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  1. 3 kids all squeeze into 1 room https://qanvast.com/sg/articles/familys-executive-apartment-in-tampines-gets-a-staggering-sgd325k-reno-2944 Family’s Executive Apartment in Tampines Gets a Staggering $325K Reno No expense was spared in this lavish home, where even the tiniest detail was chosen with great care! Going into a renovation, most homeowners tend to have a fixed budget – for resale flats, that usually hovers around $40,000 to $80,000. But for the homeowners of this executive apartment in Tampines, their desire for a spacious, luxury-themed home culminated in a home that cost a whopping $325,000 to renovate. “The owners actively made the choice to upgrade their materials,” says Shawn, the designer from Style Elements Studio. “Some of them – like the large-format floor tiles – are about $800 a piece, while the laminates we used are triple the price of regular ones.” This renovation, however, isn’t just the sum of all its materials. From embedding rockwool within the ceiling to customising doors, cabinets, and even mirrors, every element in the house was was carefully curated by the owners and designer – all in the effort to create the desired lavish home. To see how the house turned out – and to learn about the design process – we got Shawn to tell us more! Shawn (S): This home belongs to a couple and their three kids. They were previously staying in a 4-room BTO flat – and as we know, BTO flats are very small, so they lacked space and wanted an upgrade. For the new house, they had quite specific criteria – like having distinct living and dining spaces, an entertainment room, and so on. So, they had a rather different house-hunting approach – after seeing one they liked, they’d immediately consult me to ask if the layout could incorporate what they wanted. This was pretty helpful actually, because to designers, the layout is quite important. Before this, the other houses they looked at had odd layouts – the kind with the kitchen and living room in the middle, and the bedrooms on either side, which isn’t really ideal. Eventually, we agreed that this house was best. They fell in love with the space and location, and for me, I felt that the layout had a lot of potential. On planning the renovation S: To me, renovations aren’t just about the budget – it’s about the concept that the clients want to achieve. Technically, I can renovate any house within a given budget, but that limits the material choices for the clients, which may not be what they like. So, I tend to be very transparent with my clients, where I’ll educate them on the different materials and their prices to fit a client’s expectation. I was glad that my clients understood that the materials they wanted were more expensive than average, and were willing to pay more just to achieve their desired aesthetic or quality. About the dining room S: The husband has always been an avid collector for Bearbrick figures – he used to keep his collection in his office since his old house was too small. Since he hosts quite often, we saw the dining room as a potential area to show off his collection, and gave him the space he needed to do so. Other than that, I think the large-format homogenous tiles stand out. I selected 1.5m by 1.5m tiles, which are sizes that are usually only used in commercial or landed properties. Of course, they’re more expensive than your regular tiles – and on top of that, it takes about 2-3 workers to layer it on, so there’s a high labour cost as well. We also used epoxy grout, which is more resistant to fading and discoloration than regular grout. They’re very hard – you can’t just use a pen to scrape it out. You won’t have kids accidentally scraping them out with their toys. Oh, and all the laminates are from Lamitak’s Protak series, which have antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-fingerprint properties.They’re triple the price of regular laminates – but we figured that this was a worthy investment since it keeps the space clean for the children, and reduces the need for clean-up. On renovating the living room S: Since the dining room was designated as the husband’s area, we designed the living room more for the wife. She likes the luxury theme, so we thought it was fitting to create the TV feature area out of bookmatched quartz, with a bottom console made with quartz of a matching colour. All the lights in this house are from Sol Luminaire, who only supply warm lighting. So, behind the TV feature area, we put up a copper-tinted mirror – which complements the warm lighting better than a regular mirror, and adds a cosier vibe to the space. As the owners are fond of fluted panels, we erected a wall with this design to conceal the bedroom and entertainment room doors. From my perspective, I see it more as a way to contain everyone within the communal area – I guess you could say it separates the public area from the private. About the kitchen S: Compared to the rest of the house, I think the kitchen design was quite straightforward. There’s a lot of natural light coming in from the kitchen, which I wanted to take advantage of. But at the same time, the clients brought up a Chinese superstition that says we shouldn’t be able to see the stove from outside. So, the natural choice was