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Found 20 results

  1. knn .... recce already then come back ... and again ...
  2. show-off or forced with no choice?? seems like no proof...duno what she "stolen" too... NSFW...
  3. Mllcg

    13 alr kena caught stealing.

    SINGAPORE: Police have arrested two youths, both aged 13, in connection with a robbery case at Tampines Central. On 3rd June, at about 4pm, a young victim was playing at the arcade when the two suspects confronted him. They allegedly took the victim's wallet containing two game cards and a bunch of keys before fleeing. With the help of CCTV footage, officers from the Tampines Neighbourhood Police Centre arrested one of the suspects on Wednesday evening. Following this, his accomplice was also caught. - CNA/xq http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singap...for/709596.html
  4. Jman888

    Stealing emblems off cars

    we used to do that when i was young many many many years ago. The favorite car was Mitsubishi then (duno why Mit, we even take the word out ) , so when i could find anymore Mitsubishi emblem in Singapore (apparently many people were stealing!), i went to KL and came back with about 20-30 of them [sweatdrop] Didn't know they still do it now, you can buy them off the shelve now.
  5. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...it-bus-20130117 A 27-year-old man was charged in a district court on Thursday with stealing an SBS Transit bus. Mohamed Rafiq Mohamed Basir allegedly stole the $302,639 bus at Buona Vista bus terminal between 9.06pm and 9.24pm on Jan 9. He is also accused of driving the vehicle when he had no Class 4 driving licence and driving without insurance coverage. Bail of $15,000 was allowed and he will be back in court on Feb 7. If convicted of theft, he could be jailed for up to seven years, fined and banned from driving. For driving without a licence, he could be fined up to $1,000 or jailed for up to three months. For the insurance offence, the maximum penalty is a $1,000 fine and three months' jail.
  6. And you thought you have heard or seen it all... [shocked] From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1208639/1/.html Man charged with stealing rifle at Pasir Laba Camp By Alvina Soh | Posted: 19 June 2012 1951 hrs
  7. French tourist fined for stealing $32,800 handbag AsiaOne Wednesday, Sep 19, 2012 SINGAPORE - A French tourist has been fined $8,000 for the theft of a luxury handbag from a Marina Bay Sands (MBS) store. Olivia Lemercier Maurice, 42, was on holiday with her family in Singapore when she stole the Ralph Lauren Ricky Alligator 33 branded bag worth $32,800 at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. She pleaded guilty to the theft of the honey brown-coloured bag last Wednesday. The police had received a report of the theft on July 30. The mother of two was subsequently arrested at Changi Airport after preliminary investigations. According to The Straits Times, the prosecution asked for a jail sentence due to the high value of the item stolen. However, her lawyer Raymond Lye asked for a fine instead as the French national was suffering from kleptomania, an impulsive disorder to steal things, at that time. He said the theft was an impulsive act due to the illness. Mr Lye also added that the 42-year-old homemaker had spent a week in remand. He argued that it would be unjust to give her a jail instead of probation just because she was a foreigner. After the sentencing, Maurice flew back to France with her husband. She could have been given a sentence of up to three years' jail and a fine. wjeanne@sph.com.sg
  8. video His hand looks to have been broken................. not right if you ask me. Just a kid.
