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Found 52 results

  1. A popular local Singer/Songwriter has taken to her facebook page to rant about cars making loud explosive noises where she lives. 1 bang 2.mp4 In her post, Beverly Morata Grafton pointed out in her post she has been experiencing "exhausts have been popping off like gunshots from 10:30pm and counting. And like every weekend since mid April, they will do so until 4am plus in the morning..." From her photos and videos that she provided, we gathered that these incidents happenen along Yishun Ave 1, where Sinopec Yishun is situated at. This stretch has a speed camera but car enthusiasts are known to still gun their cars there while heading towards the Yishun Dam. We will not go into the rest of her post as it can be a bit demeaning and vulgar. For those who are curious, you can view her post below. In the video that was taken on the 25th of April, we could identify a white Volkswagen Golf accelerating away quickly from the petrol station before letting off some loud bangs, much to the annoyance of the songwriter. Being a post on the writer's personal page, it was no surprise to find the comments supporting her views. But what do you guys think? More pops and bangs for everyone? Or should we cooperate for quieter neighbourhoods?
  2. Not PMD, but coca-cola ads. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/high-sugar-drinks-to-carry-unhealthy-label-on-pack-advertisements-banned-next-year Means can advert Coke Zero but cannot advert regular Coke? No more Coca Cola/Pepsi banners?
  3. Volkswagen Owners Voice Grievances At Volkswagen Group Malaysia Headquarters Nearly 50 disgruntled Volkswagen owners gathered at the steps of Volkswagen Group Malaysia’s (VGM) headquarters in Bangsar earlier today to voice their complaints about the poor after sales experience and unreliability of their Volkswagen cars. Executives from the company were present at the lobby to listen to the complaints brought forth by the group. According to the co-organiser of the gathering, Ben Yeo, the group is demanding that VGM would be able to deliver a product that is safe and reliable, as well as improve their after sales service. “We feel cheated about the warranty and safety, a number of Volkswagen owners have had to change the engines and replace the clutch pack in their cars in the span of less than two years,” said Yeo. “Furthermore some of us had our warranty voided by the manufacturer due to minor overruns in the car’s service interval.” Co-organiser Leon Loke claims that his warranty for his Volkswagen Passat CC was voided for exceeding it service interval by a margin of around 1,000km. "A lot of customers including myself would have to book our cars in for service a month in advanced as there are no available slots for me to do so earlier," said Loke. Another owner who identified himself as Mr Low claims that his 2012 Volkswagen Polo 1.2 TSI has been experiencing a multitude of problems ranging from improper replacement parts to unsatisfactory repairs done by his car’s service centre. The group of owners also handed over a list of requests to the Volkswagen management. Their list of requests includes a warranty extension to 10 years for the engine and gearbox, and no voiding of the warranty for mileage overruns under the tolerance of 3,000km. “The reliability issues of the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox are already acknowledged by Volkswagen in China and they have extended their warranty coverage to 10 years. We on the other hand are still left with a 5-year warranty coverage,” explained Yeo. “All we are asking for is a fair treatment from VGM.” The owner demonstration was started and organised on the “VW DSG 7 Defects Community” Facebook group. The group was started by disgruntled Volkswagen owners in May last year, and has so far attracted more than 2,000 followers to date. Yesterday VGM released a statement on steps the company would be taking to improve its after-sales service, whereas its new managing director, Christoph Aringer, is well aware of issues on reliability and after-sales service plaguing Volkswagen owners in Malaysia. According to Aringer, the company are already taking steps to address to improve the company’s after-sales support both in terms of customer care and warranty claims. Volkswagen says issues related to the 7-speed DSG transmission have already been addressed by last year's recall in Malaysia, and assures its customers that all new Volkswagen models are not affected by any transmission reliability issues. The after-sales grievances experienced by Volkswagen customers aren’t exclusive to the German brand. We would also like to point out that fast growing brands such as Ford and Peugeot also experienced similar customer complaints alluding to the lack of after-sales capacity during their period of growth a number of years back. With a fast growing number of new customers, an unprepared after-sales network would be easily overwhelmed by the higher number of customers looking to send their cars in for routine service. Only in the past few years did Ford and Peugeot managed to turn their situation around after expanding their service network and hiring better trained after-sales personnel to meet the needs of their new customers. The question of whether VGM would be able to finally address its customer complaints would depend on the company’s actions and its relationship with its network of dealers. Those steps would take time to bear fruit, but it is crucial steps of the utmost priority nevertheless. http://www.livelifedrive.com/malaysia/news/view/92082/volkswagen-owners-voice-grievances-at-volkswagen-group-malaysia-headquarters