to use a fluted glass door. We had it custom-made as there aren’t a lot of choices out there – and honestly, it was a really long wait, because it took six weeks from fabrication to installation (laughs). Regular HDB kitchens use wall tiles, so I wanted to go against that. I used outdoor weatherproof paint – which doesn’t absorb oil, grime, and cooking smells like regular paint does. The wooden area you see is actually a niche. Rhythmic flow is important to designers – if the whole area has a similar colour theme, it’ll be overkill. This way, there’s a smooth transition between the marble, the black sintered stone surfaces, and the wooden tones, all of which complement one another. About the entertainment room S: The couple loves singing, so we needed to soundproof the area to avoid complaints from the neighbours (laughs). We embedded rockwool within the ceiling and fluted walls to dampen the sound. If you noticed, the room looks smaller than usual – it’s because we had to make the walls thicker to accommodate the rock wool. Since there are a lot of elements in this room, we had to find ways to accommodate everything while keeping the space neat. The cabinet next to the SMEG fridge is actually where the subwoofers are – it has a customised door with a perforated bottom half and a top half covered with black-tinted glass. This way, it helps to reduce the visual clutter, while still allowing infrared connections to pass through. About the master bedroom and ensuite S: The wife wanted to incorporate more marble designs in the master bedroom. I was against this at first since the rest of the house already features marble – but as she really wanted it, I counter-proposed using marble-look laminates as accents around the fabric headboard. The his-and-her bedroom wardrobe was another thing the couple really wanted. Creating it was a bit challenging as we had to ensure there was enough walking space – if you realise, the wardrobe is slightly angled to ensure that they can walk to and fro comfortably. Oh, and fun fact: this wardrobe is four times the usual length of a HDB built-in wardrobe. Typically, they’re about six to seven feet, but this one is over 24 feet! I think it takes up almost the whole wall – which, in a way, looks more luxurious. Like the bedroom wardrobe, the master ensuite features his-and-her sinks. They’re integrated sinks made out of Quartz stone – I never really liked the regular freestanding sinks as their silicon edges are prone to mould. Also, the mirrors were a challenge to obtain. They’re not the type that you can just buy off the shelf – I had to look around to find someone to fabricate them. I think I took about two weeks just to find the right supplier. To sum up S: This house was renovated around October last year, and like a lot of 2021 renovation projects, it was affected by the pandemic – I know it sounds like an excuse, but it did affect manpower and logistics. There was a lot of back-and-forth between myself and the contractors, and I made sure to be as detailed as possible to minimise misunderstandings. Actually, I’m not really sure what else to say about the house without sounding cliche (laughs). I understand that the renovation price has piqued people’s interest, but from a designer’s perspective, all I wanted was to create a home that my clients are happy with. To me, it was more about educating the clients about the different materials out there, and letting them make the choice. And if they’re happy with what they chose, then so am I!
  2. Interesting article and I also notice this trend among people around me https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/why-some-women-choose-to-be-child-free SINGAPORE - Madam Shirlene Noordin is 52 this year, and she still gets asked when she will have children. The communications director, who has been married for a decade, used to find such questions intrusive, but they now just make her chuckle. When she was younger and answered that she preferred never to be a mother, friends and relatives often told her she would change her mind. Some even warned that she might regret her decision one day. Now, past her childbearing years, neither has happened. She and her husband continue to live a fulfilling child-free life. She is not alone. According to the latest population figures, there is a growing pool of married women in Singapore who do not have children. In 2020, 13.5 per cent of married women in their 40s did not have children - up from 9.3 per cent in 2010. This follows a similar pattern across all age bands, including those in their 30s and 50s and older. For some of these women, it is biology that has made the decision for them. But for the others, it is a choice driven by pragmatic, ideological or personal reasons. Since society still links womanhood to motherhood, many of them face pressure to procreate, and are often labelled selfish or even unnatural for not wanting children. It does not help that Singapore's total fertility rate has fallen to its lowest ever at 1.1 last year, after declining for the past decades. While married women who are childless by choice are still the exception, rather than the norm, an ongoing government review on women's issues has sought to understand why some couples have not jumped on the parenthood bandwagon.
