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Found 30 results

  1. I can see one can check CEA for the agent but there is only basic information on it. What are the information I shall use to ensure I am talking to a normal agent? Name Reg. No. Reg. Period Awards Disciplinary Actions Remarks Est. Agent Name Licence Number
  2. Hi guys, i wish to sell away my existing 06 Nissan Sunny and buy direct from a friend of mine, a Vios Sports 2011 Nov. May i know what's the procedure like? And is it even advisable to do it now ? Thanks.
  3. For those who frequent JB Shell near to CIQ, u will know what I mean. Wondering the wiper seller lady is still operating there? Next week thinking to go and change...
  4. Little_prince

    My fruit seller Chinese sibei powderful

    Took me quite a while to get it hahahaha In case you guys wondering. The stall is in Jurong west. Lol
  5. like that also can! sgcarmart should also consider making such ads for their customer
  6. Hi, there, I am going to buy a car from the direct seller from sgcarmart. any brother here can advise me the detail steps on what to do. should I buy the insurance before transfer? What other issues I need to take care?
  7. Recently have a bad experience with a direct seller, most likely will left me carless as my car is sold and my seller car still pending. 2 weeks ago met up with a direct seller, price agreed and everything and i told him ill apply for loan. I then approached a friend who use to work in car trade for help. Loan was approved, i then told seller that i need him to sign buyer/seller agreement and front and back of IC as the finance company says they requires them to verify. Seller told me his aunty was owner so need his aunty to settle. Spoke to the aunty and even got my friend to explain and the aunty say she is afraid to pass her ic front and back or sign any agreement because she scare ill use her ic to borrow ah long =.= she also claims to be very familiar with the procedure for buying and selling used car. Buyer inform me that his aunty going oversea in 2 days time , need to settle the car a.s.a.p. Buyer aunty agrees to provide IC front back and sign the document after i sent her my own IC front back as "insurances" My agent then inform seller side that they can pass him her IC and he will apply the pin for them etc, they refuses as they dun trust us, so my agent told them to go get the pin from LTA themself and also sign on the LTA transfer form before she leave for oversea. The aunty then told me again that she is very familiar with car selling procedure and that she will NOT sign on anything. After explaining, she sign and pass to her nephew to safekeep. Aunty then flew off oversea and Im left to deal with the nephew. Mean while, my own car was sold and new owner collected my car all settle within a few days. I then contacted the seller and ask him if he can let me sign on the transfer form, and also ask him to apply for pin a.s.a.p. My loan and insurance is already ready pending for him. Seller told me he busy, no time apply pin and he dont trust me with the transfer form ( wth? ). He ask me to faster clear his loan and pass him a cheque with the balance, after which he will apply for pin and let me sign on the transfer form, and then we will go to LTA. I told him that if he wish to settle asap, he must work together and follow the procedure, my agent is willing to run a trips down to LTA etc to settle paperwork for us as he is my friend. Seller say he take instruction from his aunty. Now im struck with no car and my job requires me to have 1, and I definitely dont want to apply the pin after giving him the cheque because most likely he will say he is too busy to apply the pin or transfer.
  8. 1. Recently I came across allegations that used car sellers disabling warning lights to cheat potential buyers. 2. Apparently if the seller refreshes the ecu, the warning lights will temporarily go into 'sleep mode' and not indicate any existing fault for a few hours, or a day or so, during test drives!!! 3. The warning lights will only show up a few days after the unsuspecting buyer buys the car. Sometimes the faults are costly to repair! By then, the buyer can only suck thumb. 4. Some mechanics told me such 'hidden' faults can actually be diagnosed with the plug-in diagnostic instrument during the vehicle evaluation before the purchase. I am not sure how many sellers will allow the potential buyer to do the diagnosis, or which evaluation centre eg AA, VICOM, provides such a service in their evaluation? Do feel free to share your experience / knowledge on the above here. Thank you. PS -- Seasoned, discerning buyers of used expensive, sophisticated cars may know better ways to avoid being cheated by such sellers.
  9. Duckduck

