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Found 122 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8wNu_T86UU
  2. Dear brothers and sisters 2018 is a very slow economy year for our country Any kind souls can enlighten me of any business idea to setup in Singapore I understand our market is really small Am looking just a small business to run Thanks so much for your time reading my post Cheers and all the best fellow Singaporean:)
  3. Hi! Newbie to the ICE scene. Just wondering what is menat by an ACTIVE setup vs PASSIVE setup? I was asked by one of the installers whether I want to run my HU as active...... what does it mean? But from the impression i get, the active setup requires a better HU? Thanks!!
  4. seen my friend proton with front lowering spring and rear stock spring setup and he told me that it is much more comfortable than lowering spring alone.... he is using stock absorber with aftermarket spring.... he did it not long ago so there is not much feedback on the negative side to such setup. I'm very tempted to do the same... with my lowering spring, I'm always worry during reverse parking, crossing the hump and when I carry passenger at the rear... but I have a few concenrn as below: from what i believe, the front suspension is more stressed compare to normal lowering spring setup cos more weight is transfer to the front, thus, I have to expect higher wear n tear on my absorber. This problem is not too bad cos i have another 3 set of stock front absorber to standby for such problem and the labour cost of changing the absorber from my Mal lobang is too cheap to be true (RM30) so i dun really care about it.... look wise, some plp might think that it looks weird but I like the way it looks cos it make the ride more fierce... now come to my major worry... the braking issue and stability/handling... on stock, the front brake is responsible/absorbing of 70% of the braking stress, will such setup create even more stress to my front brake? will it affect the performance on my overall braking? I'll be adding 1 set of spring stiffener to reduce such problem... but, will it help? As for stability /handling issue, anyone foresee any problem in this area? will the handling/stability of the ride become worst than stock?
  5. Anyone knows? I am also looking at KOI and Gong Cha...wondering how much will be the franchise.
  6. HI All Bros and Sis, I am in the amidst of starting up new business but sad alot of things i dun really know how to approach ... Can any give some advices to me? question 1: If i doing some trading business selling some products internationally. Any good idea what is the best way to collect the payment? Hassle-free... Which bank can give me the best offer with lowest service charges? question 2: Can i accept and bank in foreign cheques? question 3: Any credit card payment scheme for my business?? thanks thanks
  7. Hello Everybody, As the topic, To setup a workshop of business on car service and repairing, kindly advise 1. Roughly How Much? 2. To Takeover existing workshop ownership, where have Advertising? Thanks a lot
  8. Anyone knows what the stock ice setup for Mazda 3 2009? Just bought the car second-hand and the ice setup does not seem to be like stock. Is the stock ice setup of a higher quality?
  9. Volk74

    ICE Setup in your Skoda

    Post your setup here. Perhaps our next meetup can do audio demo in different Skodas... 1) Volk74 - Blaupunkt Woodstock DAB52, Velocity 6-ch Amp, Bazooka Basstube, Rainbow component Front Speakers 2) 3)
  10. Poohbor

    Marine Fish setup experts lip lai

    Hi, Any experts in marine tank setup here? Want to find out if it is possible to have a marine setup in a pond? The pond is outdoor (exposed to the sun) and is about 6ft - 3ft - 1.5ft. Tks in advance
  11. Hi All I need assistance. I have a car camera and I need to setup the time & date, but I lost the instructions manual. it requires the user to setup a simple program using windows notes. Can anyone assist? Thanks in advance.
  12. Babyt

    Setup Wifi system via laptop

    i have seen ppl who actually play music/radio from their laptop and the sound comes from big speakers.... is it expensive to build like that? right now the most i can do is to plug USB speakers or 3.5mm jack speakers to get louder sound. how to plug into standard speakers?
  13. Hi guys. I'm new here. Have never ventured into ICE all my car ownership life because I personally like things "original" and "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." But anyway, I just bought a 2nd hand Mazdz2. The ex-owner had an ICE installed from I don't know where... (suspect JB - brand of speakers "Soundstream") which I thought sounded absolutely horrible, worse than my stock ICE in a BMW which was already bad enough... and he claimed he spent nearly $2,000 on them! 1. PROBLEMS When I got the car the RIGHT tweeter had NO sound, or was weak and cracking. And at volume "2", the ICE was already quite loud! So basically, 0 = off, 1=on, 2=loud, 3=damn bloody loud, 4=inhumanely loud. So the first thing I did was to look under the seats at the amp... 2. AMP AND WIRING HORROR What a terrible job!!! The amps were not secured and there wasn't much slack in the wiring (which is bad for the wires). The amp was also in the way of the rear passenger's legroom. As I fiddled with the fader and balance, I found out that the amps had left/right and front/back wired wrongly. From here, I'm already thinking to myself - what else was wired wrongly? Maybe +/- also reverse, who knows?! 3. AMP GAIN + LPF HORROR There were two amps. One Sony amp for the components, and another (I forgot the brand) amp for the sub. I found out the component amp had gains turned up to the MAX which resulted in a buzzing noise from the working left tweeter. I fixed the gain and swapped a few incorrectly wired cables. The I found out the sub amp LPF was turned OFF which resulted in horrible hums from the sub. I turned it ON, tweaked the LPF frequencies, set the gain (which was at MAX also?!). I sat down and "enjoyed" some music for the next 1 day. After tweaking the gains, LPF, it was much more bearable but I must say the tweeter suck! It's too loud (vs. the components) that I had the high frequencies right in my face and it was very uncomfortable to listen to. Wife also didn't like the "spider" emblem on the tweeter. So I started venturing into removing the tweeter... 4. TWEETER CABLING HORROR So I removed the scuff plate and some interior panels to reveal the hidden tweeter wiring and this is where I started to see some of the UGLY cabling job. The tweeters had nice high quality cables soldered to them, but right under the dash it was twisted together with cheap cables that seemed like stock cables that the car came with and then black-taped all over making the cable all yucky and sticky. I cut the cables, removed the tweeters... Me digging for tweeter cabling... *** INTERMISSION *** P.S. Although I have a seemingly simple 2-way hi-fi at home, I am no car ICE expert. But I must say I am a computer engineer, and I totally HATE terrible cabling jobs and this 2nd hand car has opened up my eyes to one of the worst cabling jobs I've witnessed in a car...
  14. I-love-xl

