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  1. let's start a new thread ... Part II was started in 2012 to 2022 (10 years cycle) ...
  2. The ice cream saga sibeh power leh... BMW Mini Ice Cream Is Only For Foreigners, Stock Price Plummeted: The Loss Is Equivalent To 460 Million Ice Creams! At the Shanghai Auto Show, netizens broke the news that the staff at the BMW Mini booth refused to distribute ice cream to Chinese visitors, claiming that it was gone, but then not only gave ice cream to foreigners, but two girls also thoughtfully taught foreigners how to eat it. This kind of differential treatment caused dissatisfaction on the Internet. BMW officials later apologized, but did not quell the anger. This incident was not only fermented in China, but was even reported abroad. As a result, BMW shares fell 3%.The market value has evaporated by 2.16 billion euros, or about 16.3 billion yuan,It can be said that a box of ice cream caused a murder, and the loss was great. Many people have no idea about this loss, so it’s easy to understand if you switch to the Luneurs ice cream presented by BMW. The price of this store is not cheap, and a box costs 30 to 40 yuan.Some netizens calculated that the market value lost by BMW is enough to buy 460 million Luneurs ice cream, not to mention giving away a circle at the auto show, it is enough for BMW to invite 1/3 of the people in the country to eat ice cream. The store also issued a statement before, denying that the staff belonged to their family. “The Luneurs brand did not participate in any on-site operations of BMW’s Mini brand activities during the Shanghai Auto Show. We are only a supplier of ice cream products. The two people who appeared in the video The staff and their specific services are not our responsibility and have nothing to do with this brand.”
  3. Tesla hits record high in first trading session of 2021 source: https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/tesla-shares-set-start-2021-record-high NEW YORK/BENGALURU (Jan 4): Tesla Inc shares rose to a record high in the first trading session of 2021, extending last year's more than eight-fold surge that helped it become the world's most valuable carmaker. The company on Saturday (Jan 2), beat Wall Street targets for annual vehicle deliveries but missed by 450 units of Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk's target of half a million cars in 2020. The stock's meteoric rise was supported by five straight quarters of profit, which helped the electric-car maker stand out in the global auto industry that has been witnessing a slump in sales, quarterly losses and supply chain disruptions. "We are raising our forecasts to reflect higher 4Q deliveries and reports of strong demand for the Model Y in China, which is also suggestive of higher future deliveries," J.P. Morgan analysts said in a client note. The brokerage also raised its price target on Tesla to US$105 from US$90. Street's median target on the stock is US$424.50, US$319 below its current trading price, according to Refinitiv data. Tesla, however, faces an uphill task of ramping up production. Its delivery push so far has been supported by the new Shanghai factory, the only plant currently producing vehicles outside California. "The bad news is to keep up with this demand, the company needs to quickly build new factories in Austin, Texas, and Brandenburg, Germany," said Gene Munster, managing partner at Loup Ventures. "... Ramping production is difficult and will be one of the most important Tesla topics in 2021, along with the status of FSD (Full Self-Driving)". Shares of the company, which joined the benchmark S&P 500 index in December, were up as much as 5.4% at US$743.74 in early trading.
