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Found 45 results

  1. Hi, I want to buy over Season Parking at Paya Lebar Square or Singpost Centre at Paya Lebar. If you are selling, please contact me. Thank you.
  2. Today marks the 25th anniversary of this very sad event in man kind. Wonder how many here still remember this event 25 years ago? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJBnHMpHGRY
  3. Forte3737

    Sim Lim Square

    http://www.digitalone.com.sg/news/article/23441/4 NAMED AND SHAMED Shops with more than one complaint: (From December 2012 to February 2013) JW World: 12 Mobile Apps: 5 SMS Gaming LLP: 5 3Plus Mobile LLP: 5 Cyber Maestro: 4 Elite 3 Mobile: 4 Ray Technology: 3 Wee Mobile: 3 Square United Cam: 2 Source: Consumers Association of Singapore kohht@sph.com.sg
  4. SINGAPORE - Over $35,000 worth of jewellery was stolen from a store in Yew Tee Square on Saturday afternoon (Dec 15). The police were alerted to the theft at the Choa Chu Kang Street 62 shopping centre at 4.41pm on Saturday. The Straits Times understands that the incident took place at the mall's Gold Scale Jewels jewellery store. The suspect is believed to be a young man who went to the shop asking to view different pieces of jewellery. He walked in and out of the shop several times, taking photos of the jewellery pieces and asking if he could get a discount on some of the pieces on display. At one point, he even told the store assistant that he would come back with his girlfriend. During one of his visits, he allegedly took advantage of the crowd in the store and the fact that the sales assistant was distracted to grab the jewellery which he had earlier asked to examine and flee. An employee at a neighbouring store, who gave her name only as Ms Zheng, told Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao that four of the jewellery store's staff were present when the incident happened. She said that two of the staff chased the suspect but were unable to catch him. ST understands that the suspect, who made off with $35,886 worth of jewellery, including three necklaces and one pendant, had yet to be arrested as of 8.30pm on Sunday. When contacted, the manager of Gold Scale Jewels' Yew Tee Square outlet declined to comment. The police are investigating the incident.
  5. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/suspended-net-playground-at-city-square-mall-to-open-in-early-9520340 Suspended net playground at City Square Mall to open in early 2018 Airzone said it utilises "untapped spaces" in between floors of City Square Mall. (Photo: Facebook/Airzone) 22 Dec 2017 07:59PM(Updated: 22 Dec 2017 09:10PM) Share this content Bookmark SINGAPORE: Fancy clambering and dangling three to six storeys up in the middle of a shopping mall? Or does the thought make you dizzy? An upcoming elevated playground suspended by net structures at City Square Mall will be able to hold 60 people at a time, its operator Ultimate Entertainments Group told Channel NewsAsia on Friday (Dec 22). The attraction, spread across six "levels", will feature a suspended ball pit with more than 10,000 balls, a slide, a maze which climbers can crawl through, paths, slopes, as well as a games and activity zone, which can be used for fitness and trampoline classes. The attraction will be able to hold up to 20 people per level, and a total of 60 people at a time, it said. Ultimate Entertainments Group said the Airzone project at City Square Mall is the "world's first" net playground built in a shopping centre atrium. The playground, which is set to open in the first quarter of 2018, consists of safety nets and high wire designed for trapeze and circus acts, said Ultimate Entertainments Group. Airzone said it utilises "untapped spaces" in between floors of City Square Mall. (Photo: Facebook/Airzone) Responding to media queries from Channel NewsAsia about how safe the structure is, Ultimate Entertainments Group explained that the net structures "are actually safety features themselves". The anchors holding the playground in place were designed to hold the weight of a car, the operator added. Ticketing details on the Airzone website states that participants are required to be under 120kg. Ultimate Entertainments Group said it is working with Xtrem Adventures Group, which has designed and installed net parks in various countries like USA, China, India and Germany. Airzone said the nets can hold up to 60 people at any one time or 20 people per level. (Photo: Facebook/Airzone) "There are over a hundred net-based playgrounds or adventure courses throughout the world with most of them located in France or Europe," Ultimate Entertainments Group said, adding that most are in outdoor settings. The operator said the attraction would "excite and maximise untapped spaces in between floors of City Square Mall". "This new concept has the potential to disrupt existing shopping mall and attractions business models by bringing fun activities directly to shoppers, or conversely, driving leisure seeking tourist directly to shopping malls," Ultimate Entertainments Group said. Airzone said it utilises "untapped spaces" in between floors of City Square Mall. (Photo: Facebook/Airzone) The company added that pricing and session times for the Airzone playground at City Square Mall will be released soon. Source: CNA/am https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=tzoPGlj7vU8
  6. Looking for a dining table, what size and shape is yours? Why? If can share photos better.
  7. hi all, anyone knows the directions to city square car park after exiting the JB customs? Is the carpark considered safe? thanks all in advance.
  8. Pms

    City Square Carpark

    Went there in the evening. Parked at a corner lot near the escalator. An hour or so later, found my car with drops of whiteish liquid. Looked up and saw it was leaking at the ceiling. Didnt think much as there is no smell and thought it was just those dust mix with water thingy. When to a car wash and the stain is still there!!!!. OMG! Applied some quick detailing wax and the white spot is gone but a bird dropping kind of leftover stain still remains.
  9. Anyone knows what's the parking rates at Paya Lebar Square on weekdays? It still isn't listed on sgcarmart.
  10. I mean without the F1 walkabout pass we still can go there walk walk. Want to catch a glimpse of the F1 cars on action. Any lobang where can see beside Marina Square? From the circuit map I think a good place to be will be the bridge across Marina Square and Millenia Walk. Do you think they will block it off? Cos it is public area for shoppers to cross over so they cannot block right.
  11. Happy 2015 everybody! Looking through my handphone videos, I discovered that I took videos of this ice-skating display at Novena Square, which is a shopping mall above Novena MRT station, late last year. I don't know much about ice-skating but I thought the skaters were pretty cool. Also, Singapore is to hot and humid, not often you see such a sight in a shopping centre. Posted on youtube to share. Cheers!
  12. Neutrino