    Crazy car seller

  10. Seriously, i gotten sick of this nonsense when buying ( searching for ) or selling. If you are selling: They will come and "act" as private buyer but they are actually dealers. i mean ultimately, if you are comfortable with the price then i guess it's pretty irrelevant. What i do not like is the "lies" and dishonesty that they claim to be private buyers then during transaction, you found them to be dealers actually. The feeling of "them trying to hide something" and exposed, like trying to con and cheat ......... Scenario 2 ..if you are searching and potential buyer: This is even more amazing !!! ... Exposed them and make them pai seh ! This is a real occurence only most recently. Saw this advert posted in some forum...so i contact the seller and arrange for viewing. During the appointment, he came and introduced the car as per normal. Of cos in the ad, he posted all the necessary information etc.. Told me he recently serviced and groom the car - give it to him. exterior was tip top. servicing is lip service, no way to verify. Then, i requested to test-drive the car. He say "not so convenient". HUH ?interested to buy but cannot test ??.. tell tale sign...nevermind, he brought me to spin "only round a car park" ?? Then we sat in the car briefly for short discussion. Calculated the price and depreciation etc...this guy damn calculative, told me if don;t like the parts and accessories can sell off and cash back. He was asking $47+ for the car. He claims ther is a offer at $44K and he is comfortable to let go about $45+ to 46K. Told me he own the car for 1 year and visited "famous" workshop, quote mechanic name and say mechanic vouch for the condition and i am free to bring to "anywhere" to verify. Tell me ex-owner bla bla...got few cars and this is his weekend fun so low mileage etc....Also claims he bought the car cheap one year ago direct from seller and claims honesty that even he buy cheap he cannot sell cheap...which seller wants to sell cheap in the first place and given current car prices climate high coe etc ....bla bla... Tell tale sign - Tell me he can settle paperwork, don;t worry abt loan and claim he got lobang for car-body for export etc....All car salesman have this lobang so it's obvious but i still gave it to him la haha. Car- decals - the car only had "ONE" decal which is road tax. So unless if you staying in landed property, this is another hint. After viewing, i went home. I was browing sgcarmat when i saw a car almost identical. I was clever enough to verify the details ( photos looked exactly the same ) + some other information. Posted last month and sale closed. Apparently, i think advert expired as they cannot sell. Tell tale sign again, salesman will usually followupp cos they desperate to close deal....sms me asking how i find the car etc.... There are more details between this experience but i omitted cos too long to write. I replied sms ...saying .."hey" i saw your car posted by a dealer just few weeks ago ! and i was sacastic. " Hey, i saw one car posted for sale just last month..by a dealer. So either you are the dealer of you just bought the car...one month ?? and you say u drive for one year ??? Or maybe human being can have twins almost identical ...car also have twins ? or clone ?? " He chose to ignore me ...hahaha...say " bro, if interested can give price !" I say i consider and since " he told me he cannot tah han manual cars cos usually travel in jam ..this car using racing clutch ! and he searching for auto ride....so my fren has a auto ride wanting to sell, ask him whether he interested..i gave him the details. Then i told him ...dont give all the crap and B/S la..if you dealer can just tell me...i also dunt give a Sh*T who you are lor.....car condition was actually quite good. Eventually, He told me he is actually a car broker...help dealer to sell....cannot buy over my fren auto car BUT can help to sell....... HAHHAHAHaaaaaaaaa......stupid guy.
  11. Eliza Lee, 22, is not only a fresh graduate who studied at a top secondary school, she is also from a wealthy family and used to be chauffeured home from school. Despite her background, she chose to marry a chicken rice seller. According to an article in the New Paper, Miss Lee is the daughter of parents who own a bag-manufacturing business and has a bachelor's degree in hospitality management from the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS). She is engaged to 32-year-old Michael Poh, who owns a chicken rice stall. Despite her pampered background, Miss Lee has been helping out at her fiance's stall for 10 to 15 hours everyday, 7 days a week. Before she started helping out at the stall, says her fiance, Miss Lee had 'not touched a drop of detergent'. The prospect of being a hawker's wife has never bothered her, says Miss Lee. Miss Lee's mindset is rare among Singaporean women her age. Most university graduates would not consider marrying a blue-collar worker. Mr Poh affirmed this by saying he has experienced his fair share of snobbery from ex-girlfriends, and says that women like his fiance are rare. And why did Miss Lee choose to be with Mr Poh? She says they 'click' and that they have endless conversations. They also share a common goal of building a comfortable life together. Mr Poh, who has a diploma is sociology, says: "To find another one like Eliza, who would go through thick and thin with me, is mission impossible." In a poll conducted by the New Paper, 100 percent of 50 female undergraduates aged 21 to 28 said they would not date a blue-collar worker.
  12. Disclaimer: This is not my ad. Any takers? !! SPECIAL DEAL!! Ad Information Date Posted 08-Dec-2011 Make & Model BMW 535i Price S$ 180,000 Type Luxury Engine Capacity 2,979 CC Transmission Auto Additional Information I am selling this car for a special deal, because my intention is to find a buyer who is willing to keep the car registered under my name. The reason behind this is simple: I have a financing on the car which I want to keep. I therefore need a buyer who is willing to pay me the SGD 180,000 directly, and I will keep the car under my name and continue paying the financing. Of course, all details will be governed by a contract. - the car is dark-blue with beige interior - I paid for the car: SGD 298,000 - I never had an accident with the car - the current market price of my car is SGD 235,000 - at Performance Motors, the car now costs SGD 318,000 - the COE more than doubled since I bought the car - the COE will most likely continue to increase I am a Singapore Permanent Resident, and ready to discuss this deal anytime. Please call me or text me on 8428 1475 if you are interested. OMV S$ 61,666 Depreciation S$ 29,618 / year Registration Date 16/05/2010 COE S$ 34,600 COE Expiry 25-May-2020 Number of Owners 1 Mileage 27,000 km Seller Information Full Name Laszlo Send private message to seller Mobile +65-84281475 Country Singapore Source: http://cars.st701.com/cars/view/82232?titl...car_type_id%3D3
  13. VellfireS

