward the lorries/bus/vans clearance block. Is there something about that make of cars that require them to clear customs via such a different block?
  20. Was following a friend's car and I realize she was always travelling 10+ below the speed limit... When we stopped, I asked her why. she said she was going 90+ Kmph all the way. Then I took a car for a spin and check the speedometer against my phone app. To hit 90km/hr, she have to go 102-105km/hr..... My friend say she did not know her speedometer was off and always thought that those who overtook her from the left are speeding..... Now I finally know why got so many people going 70-80km/hr on the rightmost lane of the expressway.... That is because their speedometer reading is off after they changed their rims/tyres. [q
  21. https://www.facebook.com/taxiunclegroup/videos/vb.791162950958940/869088643166370/?type=2&theater
  22. Those not pro in lane change or U r a Learner or a P plater, I have learnt something that I regret knowing it till now. Let me share the art of lane changing like a pro! Those ppl with car cam also have to lan lan sux thumb n let u have the right of way to cut. Have a good laugh and practice safe driving https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnW0ojxigaw
  23. Driving along. Saw the LTA chap, doing bus lane enforcement during bus lane hours, carrying a camera in his hand. True enough, in the short time I was there, two cars were caught. One Porsche and one Volvo. Do many drivers flagrantly drive on bus lanes? Here is the video.
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