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  1. Quick Specs Length: 4,846mm Width: 1,979mm Height: 1,670mm Wheelbase: 2,901mm Wheel Track of 1,948mm (Rear) Grecale GT - 2.0L Mild Hybrid (296 HP / 450 Nm / 5.6 sec / 240 km/h) Grecale Modena - 2.0L Mild Hybrid (325 HP / 450 Nm / 5.3 sec / 240 km/h) Grecale Trofeo - 3.0L V6 (523 HP / 620 Nm / 3.8 sec / 285 km/h) Grecale Folgore - 400V EV with 105KWh Battery (800Nm)
  2. Driver of Maserati found guilty of causing grievous hurt to policeman, faces 59 other charges Source: https://www.msn.com/en-sg/news/singapore/driver-of-maserati-found-guilty-of-causing-grievous-hurt-to-policeman-faces-59-other-charges/ar-BBXMY4f?li=BBr8Cnr Singapore—Thirty-five-year-old Lee Cheng Yan has been found guilty of voluntarily causing grievous hurt when he dragged police officer Staff Sergeant Khairulanwar Abd Kahar in his Maserati at a speed between 79 km/h to 84 km/h in an incident on November 17, 2017 at Bedok Reservoir Road. He was convicted by District Judge Ng Peng Hong on Wednesday, December 4, who also found him guilty of nine additional charges, which includes obstruction of justice and failing to stop after the accident. This is aside from 59 other charges that Mr Lee is facing, that have to do with illegal money lending and online gambling, which will be ruled on later. Additionally, on the day when he dragged the police officer, he was actually forbidden from driving due to previous traffic violations, and lacked the required third-party risk insurance for his Maserati when the incident occurred. On that day, Officer Khairulanwar apprehended Mr Lee as he drove down Bedok Reservoir Road shortly before 9:30 in the evening, as he had seen that Mr Lee had no seat belt on. The officer then approached the driver’s side of Mr Lee’s car. When he stood beside Mr Lee’s open window, the driver of the Maserati “fled the scene by suddenly reversing the Maserati, before accelerating quickly forward while the victim was standing next to the driver-seat door,” according to Deputy Public Prosecutor Timotheus Koh. Unfortunately, Officer Khairulanwar’s uniform got stuck in the car window, and he was dragged for over 100 meters, finally falling on the road. Mr Lee then drove away. The policeman sustained pain in his right knee, neck and lower back, and had to take 20 days’ medical leave. Mr Lee left the Maserati near Aljunied Road, at Willow Avenue, and later sought refuge with a friend, Jeff Chan, who tried to convince him to turn himself in. He borrowed a shirt from Mr Chan and threw his own shirt away. He was eventually arrested at Mr Chan’s house at 2 o’clock in the morning on November 18 and charged in court on that same day. Mr Lee claimed his innocence, saying he had lent his car to an acquaintance known as “Kelvin,” whom his defence team had never been able to produce at his trials. Nor was Mr Lee himself able to give any pertinent information about “Kelvin“ such as his last name or address. Concerning Kelvin, Senthilkumaran Sabapathy, the Deputy Public Prosecutor on the case told Mr Lee, “You are obviously lying.” The other DPP, Timotheus Koh, said, “The defence is conspicuously silent on the fact that the accused has, to date, failed to produce this Kelvin, even though Kelvin is key to the defence’s case. He said Kelvin was the driver, Kelvin caused grievous hurt, Kelvin drove dangerously. Kelvin is a cornerstone to the defence’s case. Yet all they can muster … is that the accused was not asked by the prosecution and the police for more details about Kelvin.” As he has been deemed a serious flight risk, Mr Lee’s bail was increased from S$10,000 to S$70,000. He will be back in court on January 14, 2020. If he is found guilty, he may receive a maximum jail term of 15 years, as well as caning and/or a fine. -/TISG
  3. Hi all just looking for any Maserati drivers to come together and chat and share their rides and experiences. My ride is an old Maserati Graturismo 4.2L NA
  4. TL;DR – A Nissan NV200 and a Maserati GranTurismo S were caught on camera racing one another along the KJE. However, the race did not go as one would have expected. The Maserati GranTurismo S is a beautiful car. Image credit: Google It’s a 4.7L car housing a V8 engine that pushes 400+ horsepower. We’re talking 0 to 100km/hr in about 4 seconds! But yet, in this 47-second video, you can see how it loses to a Nissan NV200 (a van). What happened? The first thing that comes to mind after watching the video is a quote from Vin Diesel in the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise. Image credit: Magical quote.com The video starts as how you would expect it to go. The GranTurismo speeds ahead of the NV200. But the forward thinking NV200 driver takes advantage of an empty pocket of space on the first lane and barrels forward. Meanwhile, the