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Found 16 results

  1. I tried a few ever since I am back, did not like the eng's wanton noodles, fei fei, one at bedok reservoir, a few at bedok north. I like the one at lavender food court and the one at east coast hawker. Any good ones to recommend?
  2. Attempted to search, yet to no avail findings on INSTANT NOODLES discussion or some may, like myself, think of it as INSTANT RATION hahaha by the by... to start rolling, sharing couple of fav oso found as the spiciesssttt yet http://www.iisjong.com/2015/01/koreas-spiciest-fire-noodle-challenge.html (sorry no exp in putting up pic) all time fav... midly spicy http://www.thanislim.com/2013/08/indomie-mee-goreng-green-chili-cili.html yet to try... juz found in the news... not sure if its even cumin here, considering all day/night summer hahaha may juz b the 1st fav then http://www.foodandwine.com/news/iced-cup-noodles-are-here-just-in-time-summer
  3. Zacxaviqer

    Beef Noodle in lavendar foodcourt

    I went there yesterday to eat their beef noodle only to realise that they have closed down. Anyone knows where have they shifted to? The beef noodle is the only food that I was craving for when I was down with H1N1 a few years back... Was hoping to get a big bowl last night.... sian... Anyone knows where are their latest location? Thanks!
  4. Kok Kee serves wonton noodles with a difference. The noodles and wontons are cooked in batches, and then divided into individual portions ($3.50). The
  5. i'm wondering if is from the same hawker from bkk. anyone tried?
  6. [sweatdrop] how many package do you eat in a month?
  7. Galactus

    Dog meat instant noodle!!

    Is this for real?? http://www.occupyforanimals.org/thousands-...ince-china.html
  8. Hi, Just to share that the Seng Kee Mince Pork noodle that was previously along Changi Road have moved to Serangoon Garden Hawker center. Mainly selling noodles now. The fish maw soup still available. But other side dishes no more liao.
  9. Mightymito

    Instant noodle stock

    Has anyone noticed that say for maggi mee, its instant noodle chicken stock is much better than its normal cube or container stock. Any other brand cube or container stock that can match? I think its the same for most brands. Would be a waste to buy the noodles for the stock and throw the noodles away. Best i have managed its to add some oyster sauce the the cube stock.
  10. There was a old style kopi shop near the JB custom for lorry where the beef noodles is very famous. It is run by a old couple. MYR 7 per bowl. There is also a Duck noodle stall too. It seems both these stalls are no longer in the old kopi shop. Anyone knows where they have shifted to?
  11. Lation

    Taiwan Noodle Yi Du Zhan MO

    Thinking of starting a MO for taiwan cup noodle yi du zhan. Wondering anyone is interested? The flavours are: Pork Beef Braised Beef The cost will be $3.50 for each and order of 6 will be $20 It is also available in Packet Form which will cost $3.20 each packet and order of 6 will be $18.50 Anyone interested can pm me for my email to make orders. Thanks.
  12. KaKiLang

    Jalan Besar Oyster Noodle

    Hi all, anyone knows where this stall located in Jalan Besar? Heard its good, anyone tried?
  13. Have a craving for those Taiwanese Instant Beef Noodle eaten by the boxes while on reservist training in Taiwan during the 1984-90s period. Think the brand is either 'President' or 'Tung 1'. Tried to find them in NTUC, Giant, Sheng Siong, Cold Storage & even shop in Chinatown but to no avail. Anywhere else I can find ? Thanks, Lee
  14. Help! Prawn noodle soup toppled and poured all over the car floor. After a few days, the whole car still smells like rubbish chute. What is the best course of action?
  15. I used to frequent this particular noodle stall in Ang Mo Kio Blk 409 FC about 2-3 yrs ago...I visit the stall almost every Sat morning during those days...The soup is very tasty and you can have additional ingredients added which cost $5 a bowl...The normal once cost $3 per bowl...Then the stall shifted to Lorong Ah Soo Blk 105 FC when the Ang Mo Kio FC is under renovation...Then suddenly it close its stall at Lorong Ah Soo FC...and from that time(about 1.5 yrs ago)...I do not know where it had shifted...This noodle stall kind of have a important sentimental value to me...So I hope bro's and sis's whom know where this stall have shifted...Please tell me...If you do not...Please help me to ask around...Thanks.
  16. Dear all, Just curious if you are going for lunch or dinner .... which of the above would you prefer?