  4. Hi to who may concern. I recently hittied a car while reversing (with scratches on front bumper) and I was unable to write down my contacts details to the driver as I do not have any pens and paper with me. I want to do ask what should i do about it??? Im right now in fear and distraught, not sure what to do and hope to have a best course of action. Willing to pay for his car damages but hopefully he dun report to the police and my car rental company. But may i know if for ny case what should i do? Well im deeply sorry for the lost and i hope to settle it privately. As im penniless and having finical difficulty in every way. No full time job only doing uber as my part time. Please help me in this matter as to how to contact the driver. But may I ask if i can could pay for his repairs by monthly installment or something like that? As I dun earn a lot just by doing uber. But if he decided to claim against insurance is it by my car rental company? I know that Im in a deep shit. Since he can report to police on this case. But i would like to be off record to be on a clean shit to settle this between the driver and me.
  5. Friend looking for a mid size MPV for family of 4, occasion 6 pax Eyeing Honda Oddessy, Toyata Estima and Madza 5 or Biante. Which one is best bang for buck and errrrrr best for banging (this one I ask one)... He only want AD ride....
  6. Kena bang from behind last week. Break to avoid collision with a break down car but behind 2nd car bang me. Thought nothing wrong with me but the complication came at night. 1. Spine need neck pain. 2. 4th day all left fingers and right thumb and index fingers needle numb on finger tip. 3. Numbness came again after 1 week after 1st appearance, plus giddy for 2 hrs in morning and area between left shoulder and neck aching pain since Sat bight. I wish i dont have those injury, no point getting huge claim and those complication follow me for the rest of my life. I wonder what other complication will appear after a car accident? (you are the 1st car kena bang from behind). Please share and thank you.
  7. I was actually there that day, landed that morning too. I think some of the ppl on my plane might have been inside the buses there. I avoided it cos my hotel was in Incheon, so didn't need to travel into town yet. Saw the aftermath in the afternoon. Some of the cars looked to be in really bad shape. Visibility that morning was about 1.5meters but cleared up when i had to travel out. Was quite impressed the pilots could actually land the plane when viewing from the on-board tv/camera, cannot see the runway until just before touchdown. Power. Korean air stewardesses quite chio also, but i shy to take foto. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-31403615 Two dead in 100-car South Korea pile-up Police said a bus may have gone into the back of a car, starting the pile-up At least two people have been killed in a pile-up involving about 100 cars on a bridge near South Korea's Incheon International Airport. Another 42 people were injured in the incident, eight of them seriously, the Yonhap news agency reports. The cause is not clear, but police said initial reports suggested a bus had hit the back of a car in foggy conditions. The bridge connects Incheon and the capital, Seoul, to the airport on Yongjing island. The pile-up occurred at about 09:30 local time (00:30 GMT). Authorities said icy roads were also a factor. TV footage showed emergency rescue workers trying to get to a mass of twisted and crumpled vehicles on the fog-covered bridge. Authorities said they had blocked off lanes on both sides of the bridge At least 100 cars were involved There was heavy fog on the bridge at the time of the incident "I heard a series of bangs in front of me. Then I was rear-ended by a following car," cab driver Yoo Sang-young told the Yonhap news agency. "I felt my car turning around and hitting a protection rail. I then lost consciousness." Another driver said he could not see ahead of him in the thick fog. "I slowed down but still rammed into the cars piled up in front of me," he said. The Seoul-bound side of the bridge and a number of lanes in the other direction have been shut down. But the Associated Press news agency quoted police official Park Sang-yeoul as saying the damaged cars had now been removed from the cross-sea bridge.
  8. I know this happens often on our roads filled with rude drivers, but this one really makes me angry. This lane merge is already so dangerous, this taxi still squeeze in. If I did not siam him, already bang. Make me really pissed off that I am going to write into Comfort. I don't usually do this kind of thing one because it's their rice bowl, but I think this cabbie deserves the s--t.
  9. Gaolow