GranTurismo got stuck behind slower vehicles on the left. The comments should be good! Online Chatter ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  5. Maserati MC20: Here's How We'd Spec It source: https://www.motor1.com/news/443462/maserati-mc20-configurator/ Maserati’s online configurator lets you build your dream MC20 from the ground up. Yesterday's debut of the Maserati MC20 sports car marked the beginning of a new era for the Italian brand. Packing a twin-turbocharged V6 built completely in-house, the MC20 produces 621 horsepower (463 kilowatts) and can sprint to a top speed of 201 miles per hour (323 kilometers per hour). Not to mention it costs a hearty $210,000 in the US to start. While that six-figure price tag puts the MC20 out of reach for most, at least Maserati was nice enough to give us the chance to build our unattainable dream car via the brand's online configurator. On the Maserati website, you can choose from a handful of exterior shades, wheel shapes, and brake options, as well as different textures, materials, and color patterns for the cabin. The MC20 even comes with a few safety features and plenty of optional carbon fiber. With that in mind, some of our staff members took the time to build our dream Maserati MC20 on the online configurator. Let us know in the comments who you think did it best. Designed By John Neff, Editor-In-Chief This particular Maserati MC20 is probably the most understated of the group, but it still looks pretty nonetheless. It wears a sleek Bianco Audace paint job – the same color we saw at launch – and rides on a set of 20-inch Birdcage alloy wheels. And hidden behind those wheels are black Brembo brake calipers. But this MC20 also gets the optional carbon fiber exterior package, which adds new splitters and diffusers, as well as darkened exhaust tips. There's a bit more to look at inside. This MC20 gets the “Cuoio” color option, which covers the seats in two-tone black and caramel leather, and the piece of leather just above the instrument cluster in the same caramel finish. Also optioned is the Carbon Fiber Interior pack – which adds carbon fiber paddle shifters (mounted on the column), and carbon fiber door sills – as well as the sport steering wheel and the heated front seats to make it all a bit more amenable. Designed By Brett T. Evans, Senior Editor Contrary to the first car, Rosso Vincente atop black Corsa Design wheels is a much bolder approach. This particular MC20 also gets blue brake calipers, the carbon fiber exterior package – which adds new splitters and exhaust tips – and a carbon fiber roof, further toughening up the look. The interior wears bright Nero and Blue Cielo two-two tone finish on the seats and door panels, and the Maserati trident logo stitched into the headrests. Designed By Jeff Perez, Senior Editor This particular Maserati MC20 wears the bright Blu Infinito paint job exceptionally well. Paired with 20-inch, black Corsa Design wheels and bright yellow Brembo brake calipers, the combo is very appealing. This particular MC20 also gets the carbon fiber exterior package – but not the carbon fiber rear spoiler or the carbon fiber roof. The simpler the better. Same goes for the interior; the seats wear a simple Nero black finish with the optional Giallo yellow stitching to accent the brake calipers, and a unique Grigio arrow pattern. They also get the optional stitched trident pattern in the headrest and heating functionality. Other options on this particular spec include blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, an electronic limited-slip differential, and a sports suspension with a lift. A car this low to the ground needs a nose lift every now and then. This is really a looker!
  6. Today we have a Maserati driver revving his engine CRAZILY loud in a densely populated HDB area in Yishun. Unfortunately, it's not a one-off situation. Judging from the multiple video shots, it seems like the driver lives there. The revving is ridiculously LOUD, and it peaks right after the car picks up speed. Imagine hearing this repeatedly EVERY SINGLE TIME he drives his car! Sadly, there's no face to pin to this driver. Watch the video and I promise you'll find the noise pollution super annoying too. In the video of the car park, you can distinctly hear the piercing rumble of the Maserati's exhaust echo throughout the entire carpark. Yes, you have money to buy a Maserati, but do you need to be such a **** to the rest of the neighbours? Also, I'm sure you don't need to floor the accelerator to go around the carpark, right? I don't even live there and I'm crying. My heart goes out to all the Yishun peeps. So the big question - Do you think the driver modified the exhaust? Or its stock? Sounds modded to me. Modifications are cool, but not if you're causing a ruckus day and night.
