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  1. Kelvinlev

    Ktv at JB

    Many apologise. If this is not appropriate, request mod to kindly remove this....
  2. Kelvinlev

    Ktv at JB

    Paisei paisei,pardon me please... La sup?
  3. Kelvinlev

    Ktv at JB

    Paisei paisei,pardon me please... La sup?
  4. Kelvinlev

    Ktv at JB

    Hi bros, any recommendation for such?
  5. Kelvinlev

    Yamaha Piano

    yes, always on.....and must on, like advised. My girl is 9 yrs old......bought a used one, almost 6k (3 years back). Wanted to get a brand new, though that time Yamaha had some promotion, think brand new about 11-12k plus, but suddenly my girl's piano teacher happen to source a customer who is letting go his U1, so quite a good deal though.
  6. Kelvinlev

    Yamaha Piano

    Bought on for my daughter, though I have no idea how to play one, but reviews from piano teachers recommended this. One thing to take note will be the heater inside, I need to constantly power up the heater via power supply to prevent condensation inside the piano, and if the wooden parts inside get damp, it might require repair or replacement. Correct me if I'm wrong thought.............but the U1 is beautiful, of course with its beautiful notes as well...
  7. Kelvinlev

    RMVB Video conversion

    Hi all, Would like to check with experts here..... To convert RMVB videos to MPEG, meant for IPAD2 videos, any good free converter online? As I am using FUSHION for video streaming and downloading, its video output are mostly in RMVB format....is there also other better website for video downloading where upon completion, it is ready to be transfer directtly to IPAD2? Thanks for all advice! Regards
  8. Kelvinlev

    DVD Video creation

    I may try your method....your nero is version ? it is not a free software, right?
  9. Kelvinlev

    DVD Video creation

    Actually, not so man fan one, but its just that I goondoo....haha... Umm, its also not that i wanted to convert to DVD format, let me share with you..... i.e. music videos from youtube, so i paste the URL from youtube on one of the converter called " Free make" video, conversion to AVI, after conversion to AVI format, burn into DVD disc, then play on car player...... workable for him leh....but I face problem.. I used Windows media center, and also tried windows DVD maker to add all these files, burn, but cannot tahan the process duration and always stop after sometime..sometime it hanged during the process, so am seeking some good advice here, I know there are many better ways which I don't know..if you don't mind... can share with me more......??
  10. Kelvinlev

    DVD Video creation

    thanks, bro.... I thought of directly burning from AVI format videos straight to DVD disc as to play on my car's DVD player.... If talking about burner...which good one do you use?
  11. Kelvinlev

    DVD Video creation

    Apologise....so you mean you can burn out AVI video right? using that converter software...are you able to provide me a exact link, as I search online and there seems to be so many versions of it?
  12. Kelvinlev

    DVD Video creation

    Yeah, tried it, and I mainly used this for conversion. But not able to burn as AVI videos, meaning, their DVD burner only meant for T_S format, correct me if I'm wrong....unless I select the wrong burner with DVD video soft....btw, are you able to do so? like burning some MTV videos (AVI format) into it?
  13. Kelvinlev

    DVD Video creation

    Hi bros, would like to be advised as mentioned below....Thanks a lot in advance. Have been trying to create DVD with music video (AVI format), so far using windows DVD maker and its like taking too long, and usually I would kill the process after sometime, note that I inserted about 10 titles, so doesn't make the file too big.... Any aftermarket software online which you guys recommend and of course with a faster speed during burning process..... Cheers !!
  14. Kelvinlev


    Girl, so you're from Amway? or ?
  15. Kelvinlev

    DVD disc creation