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    How to invest my money

    Oh well, just clear ur mind and ur thots. If religion is your chosen path, so be it. Point is, don't chase la......
  2. Zangetsu77

    How to invest my money

    Don't do anything with your money. Seriously. Sometimes, when you try too hard, you get detrimental results. Just take your mind off making money, forget about tomorrow, and sometimes the correct path will present itself to you. Take some time off to do self reflection and seek deeper meaning. I'm doing that everyday currently.
  3. Zangetsu77

    How to invest my money

    Eeehhh.... Carrera ah sumbody!!!
  4. Zangetsu77

    GTR language conversion

    Personally, i'm not convinced by any of the aftermarket SST clutch packs available. I know a bro who has done a SSP upgrade for the SST, but if u follow the GTR experience for the SSP, it's generally not satisfactory. Another bro drives a tuned 500HP GTII 7460 and his ride is well balanced on the overall, on stock SST transmission. There's an increasing school of thought that with proper tuning, the stock SST clutch should suffice. GTII 7460 ideally should be mated to a higher displacement Evo engine. Was told there is a non-HKS 2.4L aftermarket stroker kit currently for the E10. Manual may still be the way to go until reliable SST upgrade technology hits the market. GTR turbo upgrades will be more pricey. You need mirror image turbos, and typically turbos are manufactured in one of the images, not both. It's always the less common mirror image that costs discrepantly more. GTR is good for the low end (no lag) and the high speed. Once on the move, a well tuned Evo or STI should be able to keep up under most circumstances on the road.
  5. Zangetsu77

    Pink cars only for gals?

    Of coz... I managed to sneak into the pit crew area... These cars machiam like engine open into atmosphere type of feeling, when the car drive past i actually clutch my ears in pain... Makes a plain decat feel soooo legit...
  6. Zangetsu77

    Pink cars only for gals?

    This one was the drag car right? Took part in Mettle Games too? Had seen it in one of the car magazines i think. But strictly, it's not pink-pink, coz the bonnet is carbon fibre black.
  7. Zangetsu77

    Pink cars only for gals?

    The Pink GTR is driven by a car enthuasist and the color motif is modelled after the Donut King car in Australia if i understand correctly. It competed in Mettle Games drag race not so long ago. There's also a Yellow GTR which i encountered during one of my night walks, . I've also seen Matt Blue and Matt Black. Sometime back i think someone was Metallic Green but he crashed i wuz told... Too bad no more Power Rangers formation... Pink Evo IXs got 2 right? I wuz parked next to one of them not so long ago... Almost took a pic titled 'Banana and Strawberry, A Story of 9 and 10'. Pink Evo X still haven't encountered, though i think somebody has it. Pink would look good, if it could be made to look like pink petals in a snow white background.... The concept 'Thousand Sakuras Falling In The Snow'. Though i think the actual workmanship to do the paint/stickers properly would cost like... S$20K??!?!? Assuming it could actually be done...
  8. Zangetsu77

    GTR language conversion

    Twin clutch transmissions can be broken down into: 1. Clutch pack complex (clutch, seals etc. etc.) 2. Gears (1st to 6th/7th) 3. Transmission control unit Can get the aftermarket Dodson clutch pack for the R35. There's a 12 plate and 14 plate clutch pack (stock is 10 plate i think), and it's distributed to the various local tuners i believe. Sometimes the gears blow, and there's PPG heavy duty gears (1st to 6th) designed for drag, again available to all tuners. Each gear costs at least S$2K i think. Most pple will only need the clutch pack and 1st gear, coz 2nd gear onwards the probability of damage is lower on the street. The 14 plate + 1st gear can tolerate those 800WHP, > 1000NM set-ups for street driving. Easily can do sub-3.0s 0-100km/h timing. For the purists, there's separately a 6th gear mod which gives high final drive ratio, and allows a sufficiently high HP car to attain 370km/h region. The transmission control unit has rarely been damaged for the GTR to my limited knowledge. Assuming a stock transmission for the R35 is 'blown', in the worst case the full stock transmission from Borg-Warner (which must be obtained thru Nissan Japan) will cost S$20K. If salvageable, aftermarket parts are still better. For the Evo X SST, stock is best still. The same arrangement exists for the Gertrag, get thru Mitsubishi Japan. Also S$20K. Unfortunately here's no reliable aftermarket clutch pack or gears for the SST to my knowledge, otherwise i will run a GTII set-up daily, maxed out. Just my 1 cent knowledge. Need to go to the respective forums to get ask the gurus. I just the usual GR client who don't scrutinize the bills.
  9. Zangetsu77