  7. The Maserati GranTurismo is what I would call your "entry level supercar" or "pseudo supercar". It's not the fastest, neither does it handle the best, and its horsepower rating of 399bhp to 453bhp isn't what one would call lacking (depending whether you get an earlier or later model), it isn't up-to-par with the supercar horsepower levels of today. Off the top of my head, the least powerful supercar on sale today (I could be wrong) is the Audi R8 with 532bhp and rear wheel drive. Still, what the Maserati GranTurismo (and its convertible sibling, the GranCabrio) lack in horsepower, they more than make up for it in a sonorous exhaust note and Italian flair, as seen in this video. Also, the Maserati GranTurismo, especially the older, COE renewed units tend to be more affordable for a sports car, as seen here. Thus, with a low cost of entry (for a sports car), there are bound to be some people who would spring at the first chance of owning something that is exotic, two-seater and containing a Ferrari engine (yes, the V8 engine in the GranTurismo is from Ferrari, why else do you think it sounds so good?), and some of these drivers aren't exactly what you would say, experienced when it comes to driving a car that is rear-wheel drive and having double or more than double the horsepower of your average car in Singapore. Now now, I'm not pointing fingers here, but sometimes, the evidence speaks for itself. I don't think that's going to buff out..... Yup, definitely not going to buff out. I've heard of rear-wheel steering but that is some rear wheel angle right there. Doesn't look like that tree fared too well, either. Also, I did not know about this, but you can actually be fined for crashing into trees, starting from $2000 a tree? Wow, that's, uh, gratifying to know. I know that if you damage public property like lamposts, railing or fences in a traffic accident, you have to pay for those, but fines starting from $2000 for a tree? One can only guess what happened to cause that accident. At the time of this post being written, which is the evening of 24 March, it has been raining for the better part of the afternoon, roads are still kind of damp from the rain, and the skies still look grey, which could possibly mean more rain later tonight. And judging from the pictures, the roads were wet, so either the driver of this car was having a bad day, or was driving a little too exuberantly on wet roads and didn't have the skill to keep him or herself out of trouble, or had tyres that couldn't really handle the wet asphalt. Now remember, these are all speculations, and I do not know what caused the accident. Let us wait for news from the proper channels to come out before we make any further assumptions. For now, all I can perhaps assume is that maybe, just maybe, the driver of this GranTurismo took the words of Jeremy Clarkson a bit too literally, as seen from Clarkson's review of the Pagani Zonda R.... So if this already isn't enough of a reminder, drive carefully, people, especially in wet weather. More of it is forecasted for the coming weeks so it would be wise to play it safe. And should you need advice for how to drive safe in the rain, feel free to read these articles here, here and here, as written by my colleagues.
  8. Not happy with being overtaken or high beamed at? Why not try jamming your brakes so that the car that offended you can crash into you? That's what this Maserati Quattroporte driver did when the camera car behind beamed him. According SG Road Vigilante's post, the accident happened on the wee hours of 5th of Aug 2020 along Keppel Road. In the video, we can see the camera car trying to overtake both the Mercedes Vito and the Maserati but was blocked a couple of times. Both vehicles were apparently friends or colleagues from the same company and once the Maserati managed to overtake the camera car, the Maserati jammed his brakes suddenly, causing the camera car, which we reckon from that turbo flutter and gearshift, an Audi A4, to crash into it. The Maserati's occupants then came out, demanding the camera car driver to get out and "settle things". After some aggressive exchange of words, the Maserati just drove off as if nothing happened. Weird In our opinion, this is just one side of the story as we have no idea what the camera car driver did to anger the Maserati driver. Accidents like this usually takes two hands to clap. What do you guys reckon? Let us know!
  9. Rivals : BMW 5 Series , MB E-Class and Jaguar XK
  10. These are two WOW rides boasting ponies in excess of 400bhp. If you had the cash to splash, which one would you go for?
  11. Finally a new Maserati to replace the current GT. Unveiled at the Geneva Motorshow. Well at least these are the official pictures - no photochop here (i'm pretty sure). It has a slightly upgraded (of the current) 4.2-liter V8 pushing out 407Hp (from 400). Looks refreshing. Don't the rims look outta this world? Think it took it's front nose from the MC12 below. Maserati MC12. U'll never see one in Singapore. Never.
  12. I had a chance to drive this beautiful monster. So I want to share this fascinating sound experience with you. I recorded with external exhaust mic, engine room mic and cabin mic. What do you think about this?
