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Found 50 results

  1. Hi members, I got the cheapest quote from Budget Direct and likely will be buying from them. $700+ vs $1,000+ from NTUC!! Anyone got Buddy Id to share ? extra 5% and voucher for referral. Thanks Note: Did a search for Budget Direct and nothing found. Please help redirect if there's an existing thread.
  2. We provide transactional services for direct buyer & seller deals. All paperwork done by us so you don't have to! Visit connect.sgcarmart.com or call us 6744 3540 today! This service is part of the privileges for sgCarMart advertisers. To advertise your car for sale, Post an ad now!
  3. Anyone bought car insurance from the above mentioned before? Got a quote from there and its 50% cheaper then what MSIG and agents quoted me.
  4. Hi car owners with direct injection engine (GDI/Gasoline Direct Injection), would like to understand more about cleaning of carbon deposits on the intake valves. Anyone has experience to share about such cleaning service - chemical or mechanical - is available locally? Or has anyone tried to diy? More info on the need for cleaning can be found here: http://www.aa1car.com/library/intake_valve_deposits_gdi_engines.htm
  5. I am looking at cars put up by direct sellers at sgcarmart. I am willingly to offer 10k above the dereg value for a2 to 3 years old car Is this consider fair value? If not, what is the typical value for such cars?
  6. Hi guys, i wish to sell away my existing 06 Nissan Sunny and buy direct from a friend of mine, a Vios Sports 2011 Nov. May i know what's the procedure like? And is it even advisable to do it now ? Thanks.
  7. Hi I've found a direct buyer who wants to purchase my car. He's a friend's friend. However I told him to give me abit of time to settle the purchase of my car by end March. Once I shortlist the car I'm buying from a dealer, what would be the fastest way to complete both end of the transactions? Should i settle the loan with my bank first?
  8. Hi all, i just want to get attention from people that i realise a lot of direct buyer is actually same person who selling a lot of cars and same contact as other dealer. The reason is to manipulate the market to make people think that the used car price high sky is to blame direct seller who want to sell their car at high price infact the truth is dealer jack up the price, worse is the used car peice depreciation is higher than the current new car price even at $60-65k coe price tag. They realise that people who dun afford downpayment for new car will narrow down to used car search n hence dealer unethically appreciate all their assets that they bought in at low price previously by manipulating market cause they know ppl who does not have a choice will go for used car It is up to the buyer now to think twice n make clear calculation cause if u make purchase used car will always cause the used car market at high price due to dealer think no matter how high the depreciation u dun afford new car downpayment u come to used car n u pay something that is not worth moreover will need to pay for repair cost if the used car went wrong. Overall in actual the used car depreciation will be a lot higher than the new car. example new altis 10-11k depreciation 2006 altis 9-12k depreciation haven count the repair cost n the risk that the car might involve several accident i want to urge the dealer stop manipulate the market price, also sgcarmart do not allow not genuine direct owner to post their car sales under direct owner advertisement.
  9. Hi, Can anyone advise what is the procedure like if I were to sell my car directly to owner? I understand that the buyer and I need to go to LTA to transfer the vehicle to his name. But do I need to deregister the vehicle before transferring to the buyer's name? I can't find any info about this on LTA site. It seems like from LTA site, we only need to fill up the transfer form only. On top of this, how do I actually settle my outstanding loan? I mean, if the buyer pass me the cheque, does it need to be under my name or the bank's name? Anyone here experienced selling their ride to direct owner? Please advise. Cheers Orac
  10. Understand Direct fuel injection (DFI) engine requests higher petrol grade, can advis what grade is suitable? Heard most Jap automakers output models w/o (DFI) due to most countries fuel grade is not suitable for DFI engine, include Singapore?
  11. Mustank

