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  1. Slowpoke156

    Philips Xtreme Power H4

    I got the Xtreme Power for wife's car from Autobacs. $90+ if I remember correctly, probably cheaper to buy from powerbulbs. They are excellent. Had the Osram Nightbreakers before this and they are hopeless.
  2. Slowpoke156

    Anyone get caught with HID conversion?

    I personally know 2 folks who got fined for HID mods, 1 was a Mitsubishi Grandis, the other a Subaru Legacy. Both got fined, made to revert to stock and pay 2 times inspection fees. MP write letter also no use.
  3. Slowpoke156

    TP super on the balls

    X2! If you want to break the rules, then don't complain when you get caught.
  4. Slowpoke156

    2nd hand Conti Cars....

    Where do you guys go to fix your Fords, other than Regent Motors? I need someone with good electrical/mechanical knowledge of the MKII.
  5. Slowpoke156

    From 16 to 18 agent say I spoil car!

    THe usual is to allow a +1 sizing, meaning you can go up to 17" without voiding warranty. The reason is simple, 17" wheels have inherently more weight and so do the correcponding tyres. Not many people will buy forged wheels and hence it is easier to implement a blanket policy that does not allow you to go +2. There will be increased wear and tear from heavier wheels and tyres; I've seen it happen.
  6. Slowpoke156

    Cashcard thief caught in action

    Police took a total of 45mins to arrive? WTF?????
  7. Slowpoke156

    Why VW is screwing around with Golf owners - A Rant

    How did this fact about "copying" of the suspension blades come about? I've read many of our posts, that's the only thing that you seem to keep harping on. Copying? Control blade suspension has been in the market for years. The one thing that they did try to follow is the combination of stiffer shocks and softer springs, not the other way round. Read your first sentence about exclusivity blah blah blah and then tell me you weren't referring to cashing in on the GTI. My my, some people can't read/write.
  8. Slowpoke156

    Why VW is screwing around with Golf owners - A Rant

    MKVI is coming early because of high production costs for the MKV (too many manhours per car, even doors had to be aligned manually), it has nothing to do with cashing in on the popularity of the GTI, get your facts right. GLI is cheaper but it's missing a lot of things that the GTI has. Again, before you rattle off the top of your head without thinking, go do some research before talking nonsense. The GTI has always commanded a higher price compared to the GLI, anywhere on this planet. It's how the position the car, a hot hatch versus a more useful sedan which incidentally isn't as agile. I know, I've driven both.
  9. Slowpoke156

    Testdriven: Fiat 500

    That's not what I heard from TTS. Anyway, forget it, wife and I went to the Mini showroom over the weekend. At 90+k, the Mini has better residuals. Screw the Fiat 500.
  10. Slowpoke156

    Golf GTI Limited Edition - Will you buy??

    I will still buy the Fiat 500 Abarth (if the price is right) as a second car.
  11. Slowpoke156

    Golf GTI Limited Edition - Will you buy??

    Don't agree with some points you brought up. 1. The Sunroof has been a GTI trademark since MK1. A GTI always had a sunroof. If you want true to origin, then the sunroof is a must have. 2. Yes, the factory interlagos looks really good. I personally prefer leather for ease of maintenance. 3. Aftermarket xenon? Then you lose auto-self levelling and proper beam cut off unless you buy aftermarket and fit yourself, end result which will cost almost the same because it's not a simple plug and play. If you retrofit aftermarket xenons to non HID headlight assembly, then you'll be blinding everybody on the road.
  12. Slowpoke156

    Testdriven: Fiat 500

    I was waiting for the Abarth version for my wife and was told it would cost 90+k. I laughted and walked out. For 90+k, there're a lot of cars I rather buy.
  13. Slowpoke156

    This young Mercs driver ... shame on you!!

    Still serving national service? I would like to know his full name. It's not difficult to get him charged. Idiots like him should be put down like animals. It's only a car, so what if it's a merc. Real man have the grace to let it go. He is simply a prickless chao ah gua.
  14. Slowpoke156


    GTI was only available at end 2005, only the normal Golfs were available since 2004. As for facelift, the new MKVI Golf is targetted for 2009 release. It will be a new car, not a facelift.
  15. Slowpoke156

    Boring but true encounter

    Should put his car number down. This driver has a puny brain who thinks his CTR can beat a Porsche.