    Viagra seller..

    3 days ago , downstairs my flat , overheard Indian looking man talking to a taxi driver "Boss , you use this ah , your that one confirm grow one.. Got guarantee. I dont sell you fake one. Mine is original one from US." Uncle got damn interested. I could not see or hear about the price.. Uncle , without even thinking further , just passed him a few $50 bills.. He then approached me " Bro you want to try..." I stared at him coldly.. He then said "Sorry" and went.. Anyone got kena this kind of seller before?
  14. New rule that after give OPT and collecting 1k deposit from a buyer, seller have 7 days to back out and refund the buyer. If the seller already offered OTP to a buyer, can the seller also at the same time offer another OTP to another buyer without first cancelling OTP and refund the 1st buyer? Because OTP is just a pc of paper, no need go through HDB, so seems like nobody can really check if the seller offered multiple OPTs at once, not even HDB. If seller can do that, then this is a big problem. Gamblers can get interest free 7 days $1K loan from many sellers by putting up his flat "for sale". Give 10 OPTs equals $10K/7days loan liao, take the money go casino and punt. Then 7 days later tell all the buyers he not selling. All the buyers won't know that this seller gave out multiple OTPs anyway. Or better yet, i put up my flat for sale every week, then every week collect and spend the deposit money, next week collect more money to pay off the 1st week refund plus more spending $, and continue like this week after week, a new Ponzi scheme.
  15. refer to http://www.lta.gov.sg/corp_info/doc/M03-Ca...20by%20make.pdf no doubt Toyota will the top of 2009, but the 2nd? honda and hyundai quite close. nissan was out year ago
  16. Hi Bros, Recently I've found a civic 2.0L on SGcarmart belonging to a direct seller (the ad is still there BTW) which I found in a good condition. I viewed the car and placed a $1k deposit with the seller, but at the same time, an agreement was signed that goes as follows: This document is to proof that a cheque (cheque number: xxxxxx) with the sum of $1000.00 (one thousand) Singapore dollars has been made out from buyer (I/C: xxxx), to seller (I/C: xxxxx), as deposit for the following car: Honda Civic 2.0L (A) Vehicle number : SGNxxxxD Chassis number : xxxxxx Engine number : xxxxxxxx Original Registration Date : 27 Nov 2006 Selling price : $xxxxx Singapore dollars Deposit : $1,000 Singapore dollars Amount remaining : $xxxxx Singapore dollars This is agreed by both parties on the 12th of April, 2009 as signed below. The arrangement was that I would not be taking any financing and paying the full amount in cash. But for the seller, the amount owed to the bank is more than the amount he sold me the car for and therefore he has to top up cash to claim the car. Initially all was going well and the agreeed transaction date was fixed on the 22nd of April. Due to work commitments, I had to leave for overseas until the 16th thursday. When i called him on the 17th, he reconfirmed that the transaction date is going to be still on the 22nd. Since he told me this, i went on to buy the insurance for the car and HDB parking. The insurance company issued me a cover note (i bought from MSIG direct) and told me to drop them a call once the transfer has taken place so that they can effect the insurance. Last night, the seller suddenly dropped me a call at night and told me that they would be at my place in 10 minutes to discuss some matters. Upon arriving, they told me that they are very "stressed" by the whole transaction and they want to call off the deal. They brought along the deposit of $1k to return to me as well as another counter agreement which i did not take or sign. I told them straight in the face that calling off the deal because of stress is a very lame excuse, and that they are contractually obligated to sell the car to me as stated in the agreement. Due to this, I called up a dealer friend who agreed to help me act as the middleman (for a fee of course). I told him about this and how it will simplify matters for both parties. Although he sort of agreed to meet up today at the dealer, his reaction then was lukewarm. When i told him to bring along the bank statement which states the amount he owes to the bank to the car dealer today to speed up matters, he disagreed saying that the dealer can obtain it from the bank. Well obviously he is trying to make things difficult and most likely, this guy probably has a better offer from someone else after my deposit was placed. Now i am have several options: 1) engage a car dealer to act as a middleman for the transaction. 2) forget about the deal and seek for compensation. (What can i claim for?) Any advice from brothers that encountered such sellers before? What should i do with the HDB parking and insurance? Thanks.
  17. http://www.lta.gov.sg/corp_info/doc/M03-Ca...20by%20make.pdf no doubt Toyota will lead other makes in 2009 , even if bad economy surprised, Nissan and Hyundai exceed Mit
  18. after few rounds up n down, Yes, it's TOYOTA again http://www.lta.gov.sg/corp_info/doc/M03-Ca...20by%20make.pdf
  19. As was correctly predicted by most MCFers, Toyota has indeed overtaken Honda in sales from Oct. http://www.lta.gov.sg/corp_info/doc/M03-Ca...20by%20make.pdf
  20. Eviltrap