  3. I am wondering, with COE being so high, should gov give COE rebates to households with 3 kids or more? Cars being a limited resource now, doesn't it make sense for a car to transport 5 people around vs 1 person on the road? If that one person cannot drive, all he adds is 1 person to the public transport load. Plus it helps to encourage kids which I feel is one of the biggest problems we have as a nation. Example, if the household rebate is 20%, you pay COE of 80% of prevailing price. If you scrape the car early, you will only get 80% COE rebate from remaining COE. When you sell the car to others, you have to top up the 20% of the remaining COE to prevent the next owner from benefiting from the reduced COE and the car COE gets converted to normal COE. This is to prevent profiteering.
  4. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-05-28/singapore-vaccine-plan-students-then-open-season-balakrishnan Singapore Plans to Vaccinate Students First, Then Everyone Else Singapore plans to roll out vaccines to students, followed by everyone else eligible, in what will be a “great acceleration” of vaccinations in the country, Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan said in an interview on CNN. “Our next step is that we’re going to offer vaccination to our school students, the teenagers,” Balakrishnan said, “following which it’ll be open season for everyone in Singapore.” The city-state earlier flagged that almost all of its eligible population could be given at least the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine by the end of August. Vaccinations in Singapore are currently open to those aged 40 and above, as well as for priority workforces, such as first responders, hospital staff and airport workers. About 37% of Singapore’s population has had its first jab of the vaccine, a rate far ahead of most developed Asian economies, on par with the European Union’s average, but trailing the U.S., U.K. and Middle Eastern financial hubs like Israel, the U.A.E. and Qatar. Singapore is one of several countries, mostly in Asia, that have largely kept Covid caseloads and deaths to a minimum but have struggled to reopen. The city-state has tightened its borders and, following a recent uptick in cases, suspended in-person dining, transitioned most schools to at-home learning, and limited groups to a maximum of just two. Widespread vaccination, then, has become Singapore’s key to reopening. Balakrishnan said the country has not seen significant vaccine hesitancy, though has been limited by supply. However, infrastructure that can support additional injections capacity is in place, and the country aims to double its vaccination pace. “Watch this space,” he said. “You’re going to see a great acceleration.”
  5. Is a child ever too young to learn about road safety? Well, for one set of parents, they are about to find out. On 15 February, a cam car driver was cruising down the roads of Edgefield Plains when he almost had a heart attack. The cause? A young toddler dashing towards the middle of a pedestrian crossing despite the traffic lights being in favour for oncoming vehicles. His older sister stood before the crossing, waiting for the lights to turn green. However, upon seeing her younger sibling run across the road without harm, she joined him. At this moment, the cam car driver stepped on his brakes and managed to stop his vehicle from mowing down the two children. Soon after, a grown up, presumably the kids’ helper, chased the two kids and waved for them to stop. Worried about the younger toddler, who was already at the other side of the crossing, she dashed across the road to chase the carefree child. Unsure if she should do the same, the older sibling ran behind her helper, lifting her right hand briefly to thank the driver for stopping for them. The child quickly picked up the pace when she noticed another car coming in the opposite direction. Bewildered by this incident, the cam car driver submitted the video to warn other motorists to be alert on the roads. Netizens’ reactions Even if the roads were empty and quiet, it is never safe to disregard traffic signals and dash across the street like this. Parents of young children should take note and teach their kids the importance of following traffic signals. I'm sure they would be horrified to know that their kids almost got into a nasty accident - if not for this alert driver! What if something had happened to the older child? The helper should have stopped and ensured the safety