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  1. Official drawings of the 2019 Mazda3 – keep in mind that at this time, we don’t know if it will be sold as a 2019MY or 2020MY in the U.S.A. and Canada. The new “3” will employ Mazda’s latest Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture. The platform is said to be stronger while providing a much better ride quality. But the big news for the fourth-generation “3” is the debut of Mazda’s new SkyActiv-X gasoline enginefeaturing Spark Controlled Compression Ignition. This innovative four-cylinder unit combines characteristics of diesel and regular gasoline engines, using spark plug ignition to “control c
  2. https://www.topspeed.com/cars/car-news/the-toyota-mr2-could-lead-to-the-revival-mazda-s-iconic-rotary-engine-ar197191.html?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_campaign=Echobox_TPS&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR2S2mUuDGuCGprJtfki5sS3znOpoNqsiRsHuNnKF714h9AQ2GOgkJbIuOM#Echobox=1660555868 The Toyota MR2 Could Lead To The Revival Mazda's Iconic Rotary Engine With the development of new battery tech, we could see a 500 horsepower next-gen MR2 by 2026. by Daud Gonzalez, on August 14, 2022, 13:00 There is a lot going on in the world of Toyota. Holding t
  3. Angsty uncle takes time out of his day to teach a blur driver a lesson. The video starts with the cam car behind the uncle, who was driving a Mazda CX-3. As the lights changed, the black Mazda proceeded to make its turn, only to be rudely cut off by a white Hyundai Elantra that had turned into the wrong lane. This infuriated the uncle, who honked loudly to alert the white car of his presence. Here is a closer look: As the cam car continued driving down the road, the Mazda suddenly revved its engine and sped ahead. The uncle then slotted himself back in
  4. Voxy28

    MAZDA 6

    How come this model like no value one? 5k dep nia... Sell that time should be 4k...... jialat. Is it a problematic car?
  5. Lo and behold! sgCarMart kickstarted its very own SGCARMART REVIEWS on the 3rd of November with the new Mercedes-Benz CLA with Julian from the Editorial Department (some of you may find him familiar from MCF events) and cool kid James from Marketing. We're now on episode 2 with the Skoda Octavia RS 245! We're still new at this so don't forget to show some love! Like, subscribe and leave your comments on our Youtube channel! Let them know what cars you want them to review next. 💟
  6. Arriving: 2nd Quarter 2010 The Mazda8 incorporates some of the graceful styling cues of the CX-7. Giving MPVs a fresh new face. Once on sale, it will be one of the largest MPVs to be seen plying our roads. Aimed at the Odyssey, the Mazda8 will give would be Odyssey owners something to think about.
  7. Hello, Wondering if anyone replaced their Mazda Connect system with Mazda (or with 3rd-party)? I tried using AA via AIO Tweaks but it's quite buggy, and the USB charging is really slow - it doesn't charge as fast as the phone consumes the battery. I enquired with Mazda on the upgrade price but haven't heard back yet. I'm curious if anyone upgraded their system? Thanks
  8. A Mazda driver tries for a lane change that did not end well. The incoming motorcyclist skidded off course and fell down at the side of the road. Onlookers came on to assist the motorcyclist but the Mazda driver had driven off without a second word. The news was that the rider had suffered minor injuries and abrasions on his leg. Watch the video for yourself below 286923215_1338749943301494_2605439203475040899_n.mp4 Netizens were divided over the main culprit for the cause of the rider’s accident. Some placed the fault on both parties Whilst others pla
  9. One thing that people are exceptionally fond of doing these days is posting EVERYTHING on social media. Unfortunately, this includes doing dumb things, filming it and posting it online for the world to see (Yes, it happens even if your account is private😞 IMG_7599.MP4 What Happened? In the short video, a 'chiobu' was filming herself and her two friends seated inside a Mazda MX-5. For those of you that know, the Mazda MX-5 is an iconic 2-seater Japanese convertible sports car. After looking at the image above, you wonder, "How do three people sit in a 2-seat
  10. Remember the viral Rolls Royce incident below? Here is a similar incident that occurred recently, but with a twist: What Happened? Those who have been to Upper Thomson would be aware of how difficult it is to get a vacant parking lot along the stretch of the service road. For one "creative" Mazda 3 driver, he defies all odds to park his car - by mounting the kerb and parking it on the pedestrian footpath. After parking his car on the pedestrian footpath, he alights from his white Mazda, where he faces the cam car driver behind him. Instead of acknowl
  11. Personally, I strictly employ the 2-second rule, especially during heavy (heavier) traffic and wet weather. The extra distance and time provided by the 2-second rule will be crucial for you to react accordingly when the car in front of you performs an abrupt brake. Watch what happens when one doesn't leave a safe distance from the car ahead: What Happened? A total of 14 vehicles were involved in 3 clusters of accidents along lane 1 of the PIE, with two clusters being multiple chain collisions. According to the dashcam footage, both the chain collisions seeme
  12. I just change my rims to 225/17/50 profile for my 17" OZ Leggera HLT 8J, is this the correct size? I wanted 215 width but Auto Kinetic says 225 is "Fuller" look. Don't quite understand. Any expert advice please? Thanks!