    Taobao Ships Direct to SG

    hey guys!!! ho liao!!!! http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drin...ao-4390356.html
  12. /against the rules here? any car owner letting off their car (2 years or less)?
  13. DBS Car Marketplace, in partnership with sgCarMart and Carro - Singapore's largest direct seller-to-buyer car marketplace is officially launched in Singapore. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/article.php?AID=17433 What's more, from now till 4th October, you can post an ad on sgCarMart thru DBS for FREE! Link can be found below. https://www.dbs.com.sg/personal/landing/carloans/marketplace/list-my-car
  14. Just got quote from DA for my renewal ($140 cheaper). They cover LTA compliant mods! Well done DA!
  15. So I was offered this proposition today by a PI since what I am looking for is "quite unusual", so they suggested I do a "direct import". I like Skoda's value and classy (yet not so plain as VW) look as well as the fact that all their sedans are hatchbacks, so I am curious - how feasible, really, is it to bring in a car like that? Wouldn't it be expensive? Wouldn't getting servicing for it be tricky (well, parts can be sourced from VW though)? ... What are your thoughts? ...And while I'm on this line of thought, what about a SEAT (also VW group!)?
  16. Can someone advise which are the popular website for buying/selling a 2nd hand car. I also scouting ard now to buy a 2nd hand car. Can someone advise how not to fall pry to pitfalls, like we read so much abt buyer got con and already paid out huge deposit sum of money only to find out car is still under finance instead of already transfer ownership, etc. and still can’t own the car after paying all the money. Are there such pitfalls for direct dealing with seller? Tks
  17. Or vice-versa. Been seening plenty of "direct owner" ads on sgcarmart wif such descriptions: "Confirm Loan Approval For Bad Credit/Ex Bankruptcy" "Can Arrange For Balloon Screen, Monthly Installment From $398" "Bank Interest Rate At 1.88%, Full In House Loan Available" Hmmm.....wonder if some of those scumbag dealers are selling as "direct owner" to avoid the Lemon Law?
  18. like that also can! sgcarmart should also consider making such ads for their customer
  19. Hi, there, I am going to buy a car from the direct seller from sgcarmart. any brother here can advise me the detail steps on what to do. should I buy the insurance before transfer? What other issues I need to take care?
  20. Anyone know how do I buy a car from direct owner? My car is scrapping in 2 months time means that I have to scrap my car before buying car from another owner? If I scrap my car, I will get back a paper instead of cold hard cash right? Any kind soul can advise? How do I get a loan in this case?
  21. Hi fellow MCF-ers, Im going to commit to purchase of a 2nd hand car for my mum so i would like to know the procedures to it. First time buying a car without a loan so i would like to know the procedures for this. 1. Sign S&P with buyer after AAS Checks if car is ok 2. I will settle insurance myself with my own agent 3. He has outstanding loan with Maybank, so whats the procedure like? My agent told me, i will need to go down with him to Maybank to fully settle the loan on the spot? Whats the guarantee to me? What if i help him settle and he suddenly change face? say no deal etc? 4. After loan settlement, we have to go down to LTA to do transfer? what documents are needed? Certainly LTA will need bank documents to say that loan has been fully settled. Thanks alot! Rgds, Ray
  22. Recently have a bad experience with a direct seller, most likely will left me carless as my car is sold and my seller car still pending. 2 weeks ago met up with a direct seller, price agreed and everything and i told him ill apply for loan. I then approached a friend who use to work in car trade for help. Loan was approved, i then told seller that i need him to sign buyer/seller agreement and front and back of IC as the finance company says they requires them to verify. Seller told me his aunty was owner so need his aunty to settle. Spoke to the aunty and even got my friend to explain and the aunty say she is afraid to pass her ic front and back or sign any agreement because she scare ill use her ic to borrow ah long =.= she also claims to be very familiar with the procedure for buying and selling used car. Buyer inform me that his aunty going oversea in 2 days time , need to settle the car a.s.a.p. Buyer aunty agrees to provide IC front back and sign the document after i sent her my own IC front back as "insurances" My agent then inform seller side that they can pass him her IC and he will apply the pin for them etc, they refuses as they dun trust us, so my agent told them to go get the pin from LTA themself and also sign on the LTA transfer form before she leave for oversea. The aunty then told me again that she is very familiar with car selling procedure and that she will NOT sign on anything. After explaining, she sign and pass to her nephew to safekeep. Aunty then flew off oversea and Im left to deal with the nephew. Mean while, my own car was sold and new owner collected my car all settle within a few days. I then contacted the seller and ask him if he can let me sign on the transfer form, and also ask him to apply for pin a.s.a.p. My loan and insurance is already ready pending for him. Seller told me he busy, no time apply pin and he dont trust me with the transfer form ( wth? ). He ask me to faster clear his loan and pass him a cheque with the balance, after which he will apply for pin and let me sign on the transfer form, and then we will go to LTA. I told him that if he wish to settle asap, he must work together and follow the procedure, my agent is willing to run a trips down to LTA etc to settle paperwork for us as he is my friend. Seller say he take instruction from his aunty. Now im struck with no car and my job requires me to have 1, and I definitely dont want to apply the pin after giving him the cheque because most likely he will say he is too busy to apply the pin or transfer.
  23. Jeroming

    Performance Direct

    Hi guys. Seeing BMW vigorously promoting her Performance Direct leasing programme on FB recently. Any ideas the kind of pricing we are looking at? I tried the website but there were no details on the monthly payment required for the different models. What's the advantage (and disadvantages) of such a scheme? Will we end up paying more? Any hidden costs or clause? thanks.
  24. A Singapore Insurance Company Working 24/7 For You DirectAsia.com allows consumers to purchase insurance products directly from them via two means - online or over the phone. The Singapore insurance company pledges to be in touch with clients with better understanding of the marketplace, as well as the local consumers. The result is insurance products and services that are more suited to clients’ needs. With their staff based in Singapore, customers will not have to be transferred to overseas call centres – and they are always on hand 24/7 to provide valuable help no matter where the customers are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDZeeAgkzSs&feature=youtu.be Robin Hood – Getting You a Fairer Deal on Your Insurance Robin Hood – the mascot of DirectAsia.com - has become a familiar figure on our local shores. It stands for the firm’s commitment towards providing high quality, low cost insurance through simple and direct communication. It also adds a sense of fun to an industry that has been relatively plain and restricted in advertisements. The face of DirectAsia.com’s car, motorcycle, home, travel, personal accident and term life insurance, Robin Hood has made numerous appearances on TV, billboards and online. He reminds Singaporeans that high quality insurance and excellent customer service is available at a low price – and is easily accessible. WE Put An Emphasis On Customer Service Because happier customers is what makes our team happy Our team doesn’t talk to you using service scripts , we treat each caller uniquely Our Customer Satisfaction Score is 98% ( the industry averages below 80% ) Our insurance experts go through a 6 – 8 week comprehensive training Roughly 90% of auto quotes can be done over the phone in less than 10 mins 8 out of 10 calls are answered in 20 seconds or less Our team is in Singapore , so you’ll speak to someone who understands local culture , needs . Our Promise : Local , Genuine And Professional Service We treat customers like our family and friends At DirectAsia we always put you first in everything we do – from creating policies that put you first , to the service you receive when you call to buy or make a claim . We believe insurance is more than a piece of paper you keep in your vehicle or filing cabinet , it’s a relationship . And like any good relationship , we promise to be there for you when you need us most . DirectAsia Named Top Brand in Direct – To – Consumer Insurance Category in 2015 Asia’s Top Influential Brands DirectAsia.com 88 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058716 Phone: 6665 5555 Website: http://www.directasi...randing_LeadGen