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Found 19 results

  1. I am aware that 99 LH condos gets hard to sell due to loan restrictions after 20 years and later. How about FH units? I am not looking at en-block though. I buy to stay but in the long run I might sell out when I retire in 10 years time. I can afford 40%+ downpayment now. Will banks have problem with 20+ year old FH condos? When I sell to buyers with 20% downpayment, will the loan become an issue?
  2. The next phase of electronic road pricing will also see vehicles fitted with new In
  3. http://business.asiaone.com/Business/My%2B...904-369547.html
  4. [sweatdrop] how many package do you eat in a month?
  5. April 1st launch in 15 April, News report 126 units sold........ Option normally only vaild 2 weeks at most 4 weeks to excerise, if not expire so far only 42 units lodge in URA and go as low as $1,458psf. I wonder what happen to the rest of the 84 units... cold feet backout not reported in Newspaper?? go URL seach under Skyhabitat and see result. if option allow 1 mth to exercise thus last excerise should be end 2nd week of May 2012 and latest mid June should show caveats base on experiences.......... http://www.ura.gov.sg/realEstateWeb/realEs...nController.jpf interesting find, wonder what is Speculator opinion http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1195391/1/.html Said to be the most expensive suburban condominium here, the development in Bishan Central is going for S$1,642 psf for a four-bedroom unit to S$1,747 psf for a one-room unit.
  6. Will this happen here? Well if our falling birth rate persists, no one can be certain about this. But to serve in Spec Ops units will be a long shot no matter how you look at it. Women in combat: Good to go if they meet standards By LOLITA C. BALDOR | Associated Press
  7. Vulcann

    CNA: SAF Honours Its Best Units

    From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1210464/1/.html SAF honours its best units By Dylan Loh | Posted: 28 June 2012 1858 hrs
  8. THREE units of the limited edition Lamborghini Revent
  9. Dashingd

    JDM Head Units

    Anyone here with a JDM imported car that has a factory fitted head unit? I believe the frequency ranges between 79Mhz - 90Mhz? Do you have a problem with the reception? Especially for Gold 90.5 & 938? I'm having an issue with my set....and can't seem to solve the reception issue. Anyone can help?
  10. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin.../360202/1/.html New e-payment system and IU units for road users By Susan Ferroa, channelnewsasia.com | Posted: 14 July 2008 1353 hrs SINGAPORE - The first steps to transform Singapore
  11. SINGAPORE - The first steps to transform Singapore
  12. Furrynadz

    Heat units

    intend to get 2nd hand P80 or 9887 advice anyone?
  13. any of the people here joined in the queue? Actually, i would like know the reason for such a phenomenom. $350k to $750k (3 to 5rm flat) With a cap of combine income $8k per month, is it really enough to pay for a HDB flat that cost that much? I can easily get a condo at that kind of price. Anyone know what's the reason for this phenomenom?
  14. It had been 10 yrs since Toyota launched it 1st hybrids till recently to reach 1 million hybrids vehicles. Will you consider a hybrid in future? From http://www.toyota.co.jp/en/news/07/0607.html Tokyo
  15. Just expressing my utter disgust and agitation with the system. My almost new IU "died" once a few months ago ( in my 6 month old car then) and because everything revolves around that stupid IU - 1) My season parking affected 2) Cannot park in car parks that required auto IU sensing 3) Cannot go through ERP gantries Bascally CRIPPLED!! I had to take half day off to get it sorted out. After it got fixed - it DIED again - so LTA had to replace it. Now barely 3 months later - IT HAS DIED AGAIN!!!! I have to get to work, so I drive through the ERP gantry with a dead IU (what choice!?) LTA is taking forever to get back to me of the situation - and I refuse to/cannot take any time off to sort this thing out AGAIN. ( I am a lowly wage earner!) Not everyone is a 2.2 million man who can suka suka take time off to sort out inferior government required r0ad pricing equipment!!! I AM SICK OF THIS sxxt!! Any bros got same experience or know how I can sort this out??
  16. Hi bros, I'm must say I'm pretty new in ICE and i really need help in some stuff. Well, I'm currently shopping around for DVD players in the car and due to budget constrains, I've been looking for second hand head units. I've been quoted $1500 for the following: A second hand Pioneer AVX-7000 together with AVM p9000r(i assume?) and a XDV-p90 DVD changer. I think it also includes an analogue tv tuner but i don't know the details of it. Can you guys please advise? I'm also looking at first hand JVC KD-AVX1 and Pioneer DVH P-5850MP then intend to add a monitor to it or something. Any guys have any experiences with the sound quality of them? Please advice. Pardon the long thread. Hee...
  17. Top end models from Pioneer have high 6.5V pre-outs. How will it affect the older amps which are probably used to seeing no more than 5V inputs? I see that it is unlikely that there will be any damage due to overvoltage, but probably have lots of amp clipping (and hence dead speakers) and be unable to tune for gain since you'll already be at the minimum! Comments?
  18. Hi folks, 1. Does anyone know if a head unit imported directly from US works equally well in Singapore? 2. I understand that some sets are equipped with Sirius Satellite Radio Function, and hence, do we need an antenna of sorts to receive the satellite transmission? Is there a subscription service we need to pay for? 3. Say, we purchase such a set, and we are not using the Sirius Satellite Transmission, are we able to fix the head unit without the Satellite Antenna, and linked it to our stock Antenna instead? Workable? Thanks, Ed
  19. I am considering getting a Alpine.... Anyone using Alpine with their existing Steering Control and Display Units?