of both children instead of risking their safety. ======== Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  6. S’pore Man’s Audi Becomes Expensive Whiteboard After Kids Write ‘I Love Papa’ On It Now it's just some Audi that he used to know. https://mustsharenews.com/audi-expensive-whiteboard/ Man Showcases New Audi ‘Paint Job’ After Kids Write & Draw On It Like An Expensive Whiteboard A parent’s love for their child is unrivalled but it can definitely be a challenge to have kids at times. Many kids love to draw, but sometimes their zealous love of art can lead to them drawing on some inappropriate places. On Sunday (14 Nov), a man shared a TikTok video of how his kids decided to use his white Audi as an expensive whiteboard, writing and drawing on it. One of the messages written on the car was ‘I love Papa’, prompting netizens to joke that it’ll be hard for the man to stay mad at his children. Children treat Audi as expensive whiteboard Children love to express themselves by drawing and scribbling around. But this can sometimes get out of hand as the man found out when his kids left him a ‘masterpiece’ by doodling on his luxury white Audi car. In the video showcasing his newly decorated car, there were drawings of what appears to be My Little Pony characters on the car bonnet. We can’t miss what appears to be a doodled Audi logo as well, which oozes big “Audi at home” energy. Just beside it, his children left him an adorable heartfelt message that said, “I <3 Papa”. It was even embellished with lots of hearts and ‘xoxo’, symbolising hugs and kisses. Not leaving out any part of the car, just above the wheel, his kids also drew several patterns in black and purple. Children drew family portrait including car On the side, his children appeared to have drawn a family portrait, complete with a house and funnily — a car. We assume the car represents the Audi since it’s depicted with the same hood. That was not all. Near the back of the car were another drawing of cars, a flower, a house, and some clouds. His children then left a nice finishing touch by writing ‘Teo Family’ to sign off. A quick look through the man’s TikTok account reveals that he is a car enthusiast, frequently showcasing various luxury cars in his videos. In this particular video, the man had hilariously written the caption, “What happens when you have kids”. Netizens think car decoration is wholesome The man’s video had since gone viral, garnering almost 600,000 views and 65,000 likes at the time of writing. Many netizens found his children’s heartfelt scribbles funny yet wholesome. Some said that the ‘custom paint job’ actually looked good and suggested that he kept it that way. Others joked that with how sweet his children were being through their drawings, scolding them will be a difficult task. Another netizen said his children really treated his white Audi like an expensive whiteboard, filling it with scribbles and drawings. A priceless paint job We can’t imagine how the man reacted to having his beloved Audi redecorated for him against his will. But as most parents can relate, children can often be infuriatingly adorable with their playful antics. One thing’s for sure — this paint job is a priceless one.
  7. My Mac head of service sent this to me: "Hi mate we have Christmas Promotion. 720s Ride-On Its a good Christmas gift option for a child 3 to 6years old. Gives then a good start in their Super Car journey. Comes in McLaren Orange. Normal =$2473 Promo =$1897 Let me know if you like to take it up. Part due in 1st week December 2020 Thank you." I replied that the only 3 to 6 year old left in my family was me, and that was only emotionally speaking. 😂😂😂 Anyway, it's open to the public, so I promised him I'd spread the word. If you're interested, do reply here and I'll PM you with his contact. 😁 (My inbox is generally disabled otherwise, so please reply here and I'll msg u). Only out of my goodwill hor. I don't get nuthin'🤣
  8. Hi guys, any personal recommendation for swimming coach? I stay in the North. My P2 girl has been to 2 different swim schools, and she's basically been learning for almost 2 years but progress is very slow. Her swimming form is still not really there. And she's hardly improving at all. She's not an easy person to coach sometimes, though her attitude has improved as she's gotten older. Want to make sure she doesn't need to go the swimming programme at P4. My son just started this year and is also slower progress also. But he's 5, so not in a rush.
