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Found 58 results

  1. my ride is coming to 2 yrs so wondering if I should change battery or tyres? my prev ride kenna battery die 2 times but that was after 2 yrs close to 3 yrs
  2. Some Sharing. How often do you recycle or reuse items at home or office? For myself, I will bring home those printed wrongly one-sided papers from the photocopier from my office. I will cut them into half A4 and then let my children use it as "rough paper" for them to do their maths, or write reminders or messages in the home. Even "to-do" list or "to-buy" items for NTUC for groceries shopping, rather than using nice 3M "Post-it" pads for such tasks. I find that many offices in Spore are rather wasteful in terms of using stationery resources. Anyone care to share or have any insights or inputs please? Cheers and thank you.
  3. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/fire-st-regis-residences-tanglin-orchard-scdf-evacuation-11267600 Last month my mum neighbour house caught fire. With the huge surge in mobile scooters, it seems that fires is more common now... Do u guys have any fire protection in house like smoke detector, fire extinguishers? Thinking of getting some...
  4. Hi all, Thesedays, my aircon sometimes blow out warm air when engine is idling, but it will be ok when the car is moving. I suspect that the condenser fan is not running well. My question is, how often does this fan cuts-in and run? When I first on my air-con (while car is stationary), I realise that this fan doesn't run. Then it suddenly comes alive (together with another fan (radiator fan?) next to it) maybe 5 minutes later. Then after running for like 3 minutes, it will stop again....and won't come back on again until like 10 minutes later. How to check if this fan is performing as it should?
  5. Hi all, I have few questions regarding the wiper blade: 1.How often do you change wiper blade? 2. Change it by own or whokshop? 3. Change driver side only or both sides? 4. How much roughly? many tks
  6. Hi all, Just curious since I am still inexperience in all these. On Singapore roads given that my ride is front and back brake disc, just how often are the brake pads changed. Cause I realized that driving on local road uses the brakes a lot due to constant traffic light stoppages, though I understand that how often it is changed depends on individual driving style, so hope everyone can share your experience with me so i have a rough idea. Thanks
  7. I found this interesting read from one of the online article. Share with you guys and see what you all think. Why incompetent people often think they’re actually the best There’s a psychological phenomenon behind it: the Dunning-Kruger effect.Source: https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2017/11/18/16670576/dunning-kruger-effect-video Maybe you’ve experienced this at school or work before: Dealing with someone who thinks he’s much better at his job than he really is. This can not only be really annoying, but it can lead to disaster as a group project is made much more difficult by someone’s unchecked ego. A new TED-Ed video, based on a lesson by psychologist David Dunning, dives into why this happens and why people are so bad at judging their skills in general, looking into the phenomenon known as the Dunning-Kruger effect. “Knowing how competent we are and how our skills stack up to other people’s is more than a self-esteem boost,” narrator Addison Anderson explained. “It helps us figure out when we can forge ahead on our own decisions and instincts and when we need, instead, to seek out advice.” “But,” Anderson added, “psychological research suggests that we’re not very good at evaluating ourselves accurately. In fact, we frequently overestimate our own abilities.” This is true “to a degree that violates the laws of math.” For example: “When software engineers at two companies were asked to rate their performance, 32 percent of the engineers at one company and 42 percent at the other put themselves in the top 5 percent.” So what’s going on here? There’s actually a reasonable explanation: “When psychologists Dunning and [Justin] Kruger first described the effect in 1999, they argued that people lacking knowledge and skill in particular areas suffer a double curse. First, they make mistakes and reach poor decisions. But second, those same knowledge gaps also prevent them from catching their errors. In other words, poor performers lack the very expertise needed to recognize how badly they’re doing.” For example, how can someone know he’s a bad writer if he doesn’t know even basic spelling and grammar rules? The good news is once people know they are bad at something — say, if they fail at a logic puzzle — they’ll typically admit to it. But some level of experience or expertise is needed for a person to come to that realization. “That may be why people with a moderate amount of experience or expertise often have less confidence in their abilities,” Addison said. “They know enough to know that there’s a lot they don’t know.” But knowledge can also lead to people overestimating others: “Experts tend to be aware of just how knowledgeable they are. But they often make a different mistake: They assume that everyone else is knowledgeable too.” “The result is that people, whether they’re inept or highly skilled, are often caught in a bubble of inaccurate self-perception,” Addison explained. “When they’re unskilled, they can’t see their own faults. When they’re exceptionally competent, they don’t perceive how unusual their abilities are.” There’s a way to prevent all of this: “First, ask for feedback from other people — and consider it, even if it’s hard to hear. Second, and more important, keep learning. The more knowledgeable we become, the less likely we are to have invisible holes in our competence.” Keep in mind this is all just one explanation for why and how incompetent people may overestimate themselves. For examples of other explanations, check out a good rundown by psychologist Tal Yarkoni.
