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Found 55 results

  1. StreetFight3r

    Marina Bay Sands will build a 4th tower

    The three-tower Marina Bay Sands will become four towers in the future. Erecting another On April 3, the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) announced that MBS will be adding a fourth tower as part of a S$9 billion project to build world-class attractions to breathe new life into existing ones in Singapore. The fourth tower will feature approximately 1,000 all-suite rooms, a sky roof with a swimming pool as well as a signature restaurant. The new project will be located right next to MBS. A timeline for the completion of the resort’s expansion is not yet available. https://mothership.sg/2019/04/mbs-4-towers/?fbclid=IwAR1TwrPE0wwFz53rvCzt7twUXD_zqAxMGU41fAJWx4_Ac0SWdHEs0bbv-OE
  2. ChaosMyth

    2018 Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

    SINGAPORE: It's that time of the year where you spot random people toting giant plush toys on the MRT. That's right, the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival is back in town, offering more than the chance to win an over-sized toy unicorn, a rainbow lion or a pug with doe eyes. The carnival - touted as Singapore's biggest - opened its doors to the public on Saturday (Dec 22) with 22 rides, three of them new. Notably, prices for most rides have been lowered this year, with the exception of that for the Mach 5 which is priced at 14 tokens. And if you’re worried about long lines, here's a quick cheat sheet on what's worth the wait. 1. Freak Out/Spring Break A new addition to the carnival, this ride starts off easy, but at full throttle, it’s a heart-stopping thrill. Not knowing which or what way you’ll be spinning, while plunging down face-forward definitely adds to the exhilaration. Just remember to keep your game face on at all times – the ride's seating arrangement allows full view of your fellow riders and their scream faces. 2. Wave Swinger This new ride is as family friendly as they come. It was flown in from Italy for the first time to Southeast Asia and features mural panels of iconic Singapore landmarks such as Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands. But be warned, it quickens to an exciting spin after a couple of slow and steady beginning rounds. Perfect reason for dating couples to cling on to each other. 3. Jumper Jumper An experience that would make 90s hip-hop duo Kris Kross so proud, this turned out to be the most unexpected ride of the lot. Incredibly harmless to start before descending into a series of stomach-churning twists, turns and giant hops. Imagine jumping and spinning around on an office chair. 4. The Star Flyer No visit to the carnival is complete without an Insta-friendly shot of the neon-lit Star Flyer which rises almost poetically amongst the steely backdrop of CBD buildings. It moves at a slower pace than the Wave Swinger. 5. Mach 5 Still the most expensive ride in the carnival at 14 tokens, but definitely worth going on for a stomach-dropping spin. Hop on the impressive 55m-tall monster mechanical arm for a great view of Singapore at its peak, before plunging down at 130 kmh and finishing off with 360-degree flips. Pro-tip: Don’t gorge at the food stands before you get on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Llhmk5_tF8I 6. S$3 million worth of carnival prizes Tossing a ring on a bottle, flinging a hoop over a Carebear or knocking a trio of milk jugs down with a ball – it all sounds easy but let's just say the games look deceptively simple. They actually require some strategy, skill and a whole lot of luck. If you do manage to score a giant unicorn or banana plushie, a Yoda doll or a sequinned doughnut – remember to hoist it on your shoulders so everyone knows you're a champion. There's also a grand lucky draw with a S$10,000 prize. 7. Food, glorious food The food on offer isn't your usual carnival fare of hot dogs, candy floss and popcorn. You can get a bucket of meatballs (chicken or beef) from Sofnade heaped on twister fries and potato mash topped with cheese sauce and cranberry (S$12) or a bucket of milk tea or lemonade (S$7). There's also an assortment of churros flavours – ondeh ondeh, Oreo, chilli crab, salted egg from Loco Loco (S$6 a cup). For those who need a bigger carb-hit, SingaIndo serves up various Indomie dishes including Aburi shrimp mentaiko, a super-spicy sambal gila, Thai basil and cheesy cheese. The carnival will be open from 4pm to 11pm daily save Jan 18, Jan 24 and Feb 15, 2019 and runs all the way till Mar 24. It is just a stone's throw away from Bayfront MRT station.
  3. Atrecord

    Fire at One Marina Blvd

    Heard got fire at One Marina Blvd. People evacuated and walked down the office building...
  4. Surprise no one saw this? How true? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04Jg1XhzPmI
  5. Picnic06-Biante15