  13. https://www.facebook.com/BehChiaLor/videos/758360901171923/ A Maserati driver really only had himself/herself to blame when he/she bumped up a curb and landed onto the wrong side of the road — not that it’s stopping the driver from throwing a tantrum and attempting to start a fight with other motorists. The antics of the Maserati driver along Lorong Chuan road were caught on dash cam last Friday afternoon, but the footage was only uploaded today on the Beh Chia Lor Facebook page. The short clip doesn’t capture the full incident (like what happened before and after), but what we can put together is that a lorry had to drift in between two lanes due to some traffic cones being set up. The Maserati came from behind and was going a tad bit too fast, not expecting to be obstructed by a center divider. Unable to brake in time, the Maserati driver swerved to the right, bumping up a curb and managing to get control of the supercar on the other side of the road. Despite the existence of oncoming traffic, the driver sped down and caught up with the lorry, blocking its way on the road. The clip ends right as the Maserati’s door opens. The highlight of the video has to be the people witnessing the antics of the Maserati driver, cursing him/her and saying that he/she deserves getting into the minor accident. Basically, they’re saying exactly what we would say if we were in their position. Commenters online have been siding with the lorry driver and condemning the supercar driver for being a “big bully” with “poor attitude”.
  14. Check this newly launched model at Hong Seh. Competition for Porsche Cayenne, BMW X6, Infiniti QX70 and Mercedes GLE.
  15. This is my general observation. Seems that Maserati and especially Porsche are getting quite common on the roads nowadays. Singapore must be having more and more rich people everydays.
  16. Can help to verify the following post from this TS about ECU on Maserati? http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/73121925-post1.html is there such possible of reset ECU on any car?
  17. Just a decade ago, Volvo "shaken" the world with the launch of it flagship SUV, XC90, touted as a premium SUV (after BMW with its X5 & Mercedes with the GL). Since then, the SUV assault continue, with Audi, Lexus, Infiniti, Porsche and such jumping onto the bandwagon, in hope to have a slice of the big pie. Last September, Bentley officially introduce it Bentayga, the world first luxury SUV, with it first customer the Queen of Britain.
  18. Whilst on holiday in Melbourne (loved it!), i took a short trip over to Dutton Garage when i had a day to myself. It was well worth the time. Part 1: https://garage36.wordpress.com/2016/08/14/fascination-automobile-visiting-dutton-garage-melbourne-part-1/ Part 2: https://garage36.wordpress.com/2016/08/16/in-the-house-of-stone-and-light-visiting-dutton-garage-part-2/
  19. HELP! Was involved in a multi-vehicle accident Monday night. AMK Ave 6 at junction with Ave 5. Red light, bus and taxi stopped in front of me in leftmost lane. I stopped and was whacked from behind by a black Maserati going real fast. Power to carcam cut off so wasn't captured. Would appreciate it if any member who recorded the Maserati speeding can share the footage. Thanks. http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/4-injured-accident-involving-smrt-bus-and-4-cars-ang-mo-kio-ave-5 The Maserati is hidden from view by my car (silver Avante).
  20. Hello Folks, IMO, Euro or America car review programs normally reciting spec/feature mechanically in a sort of chant, boring and feel drowsy, ‎In contrast, Malaysia this 3 guys did the same thing, their acting skill and conversation is Hilarious and humorous Is there any Car review Vedio from Singapore? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVWsuWfTK3o&list=PL2i6uLFviRehDR0vERBgEI-7qQaWFsPjX&index=5
  21. As with the usual case ahead of a major debut, somebody wasn't able to keep the latest concept car from Maserati under wraps until its unveil at the Geneva Motor Show. The low-slung silver coupe you see above is said to be the Maserati Alfieri Concept and although these images aren't exactly the best, it certainly looks good. Now, watch the leaked video below and listen to the car move under its own power. http://dai.ly/x1ekiig
  22. Wanted to post the pictures of this car for quite a while, but didn't upload the photo to my laptop yet. Anyway, this was taken about 3 weeks ago at Mariott Hotel at Orchard Road. Waited quite a while for the crowd to disperse before taking some photos of the car. It was parked beside a Maserati, opposite a Ferarri California, and yet, it got more attention than those two cars combined. (Actually, not many people took photos of the other two cars, but there was quite a group of people taking photos of this). Anyone venture a guess what this car is?
  23. Possible? Saw this maser running around mbfc without front no. Plate.. i tried to look for the no. Plate by staring at it for a good 2mins at the traffic junction but still dont see it. Edit: its a yellow maserati granturismo instead.
  24. Wah like that also can? http://www.carnewschina.com/wp-content/upl...ash-china-1.jpg http://www.carnewschina.com/2013/05/14/ang...porte-in-china/
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