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Found 8 results

  1. This Honda driver's friend has set the standards when it comes to helping a brother out in a time of need. In the video, a black Honda is driving along a road when the driver suddenly realises something important - he had forgotten to display his P-plate at the back of the car. Not wanting to risk getting caught by the authorities (yes, failure to display a P-plate is an offence), his friend comes up with an ingenious plan. Now, I'm not sure about what the rest of you guys think but I'd say it's a pretty solid plan. While the P-plates in Singapore do
  2. You've probably seen the video of the Toyota C-HR that almost hit an innocent father and son duo. If you haven't, here you go What do you think? 1) Negligence 2) Inexperience 3) or.....
  3. TL;DR – A parked C-HR with p-plates suddenly accelerates and almost mauls a father and son at an open-air carpark. Things would have gotten ugly if they had been one second slower. There can be miracles While some of us might not be believers, a recent video uploaded on Roads.sg might change your mind. The incident occurred on 10th September 2021. Here’s the 35-second video: A one-second difference between life and death In an open-air carpark, location unknown, a father and his son casually walk past a cam car. If you observe the video, yo
  4. Another day, another joker on the road getting what he deserves for his reckless driving. What happened In the wee hours of the morning, a Mazda 3 driver is seen driving down Admiralty Road right beside a large garbage truck. Wanting to filter to his right, the car flashes its right indicator lights to signal its intention. This is when things start to go horribly wrong. Instead of letting the truck pass, the Mazda driver fails to check for safety and starts to drift to the right. The weird thing about his behaviour is that he actually slows down right in fro
  5. TL;DR – VW Passat P-plate driver gets mad when he gets honked at for not stopping at the stop sign. Goes all aggro on cam car in front (with high beam and unnecessary lane cutting). Question: What’s worse than a P-Plater who doesn’t know how to stop at a stop sign? Answer: An angry P-plater who doesn’t know how to stop at the stop sign. What did you learn at driving school? I don’t know about you, but when I was learning how to drive, I’m pretty sure failing to stop at a stop sign was an immediate failure. Then we have this Passat driver, fresh out of dri
  6. I am currently 20 this year still p plate, looking to drive to melaka for a short trip. I currently have a car that is more than 10years, obviously with the car being more than 10 years there is no full insurance coverage for theft and etc.. So I was wondering if I could purchase temp insurance. Alternatively, anyone knows where i can rent car for cheap in jb to drive into melaka or something? Alternatively, anyone knows where i can rent car for cheap in jb to drive into melaka or something?
  7. WC is over so I'm quite boliao.. Recently see around my neighbourhood and on the roads got quite a few bmw / mercs or SUVs with P-plate. Just wondering if this is unique in SG given our car prices. In US and UK new drivers can easily get an old beat up used car for <$1k to practise with. For mcfers who started out with b&b cars and have upgraded to contis/SUVs or performance cars over the years, do you feel that driving b&b at the start made you a better and more confident driver in your bigger/faster car today? If you could go back in time with unlimited money, would you ha
  8. Hi bros, My young colleague going for his driving test later today and I am sure he will pass on his third try. Where can I buy the "P" plate from? NTUC have or not? Thanks!
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