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Found 49 results

  1. Adjunct teacher who attacked son's 10-year-old bully jailed 7 weeks SINGAPORE — A man who attacked a 10-year-old boy for bullying his son was jailed seven weeks on Monday (29 April). Adjunct teacher Tan Chin Tai pleaded guilty at the State Courts to one count of voluntarily causing hurt. The 43-year-old, who also works at a tuition centre, had confronted the boy at his son’s school and shoved him against a wall, leaving the child with a small fracture on one of his ribs. Tan’s lawyer, Cory Wong, said that the boy had been bullying his client's son since early 2017 by using vulgarities and taunting him. The boy also threatened to hit other children who spoke to the client's son. ‘I can bully you’ Tan Chin Tai committed the offence while picking his son up from school at around 1.15pm on 7 July 2017. When he spotted the victim heading towards the school’s gate with a student care staff member, he approached the boy. Tan then grabbed the boy’s schoolbag and pushed the him towards a nearby rubbish shed. He then shoved the boy against a wall and scolded him. “Just because you are bigger in size, you can bully others,” Tan told the boy. “Since you can bully my son, I can bully you.” Following the incident, the boy experienced pain in his left chest and visited the hospital. He was found to have sustained a small fracture on one of his left ribs. He was discharged on the same day and given painkillers. Tan has since paid $229.50 in compensation to the boy. Bullying escalated after incident According to Wong, the bullying got to a point where the father considered switching his son to a different school. The accused had earlier reported the bullying to the school but this did not stop the bullying. “(The father) was instead told that the victim had anger management issues, and felt that his concerns were being brushed aside. “True enough, the school remained ineffective in doing anything to stop the bullying,” said Wong who is from Invictus Law. The victim’s bullying also escalated after the incident, with him calling the accused a “murderer” to his son’s face, the lawyer said, adding that the son had been ostracised by his schoolmates. The boy had also told the accused’s son, “Your father confirm go to jail (sic). My mother is going to sue until you bankrupt (sic).” Wong pointed out that the accused’s actions were not premeditated. Tan had simply wanted to “engage constructively and verbally with the victim”, however the victim had “very cockily ignored” him. “In the heat of the moment, and being a loving father who would staunchly protect his son’s interests, the above drove (Tan) to act out of character,” said the lawyer. In mitigation, Wong asked for fine of not more than $5,000 for his client. For voluntarily causing hurt, Tan could have been jailed up to two years and faced a possible fine of up to $5,000.
  2. Mustank

    9 year old bully sued

  3. End up in longkang in the end: https://www.facebook.com/LangkapPerakMalaysia/videos/749253401841847/
  4. Thaiyotakamli

    Best Road Bully Ever

    Probably best road bully video i ever seen China FTW Conclusion: dont mess with BMW drivers haha
  5. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/glaring-problem-threatened-teen-incident-030021383.html SG stress ah stress!!!!!
  6. Beehive3783

    Bloody VW TSI road bully

    Drive VW TSI only mah. Big fark meh? Only one bloody scratch wanna pull punches liao ah. If dented fender how? Murder the other fella? b**tardo... GVGT... but you have to view the video in facebook, I don't know how to embed the video here. If any of you knows this old man, wish him luck. CDG will slap him with a nice claim on his insurance. And also pray for him if the taxi driver decides to make a report against him for road rage. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=892803234081660
  7. Hishercar

    Cyber-bully cases on the rise

    Anybody really know what a cyber-bully is? When does one label someone a cyber-bully? Are there cyber-bully in this forum? What are the signs of a cyber-bully? Does Moderator really take action on if there are any cyber-bully in this forum? thanks
  8. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=761045317283804&set=vb.395518280503178&type=3&theater
  9. Little_prince

    Road bully charged

    Mata sibei efficient. Singaporean road bully charged so fast. makes you wonder what happened to the ang moh road bully? an old quote from animal farm comes to mind "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"
  10. white SUV in front of Hwa Chong Institute?? he didn't know who he is dealing with and dare to pull such stunt
  11. Just saw this video, i think last year back video. This old taxi uncle funny' lim pei is lau lang, you wanna pick a fight on me? All your action captured in my video' Haha damn funny.
  12. Fastjimmy