  9. SINGAPORE: A 19-year-old student has been given probation for stealing from an Universal Studio locker. Joel Teo Jie'Ao and his girlfriend Candy Han had hired an electronic locker at Sentosa's Universal Studio theme park on June 7. But due to a technical fault in the system, the door of another locker - with valuables inside - popped open. The pair could have reported the matter to the park staff. Instead, they decided to help themselves to the valuables in the locker which had been hired by Madam Lim Leh Kuan. Teo and Han, who is unemployed, made off with items including cash and a hand-held game worth more than S$2,000 in all. For theft, Teo on Friday was given a year's probation and has to perform 100 hours of community service. Twenty-six-year-old Han, who admitted to the offence in June, was sentenced to a month's jail. She was jailed for five months last year when she was convicted on two counts of theft in another incident. The court heard that on the day of the theft at the Sentosa theme park, Madam Lim, a 66-year-old housewife, had placed her belongings inside her locker, located near "the Mummy" ride. About 20 minutes later, she returned to find her valuables missing from the locker. She informed the police and security officers managed to track down the two thieves after viewing closed-circuit television footages of the area. All of the stolen items were successfully recovered. - CNA/fa Whatever happen to 拾金不昧?
  10. Police in Munich have put a stop to a ring of thieves that included BMW employees who were stealing car parts from the factory and selling them on the black market. Authorities say that the gang stole over
  11. Many ppl are afraid to go Malaysia with their ride, so sharing some "rumors" or techniques stories as collected from Malaysia business partners, from JB to KL. 1) Break in, cut yr alarm wire and drive away. too many stories we haerd of. 2) Tow yr car away. To some arrogant Singaporean, they always think Malaysians are lousy in parking as they always head in first. This is actually a deterrent method to disable car thieves from towing their car away. Car head in than turn yr steering wheel, so yr car will not be able to be towed in a straight line. as too many stories been heard of 3) Yr car alarm activated and u see nothing wrong with your car. Do not disarm yr car from a distance and walk away. The high tech thieves have a receiver to "read" yr alarm signal. So when u walkway, they will already have your car alarm signal. They will disarm with their set and drive away. as much as we want to believe our immobilizer works, it doesnt anymore, they have ways to disable it. a customer got his 2009 Merc stolen in this way, this is the most popular way in KL. 4) No point hiding yr laptops in the boot. Now they have a detector that is capable of reading whatever electronic stuff u has in the boot. The only way to avoid been read is to bring yr stuff along with u or totally take out the electronic's battery. also quite common in kl. 5) Tires punctured. Do not fix yr punctured tires in the carpark. Drive to a bright and crowded area to do it. Some robbers, release yr tires air and wit for u in the dark. Once u starts to replace yr tires, they will rob you. common in JB please don correct my england, its a long list, i am sharing info and showcasing my grammer and england power. if its eye sore, please aviod reading. but by the time u read till here, its too late for you. wohoooooooooooo please add on other techniques u have heard of. than again if you are that worry, don drive in.
  12. SINGAPORE : The first person to be accused of committing a crime at Marina Bay Sands since it opened a week ago was charged in court on Monday. Malaysian hairstylist Tey Chin Wei, 18, allegedly stole real estate agent Tan Hwee Leng
  13. This couple was reportedly caught on camera stealing an iPhone. According to the girl whose iPhone was stolen, she had seen the couple at Far East Plaza. She was talking on her iPhone when the girl entered her shop to browse the items. In an e-mail to citizen journalism website STOMP, the sales lady said she placed her iPhone under the counter as she would normally do and went to serve her. When she returned to the counter, the phone was missing. The boy was caught the next day but the girl was released. The owner of the newly bought iPhone voiced her frustration at not being able to get it back as the boy claimed he had already sold it. This what she had to say: "I had only gotten the phone for 3 days. "The girl should be caught and punished."
  14. http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?mkt=en-sg&...bc-ba002d76a0c5
  15. If today is World Stealing Day what would you steal from your best friend? Share your answers with MCFers
  16. Gdspd08