    How to go to Marina Barrage

    Need to attend a dinner at Marina Barrage Gallery Cafe and would like to seek assistant on how to drive there and where is the entrance to the said place. From ECP or Marina Square? Thanks.
  6. Marina Bay cruise centre plagued by gridlock due to swell of passengers when ships Swell of passengers when ships dock can cause a bottleneck of vehicles - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/transport/story/marina-bay-cruise-centre-plagued-gridlock-due-swell-passengers-when-s#sthash.InNtQPKs.dpuf Swell of passengers when ships dock can cause a bottleneck of vehicles Travellers disembarking from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in January. Passengers at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore have complained about long waits at the immigration checkpoints, and for taxis. -- ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM By Melissa Lin Traffic on the roads around the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore (MBCCS) came to a standstill last Thursday when two large cruise ships docked at the passenger seaport on the same morning. Between them, the luxury liner Queen Mary II of the Cunard Cruise Line and Voyager of the Seas, operated by Royal Caribbean International, can take more than 5,000 passengers. It created a bottleneck of vehicles arriving and going. Though Thursday's incident was especially protracted, traffic congestion is one of a string of problems to plague MBCCS since it began operations in May 2012. Passengers have complained about long waits at the immigration checkpoints, and for taxis. - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/transport/story/marina-bay-cruise-centre-plagued-gridlock-due-swell-passengers-when-s#sthash.InNtQPKs.dpuf -Source: Straits Times. Travellers disembarking from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in January. Passengers at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore have complained about long waits at the immigration checkpoints, and for taxis. -- ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/transport/story/marina-bay-cruise-centre-plagued-gridlock-due-swell-passengers-when-s#sthash.InNtQPKs.dpuf Marina Bay cruise centre plagued by gridlock due to swell of passengers when ships dock - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/transport/story/marina-bay-cruise-centre-plagued-gridlock-due-swell-passengers-when-s#sthash.InNtQPKs.dpuf Marina Bay cruise centre plagued by gridlock due to swell of passengers when ships dock - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/transport/story/marina-bay-cruise-centre-plagued-gridlock-due-swell-passengers-when-s#sthash.InNtQPKs.dpuf
  7. Have you missed the NDP ? No, I actually love the fireworks more than the NDP. Here goes , enjoy ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1Y7azWJOwU
  8. July 23, 2005 by SOCI. This would be hilarious if it wasn
  9. I mean without the F1 walkabout pass we still can go there walk walk. Want to catch a glimpse of the F1 cars on action. Any lobang where can see beside Marina Square? From the circuit map I think a good place to be will be the bridge across Marina Square and Millenia Walk. Do you think they will block it off? Cos it is public area for shoppers to cross over so they cannot block right.
  10. Darthrevan

    Body found @ Marina Bay

  11. With five lanes on each direction, the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) can carry up to 10,000 cars an hour. The aim is to ease congestion on the ECP, and serve as an alternative to link up the various expressways. But did it really help? http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/article.php?AID=9169
  12. http://www.straitstimes.com/Latest%2BNews/...ory_143011.html $2.5b for such a short expressway!!! Interesting.. and part of it will be under the seabed.. And also announced part of KPE will be open on 26 Oct this year!! Hurray!! Hopefully less jams with the opening of KPE.
  13. F1 wannabes or the F1 drivers themselves on a warm-up race for the impending night race? Anyway the grainy footage did not really showed much and the two super cars did not seem to be racing at high speed IMO but if they really were racing, good luck to the well-being of both the racers - just do not drag any innocent parties into harm's way in your silly quest to come up tops in order to satisfy your personal ego. From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...rrari_race.html Posted on 24 May 2012 Fast-car drivers still at it: Lambo and Ferrari race at Marina Bay in broad daylight STOMPer Victor spotted a Lamborghini and a Ferrari racing at breakneck speed in broad daylight at Marina Bay on May 21. The STOMPer wrote: "I spotted a Lamborghini and a Ferrari racing in front of the Esplanade towards City Hall and Shenton Way on May 21, 2012 at 3.58pm. "A video of the race was uploaded on YouTube and the police had been called up. "However, my friend said he still saw the Ferrari on the road as if nothing had happened. Its engine was still revving! "I think our police can't do anything to the high flyers." On May 17, DPM Teo had made a comment on his personal facebook page telling the traffic police to be tougher on speeding and reckless driving. His comment was made in light of the three-vehicle crash at Rochor Road that killed three and left two injured. Video footage of the Rochor crash shows the Ferrari running a red light at the road junction and hitting a taxi, which then hit a motorcycle. The accident happened at around 4.08am on May 12. Images 1 to 19 in the gallery below are of the Ferrari and Lamborghini race at Marina Bay while the rest of the gallery features photos of the three-vehicle crash at Rochor Road.
  14. Duckie1979