    GTR language conversion

    It's not possible yet. You can go to NAGTROC for more information, there's where the GTR community hangs out. Hope you can unlock the Maria Ozawa module though. It's only available in JDM... WAHAHAHA!!!
  10. "CR" means doing a rights issue but not yet completed i think.
  11. When i was 28 years old, i knew of a British tech boom tycoon who made a few hundred million pounds by the time he was 23 years old. When i was in university, another tech boom beneficiary contemporary of mine had already changed 2 Ferraris, added 1 Lambo and in addition a condo in town (Sentosa didn't "exist" then). Then, i also know of people who only made it big in their 30s, some only made it big in their 40s, some only made it big in their 50s, 60s, 70s etc..... We all have different opportunities, different training, different aptitudes, different exposure in life etc. But u gotta make it work well for u, otherwise at the end of the day, u'd still be left with nothing. Don't bother with other people. Focus on yourself. Envy is a monster. Life is not solely about money. Stick with your approach, and you'd be surprised where you get one day. A lot of the Forbes top pple who stay there don't get there young. Get there quickly, may fall off quickly also. Look at the Japanese last time, now got the Chinese... Buffett still there ya? He's soooo old!!! But he has his own consistent approach, for sure... Bill Gates only focuses on his business and making it work, and he's still there. And when you look at Singapore, it's also no different...
  12. Bro, no shame at all! If you rationalize and you are convinced, then stick with it. I am bearish, but i may be wrong. Each mistake or success irregardless must be a learning experience. If i got it wrong, why? If i got it right, why? I systematically and constantly review my overall position these days, and that's in totality. These days i also review whether it fits into my broader scheme of things and my life. When i was 23 years old, a lot of my peers thought i was mad to invest shortly after the tech bubble burst in 2001. I really didn't have a system then, i had just had gut feel, and when Osama executed 9/11 then, i tell u, my balls really shrank big time and i recalled every single guy/gal who diistinctly told me off, their faces literally flashed in front of my eyes. I still distinctly remember seeing the footage, when i was much younger, leaner and single, at Orchard Cineleisure with my date, seeing those planes crash, seeing the Twin Towers in flame, and it was evening time in Singapore. The next trading day once i could get online, i was selling like a fool, and i think there was some trading halt at some point in time then. At 10am, some of the shares i sold was at their historic cheapest ever. Now that was GREED and FEAR exemplified. If you look back, 9/11 effectively triggered the market bottom then. Back then I had bought TPV Tech bcoz i thought it was a really good company at 40.5 cents average cost. I sold it at 33.5 cents average cost. They did 1:4 stock splits along the way i think, and at it's peak it was effectively like S$8 based on my original holdings per share something in like 2005 or 2006 (they started as no. 2 LCD maker in the world and eventually overtook Samsung). Nevertheless, as shortsighted as i was then i re-entered at 50 cents (humbly swallowed my pride) and sold it around 70 to 80 cents feeling like a king then. But today, they have probably past their peak. So for all investments, there is a definite entry and exit point, and the old school Buffett style (as far as i am concerned) may not work anymore in our high frequency, programmed trading, liquidity driven era (Mebbe if Buffett reads this he'll just roll over laughing). After SARS, i reflected on my mistakes, i bought STI ETF using my CPF monies, sold it in early 2006 and wasn't particularly satisfied. Again lack of patience, excessive GREED. Absolute quantum made like a 5 figure sum in CPF, in relative terms it was good for a 2 year investment, though at the bottom of my heart, i just wanted millions then, so it would never have been enough. During Bird Flu in 2006, i thought Doomsday lai liao!!! Bought STI put warrants thinking market will crash. When it did not, i stubbornly refused to cut loss, just thought that it will happen somehow!! Complete write-off. During Lehman's, short the market again... Made and made until bottom, still cannot identify, just carry on shorting... Became a zero sum game... After that, dis-illusioned and went to buy properties, good ole fashioned... Market rallied surprisingly out of Lehman's, but many a times, stressed, want to sell, but no buyer... Prices just kept going up... Then i realized that the illiquidity is both a blessing and a curse in disguise. Stocks - very liquid, buy high-sell low, easy to make mistakes, but when shyt really hits the fan, can still get out fast. Both my remisiers, one never forgets Asian Financial Crisis, lost everything for 3 years but still recovered as a bungalow staying, 8 figure net worth, full time watch collecting and part time golfing snr exec of a soon-to-be delisted brokerage, one held S$1m overnight thru 9/11, but still recovered. The key thing here is, always left an escape route, an exit strategy. Fundamentally and intrinsically, always live to fight another day... During Euro-zone debt crisis, i whacked OSIM at 69.5 cents when even the company share buyback couldn't support the price at 70 cents. Balls still felt like it was shrinking, i was doing reservist, i called my good fren who was also a retail investor and he just lost his mind... But the best trade to date. One day, i sat down and reflected extensively, and developed my own system to manage myself. Not just on a rational level, but also on an emotional level. A system that i internalize and refine, practically like a way of life. I still make mistakes, but i am increasingly clear on what i do. And i believe it is the clarity and control that will guide you over the years...
  13. Bro... No offence... But HOPE is dangerous in the markets, with or without leverage. I know a nice old gentlemen who had an mid 8 figure net worth, largely in cash. Dude had lotsa HOPE for USD when it started crashing back in the good ole Lehman's days. Dude was "wiped out", and only left with a few paid up landed houses worth i estimate about S$20m in today's dollar value (worth a lot less when he was "wiped out"). Imagine when DBS assimilated POSB, the shares hit like a peak of S$28 back in the late 90s on euphoria and retail investors actually bought then. If one HOPEs that one day the equity value will be realized and beat inflation in addition, then they really HOPE long long, like people who cling on to "en-bloc" apartments with the HOPE that they will be able to sell it at their target PSF... Yes they can... but after how long?? S$2000 psf today may be the HDB prices of the future, and if Singapore experiences deflation, S$200 psf may also be possible. Japan in 1990. So much HOPE. Nikkei peaked. Investors, institutions, even SWFs bought billions of USD of land and properties and equities in the 80s, saw it go up several times and then go down forever after that. Even until today, heavyweight financial players opt to choose default and foreclosure as opposed to honoring their real estate commitments in Japan. So, HOPE can be really dangerous. One has to take a view, learn to cut loss, learn to take profits and learn how to manage GREED and FEAR. HOPE is worse than GREED because it implies the irrational loss of FEAR. Your position - you must be comfortable with it, no matter whether market swings up, market swings down, market swings up and down and market is just flat flat flat... So rationalize, take charge, and form a consistent approach. Nobody is always right, but the long term winner is the guy who consistently refines and improves his approach. Just my... 1-cent opinion...
  14. Watch the US market. Dow can't rally forever, and USD can't keep falling. In fact, USD index has rebounded back to the 75+ level, only to soften on positive French data today. The world simply can't function on a zero value US dollar, so at some point, the "value" must be "re-created". It's too easy for Bernanke and Obama to engineer a risk off environment, tank commodities, tank equities, force the market to cover back their USD shorts and create USD strength before embarking justifiably on QEIII. Think about it. Effectively, the market ends up paying USA directly for their liabilities. And the market refers to everyone caught in the unwinding - retail investors, uncles/aunties, hedge funds, institutions, but definitely not the "inner circle". Conspiracy theory.
  15. Zangetsu77