  13. I'm considering Mazda 5. Can current owners provide general feed back? How about fuel consumption? If anybody bought it recently, what additions did you managed to get? Today's price is 129,000, 3 yrs or 100,000 km (whichever first) warranty. Thank you.
  14. Hi all! Seeing as it has been a few months since the brand new Mazda 2 has been launched in Singapore and many have been collecting their new cars recently, those who have been driving for awhile or brand new owners can check in here! Feel free to share experiences driving or any upgrades you might be interested in doing or have already done, i'm pretty sure we'll see many new Mazda 2s zoom-zooming around Singapore soon!
  15. Car sharing drivers have developed quite a bad reputation for their atrocious driving over the years. If you're wondering how bad they are right now, look no further. Here's a video that will make you facepalm yourself: What Happened? After failing to come to a complete stop at a stop-line, a GetGo Mazda 3 abruptly performed an e-brake to avoid t-boning a taxi. For some reason (most likely to give the Mazda 3 driver a death stare), the taxi stopped just in front of the Mazda 3. At this point, the Mazda 3 somehow gently rolls forward and collides with t
  16. <Designer Of The Mazda Miata, Shunji Tanaka, Dies Aged 75 Thanks for everything, Tanaka-San. Shunji Tanaka, the chief designer of the original (NA) Mazda MX-5 Miata, has passed away. The announcement was made on Facebook by a close friend and chairperson of the MX-5 Club Tanaka was a member of, Mr. Katsuyuki Satake. A translation by a fellow enthusiast alerted CarBuzz to the news with a simple statement, "I'm so sorry to announce that Mr. Tanaka, the Chief Designer of NA MX-5 has passed away on Dec. 12th at the age of 75." Apparently, Mr. Tanaka's last words were, "I have no regre
  17. The spec for the PHEV look mouth watering. Dimensions 4,745 mm (L) 1,890 mm (W) 1,680 mm (H) 2,870 mm (WB) Engine 2.5L e-SkyActiv-G IL4 PHEV (323HP, 500Nm, 5.8 sec, 200Kmh) 3.0L e-SkyActiv-X IL6 mild hybrid 3.3L e-SkyActiv-D IL6 mild hybrid
  18. Wheelies seem like a pretty cool trick or stunt to look at. Motorcyclists are not the only ones that can perform such stunts, but drivers can also perform wheelies. Don't believe me? Watch it here: What Happened? A Mazda 2 hatchback that performed a last-minute lane change near a red light ended up rear-ending a Nissan Qashqai instead. However, the Nissan SUV easily absorbed the blunt impact from the collision. The rock-hard sturdiness of the Nissan SUV resulted in the Mazda 2 mounting it and doing a "wheelie" on its right wheels. For a moment, i
  19. Mazda Amati logo. The initial Amati products would have been the Amati 500 (which became the Mazda Millenia), and the Amati 1000 (a new rear wheel drive V12 successor to the Mazda 929). This never happened, leaving the near-luxury Millenia to the Mazda brand.
  20. Mazda is seriously pushing upmarket with this new drivetrain!
  21. Hi shifus. My sis just went to buy this fella. Any common problems to look out for?
  22. TL;DR – A Mazda 3 driver and a Mitsubishi Attrage driver yells at one another at a HDB estate for reasons unknown. Let’s dive right into the 49-second video. This incident looks like it occurred at a HDB estate (location undetermined), possibly near the entrance of a MSCP. Kimak! The video begins with the grey Mazda 3 driver stepping out of his car, clearly unhappy with the driver in the red Mitsubishi Attrage. . Mazda driver loses all chill and starts cursing at the Mitsubishi driver’s mother (in Malay) and other assorted dialects referencing the
  23. Nope, this is not the much much bigger brother of CX-9. In between the CX5 and CX3, price maybe in the range of 120k to 130k in today's COE prices. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_nPK5sUn2w
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