    Wao lao..almost bang me leh..

    no signal..no lane discipline...should I report? Silver cab SHA****
  10. Singaporean actress Ann Kok confessed her love for Korean boyband BIGBANG, and even asked for a chance to star as a female lead in their music video. Ann Kok made an appearance at the BIGBANG Alive GALAXY Tour 2012 pre-concert press conference held last evening (27 Sep) at Stellar at 1-Altitude. She plucked up her courage to greet the five-member group, comprising of G-Dragon, T.O.P., Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri, in Korean, before declaring how much she loved the group, during the media Q&A session. Ann Kok popped a question, asking:
  11. Phluvcat

    Bang sai before go work?

    Who here is die die must bang sai before going out to work in the morning? I normally try to wait until I have my first dump before I go work , else if halfway gek sai is sibeh jialuck, sometimes the sai wanna like jua chut lai make me loon until face white and cold sweat. Few times have to ask wifey wait in the car while I go her office building toilet bang sai. Last time never driver lagi worst, take bus 170 to work, knn traffic jam and sai also have to jam my sai, until I act weird weird and got spasm people think i got problem or what, only can choose bus stop near to petrol kiosk so can bang there. For the record I morning must bang sai at least twice, probably first time not totally unloaded as body not warmed up totally. Paiseh, a bit disgusting this topic but has been on my mind these couple of day so have to bang chut lai. and its affects the way I drive and I wonder if folks here also experience such nature calls.
  12. Happen today 1pm at Punggol...Customer taking fast car for test drive crashes into bus at Punggol http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...us_outside.html question..who will pay for the damage?
  13. Picnic06-Biante15

    Great Escape & Loudest Bang Heard ....

    Was very very lucky this morning around 6.35am whilst waiting at a traffic light junction below CTE and Lor Chuan. Was coming from TP and on the way to pickup a colleague at Lor Chuan and the traffic light was 'red'. While waiting for light to turn green, a sudden bright flash beside my vehicle and followed by one very loud bang (thunder). Not the normal rolling thunder sound but one big bang. My car got jerk and I was stunned for a second. Suddenly the traffic lights were 'red' in all directions and vehicles stopped at all side. Without second thought (as all cars stopped), I move off first cos for that junction, very heavy vehicle traffic coming from CTE to Braddell. Upon reaching Australian International School, I stopped my vehicle and feeling cold sweat on my palms. I reliased that I just escape death by a meer 3 meters when the lightning striked beside my vehicle. It took me 2 minutes to recover along Lor Chuan and proceed with my journey. Things happen so fast and I drag to think of the incident at Rochor where 3 lives were taken away in seconds. As the saying goes "Ta Nan Pu Shi, Pi Yu Hou Fu".
  14. Been following this thread for a couple of weeks. Seems like the GTR driver is damn suay. Waiting at traffic light, kenna banged by a drunk driver in a carbon fibre bonnet Vios driving opposite direction. Worst thing is Vios insurance don't wanna pay, gotta claim from own insurance. Repair cost coming to 70k on parts alone, haven't include labour and all. I read the thread, pity the GTR driver. Seriously, this can happen to anyone. http://www.nagtroc.org/forums/index.php?/t...ver-last-night/
  15. Rao

