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Found 312 results

  1. Glyuen

    Chery QQ reviews ONLY

    Want to start a new thread about QQ for the benefit of all. The 20plus page thread on QQ has lots of OT and other comments. This thread is only for MCFers who have personally test-drove the QQ before and bother to give a detailed review. Pls keep it clean... For a start, I will extract posts from the 20plus page QQ thread over.
  2. http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/...413-339606.html I personally do not use POSB, I find that it not only inconvenience low-income earners but also to everyone else especially when you need to buy something small. When a lot of ppl wanna pay for a bowl of $3 noodles with a $50 note how is the hawker gonna come up with so much change? UOB ATMs at least has an option of minimum $80 withdrawal which has a mix of 3 x $10 and 1 x $50. The next option is $200 btw. MAS is printing more $50 dan $10? So difficult to squeeze $10 notes into the ATMs as it takes up more space and hold lesser value dan $50 notes? The cash escorts make less trips if the ATMs are stuffed with $50 notes? Diesel expensive or the COE for the trucks transporting the cash too expensive? OMG, gahment's fault again . Knn, how not to drift the topic to gahment...again? I hope the ppl working at the banks can be smarter dan studying the "cash withdraw pattern" from a machine and give ppl more options coz there's not much to begin with.
  3. mcpd001

    Unfollowed topic

    testing only
  4. But it's only a knuckle cut, though. Not the prized prime-rib or tenderloin. But given that those 2 are ~$130 per kg, I think the knuckle is fine enough. Going to cook it later tonight..... Found it at NTUC Finest in Clementi. Saw that the guy selling it has 'Culina' on his apron. Culina should be the one selling all the gourmet food stuff in dempsey ba? Maybe I'll check again.... Bought nearly half a KG. Going to cook it...BLUE! WOOOooooo
  5. Question on motor insurance policy. If your own insurance allows you to go to approved workshops only (does not include AD workshop), does it mean: In the case where you are claiming 100% against another car, you can still go to any workshop (including AD workshop), since ur using another car's insurance? I am deciding between 2 insurance policies. And the difference is that one allows all workshops and the other doesn't. And the former is more expensive. Thanks.
  6. mcpd001

    Subscription testing

    what now?
  7. Hi all, Make Singapore better place for EVERYTHING. Note for all bosses construction company: -please reduce your karaoke season, golf clubing to make your worker safety. no matter how, we all same human, regardless race, nationality, etc, right?
  8. it seems this song is for him~! guess there's only one superman in everyone's heart
  9. hi all, went through the latest issue of hot stuff just... (wah girls this issue power sia...) ... and i saw Motec's ad says OWS NA racing @ $48... usual $96... WTF??? but there was a star next to the $48... anybody knows wats the terms and con?.... the last i saw the OWS NA racing at Motec a month ago, it was $130 or $128... or smthing... hmmmmm..... any bro can shed some light pls.... i tried calling them yesterday couldnt get through... and now they are close right?... many thanks..
  10. SHAME!!!! Step down please, MBT!
  11. http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest+News/Si...328-336355.html SINGAPORE - A 23-year-old woman who drove without a licence was sentenced to four months' jail for causing the death of an elderly pedestrian. Candy Siow Pei Shan, a waitress, was also banned from driving for 10 years, The Straits Times (ST) reported. Siow, who was driving her boyfriend's car on Feb 12, 2011, lost control of the vehicle at the junction of Bukit Batok East Avenue 3 and Avenue 4, the court heard today. She was driving along Avenue 3 and attempted to make a right turn without stopping at the intersection. She panicked when she saw an oncoming vehicle and her car veered to the left, mounted the kerb and hit 70-year-old Tan Son Seng, who was on the pedestrian walkway, ST reported. Mr Tan was crushed between the car and a traffic light pole, and pronounced dead on the scene. Before the accident which took place in the morning, Siow had also drunk a substantial amount of alcohol between 12am and 5am. She had consumed brandy with her boyfriend at Club Axchange in Tanjong Pagar, and later brandy and beer at a club in the Esplanade. According to ST, Assistant Public Prosecutor Raja Mohan said as Siow had failed her driving test 13 times, she would have known that she was not competent to drive, yet she still chose to do so. Siow, who started sobbing when she was sentenced to jail, was also driving without insurance coverage at that time. WTF 4 months only????? WHAT A JOKE!
  12. This one very obvious........... 150Rm ok? No lar....Ok, 50RM I help you. This driver forgot to bring his driving license along with him and was told he had over the speed limit!!!
  13. JackRabbit

    Jobs for Filipinos only.