    Crazy (bully) cabbie

    driving home this eve 7+ from office (yeah OT gotta clear work man! not international holiday in western world) thought i put top down since ok weather..got chased by a brown cab (smart transcab?) highlighted me outside along vivo & even got off from his cab walked up to my driver's side in major road red traffic gave me the finger plus palm to fist sign(aren't they the same meaning?) & used the f word 3x then the ultimate action of punching my window with departing words "I will follow you all the way to the end!" wah so drama, like i f? his wife/daughter/mother??! don't even know what the f triggered his bad day.. so any bros captured this video on car cam or willing to step out as witness (am in silver slk) will get $reward from me as the law will deal this cabbie who tailgated me all the way (he meant it) into my estate, chased me in underground carpark.. Mr. Trans-gressor cabbie, you will get a friendly call from your neighborly police for trespass and assault (am not pursuing damage to car because that's just money, but your threatening actions & antisocial threat must be curbed), oh also for beating red light past carribean in order to chase me(that's 12 points for you). a bully such as yourself who abused the vehicle you do not own against others who have their own ride just trying to go home from work (much like you we gotta slog on public holiday so what gave you the right to take it out on others, the next car that's unfortunately me?!) I have been told you will either lose your job (for continuing to lie/abuse) very soon, yeah not suitable for you looks like you can't handle the stress of driving a borrowed car..or cool down in jail for few days if you refuse to face me apologetically (hai, male middle finger pride)
  13. Mustank

    Cabby Kena Bully By SYTs

    http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...926-373795.html Click HERE to see Pictures!!!
  14. Click here for the video dog and woman are lucky that kiddo's daddy not around
  15. Aimnfire

