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  1. Sparcoray

    In-Car Camera Installation

    Mine installed at a audio shop in turf city
  2. Sparcoray

    In-Car Camera Installation

    Thanks guys....I got mine installed front & rear less than $80. Good attitude too.
  3. Sparcoray

    In-Car Camera Installation

    I also got a 530 to replace my ageing 350. That's a good deal to install front n rear cams. However, does $30 applies if I have the product but need their professional services to install?
  4. Sparcoray

    In-Car Camera Installation

    Thanks guys... I will go source for a audio shop to fulfill this task.
  5. Sparcoray

    In-Car Camera Installation

    Dear All, Does anyone has lobang to install blackvue (2Ch) camera for front and rear? Thanks
  6. Sparcoray

    Door Panel Knocking

    Yoz Bros & Sis, Does anyone knows workshop that do door panel knocking? Reasonable price and workmanship is good. Thanks Thanks
  7. Sparcoray

    Replace GV Stock Audio

    thanks bro...
  8. Sparcoray

    Last Train to JB..............

    OMG u're damn lucky, I never have a chance to disembark at Bukit Timah station but it was a great experience overall. I was busy taking photos from Tanjong Pagar till Woodlands checkpoint standing at the door feeling the wind and enjoying the scenery. Great Experience...
  9. Sparcoray

    Replace GV Stock Audio

    Anyone can recommend an audio shop that can replace stock GV audio panel with a 2DIN Players? Thanks in advance.
  10. Sparcoray

    Advices needed...

    Brudders, Anyone knows if Suzuki Grand Vitara HU can fix with the iPhone/iPod connectivity cable? Recommendation for the installer too... tks in advance.
  11. Sparcoray

    Bluetooh Connectivity

    Do u have the lobang where I can get that bluetooth in the first pic?
  12. Sparcoray

    Tyres Recommendation

    Bros & Sis, Anyone has any good recommendations for brand new tyres (225/70R16) preferably not too expensive.... haha
  13. Sparcoray

    Bluetooh Connectivity

    Does they include installations? Any recommended brands/models?
  14. Sparcoray

    Bluetooh Connectivity

    Hi Bros, Anyone knows where can I install the bluetooth connectivity system that integrates into your factory-default car audio system? Saw them in those new KIA model cars.
  15. Sparcoray

    SUN Hot InaZma Pocket

    Anyone here got any lobang where I can get this product? Thanks