    Looks like MOM like to talk co.ck only. Discrimination against Singaporeans still going strong. Just a simple search on job ads reveal many foreigner only positions: So what exactly is MOM doing to stem the flow of discrimination? Or just print motherhood statements in the MSM, and continue shaking legs?
  14. Hi all My front left tyre getting bald soon....but my front right tyre still has plenty of thread, not sure why the in-balance wear for both tyres even thou both were changed at the same time in Jan 2011. Even my rear 2 tyres (used almost 3 years liao) still has plenty of thread. Question is: can I just buy 1 new tyre to replace the front left? Is this advisable in terms of safety considerations and will that cause any drive-shaft damage to my car? Thanks.
  15. A Briton, who got into a fight at a Halloween party, was jailed for 11/2 years on Thursday. James Daniel Rhodes, 36, was convicted of causing grievous hurt to Mr Ronald Tan, an Australian. Mr Tan, 34, fractured his skull during the fight and died 14 months later. Rhodes was also ordered to pay $32,000 in compensation to Mr Tan's mother. This is for medical expenses, loss of her son's income and transport expenses. Rhodes, a former bank officer, was also found guilty of punching Mr Kevin Michael Hubbard, 31, an interior designer, at the same party. He is appealing against the conviction and sentence and is out on bail of $25,000. During the trial, Deputy Public Prosecutor Sanjiv Vaswani told the court that Rhodes had been invited by a friend to the party on Oct 23, 2010 at The Spinnaker condominium near Newton. There, Rhodes got into an argument with Mr Tan. The Briton was told to leave but traded blows with one of the hosts in the lift. He was brought back to the apartment to change his bloodied shirt for a fresh one but while being ushered out again, he assaulted Mr Hubbard before punching Mr Tan in the face. Berri cheap, sia.......one country, 2 jurisdiction. where can i bleach myself white
  16. The Singapore Vehicle Traders Association (SVTA) clarified today (Oct 21) that of the 2,438 motor vehicle complaints reported by the Straits Times on Saturday, only 1,084 were related to defective goods. The article — “Grouses about car dealers speeding up” — stated that the 2,438 complaints the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) received from January to September this year has exceeded the 2,255 made in the whole of last year. SVTA President Neo Tian Ting explained that the figure of 2,438 also includes enquiries and feedback, which do not require CASE to take action. Mr Neo also said that the spike in complaints this year can be attributed to the lemon law, which came into effect last September. Consumers, he said, could be contacting CASE more often as there is a misunderstanding of the lemon law. In fact, only 156 were filed and assisted cases pursued against SVTA members in relation to the lemon law and other complaints such as delays in delivery and misrepresentation — meaning CASE handled claims on the consumers’ behalf or assisted the consumers in drafting letters to approach the vendors themselves. Singapore has about 800 to 900 car dealers. About 410 of them are SVTA members. Source: http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/only-1-2-complaints-against-car-traders-were-about-lemons-svta
  17. April 1st launch in 15 April, News report 126 units sold........ Option normally only vaild 2 weeks at most 4 weeks to excerise, if not expire so far only 42 units lodge in URA and go as low as $1,458psf. I wonder what happen to the rest of the 84 units... cold feet backout not reported in Newspaper?? go URL seach under Skyhabitat and see result. if option allow 1 mth to exercise thus last excerise should be end 2nd week of May 2012 and latest mid June should show caveats base on experiences.......... http://www.ura.gov.sg/realEstateWeb/realEs...nController.jpf interesting find, wonder what is Speculator opinion http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1195391/1/.html Said to be the most expensive suburban condominium here, the development in Bishan Central is going for S$1,642 psf for a four-bedroom unit to S$1,747 psf for a one-room unit.
  18. jack Neo spent only 3 mil to produce 2 gd movies Ah Boys to Man 1 and Ah Boys to Man 2. But Ho Yeow Sun spent almost 40 mil to produce one MTV (u know which one!)? koped from asiaone -
  19. Read todays Straits Times and felt extremely angry. The article talk about how great that the airport & NTUC managed to 'double' their staff salaries. But i was so angry reading the article. How can a government entity condone paying staff $500 a month? unless they are working 10 days a month, if they are actually being paid that amount for 1 month, that is abusing low wage workers even now with the pay increase, that is shitty pay. They will probably blame the appointed contractor, but if they know these guys were paid unfairly, why NTUC and Changi Airport only act now? ---------------------------------- see article extract here: Straits Times, 14 Aug 2013 Airport trolley handlers had their salaries nearly doubled from last month, as part of the labour movement's efforts to lift the pay of outsourced contract workers. The 240 airport trolley handlers are now earning up to $1,000, up from their monthly pay of $550 to as much as $1,000. Their increase in pay depends on their work attendance and performance. Besides earning more, these handlers will also get more training to pick up new skills to become more employable. The recent moves are part of the NTUC's progressive wage model, which sets out a career ladder with pay standards for low-wage workers in various sectors. NTUC assistant secretary-General Cham Hui Fong said on Tuesday that the labour movement will work with other employers to improve the salaries and job opportunities of other airport outsourced contract workers. These include baggage handlers and aircraft interior cleaners. Straits Times
  20. opinion needed. already have Iphone with internet connection on the go. occupation does not require ipad to facilitate business purpose. am thinking of buying an ipad just for playing games and internet surfinng at home (even though already have laptop with mobile broadband connection - just that it is more convenient to surf using Ipad). and to do that, to buy a 2nd sim card from singtel at $5 charge per month. do you think this is not a recommended move? also, does it mean the Ipad that i buy from Singtel will not be at discounted price, since there will be no new line sign-up?
  21. RadX

    Only in China!

    really LOL!!! http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/lifest...ire/777700.html
  22. 4.5 year is called stiff sentence?? :angry: :angry:
  23. RadX

    Not only in sg we $$$ Face!

    This, I believe happened in Las Vegas. hilarious responses! synopsis: Couple got married and received a gift of $100 from a guest. Bride sms-ed rudely asking why only $100 when per head was $200 for event.... So dun say we singaporeans think abt $$$......occurs everywhere la http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...s_to_bride.html
  24. Picnic06-Biante15

    'Singapore Girl' - Only 5th Friendliest .......

    from Yahoo: The best flight attendants are from Asia AFP Relax