  8. Click here for more details http://ca.autos.yahoo.com/p/2461/how-often...ge-my-motor-oil
  9. NicholasYeo_101060

    How often do Singaporeans buy car accessories?

    Ask you all ah, do Singaporeans buy car accessories one or not? Want to bring in some items from overseas sell on carousell earn some side pocket money, but scared later things cannot sell or sell damn slowly, Any tips here?
  10. is it because of high performance causing more heat production togethrr with poor maintanence which causes fires in the cars? or is it other factors? we often hear of ferrari, lambo, bmw cars catching fires on the roads. anyone got any views on this? can prevent it one?
  11. I conducting feedback for the above topic............cause maid away for some time and pple in hse nagging no one do hse work.........so considering whether to be "part time maid" or get a part time maid.................... also by the way during cleaning got some good items to sell: Good Car Engine Oil & Additives Good Bike Engine Oil & Additives Good Car & Bike Locks Good Car Air Freshener 3M Double Tapes contact me kungfu1974@gmail.com
  12. How often do you use thes:- 50 office-speak phrases you love to hate 1. "When I worked for Verizon, I found the phrase going forward to be more sinister than annoying. When used by my boss - sorry, "team leader" - it was understood to mean that the topic of conversation was at an end and not be discussed again." Nima Nassefat, Vancouver, Canada 2. "My employers recently informed staff that we are no longer allowed to use the phrase brain storm because it might have negative connotations associated with fits. We must now take idea showers. I think that says it all really." Anonymous, England 3. At my old company (a US multinational), anyone involved with a particular product was encouraged to be a product evangelist. And software users these days, so we hear, want to be platform atheists so that their computers will run programs from any manufacturer." Philip Lattimore, Thailand 4. "Incentivise is the one that does it for me." Karl Thomas, Perth, Scotland 5. "My favourite which I hear from the managers at the bank I work for is let's touch base about that offline. I think it means have a private chat but I am still not sure." Gemma, Wolverhampton, England 6. "Have you ever heard the term loop back which means go back to an associate and deal with them?" Scott Reed, Lakeland, Florida, US 7-8. "We used to collect the jargon used in a list and award the person with the most at the end of the year. The winner was a client manager with the classic you can't turn a tanker around with a speed boat change. What? Second was we need a holistic, cradle-to-grave approach, whatever that is." Turner, Manchester 9. "Until recently I had to suffer working for a manager who used phrases such as the idiotic I've got you in my radar in her speech, letters and e-mails. Once, when I mentioned problems with the phone system, she screamed 'NO! You don't have problems, you have challenges'. At which point I almost lost the will to live." Stephen Gradwick, Liverpool 10. "You can add challenge to the list. Problems are no longer considered problems, they have morphed into challenges." Irene MacIntyre, Courtenay, B
  13. As above, want to know owners of OPC on how often do you all send your OPC for servicing?
  14. Business Times - 21 Feb 2012 Bartley, Kovan sites up for collective sale Bartley Grove seeking $62-$64m; Kovan Court is asking $29m By MINDY TAN THE collective sales market continues to gain momentum, with an additional two freehold sites - Bartley Grove Apartment and three adjoining terrace houses, and Kovan Court - being launched for sale by tender. The first site, comprising a 25-unit residential development located along Bartley Road and three adjoining terrace houses (No 25, 27, and 29 Bartley Road), is being launched with an expectation of offers in the region of $73 million to $75 million. This translates to approximately $798 to $820 per sq ft per plot ratio (psf ppr), or $726 to $746 psf ppr including the extra 10 per cent gross floor area (GFA) for balconies, said Tan Hong Boon, deputy managing director of marketing agent, Credo Real Estate. The freehold site has a combined land area of approximately 65,305 sq ft. Under the 2008 Master Plan, the site is zoned 'residential' with a gross plot ratio (GPR) of 1.4 and a maximum building height of 5 storeys. 'Due to the high development baseline, no development charge is payable for redevelopment up to a GPR of 1.54, including the extra 10 per cent GFA allowed for balconies,' said Mr Tan. Taken as two separate plots, Bartley Grove Apartment has an asking price of between $62.35 million and $64.04 million, while the three terrace houses have an asking price of between $10.65 million and $10.96 million. Bartley Grove Apartments has a land area of about 55,286 sq ft, while the three terrace houses have a combined land area of 10,019 sq ft. The site comprising the three terrace houses can be used by the developer to construct a show flat before the residents of Bartley Grove Apartment move out, thereby allowing them to market their project earlier than otherwise, resulting in savings in holding costs, added Credo Real Estate. Prospective buyers have the option of tendering for either one or both of the parcels. Bartley Grove Apartments was last on the resale market in December 2010, with an asking price of $70 million. 'A new development on the subject site would greatly appeal to families with school-going children due to its location that is within 1 km radius of Maris Stella High School and Cedar Primary School as well as being close to other educational institutions, including Nanyang Junior College, and the Australian and American international schools,' added Mr Tan. The tender for the site closes at March 21. The second site, Kovan Court, is located along Kovan Road, and has an asking price of $29 million, which translates to $795 psf ppr. The 26,050 sq ft site has a plot ratio of 1.4 and a height limit of up to five storeys. The GFA for the site amounts to 36,470 sq ft. In addition, there is a small plot of remnant state land, of some 996 sq ft in front of Kovan Court for possible amalgamation when the site is redeveloped. Kovan Court is a four-storey walkup apartment with 16 units. Sizes range from 1,475 sq ft to 1,744 sq ft. Each owner in this development will receive between $1.75 to $1.91 million, according to marketing agent, Remax.The tender for the site closes on March 21.