  9. On and off, we have came across news about parents leaving their kid in locked car or at home, while rushing to run errands, but mostly nothing serious happened to the helpless young ones. This latest incident is really heart wrenching though... May the boy rest in peace. 5-year-old boy falls to his death after he was locked inside 8th floor Woodlands office SINGAPORE - A five-year-old who was accidentally locked inside his parents' eighth floor Woodlands Close office was found dead at the foot of the building on Saturday (Jan 5). Soo Jia He is believed to have attempted to escape through a window after he had been left alone for around 10 minutes, said his parents. Soo's mother, who gave her name only as Ms Hu, told Shin Min: "Our home is only a five-minute drive from the office. I couldn't believe that when we rushed back to the office, we would see my son's body lying on the ground floor." Ms Hu added that she noticed that the office window was opened when she returned to the scene. She believed that her son could have fallen from the window in a panic, having witnessed their car driving away, a friend of the family told The Straits Times at the boy's wake on Sunday. The police said that they were alerted to a fall from height case at 11 Woodlands Close at about 9pm. The boy was found lying motionless at the foot of the building and was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene. The police are investigating the unnatural death. Chinese-language newspaper Shin Min Daily News reported that the boy's parents had taken him and his brother to their office that day, and he had fallen asleep while they did some work. The couple run an education centre, though there were no lessons held on Saturday. When it was time to leave, the boy's father switched off the lights in the office and they drove home with his older brother. It was only when the couple arrived at the carpark of their home did they realise that they had left their son behind. When ST visited the building on Sunday afternoon, candles and joss sticks had been placed near the accident site - following a ritual the parents had commissioned for their son earlier that day. The boy was the youngest of the couple's four children and he was doted on dearly by everyone, said the boy's father, who wanted to be known only as Mr Soo. They have a daughter and two other sons, the oldest of whom is 18. The other two are in primary school and secondary school respectively. "It is a tragic accident that nobody could have foresaw", Mr Soo told ST at the boy's wake on Sunday night. He said both he and his wife had not slept since the accident the day before. He said: "We don't know for sure how it happened, but all that does not matter now, the end result is still the same. "Just like that, our son is gone. How are we going to be okay again?" And please, for the seek of the deceased and his parent, don't start questioning how could such things have happened, or condemning the parent, as they are already filled with guilt... Let just help to remind ourselves and people around us to be more careful and mindful when dealing with young children, and think twice about leaving them alone, even just for a short while...
  10. Kind of curious. how many kids do singaporeans have? What makes you stop there? Is there anything the government can do that will encourage you to have more kids?
  11. suppose a couple has S$150k and 4 kids below 10 now, and hoping by the time the kids reach 18, to have saved at least 120k per kid for their uni education....if the kids decide to pursue such a path... (else the couple promise themselves to blow it on a fast car then). what would be a safe option for the couple? they would NOT like to consider the following: stocks - they have a reverse midas touch property - their view is its not the right time now as its peaking all suggestions are appreciated. Thank you
  12. I know there are lots of threads about malaysia etc. Have read comments by @enye, @dleodleo and many others in desaru and other threads. Maybe can get specific comments for stuff to do for kids in MY. Planning a 4 (maybe 5 day road trip) in June to Kidzania KL. Driving in daytime and need for regular toilet breaks for the kids will take quite a while to get to KL. Day 1 - drive up to Petaling Jaya area Day 2 - kidzania Day 3 - Farm in the City and ? drive down to Malacca to stay one night (The long drive is quite sapping for me, so i prefer to make the return trip to SG a shorter one) Day 4 - nuah and return to SG If i stay a day 5, what to do around the area? Going up Genting is an option but probably seems a bit short to go up just for 1 day... District 21 seems good, but maybe my 4 year old son can't enjoy much. 10 best things to do in KL with kids. http://www.kuala-lumpur.ws/magazine/10-things-kids.htm
  13. Videos of traffic police checking child passengers’ heights stir road rules debate GVGT It’s normal to see police officers scanning Singapore’s roads at night for speeding motorists or drunk drivers. But to halt vehicles for checks on child passengers’ heights? Not so much. Videos showing traffic police officers stopping drivers in broad daylight to measure the heights of child passengers in their cars surfaced on Facebook yesterday. The unusual sight of officers holding measuring tapes against kids who appeared to be around six years old as the adults looked on had piqued the curiosity of many, with all three clips that were posted racking up over 200,000 views accumulatively. It’s unclear where the checks were taking place. Viewers who commented on the post, shared by Facebook user Huang Jiaxing, pointed out that the officers’ actions seemed to be connected to child safety rules on the road. Those below the height of 1.35m are required in Singapore to use the child seat or approved adjustable seat belts to lower the risk of accidental injury. Taxis, however, are exempted from this requirement as it is considered not “reasonable or practical” for parents to carry child seats wherever they go. But a taxi driver could be fined S$120 and given three demerit points if he or she fails to ensure that the children are in the rear seat. If convicted in court, taxi drivers could be fined up to S$1,000 or jailed for up to three months. These rules have been around at least since 2011 but are rarely seen being enforced by the traffic police. Coconuts Singapore has reached out to the police for more details on why the checks on child passengers are taking place only now. Meanwhile, netizens praised authorities for their “good move” on the apparent efforts to ensure child safety on the roads.
