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Found 442 results

  1. hi all, got good recommendation of good and realiable wheel alignment workshop? thanks
  2. Hi all, would like to check if got any latest recommended and reliable workshops for VW Golf 1.4 servicing? and can bring own oil for servicing? TIA!!!
  3. Need to go vicom inspection - 1st one. Car abt to reach 3yrs old. Sorry, me 1st timer to inspection Do most of you service before going for vicom inspection? Given that my car has no issues and its still within 3 yrs.
  4. Hi all anyone can share a reputable workshop you have used before to do bodywork repairs like dents, scratches and spray painting? don't mind share your experience, repair done and price of repair. thanks.
  5. Last few days the weather was a killer! and the aircon is always temperamental to break down on these hot days..... Was reading the forum for aircon workshop - MarkCool, Tomika came up as most popular. Some suggestions were Kim. Went over to Ubi early morning 8.45am. Saw Tomika already opened and Kim was yet to open. There were already cars inside Tomika so decided to wait for Kim. After discussion with Kim and his visual inspection, the possibility of breakdown is cooling coil leak. Quoted the job cost, nego a bit, go ahead to do it. Good thing is if the coil is OK, then i just need to pay for aircon service fee (include coil checking). Humble boss, give Kim a try. Just make sure you are early because the job will take 3-4hrs (for cooling coil or more for compressor). The assistant is OK quite open to share knowledge with me. The above quote applied to bread & butter Jap 1.3L car. I understand from boss that Conti car will need more workmanship, thus higher job fee.
  6. Yes I was there... Yes I'm proud to be there... No I wasn't happy going there. Those phrase means a lot to me. Why? Cause... 1)I was just there this evening to look see look see how the workshop looks like. 2)I'm proud to be there cause I saw these words which says something like... "We specialize.... Volkwagen, Audi, Skoda..." One of the VERY few workshop that does Skoda cars. 3)I got lost trying to reach there... Took wrong exit from CTE (AMK)... Ended up in AMK Ave 8... Make 1 BIG round just to reach back AMK St 22 to reach Sin Ming Ave... Like the topic says... Once I've reached the workshop, it's jam packed with lots and lots of VW and 2 Skoda Octy.
  7. Hi Bros, Can anyone recommend good and reliable workshop that is able to check on clutch amd gearbox for auto transmission? Will need to repair if faulty. Thanks in advance
  8. Hey guys, do u know any good and cheap experienced Lexus specialised workshop for me to service and overhaul my lexus gs? Thanks for all the recommendations and help!
  9. Hi guys I cant seem to find reviews of the above. Does anyone have any clue? Personal experiences please share.
  10. After so many years LTA finally decide to come down on the workshop directly. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/workshop-owner-charged-illegal-vehicle-modifications-14755628
  11. anyone knows? need some urgent servicing b4 trip up north tml morn.
  12. I am thinking of departing Tan Chong and go ahead with Autosaver. Any idea how the service and reliability and also the waiting time for full service?
  13. So my car is getting on in age and I felt that it's time to get a refresh, and spruce it up in time for Christmas, and welcome the new year.. There are some scratches and battle wounds, but the I've been washing, waxing it and I did the whole PPS / Nano thing when I bought the car. So my first port of call was to polish it at a professional shop, but if there are paint shops which can do a new coat for not much more, then I'll consider that instead or any other options too? Thanks
  14. Norman

    Good workshop for Volvo

    Posting this qs on behalf of a friend who wants to find out if there are any good Volvo workshops/mechanics in SG besides SM Motors. She is driving an S60. TIA.
  15. Hi all, my uncle bought a second hand Toyota axio last year. Now the steering wheel will jam from time to time. Have to restart the car to get back the steering. May I know what workshop can help??? Coz they went to a few workshop and they say PI car they can't do.
  16. Never send your car to wee hoe workshop for repair. Current location at Ang Mo kio autopoint no 13. tel no 68580019. moving soon to 19 kim chuan terrance. My car had got the water leaking problem. Spent about $700 to change all the head gasket (1st and 2nd), flush radiator, change radiator cap and the probnlem still not solve. He claim that he is very experience in repairing car engine but this small problem he can solve. Who got any workshop to recoomand pls advice.
  17. Hi guys, considering a preowned mercedes. Any recommendations for workshops? thanx in advance
  18. My fog light is damaged and need replacement along with some scratches near the light. Any workshop to recommend that deal with skoda parts?
  19. my aunt's one a lot of problems, i need to help her solve it. idling got jerking problem, moving off low power, i researched, seems like some ignition coil problem, may be engine mounting too. air-con sometimes draw in outside air when too cold. thanks all.
  20. Hi, Thinking to buy engine mount parts n find a workshop to change. Any workshop recommendation with reasonable labour charges. U can pm me too. My ride is altis 06. My current servicing workshop always charge double for labour cost as to discourage people buying parts n ask them to fix. Faint. Thanks a lot.
  21. My insurance only allow these workshops. Any recommendation among them which is the recommended one? preferably east or north area. Thanks http://www.gia.org.sg/pdfs/Industry/Motor/...apore%20Ltd.pdf
  22. Hi all gurus. Summary of my case: Involve in an accident in 2017 and paid up for my own repair first although I am claiming the other party. 2 years on, the Workshop tells me that there is no update on the claim and they will keep my 2k deposit until the other party insurance get back to me. A more detail write-up I was being hit by another car (supposingly rented) in June 2017. So based on my friend's father advise, I went to a Workshop in Woodlands Road to make the claim against the other party. I am pretty inexperience in this area so I just follow the advice by the Workshop Boss. He told me that he is an ex-SPF and Hwa Chong grad or something, and all his friends are lawyer etc. So he knows the stuff and will handle it for me. Long story short, he mentioned that it is a 50-50 case. In fact the chances of me claiming successfully is not high according to him. So he requested that I pay him for my own car damage upfront (about $2k) and if the claim is successful, he will refund me the 2k. In mid 2018, the other party have claimed my insurance. As for my claim against the other party, the workshop mentioned that there is no update. Till date, they are still holding on to my 2k. So I asked the Workshop Boss to email the other party insurance company and get back to me on the status but he refuses and chided me for being ungrateful because he is actually helping me in a 50-50 case. I explained to him that I am asking him to do so only because I am unable to do so. I have tried getting an update from the other party insurance but they ask me to go through my authorised workshop. So my question is Is there any way I can get an update on my claim status against the other party without the Workshop? Is it possible that the Workshop have forgotten to claim the other party it is too late to claim now? Thanks all. I am really at a lost now on what to do because the Workshop refuses to assist me yet the other party insurance request that I follow-up with my authorised workshop directly.
  23. Lala81

    BMW specialist WS

    HI, asking for a friend. Very hard to find a relevant search topic. His 528i has smoke coming out of bonnet. Other than R2D which I'm aware of, are there any specialist WS in other parts of singapore? The beemer fans are welcome to reply hehe
  24. Hi, Anyone has good workshop to recommended for wheel bearings replacement? I prefer a ws that is equiped with a hydraulic press and the mechanic needs to be skillful in changing wheel bearings. Not use a hammer to knock in the bearings. Thanks. For those who are interested how wheel bearings should be properly replaced, you can click on below link: How to change wheel bearings
  25. Ommph

    Help on Workshop Needed

    Hi All Bro and Sis, My 9yrs old skoda has been trembling rather badly recently and today, it finally stalled. But after a while, it was ok again but the trembling continue. Anyone has such issue before? Any reliable workshop to recommend? Thanks in advance!