    Front Bang

    Today very sueh. Bang a merz front the thing is there was only like 1cm scratch drivers was young girl , daddys car. we took photos and exchange particulars. from the way they speak to me it seems like they want a private settlements. but there is nothing to settle for in that moment i left the number, got couple of witness who agree to be witness of the whole incident and left the place. ive asked the young fellas dad to call me I need to know if the car has under 25 driving coverage .? what shall i do now.? very worried. thanks
  16. http://www.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews...303-331429.html http://www.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews...228-330567.html
  17. today worked extra hard, time to go home ZZzzzzzzzzzz....bye..
  18. From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Online...ory_769134.html Raise the bar on scholarships to foreign students Published on Feb 22, 2012 SENIOR Parliamentary Secretary for Education Sim Ann told Parliament that 900 full scholarships are awarded each year to students from non-Asean countries to study for a degree here ('Foreign scholars closely tracked'; last Saturday). This is in addition to 170 similar scholarships for Asean students yearly. Although this pool of foreign talent will augment the local pool, the Government must show that Singaporeans come first by ensuring there are more scholarships for Singaporeans than foreigners. The foreign recipients must also deserve the awards. Ms Sim stated that 45 per cent of foreign scholarship holders complete their undergraduate studies with a second-upper class honours or better. However, as these recipients are selected from among the best from their home countries with bigger populations, the percentage ought to be higher. The millions of dollars that taxpayers underwrite for these scholarships will be well spent if more than half of the scholarship holders achieve at least second-upper class honours. Edwin Lim ****** And another: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_769211.html Scholarships Published on Feb 22, 2012
  19. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=3232465776371
  20. Kana at car park. This morning notice a long scratch of around 15-20cm x 2cm wide on right corner of front bumper. I guess whoever is turning out of the lot or reversing in didn't judge properly and brush against my bumper. I guess its time to accumulate the scratches and then go for respray. That car is probably dark colour cause the paint marks are greyish in colour.
  21. Didn't notice there is a bend Kerb at the central exit and I bang straight into it with a loud thud, lucky my tyres not puncture but no idea what have been damage, what should I do now?
  22. Do you think taxi drivers have such mentality. Since they have nothing to lose (vehicle is not theirs also), as long as he is in the right of way, he won't even try to avoid an accident and would rather bang straight into the vehicle and claim insurance gao gao (lost of income, tooth crack, hand pain, leg pain etc.....). They don't practice defensive driving on the road, they only only if an accident will favor them or not. For the rest of us, its hear pain. Even is car can be repaired, its no longer the same already thus avoid as much as we can.
  23. Sian....car rear kanna banged by a van. his is only a small scratch on his no. plate but mine bumper and door incl. lamp damaged. Mine insurer is asiadirect and went down to ah lim motor to report. was ask if i want to repair at the ws but see they like so busy with so many accident cars. which ws can do claim if i dun go back ah lim workshop? since 3rd party cliam can go anywhere i like right?
  24. Greatbirdlegend