    Road bully Brazilian style

  16. Picanto

    Dealing with forum bully

    If you've ever spent any time in an online forum, you've undoubtedly encountered certain individuals who abuse their status within the forum. I'm not talking about forum trolls. They're easy to spot and just as easy to dismiss. But rather, a different kind of malicious entity - the forum bully. ... Troll or Bully? In many ways, I have more respect for a troll than a forum bully. At least a troll is direct. If you pick up a snake, and it bites you, whose fault is that? The snake was just doing what it does. It's the same with trolls. Their intentions are obvious - they're in the forum to disrupt and cause trouble. They arrive with all the subtlety of a jet on a landing strip. Forum bullies are harder to spot. They disguise their intentions. But make no mistake. When you encounter one, you will know - because their bite is equally malicious and just as full of venom. What is a Forum Bully? A forum bully is school ground throwback. Remember that middle school bully with his pathetic little band of sycophantic followers? That's a forum bully. In ways the forum bully is just a pseudonym for a troll, but with a major difference. While the troll's behavior is condemned by the group, the forum bully's actions are condoned by the group. Established members of the group, who don't agree with the forum bully, usually remain quiet while the bully tears apart people just for sport and as a demonstration of power within the forum. Basically a forum bully is the equivalent of a popular troll -- a troll with power within the group. And therein lies the danger... ... Evolution of a Forum Bully Forum bullies are typically intelligent. They usually begin as helpful members of the forum. But as their power grows, their true nature reveals itself. Once established, forum bullies begin mixing their helpful posts with intimidation. As they evolve, and develop a reputation, they attract followers. The followers serve as back up, often times speaking on behalf of the bully to clarify the forum bully's statements. Other times the followers are like a pack of hyenas jumping in for the kill after the bully has drawn blood. As the forum bully fully evolves, she begins to feel immune to attack. She states her opinion regardless of accuracy or consequence, knowing full well that she can always rely on the support of followers to bail her out of trouble. Enablers ... The other danger of a forum bully is that she creates an atmosphere of fear within the forum - not fear among the established members, but rather fear among those outsiders who want to participate in the forum. It is this fear that enables the forum bully to operate. A forum operates on the classic in-group/out-group dynamic. The bully's behavior is tolerated because of an understanding of this dynamic. You don't attack those within the inner circle, only those outside it. If one of the respected members of the forum were to call the bully what she is, a petty, repugnant fraction of a human being, this member risks losing position within the forum. The resulting forum is a place in which comments are guarded. Politics are played. And the free flow of information is stifled. This is the true danger of allowing a forum bully to continue her activities. By not calling her out, the forum loses part of the dynamic it was created to foster. The forum bully also undermines the legitimacy of everyone else in the forum. ... ... What to do When Attacked by a Forum Bully Unfortunately if you are an outsider, there's not much you can do. To attack the bully often will cause the more established members of the forum to close ranks and dispel the outsider. There's a certain logic in this. As an outsider, you've yet to prove whether you're worth defending - especially against an established member of the forum. ... If attacked by a forum bully, disagree politely then get out. Diffuse the situation with silence. Remember, others will read your posts and make determinations about you. Even the most skillful defense will dash up against the walls of the kingdom. Besides, you may have more people rooting for you than you think. Forum bullies are not necessarily liked by the more respected members of the forum, they are merely tolerated because they are part of the inner circle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While I do not think we have a serious forum bullying problem, I do feel sometimes there is a small degree of group cyber bullying going on. I believe we do not set out to bully intentionally, but regardless of what has transpired, no one should bare the embarrassment of having a group of forumers taking turns picking on him/her. We may try to pass our words off as a teasing comment or a joke but remember we are all strangers here and across the World Wide Web an innocuous comment may turn into something insidious. Would sincerely hope all members strive to be professional in their comments, remain objective, always give the benefit of doubt and learn to walk away when you feel it is no longer possible for polite conversation. This holds true for any 'victim' as well. Cheers~
  17. I think he deserves to be whacked from the way he ask for it. If u read the story, he ask to be beated 3 times. In Johor Baloo where I drive on a daily basis, I have encountered cars which cut into my lane without signaling just next to me. And I dont honk cos its their driving style. About half of the vehicles on the road either dont have vaild road tax of the driver dont have licence. So please dont expect too much from Malaysian drivers. I even encounter a 20 year old ancient little car ( like those Mr Bean size ) literally zig zag along a highway in every small little space that he can cut.. no signal at all. If u live in JB like me, you encounter many exciting episodes on the road. Just Yesterday encountered one ah lian from behind me see me too handsome, drive to my right and later cut back into my lane without signal, leaving me with 1 cm allowance. I tailed her closely to Taman Sutera Utama wanting to drag her into my car to teach her a lesson. But too bad she met up with 3 burly old men which I have no confidence of beating so I drove away looking for my next target A SINGAPOREAN man's trip to Johor Bahru turned nasty barely minutes after crossing the causeway, as he was threatened and beaten with a metal pole by a road bully. The 34-year-old, known only as Mr Fan, said the altercation on Sunday afternoon left him with bruises to his waist, arm and wrist, Chinese paper Shin Min Daily News reported. Road rage in Johor Click on thumbnail to view. Story continues after