    As per topic.. Do PM me for details.. Period of stay: 23 Nov - 22 Dec.. Cheers!
  15. Panerex77

    Marina Bay Sands Grand Ballroom

    If i need to go to MBS Grand Ballroom, which carpark shd i park at? At the MBS Hotel's, or the Marina Bay Convention Centre's? I would like to park at the one where the rate is $6 per entry after 6pm on weekday. Thanks in advance.
  16. World's first curved double helix bridge opens at Marina Bay on April 24 Posted: 21 April 2010 1321 hrs SINGAPORE: The world's first curved double helix pedestrian bridge will open to the public on April 24 from 9.30pm. Located at Marina Bay, the pedestrian bridge will connect Marina Centre to the Bayfront area. The bridge will also lead to the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort when phase 2 of the IR opens this June. For motorists, there will be a new vehicular bridge located just beside the double helix bridge. Vehicles can pass through this new road from 3pm on April 25. The Youth Olympic Park located at the entrance of the bridge will also open on Saturday. National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan will officially open both bridges and the Youth Olympic Park at 8pm on April 24. The event will be opened to the public and those interested can head down to the seating gallery at Marina Bay's floating platform. The opening ceremony will feature a series of performances and a two-minute pyrotechnic display. - CNA
  17. Hi fellas, Anybody know if valet parking is offered at Marina Mandarin, Conrad Hotel or any other hotels within walking distance to Suntec? Got a full day of events at Suntec tomorrow from dawn till past dusk, and am thinking of flat-rate valet parking at the abovementioned hotels to save on parking costs. Any info on the flat-rate valet parking fees at these hotels would be very useful. Any advice? :) Thanks much.
  18. http://www.spf.gov.sg/mic/2010/101229_trafarr_countdown.htm Large crowds and heavy vehicular traffic are expected around Marina Bay and Esplanade for the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 10/11 on New Year
  19. Creatorhk

    Mac monopoly marina bay

    Hi, need a marina bay card, m321 or m322 to win. If u have pls contact me, cash half half.
  20. Ahtong

    Slashing incident at Marina?

    It is rumoured that another slashing has occured at Marina area and the deceased is a 30+ years old PRC.
  21. This event may interest some enthusiasts out there. http://www.flamezgraphics.com/Dexperience.html Basically three of the Formula Drift Singapore team drifters from Falken will be conducting a full day drift class for beginners. Just got this in my email today, thought i'll share it with fellow enthusiasts. Option of renting a drift car or bringing your own (ideally) RWD manual car. Sounds like some serious tyre burning fun, heehee...
  22. hope someone can help me out looking for lunch buffet for 7 friday budget $50 cant seem to find info i need online so hope u kind bros here can help basically requirement normal class restaurant or hotel with good food
  23. Bonafidestack

    Charity Carwash @ Raffles Marina

    Hi, to all the fellow MCF members!!! SMU sailing club & Autohub Grooming have organize a charity car wash at Raffles Marina, 10 Tuas West Drive Singapore 638404. This meaningful charity event will be held on this coming Sunday, 22 of August 2010, 12pm-4pm. All products they use are proudly sponsor by Autohub grooming, And the products is from Autoglym. Be it you are driving a hatchback, sedan, MPV,SUV, sports, lorry,van, trucks,porsche, ferrari, tata or QQ. ALL CAR ARE PRICED $10/CAR !!! The fellow SMU student may not be a pro in grooming but with guidance from autohub grooming, they can do a pretty good job! So come down and support them this sunday, bring ur family, girlfriends, dogs and most importantly. Your cars. And all the funds they have collected will all proceed to the disable sailor in singapore. See ya there!!!
  24. SINGAPORE : The first person to be accused of committing a crime at Marina Bay Sands since it opened a week ago was charged in court on Monday. Malaysian hairstylist Tey Chin Wei, 18, allegedly stole real estate agent Tan Hwee Leng