    Best bang for your holiday dollar

    Before WTF comes in...this bang is not that type of bang ok? Where to go for your next holiday
  25. Just 24 hours after Nico Rosberg was languishing in ninth place on the time sheet, 3.2 seconds off the pace in the first day of testing in Jerez, up popped his Mercedes team-mate Michael Schumacher with the fastest time of the day in Southern Spain. A return to form for the veteran seven time world champion you may think and all the more impressive considering his younger German countryman more than had his measure last season upon Schumacher's return to Formula One. Setting the pace: Michael Schumacher was quickest in Jerez (above) Setting the pace: Michael Schumacher was quickest in Jerez (above) Indeed, Rosberg was forced to start making promises of better things to come from the Merecdes W02 by the time the teams reached Bahrain for the final test prior to the start of the 2011 season in the Middle Eastern country. All the more amazing then that at the ripe old age of 42 that Schumacher should teach the young bucks a thing or two in a car which, at best, is far from the finished article and, at worst, may turn out to be no better than last year's disappointing machine. Well, not quite. Schumacher's time was set on his first hot lap on Pirelli's new super-soft compound - Jenson Button later claimed the fast degrading new rubber is worth in the region of a second a lap. And while Schumacher bristled at the suggestion he was light on fuel, the fact remains he only stayed out for ten laps in that stint - his times getting progressively slower suggesting he had wrung everything out the car and its tyres to pop in a morale boosting time. Title contender: Schumacher is one of five world champions in the field the season Title contender: Schumacher is one of five world champions in the field Schumacher's performance had more to do with the smoke and mirrors that goes on during pre-season testing and while his time might make an exciting headline, you really do have to believe the drivers when they say that all that really counts is how their new car performs in the first Grand Prix of the season. On the subject of keeping ones cards close to ones chest, Button spoke of his need to wait for almost two hours while his McLaren mechanics made some major changes to his car. LAP TIMES ON DAY TWO IN JEREZ 1. Michael Schumacher Mercedes 1m20.352s (112 laps completed) 2. Felipe Massa Ferrari 1m20.413s (116) 3. Jenson Button McLaren-Mercedes 1m21.009s (69) 4. Jaime Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1m21.214s (72) 5. Mark Webber Red Bull-Renault 1m21.613s (113) 6. Adrian Sutil Force India-Mercedes 1m21.780s (73) 7. Sergio Perez Sauber-Ferrari 1m21.857s (56) 8. Timo Glock Virgin-Cosworth 1m22.208s (57) 9. Vitaly Petrov Renault 1m22.493s (65) 10. Pastor Maldonado Williams-Cosworth 1m22.591s (38) 11. Jarno Trulli Lotus-Renault 1m23.216s (40) Those major changes were to the exhaust system, with McLaren swapping their conventional layout for the forward facing pipes employed by Renault. The gas emerges from an exhaust at the bottom of the sidepods and is the latest trick being tried to increase all-important downforce. Button also spent the day, his first in the new McLaren MP4-26, getting to grips with the KERS system which stores the energy from braking to deliver a quick burst of power. He also got to play with the moveable rear wing which, along with KERS and Pirelli tyres, is designed to create a more exciting spectacle for the viewer this season. 'I am getting used to KERS because it is new to me, as it is to most drivers,' said Button who did not have the system on the Brawn which carried him to the 2009 driver's championship. 'I tried the rear wing a couple of times, not in anger but just to see if it was working. It is just like pushing the KERS button; the boost you get from it is amazing. It is very efficient. The speed you pick up is amazing. But it is one of those things that you want to take a bit of time over before you actually use it in anger. 'I sat behind a Renault when it was adjusting and I didn't realise how quick it was going to move. It is an amazing bit of kit but it is comedy following someone who is using it because it just looks wrong. It is like something has fallen off!' As for the new tyres. 'It is going to be fun for racing and I think it is what everyone wanted, tyres that are very different to each other,' said Button. 'There are big differences from the hard, through to the medium, through the soft and to the super soft. There are big differences in terms of lap time and also in terms of degradation.' Understandably, Button was less forthcoming about McLaren's radical new exhaust layout. But having finished the day in a respectable third place, without the benefit of setting a time on the super-soft tyres, Button proclaimed himself happy enough with the car's progress even at this early stage. 'We haven't set the world alight but we have collected important data and on Sunday we can have a crack at seeing what the car has in it,' he said. The weekend will provide another pointer as to the coming campaign, but the truth will only out once the cars head out for qualifying in Bahrain four weeks. Until then, lap times like Schumacher's are much like the exhaust gasses the teams are trying to harness, little more than hot air. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/formulaon...l#ixzz1Dih5VL5Z http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/formulaon...-time-test.html