  4. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showtopic=2651430 Continue here
  5. Whats going on in Blumont? Oct 18 2014 (Reuters) - Singapore-listed Blumont Group Ltd, which has lost more than $5 billion in market value this month, said it has secured $200 million in new funding from New York-based investment firm Platinum Partners. Blumont, one of three Singapore-listed stocks subject to trading restrictions after a sudden plunge in their share prices recently, said late on Thursday that Platinum will subscribe to convertible bonds issued by the group. Blumont will in turn use part of the proceeds to buy $100 million of convertible bonds in Australian copper miner Discovery Metals Ltd. The rest of the funds will be used to finance future investments in the mineral and energy resources sector and for working capital, the Singapore-listed group said. The funding from Platinum will ease concerns about Blumont's planned commitment in the Brisbane-based copper miner. Shares in Discovery Metals rose 13.3 percent to A$0.085 in Sydney trading on Friday. Blumont, LionGold Corp and Asiasons Capital Ltd saw their shares plummet in early morning trade onOct. 4 before trading in the stocks was suspended by the Singapore Exchange Ltd (SGX). The SGX has since declared all three stocks "designated securities," meaning people cannot short-sell their shares andmust pay for any purchases with cash up front. Platinum Partners' PPLO fund had been due to subscribe to part of a S$202 million share placement in LionGold, but thatdeal was called off late last week. Platinum Partners' Value Arbitrage fund was also due toreceive stock in Asiasons as part of a share placement used tofund Asiason's purchase of a stake in oil explorer Black ElkEnergy Offshore Operations LLC. That deal is currently in limboafter SGX queried whether Asiasons had a strong enough mandateto make that share issue. Blumont has lost around S$6.26 billion ($5.05 billion) inmarket value since Oct. 1. Its shares are currently trading at S$0.114, down from a high of S$2.54 at the start of this month. 10 Mar 2014 Blumont: US$200 Million Funding From New York-Based Global Investment Fund, Platinum Partners Lapsed.Blumont Group Ltd. wishes to inform its shareholders that the Long-Stop Date of the proposed issue by the Company of up to US$200 million in principal amount of redeemable convertible bonds to Platinum Partners Value Arbitrage Fund L.P. has not been extended and the Bond Term Sheet has accordingly lapsed. The Company will continue to engage in discussions and explore alternative funding arrangements with PPVAF
  6. Seriously, got use or not? I getting 2nd hand STi real soon and find the stock spoiler quite ugly. Does it add any downforce besides its rather significant weight? I'm sure some 1.6 TS owner would like to have my spoiler. The only reason I'd not want to remove it is if someone tells me I need it on North-South highway... I might try a top speed run there but gonna spend most of the journey below 180km/h (or more like below 130 due to traffic). Some more my wife complain the spoiler too beng liao. I don't mind beng look but it must have purpose. Like air scoop is bor pian one.. I just want performance only, not looks. And I buy STi cos I like the overall package at a reasonable price. Not buying it to terrorise the LOCAL highways. lets leave that to the TPs... up north is another story, but actually my intention is to go to the track to understand my ride. this might include a short burst of speed or two along NSH but certainly not gonna zua all the way (heard turbo cannot boost too long or will overheat?) I guess its also time for me to join some rex forums or sth. haha
  7. https://blog.seedly.sg/tiger-brokers-gamestop-nyse-gme-loss S'pore Reddit User Claims Losses of ~S$81,500 Trading GameStop (NYSE: GME) on Tiger Brokers Original reddit thread : https://www.reddit.com/r/singapore/comments/l71x2p/hi_guys_just_lost_approx_60000_usd_due_to_tiger/
  8. Hi, Soundstream AC.6 + Coaxial speakers + Pioneer TS-WX120A + Installation = $800 with warranty Like to know if this is worth it. TIA. Comparing Soundstream AC.6 vs Pioneer TS-A1606C. Which is better ? I'm not going for high end ICE. Mid range is good for me. Btw, my HU is Pioneer 8850.
  9. Want to get a better louder set of horns to replace the single pathetic stock one. Do I need to use the relay or do I just swap in the new ones?
  10. Normally size use term 'ET', how to know whether positive or negative offset? Is stock wheel normally positive?
  11. I'm looking to improve the audio of my car and looking at a DSP/Amp and/or speakers. Would it make senses to do the DSP/Amp first and see if it's sufficient ? Or should I just change the speakers first ? Does the shop normally charge to retune the DSP if you get the speakers elsewhere? Should this be something you can do yourself ?
  12. Hello All! Any idea where to sell brand new stock rims and tyres? It seems like many shop only willing to do trade in but not buy them as it is.
  13. just bought a 2016 alphard with stock HU, possible to download Carplay?
  14. Hi bros, My current stock set up comprises a locally fitted WinCE headunit and stock component speakers at all 4 doors - the sound quality is really sub-par and I'm looking to upgrade. With a budget of around $1k, would you guys advise to change to a better HU like Z7250BT/Halo9, etc. (my car doesn't have the usual DIN slots) or change the front set of speakers and add an under-seat sub-woofer? Thanks in advance!