    Stealing 10 Tin Of Milk Powder

  17. April 9, 2008 Teen given 12-month probation for abusing teacher By Elena Chong, Court Correspondent A YOUTH who swore at his teacher for confiscating his MP3 player in class was placed on 12 months' probation on Wednesday. Jeremy Tan Wei Liang, who turned 18 last week, will have to do 60 hours of community service and attend counselling sessions to address his anger management problem. His mother was bonded for $2,000 to ensure his good behaviour. Tan, who is working as a temporary construction worker, pleaded guilty earlier in January to using abusive words on a teacher with intent to cause her distress on April 26 last year. Tan's classmate was caught listening to music during class that day and the teacher promptly confiscated the player which belonged to Tan. Tan then confronted the teacher, who refused to return the MP3 player to him. He then used his finger to point at her nose and scolded her. He even went through her bag to search for it and continued hurling abusive words and vulgarities in Hokkien at her. Community Court judge May Mesenas told Tan to change his abusive behaviour. 'I hope this will be a lesson learnt for you,' she told him. Tan has since written a letter of apology to the teacher concerned. His mother, Madam Lim Hoon Har, told reporters outside court that her son made a mistake and had to bear the consequence. A happy and relieved Tan said: 'I feel better. I have changed.' The N-level holder wants to be a tattoo artist. http://www.straitstimes.com/Latest%2BNews/...ory_225372.html 12 months plus community work.... more siong then pervert stealing undies. haiz... tattoo artist waste time. he's better off stealing 400+ undies and selling them online. confirm ready buyers like Porker RadX NKPS
  18. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singapor...nt.jsp?id=16376
  19. BT-24 Jan 2008 Under Computer Misuse Act, they could face up to 20 years in jail, fine up to $125,000 By CONRAD RAJ (SINGAPORE) In an unprecedented action, seven former Citibankers were hauled into court yesterday to face a combined total of 1,223 charges, largely for stealing clients' information before joining rival banks and thereby allegedly violating sections of the Computer Misuse Act. The charges are said to have arisen from a complaint filed by Citibank with the police and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) after six of the seven defected from the bank in mid-2006 to join rival banks, including Switzerland's UBS Bank. All seven had been servicing high net worth clients with Citibank, with investments ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars to over $10 million. Citibank had earlier taken out civil proceedings against several of the seven charged, for having sent or taken confidential information via their computers. The US bank had in its suits alleged that some of the bankers had urged their rich clients to jump ship, taking about S$50 million of business to UBS. Those now charged in court include former Citibank branch manager Jonathan Seah, 44, and six others. They are former relationship managers Carel Low Siok Liang, 33; Wendy Quek Lien Lien, 30; Jelene Lee Kit Peng, 34; Esther Lim Siew May, 31; and Lydia Koh Meng Yang, 28. Each of them faces between three and 264 charges. Also charged was Low's assistant, service relationship manager Valarie Lim Ming Huey. They are alleged to have either accessed Citibank's computers without authorisation to get information or sent files containing customer information to email addresses outside the company. As some of the charges are under the enhanced provisions of the Computer Misuse Act, those so charged could face up to 20 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $125,000. Several of the charges were under the Banking Act, while one of the accused was charged with destroying evidence. They are said to have acted in three separate groups independently of each other. While the names of some of Citibank's clients were said to have appeared on the charge sheets, the court ordered that they not be made public. Seah, who was one of those who joined UBS in 2006, is said to have left the Swiss bank the same year for undisclosed reasons. He had been accused by Citibank of having sent confidential information, including details of customers and their investments, an organisational chart of the bank and personal appraisals of at least seven staff, to his personal email address. The bank had said that Seah had breached his contract and pointed out that the majority of the emails were sent a day before his resignation, the day itself and the day after. Esther Lim was accused by Citibank of forwarding confidential customer information to Seah including names, addresses, contact numbers, the value of assets and breakdown of investments before she left the bank. According to a Citibank spokesman, all the civil suits were 'favourably' settled during the course of last year. The accused were said to have compensated the bank. When it filed the civil suits, Citibank had said: 'The privacy of customer, proprietary or confidential information is one of our highest priorities. We will always act to protect the privacy of such information.' UBS, three of whose employees (Wendy Quek, Jelene Lee and Lydia Koh) were among the seven charged yesterday, is said to have placed the three under suspension pending the outcome of the case. A spokeswoman said: 'It is not appropriate for us to comment on this as it is a personal matter between the individuals and the authorities.' The unprecedented action by the authorities may put a curb on poaching of private bankers and others, especially professionals like lawyers, observers said.
  20. http://es.motorfull.com/2007/01/05/lancer-evolution-ix/