photos. (Photos: Shin Min, omy.sg) Mr Fan was travelling to JB for a shopping trip with his wife, who was three months' pregnant and his one-year-old daughter. The manager told Shin Min that the incident started some 50 metres after he has crossed Malaysian immigration, when a silver-coloured car with a Singapore licence plate suddenly cut into his lane. He honked in response. Following this, the car which overtook him braked suddenly, forcing him to jam on his brakes, and resulting in his daughter being thrown off her seat. From video footage sent in by Mr Fan, Shin Min said the little girl could be heard crying in the background, and the silver-coloured car continued driving on after the abrupt stop. Mr Fan said he then drove into an adjacent lane and signalled for the other car to pull over. But this was met with more aggression, as the other driver attempted to knock into him. Things started to get more heated when both cars stopped at a traffic junction. Mr Fan said he got out of the car with his family, wanting to get an apology from the other party. He was met with a middle-aged road bully wielding a metal pole, who started pushing and taunting him. The other party soon made a move to return to his car but Mr Fan, who felt the situation was not resolved, tapped him on the back and at this point, he was attacked. A physical fracas broke out between the two men, with the road bully's wife trying to separate the heated individuals. A passing motorcyclist later got off his bike and tried to intervene. According to Mr Fan, the road bully told the motorcyclist that he was a Malaysian getting bullied by a Singaporean. When the road bully tried to make another lunge at Mr Fan, he was pulled aside by the biker. At this point, Mr Fan said he did not want to obstruct traffic any further, and got back into his car and drove off. Mr Fan told Shin Min he lodged a report with the Malaysian police last night.
  18. Just when you thought there was only the dramatic Jaguar uncle case, we have now another apparently happening at a HDB corridor. Even though the video was almost 6min, you have watched it all because the "best part" took part near to the end when the dramatic uncle gave it all Regardless of who is right or wrong, it might have been a tense place to live there, machiam the DMZ between North & South Koreas... Serioulsy they need to go to the mediation centre or to their MP to sort things out. If not it will be another Joo Chiat case like what the uncle said. From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg..._resident.html# Foul-mouthed 'bully' rants and rants at resident STOMPer Rebecca shot this video of her neighbour yelling vulgarities and threatening her. She says he does this frequently to his neighbours living in units adjacent to his. She commented: "Our neighbour has been bullying people living above, below and opposite his unit with vulgarities, threatening to report us to the police and take us to court. "He does this whenever he feels that we make noises above his limit or for whatever reasons he can find, like suspecting the neighbours dirty his laundry, have children who jump above his unit or even play the piano too loud. "He is well known for complaining to the HDB and Town Council about this. "This happens quite frequently. The video is one example of his behaviour. It was shot on Tuesday, July 12, at around 6:30pm." STOMP has bleeped out the obscenities uttered by the man in the video.
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpRBPKMtYuQ http://edvantage.com.sg/edvantage/news/new..._millions_.html
  20. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fw1brWQua1U Well done big kid.
  21. Biker was not happy he got blocked by the car so he chased it from BKE to Woodlands. Biker then blocked the car and even kicked the car's door. Got one guy do facepalm 一名电单车骑士不满电单车被一辆轿车挡住去路,于是狂追轿车半小时,从武吉知马高速公路,一路追到兀兰环路,追上时,还把电单车开到轿车前面,然后下车用肉身去挡住那辆轿车,不断脚踢车门,口口声声说要
  22. Road bully blocks ambulance, patient dies An orange-coloured Smart car failed to give way even after the ambulance's driver honked and flashed the front light. -The China Post/ANN Sun, Dec 26, 2010 The China Post/Asia News Network A CAR driver was accused yesterday of failing to give way to an ambulance carrying a seriously sick old woman to the Cardinal Tien Hospital in Xindian District of Xinbei City on Friday evening, according to the Xindian fire division. The fire division dispatched an ambulance to Zhongxing Road of Xindian District at 6.21 pm to rush an 86-year-old woman surnamed Yu, who was in a critical condition and almost showed no vital signs, to the hospital. But when the ambulance reached the intersection of Beixin Road and Dafeng Road, one orange-coloured Smart car failed to give way to the ambulance, even after the ambulance's driver honked and flashed the front light. Instead, the private car driver once attempted to brake, making the ambulance almost "kiss" the small car. Finally, the private car stopped by the roadside, but the driver rolled down the window and showed the middle finger toward the ambulance to vent his anger over being forced to give way. Outraged by the unfriendly gesture of the car driver, the ambulance officer, after sending the patient to hospital, filed an accusation with the police station against the private car driver on charges of obstructing the implementation of public duty. The police station will ask the car driver to explain his behavior in the case. Link
  23. Hi to all,juz sharing some incident happens to me this late afternn. At around 1820hr,I was driving along Kim Seng road to pick up my wife at Great World City Office Tower when suddenly a Toyota Vios just drove into my lane without even signal its attention. I manage to brake on time to avoid collision. I then gave two horn to show my frustration, and expect the driver show sign of apology by raising his hand (which usually most of us will do). But the driver reacted by slowing down his car really slow. He had halt the traffic behind and worst He lowered his window and show his middle finger up high to the air. Im so shocked and seriously make me really furious. I horn to him and signal to him to go to the side . The CHAMPION driver who appear to look like an Indian-Expat(juz a general description) continue to speed of.. I do not managed to get his car plate number and regret not turning on my car-camera. It really makes me wonder whether what Singapore roads goin to be with this kinda drivers. I do really hope that the said driver read this thread so that he understand,thats not the way to drive. And PM me if he wants to know what my fingers could do to him,if he dares.