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  1. https://www.parliament.gov.sg/docs/default-source/default-document-library/small-claims-tribunals-(amendment)-bill-23-2018.pdf Make use of this guys.
  2. Rao

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    https://www.parliament.gov.sg/docs/default-source/default-document-library/small-claims-tribunals-(amendment)-bill-23-2018.pdf Please do make use of this guys.
  3. Hi, if your email is gsbt**** then i can confirm we have recieved your email . will reply you soon as i am travelling now . Will be helpful if you can email me the summary ,please note if they re-posses your vehicle due to late payment etc its not within the our group of juridictions , waiting for our lawyers to comment . Thank You .
  4. Rao

    Accident with Causeway Link bus

  5. believe me i am more then happy to post every single details but you also need to know the law and its functions, So let the people in charge look into this case before we comment further . ps: we , in the victim group circle are updated will all fine details.
  6. Well, i don't think i owe you an answer for this, but anyway .. There is no "i win" . Its a group effort, a group of victims of this company. Yes its worth it. i know what you meant. yes exactly . many victims kept quiet, never lodge police report thinking nothing can be done. You just need to work hard on this. Guess what, SPF is looking deeper into this now. Just wait for the outcome , maybe in the news. again, we urge all victims, it could be from 1987 doesn't matter, if you never lodge report, don't have the evidences, documents, just come forward if you want to see this company dealt with legal. Do trust in our refined legal system.
  7. We are progressing , need more people to come forward and share their version of the actual event . We wont stop till the party is prosecuted by law .,if found guilty.
  8. Rao

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    Hi Brother, Sister, If you are victim of Five Speed Motor. New or old pls PM me your contact number . Its important. Thank You. ALL info will be kept confidential. https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2707061-five-speed-motor-trading-class-lawsuit/page-2?do=findComment&comment=6574321
  9. Thank You for your support guys, Pls email me your case details, we are progressing well now , Doesn't matter if your case or OLD or NEW , we want to charge him under criminal offenses. We have to stop this guys. Its a well planned scam ,.Let the police and law do the job. Pls email me. ALL info will be vetted through and we are group of victim, we will have official meeting soon.Pls email me. Thank You .
  10. Hi all , thanks for sharing. We have new progress now, its more exciting ,its 5 of us now. will share soon as soon we can, meanwhile pls email us directly at fsvictimsg@gmail.com We are asking all the victims , as far as 10yrs ago to come forward to share your case with us and our legal counsellors , gov bodies etc, Pls share this new if you know anyone who you know is a victim of this trader. fsvictimsg@gmail.com
  11. Your post here is very strange. 1. New member 1 post 2. Five speed motor no longer have cars for sale or financing .
  12. is that why they need to spend money to adv in AAS magazine ? lol they quote there " cheaper than JB some say batam "..
  13. Rao

    VICOM / STA sticker

    ill be happy to put if AAS inspection give out such stickers but none, VICOM/STA sticker ? no way. !
  14. Rao

    Loan for COE Renewal?

    currently the lowest interest is 2.99, take note specially offered by the famous jln mas puteh dealer . Think thousand times before commiting to this with this dealer, many news and topic on this particular dealer already. market rate is 3.2x onwards, if someone offering you 2.99 .... you can decide.lol. good luck.
  15. some readings: http://www.lancermotoringclub.com/showthread.php?25675-Do-not-ever-buy-a-car-from-*********-*****-*******&s=9ff2fde0327f43dc829059fe28c00f08