    Active setup advise

    Hi Guys, I'm driving a GH6 2008 Mazda 6. Planning to go active and perhaps 3 ways. Currently running a 2 way passive Morel Elate 6, stock HU, T400-4, an old skool RF 12 sub(before punch series, using it for the past 6 years) and double layer soundproof front doors. As much as it's not desirable, i want to keep the stock HU for the integrated looks. Will my T400-4 be good enough for the proposed setup? Addition: 1) H701 and C701 2) 4 channel amp ( Wonder if to get another RF to have the same looks, need recommendations) 3) Mid high (Thinking of CDM 88) 4) new 12inch sub (Should I go for ported box?) 5) Should use pods or custom A pillar? Many thanks!
  15. Recently been receiving threats on the public road I park my car. Thinking about installing a CCTV just in case. Any recommendations for any brand/camera/shop to do it? Would prefer that it does not require a DVR, discreet, SD card, clear at night without headlights (just street lights), wide angle. Some questions regarding in-car CCTVs in general, are they easily transferrable to another vehicle and what power sources are normally used? Would a cig socket cause an empty car batt if it recorded for 48hrs?
  16. Hi, I have just replace my old Twister TM-6000 Component rear speaker to CDT CL62. All I can say the speaker is quite bassy and I had a hard time balancing the sound quality in my car. It is louder than my front Rainbow CSX 265 component speaker and its tend to cover up my front clarity. But after a few hr of tuning, I manage to push the clarity to the front without any loss at the rear. Well for those who wanna buy CDT CL62, you can do so, preferably install at the rear if you dun have a subwoofer as installing in the front will be very bassy. In term of clarity, I still prefer Rainbow CSX 265 as it really outstand the vocal of the song. My Current setup: Pioneer DEH 7750 1x Rainbow CSX 265 front componenet speakers (with cross-over) 1x CDT CL62 rear componenet speakers (with cross-over) 1x Twister 10' dual voice subwoofer in a box 1 x Capacitor 1 x Twister 500W 2 channel amp. 1 x Twister 400W 4 channel amp. 1 x Accoutic Power Pre-amp Soundproof, two layer at the front door, floor and abit near firewall area (Using Dynamat Extreme)
  17. Mecontle

    Staggered wheel setup

    Bros, can a car receive more traction from rear by changing the rear wheels to larger diameter and width, it gives a slope down aggressive look if done correctly. Any technical issues ?
  18. hey there! i would like to improve the sound system in my car, from its stock setup of a sony HU and i don't know what speakers. mine's a honda city. but i'm not willing to park too much money into it. hence the $300 budget. I'm hoping that i'd be able to hear significant difference with this purchase. =) any advice?
  19. Hi all, Need some advice here. When I bought a 2nd-hand 4-ch amp and component speakers, a 2-ch amp with subwoofer, I was still using a stock HU. Later I changed to another HU but I was told by a ICE shop that I will need to get someone to "retune" my amps as their "signal" was tuned for the previous HU. I have never heard of this before so would like to hear some advice before I let someone do the job. Thanks very much.
  20. Hi, am a newbie in ICE. Will be getting my ride soon and am thinking of going for active setup but with OEM HU as I do not wish to spolit the intergration of the dashboard. I am considering getting a processor (e.g. H701) and go active. But I will not opt for a sub as I also do not want to use up my boot space. Any bros can recommend a decent component speakers with amp to cover the range from low-mid to high as I will not be getting sub. Thanks for all advise.
  21. Just checking with you ICE folk, how much $$$ wld i be looking at if i just want to redo up my ICE setup. I'll be using a Nakamichi CD500 for the HU What i need are, decent speakers that fit into the OEM speaker enclosures and most importantly, very good and neat wiring. I'm just using it for daily driving listening, no need anything powerful
  22. Syshi

    Starhub Cable Point setup

    Called up Starhub and was told that for 1 point to extend to my bedroom, cost S$139.00. Is it normal price? Thought read somewhere that nowaday the cost around S$50.00? Mine is 4 room HDB and not private / landed. Consider expensive? Anyone can recommend alternative contractor? can help to advise? Thanks..
  23. Need some help for a simple ICE setup with budget of $1500. Think I shld get a HU first followed by speakers, is that right? How about the PIONEER P4150? No idea on speakers. Would really appreciate some advice on direction. TKs!
  24. Hi bros, is there such a thing as ICE setup optimized for radio play? I don't listen to CDs and purely radio only (Class 95). I am no audiophile but I could a major difference between the stock system on my old Getz and the current Subaru. What sort of setup should I be looking at for radio or its pure time wasting?
  25. currently my setup is stock HU with 4ch JBL amplifier to front/rear speakers, front speaker is pioneer & rear helix, plus infinity basslink active woofer. i am thinking of upgrading, but will be doing it step by step. if i go for a genesis amplifier, must i also upgrade the speakers as well? will the pioneer & helix speakers be able to do the job? too bad i did not know the models of these speakers. thanks