  14. any one ever gone through course for Ukulele? any recommendation on the music school teaching kids on Ukulele?
  15. Some sharing. My daughter, age 12, started this hobby of making slime. Now she is 13 now she is hooked into making slime. She males slime and sell to people who orders at Carousell. Her friends in her class and some sch mates also order customised slime with choice colours. I helped her to get her slime making ingredients from art shop or carousell Anyone here loves making slime or your own children make slime? Do share. Cheers and thank you.
  16. Chinese Language education centre Xin Zhong Wen (新中文) has teamed up with McDonald’s to launch a new initiative to encourage practical learning of Chinese for children. The initiative, named Project 开心点(Kāi Xīn Diǎn, be happier in English), will offer free Happy Meals to kids under 12 who place their orders in Mandarin. The promotion will be available from Feb. 16 to Feb. 17, at four McDonald’s outlets — NEX, JEM, Great World City, United Square. 1000 Happy Meals will be given out, per day, at each outlet. No catch. Read more: https://mothership.sg/2019/02/free-happy-meal-mandarin-chinese-xin-zhong-wen-mcdonalds/
  17. https://youtu.be/tQMlB8PWq8Y No kids are harmed in this video.
  18. https://www.commonsensemedia.org/lists/13-apps-to-help-kids-stay-focused?utm_source=Edu_Newsletter_2018_05_29&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=weekly 13 Apps to Help Kids Stay Focused Some of these apps are handy for kids to use for positive energy. I get my own kids to use it and they found some of it useful , hence I am sharing it here.
  19. An interesting insight into the eyes of Expat kids serving their NS. Hard to imagine living in Singapore and yet not made a single local friend. If you have 10 mins of time while drinking kopi in office, it's worth a read. http://ricemedia.co/culture-people-expat-kids-national-service-culture-shock/
  20. All this minor started to have Intimate relationship starting in Secondary school. This is what I saw just now while running some errands at Punggol. I do not know what school is this but this school students mostly in pairs. And they don't even care who is watching them. Hugging, fondling, kissing........... this too much for public to accept. Is it very hard for parents to educate their children nowadays? I have a son and a daughter myself.
  21. Developing character strengths and life skills is essential to kids' overall growth and success. Traits and strategies like communication, compassion, courage, curiosity, empathy, gratitude, humility, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and teamwork help kids learn, create, and relate to other people (as well as themselves) in healthy ways.
  22. I am kind of curious since there are parents around here. What would you do if you find you child have a specific interest in something at a VERY EARLY age? Example, my 3 year kid is very into letters and numbers at a very early age but is super crappy at physical stuff like playing with balls, etc. If I concentrate on his strengths, I believe he might be someone special in terms of numerical and reading, ie way ahead of his age. However, I am not sure if that is the right path for him. Or should we concentrate on his weakness so he is more well rounded and "average".... ? Then there is a nagging feeling that we did not groom him to his full potential....