  15. Will the stock be voided if its a fat finger sales? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-01-24/oops-a-brief-history-of-some-of-the-market-s-worst-fat-fingers?utm_source=google&utm_medium=bd&cmpId=google n 83 percent plunge in storied Singapore-listed stock Jardine Matheson Holdings Ltd. Thursday has traders pointing to the most likely culprit: a fat finger. Shares of the 186-year-old conglomerate plummeted in pre-market trading before bouncing right back to eventually trade higher as the session progressed. A spokesperson for the firm said it was aware an electronic trading error had occurred, while Singapore Exchange Ltd. said the bourse is looking into the stock slide.
  16. Thinking of using this kind of LED two-filament bulb with stock rear light assembly. LTA-friendly? TIA. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2PCS-Red-White-Blue-Lamp-1157-BAY15D-T25-S25-13-SMD-5050-LED-Turn-Signal-Tail/32339146904.html?spm=2114.01020208.3.2.qvLR7q&ws_ab_test=searchweb201556_1_79_78_77_82_80_62,searchweb201644_0,searchweb201560_4
  17. Hi Guys, Have anyone traded with lim and tan securities? Tot of using them to trade. from - http://www.eq.com.sg/
  18. LTA want me to change back to stock. all the workshop i ask don't have. how do i explain to LTA??? market no have, workshop no have, what should i do, where else can buy?
  19. seen my friend proton with front lowering spring and rear stock spring setup and he told me that it is much more comfortable than lowering spring alone.... he is using stock absorber with aftermarket spring.... he did it not long ago so there is not much feedback on the negative side to such setup. I'm very tempted to do the same... with my lowering spring, I'm always worry during reverse parking, crossing the hump and when I carry passenger at the rear... but I have a few concenrn as below: from what i believe, the front suspension is more stressed compare to normal lowering spring setup cos more weight is transfer to the front, thus, I have to expect higher wear n tear on my absorber. This problem is not too bad cos i have another 3 set of stock front absorber to standby for such problem and the labour cost of changing the absorber from my Mal lobang is too cheap to be true (RM30) so i dun really care about it.... look wise, some plp might think that it looks weird but I like the way it looks cos it make the ride more fierce... now come to my major worry... the braking issue and stability/handling... on stock, the front brake is responsible/absorbing of 70% of the braking stress, will such setup create even more stress to my front brake? will it affect the performance on my overall braking? I'll be adding 1 set of spring stiffener to reduce such problem... but, will it help? As for stability /handling issue, anyone foresee any problem in this area? will the handling/stability of the ride become worst than stock?
  20. The glut in used cars is over and a shortage looms. Second-hand car dealers have managed to sell most of the cars in their inventory after a two-month reprieve from the authorities. At the same time, they are not buying used cars as drivers hold on to their wheels in the wake of drastic loan curbs. A Land Transport Authority spokesman said about 4,600 of the 7,000 used cars that dealers had acquired before the car loan restrictions kicked in had been sold as of Monday. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...y-expected-2013
  21. Anyone knows or have tried fitting 205/45 or 225/45 tyres to the stock Forte 17" rims? thinking of changing the Solus tyre to Eagle F1 Asym but there's no 215/45
  22. I am not financially trained. With the situation with Greece and today's falling market, is there anything to be worried about? or is this just another day in the market? Or is this leading to something like the Asian financial crisis?
  23. Where is a good place to go to integrate iPod to my car's stock sound system? Thanks!
  24. Hi all I'm looking for 2nd handed Sunny N16 sport rims. Was told by a tyre shop where I was repairing a punctured tyre that one of my rims is dented. So I only need 1 replacement. Can anyone tell me where I can find one on sale and cheap? Anyone seen these at any tyre shops in Singapore? Thanks and Regards
  25. What's happening in HK in the past 2 days is pretty amazing. Economists have come out to say they don't know what's happening. http://www.businessinsider.sg/why-hong-kong-has-the-hottest-stock-market-it-the-world-right-now-2015-4/#.VSf-JPmUeJQ Since I don't understand economists, what do the bros here think about what's happening?
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