    Banks Home Loan

    Theoretically banks can increase their lending margins even if SOR/SIBOR remains low. With less properties being transacted on the overall, the fastest way for banks collectively to increase their margins is to increase the margin on the new housing loans, even though the cost of funds to them remains unchanged. This directly increases bank margins, which from an investment viewpoint, is also good for the banks. There are foreign analysts who are less optimistic about Singapore banking sector compared to other Asian banks because Singapore banks traditionally depend on housing loans for their income, and the low lending rates cause margin compression. This will also help to control property prices, because it don't matter if SIBOR or SOR is 0% if all banks charge 3% + SIBOR/SOR. Though fundamentally it's not free economics (it's like price fixing actually hehe), but hey, it's no different from petrol prices which always rise faster than oil prices even without adjusting for SGD appreciation. It still feels like i'm paying 50% more V-Power today for some strange reason. I wonder if MAS can mandate or "strongly encourage" banks to do this? Anyone has any thoughts? Though don't get me wrong, i'm not saying i endorse this idea, actually i hate it, but I'm just thinking that this might just be too easy and convenient from them to implement? Give me 0% downpayment, no seller stamp duties, low interest rates anytime man... Like China in the earlier days... Got cash rebate after 0% downpayment even betta! Then i will go shoopppinn' again!!!