  15. Business trips / SAF 'sponsored' etc not counted..... only as a tourist/visitor. Mine: KL/JB/Melake (lost count) Sydney/Perth (at least about 5 times each, but stopped about 5yrs ago) HK/Tokyo (about 4-5 times, will go again more) NYC (4 times) other cities less than twice, so not counting them hope to visit more cities before WW3 starts
  16. I have had my current ride forr 6 years, and I've never felt the need to change cos it never gave problem. Sure it's an impreza from 2 generations ago but I must say the longer I drive it, the more attached I am to it. As a result, I have one of the oldest cars in my MSCP. In contrast some of my friends and neighbours have had many changes through the years (the record is 5 cars in 6 years). I just wonder how they do it: emotionally- surely you get attached to your ride financially- how to afford 5 cars in 6 years, even if they are Japanese makes logistically-change car every year quite siong, got to get new parking permit at HDB office... For those brudders who are more experienced car changing, when do you decide to change? When got newer model? When old car konk out? When got extra cash? Interested to hear your views.
  17. On my way back from the Johor P Outlet this afternoon, tried to pak-U at petronas and esson just before 2nd link.... no more petrol!!! Does this happen very often? (my first time in past 10 yrs of MY pak-U!!)
  18. Like having meal at the hawker, most of the times whereas people like the folks, the handicapped or even kids will come and sell tissue. In what circumstances will you buy from them? No doubt the $1 is nothing big , but will you buy from them all the time? I'd just encountered a man, not selling tissue, carrying a stick in his 50s asking for money in Kovan hawker centre. I saw him almost everyday in lunch hour. But he don't seems handicapped. And today, he approached me and I got a loose change on the table , so I just gave him my loose change of $1.50. This is what happened, he ask me, can I spare $3 to him? Hmmmmmmm, any experience, please share!
  19. Let's get this off first: LoveMAKING: max about 8 times? now, back to usual suspects:- listen to the radio news: 3-4 times? scratch our body/face: 3-4 times? breathing: 30times x 60mins x 24hrs = about 43,600 times logon to NCF: 3-4 times? shower: 2-3 times? look into mirror: 3-4 times? adjust bra straps (ladies only): 1-2 times? listen to the same song: 3-4 times (while driving with repeat button on) .. for this my record was 3hrs drive from KL to Tuas, same song... ie about 50 times. drool at road side xmm: some zero, some 3-4 times
  20. I only use a few times on the cruise control in 2 years, find that Sg road traffic is not suitable to drive on cruise control. I have tested car with paddle shift like Golf, Mz 3 n 6 and Civic with paddle swift, but I perfer to use the gear stick than paddle swift to down swift in sport mode for up slope climbing in expressway. And my friend always leave the gear in sport mode all the time as the car can rev higher PRM before change gear. How often you will use the paddle swift n Cruise Control on your steering wheel?
  21. Was told by my friends that for your car to last longer, you need to start the car often, when you are not driving it. Please clear my doubts! Thanks in advance.
  22. How often you bring your kids to the park/library as compared with shopping malls?? ...... Nothing wrong with trips to the malls, but personally my wife and I prefer spending time with my kids away from the malls
  23. I tend to wipe my car regularly with spray detailer and spray wax every other days. However i do not wash my cloth every time after using the cloth. Somehow i read in other threads that the wax on the cloth will cake. Can i check with you guys, how often you wash the MF cloth? Every single time u use it with a speed detailer? or Spray wax?? Paste wax, liquid wax, polish or sealant, i will wash after use. But how about spray wax and detailer?