    Bad seller - Bryan09

    Recently bought 4 2nd hand gauges from the above-mentioned forumer here. Paid 200 bucks for them. No problem then. He still communicated with me, telling me where I can install, and that he also deals with other 2nd hand accessories. Then come the day when I brought them to a workshop to install. The mechanic had a look at them, and asked me where are the holders and adaptor. I said they were not given to me. Next, he went to test them out. We found that out of 4 gauges, 2 were damaged. I messaged Bryan09, and he asked me to bring to another workshop to check again coz he was VERY sure they were working when he removed them from his vehicle. I told him that I would like a refund. He said that he will find some replacements for me if they are confirmed damaged. Next day, I went to another workshop. Same results. 2 damaged gauges. I messaged him again at night, informing him. Out of goodwill, I told him I was willing to take back only 150 bucks to cover his loss. He did not reply. I've messaged him for 2 days, but there was no reply. Even PMed him here. But he chose to ignore everything despite he being online even until today. It's been like this since Tuesday. No news, nothing from him. It seems like he just 'disappeared' upon the confirmation of the damaged goods. I have decided to install new gauges after this episode. But my money is still stuck with this Bryan09. *I think I'm a carrot. Always chopped by people. Buy car get chopped. Go servicing get chopped. Now buy gauges also get chopped.* A forumer in HWZ asked me to get some gauges from him too. But lucky for him, this Bryan09 ran out of gauges, so he was spared of the anguish of losing money and getting ignored. I know I won't be able to get back my money, so I hope others here will be more wary of this Bryan09, and buy things from him at your own risk. Thanks for listening to me rant. I paid 200 bucks to learn this lesson. Really hope no one else will be like me. His mobile number is 90668948.
  21. see, as New altis plunge into market, push Toyota back to top seller again in April http://www.lta.gov.sg/corp_info/doc/M03-Ca...20by%20make.pdf
  22. http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-20uPgi1w-1000.html S13 worth 61k+?
  23. look at this figure: http://www.lta.gov.sg/corp_info/doc/M03-Ca...20by%20make.pdf another suprise, the Nissan figure a drastic drop