  23. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/suspended-net-playground-at-city-square-mall-to-open-in-early-9520340 Suspended net playground at City Square Mall to open in early 2018 Airzone said it utilises "untapped spaces" in between floors of City Square Mall. (Photo: Facebook/Airzone) 22 Dec 2017 07:59PM(Updated: 22 Dec 2017 09:10PM) Share this content Bookmark SINGAPORE: Fancy clambering and dangling three to six storeys up in the middle of a shopping mall? Or does the thought make you dizzy? An upcoming elevated playground suspended by net structures at City Square Mall will be able to hold 60 people at a time, its operator Ultimate Entertainments Group told Channel NewsAsia on Friday (Dec 22). The attraction, spread across six "levels", will feature a suspended ball pit with more than 10,000 balls, a slide, a maze which climbers can crawl through, paths, slopes, as well as a games and activity zone, which can be used for fitness and trampoline classes. The attraction will be able to hold up to 20 people per level, and a total of 60 people at a time, it said. Ultimate Entertainments Group said the Airzone project at City Square Mall is the "world's first" net playground built in a shopping centre atrium. The playground, which is set to open in the first quarter of 2018, consists of safety nets and high wire designed for trapeze and circus acts, said Ultimate Entertainments Group. Airzone said it utilises "untapped spaces" in between floors of City Square Mall. (Photo: Facebook/Airzone) Responding to media queries from Channel NewsAsia about how safe the structure is, Ultimate Entertainments Group explained that the net structures "are actually safety features themselves". The anchors holding the playground in place were designed to hold the weight of a car, the operator added. Ticketing details on the Airzone website states that participants are required to be under 120kg. Ultimate Entertainments Group said it is working with Xtrem Adventures Group, which has designed and installed net parks in various countries like USA, China, India and Germany. Airzone said the nets can hold up to 60 people at any one time or 20 people per level. (Photo: Facebook/Airzone) "There are over a hundred net-based playgrounds or adventure courses throughout the world with most of them located in France or Europe," Ultimate Entertainments Group said, adding that most are in outdoor settings. The operator said the attraction would "excite and maximise untapped spaces in between floors of City Square Mall". "This new concept has the potential to disrupt existing shopping mall and attractions business models by bringing fun activities directly to shoppers, or conversely, driving leisure seeking tourist directly to shopping malls," Ultimate Entertainments Group said. Airzone said it utilises "untapped spaces" in between floors of City Square Mall. (Photo: Facebook/Airzone) The company added that pricing and session times for the Airzone playground at City Square Mall will be released soon. Source: CNA/am https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=tzoPGlj7vU8
  24. Recently my kid is on a dino craze for some reason. lol. been bugging me to bring her see dinosaur after some googling then i realised we actually have real dinosaur bones in singapore! ( yes i know i'm Sua Gu) didn't even know that there was a lee kong chian natural history museum. hahaha. Tickets are generally affordable. got discount for singaporeans/pr. got a very nice souvenir shop with lotsa education toys. my kid made a small whole in my wallet. haha the dinos were very impressive. huge! every 30min or so there is a laser show with sound effects. quite interesting. i was surprised that my kid could tell me the names of the dinos. What the hell are they teaching to 3 yr old kids in school nowadays?? after from the dino bones. there are alot of others educational exhibits too for budding paleontologists. apart from my kid, think my maids were the happiest. hahaaha hope you guys find this useful. maybe can plan a trip during the upcoming school holidays. Address:Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum National University of Singapore 2 Conservatory Drive Singapore 117377 Tickets can be book via sistic http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/lkc2015 Singaporean / Permanent Resident (PR)Ticket S$15 - Adult S$8 - Child / Student / Snr Citizen / NSF
  25. this morning brought my family to Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, reportedly the largest children's garden in Asia after the official opening of the extension on 10 Nov 2017. a really fun place to bring your kids there as the whole place is specially designed for kids (duh). theres a Food for Thought (Tots) there for brunch as well, with kids meals, and the food and pricing is quite decent. have to go there early as parking is limited. too bad we didnt stay for long, as our kids were crying to go home. more info can be found in the links below: https://www.nparks.gov.sg/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserves/jacob-ballas-childrens-garden http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/jacob-ballas-childrens-garden-now-largest-asia-after-s12-million-extension some photos from this morning. interactive wall at the entrance, very popular with the kids water play area gravel area with cranking devices to power LEDs central pond sand pit hedge maze for kids wooden playground suspension bridge entrance to Food for Tots
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