    Sim Lim Square

    Is it considered a worthwhile stop off to find either the cheapest or the latest camera, computer gadget stuff??? Or is Fu Nan Bldg or Challenger or whatever a better bet for good deals.
  13. think they need a dozen of computer at the kiosk :D but since when these shops care about CASE involvement ? unless come down to chain-up the shop when they receive 5 complaints.
  14. Where is the most economical around the above region?
  15. Shouyi

    Renovation at JB City Square

    Hi, Does anyone know if the renovation at JB City Square has completed ? Thanks.
  16. Hoppe

    JB City Square Car Grooming

    Saw some at the carpark 2 nights ago. Using Autoglym. Anyone has any experience?
  17. http://www.digitalone.com.sg/news/article/19538 Scam at Sim Lim Square: Woman charged $1,230 for iPhone 4 The salesperson made her signed a letter of agreement that she didn't understand. DigitalOne | 22-06-12 18 comments A customer has come forward with complaints that they were overcharged for an iPhone 4. According to a report in Stomp, a salesperson at one store refused to hand over a newly purchased iPhone 4 unless $610 more was paid, on top of the agreed price of $620 for the phone. The amount, according to the Stomp contributor who wrote it, was for the warranty, activation service, an iPhone case and a screen protector. Apple Inc sells the unlocked iPhone 4 on its website for $788. According to the contributor who called himself Robin, the shop in question is Cyber Maestro at #02-77. A photo of the offending shop was also submitted to Stomp. Robin told Stomp that a friend from China went to the shop to buy an iPhone. But a salesperson recommended her to get a Sony Ericsson phone at about $600, which he felt was overpriced. Still, the friend took up the offer. On June 19, the friend brought another friend to the same shop during the late afternoon, ostensibly to buy an iPhone as well. Robin wrote: "They were then served by another salesperson and managed to come to an agreed price of $620 for an iPhone 4. "It wasn't not even an iPhone 4s. "After making payment for the phone itself, they agreed to allow the salesperson to activate the iPhone for them and to change it to a global warranty. "They then had to sign a Letter of Agreement (LOA) in English which they do not understand, the salesperson clarified that it was for the warranty and requested them to be back half an hour later. "When they returned, they were told to pay another $610 for the activation service that was not mentioned to them beforehand and they thought that it was supposed to be free of charge. "I arrived at the shop to question the salesperson. He then showed me the LOA which my friends had indeed signed earlier. "They refused to hand the iPhone over to my friend unless she paid the extra $610. "We refused and thus called the police, they could only do some recording and then refer it to Case. "The police officer did mentioned to me that this shop is quite infamous and this signing of the LOA is a new trick. "We did not manage to get the iPhone. "I would like to warn everyone about this shop and we should all avoid going there. Complaint kiosk from July 1 Still, the management of Sim Lim Square is trying to clean up its image. The mall will set up a complaint kiosk at the mall's information counter on the first floor. From July 1, people can use the computers at the counter and make a complaint directly to Case and they will take action within three days. The complaint kiosk, according to a Straits Times report, is a collaboration between Case and Sim Lim Square management. The kiosk is the first of its kind that will be reviewed after three months to judge its success, said the report. If successful, similar kiosks will pop up across the island. Case will encourage malls to install the kiosks and will help train staff to use the system.
  18. hahaha! die c--k stand lah... and market street car park no more.... time to take MRT lah. sianzzzz
  19. Jj5599

    Playhouse at Merchant Square

    Is there a Alphabet Playhouse or Playschool in Merchant Square at Merchant Road?
  20. Happened at about 1130am I was walking near to the overhead bridge in front of Sengkang Kopitiam Square when I saw two drivers shouting at each other. This is at the usual place where the Kopitiam mini- shuttle bus will park and wait for passengers to board the bus. The Honda Jazz was parked in front and I heard the driver sounding his car horn several times and eventually both came out and started shouting and gesturing at each other. The jazz driver insisted on not moving away his car even when told to do so. Parking is free at the carpark for the first hour, no harm going up and park the car, if not others will have problem turning in from the main road.
  21. Tatkoon

    City square in JB

    any bro can advise how to go there by public transport? Any buses in S'pore to take?
  22. currently, have a hot dog stand for take over. started it as a pet project. it profitable wont lose monies just need your time and care to grow it. the reason why i giving up is my work is taking too much of my time. interested parties can PM me or come down to united square at novena inside cold storage
  23. For weekend (saturday) is $3/entry?
  24. Bloody stupid self acclaim Eco Mall where they got so many tv at the mall showing how green they are but bloody hell went there the 2nd time already and the car park system really CMI! going into carpark gotta que for more than half hour even though the que was not that long and once pass the barrier and into the carpark there were quite a number of lots available and lots of empty reserve lots for hybrid cars and electric cars! NB reserve so many for what? Going out was the worse as i park at B4 and from there have to jam all the way untill level 1 as have to wait for the upper levels cars go out first and i estimate that took about almost 1 hr!!! and many ppl TL untill anyhow horn hundreds of vehicle stuck there for soo much time and churning out all those exhaust gases would have negate all those green stuffs they claim to have done rite? Really want to shoot the company and ppl who design the carpark system I think all those time spend waiting i rather go over the causeway and shop and eat and pump all at a better price!
  25. I was stuck on the slope. think some car have difficulty climbing the slope. anyone knows what happen? a fully loaded smaller cc car? but to be fair to the car, the floor was pretty wet.