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  1. OK, I am trying out a new series of automotive related discussion thread. Let me know if you prefer something like these or otherwise. There are hundreds of new model been rolled out worldwide by varies auto manufacturers each year, but the naming convention can be very different among manufacturer. Some would goes with fanciful or eye catching name, such as i, Wake, Up!, Naked, Today, Morning, while others choose to stick with names that have past through several generations such as Corolla, Civic, Golf, and different sizes of paper (A1 to A8). And here's the interesting part, not a
  2. Gotcha!! I know MCF is full of TKRs. It has been quite quiet here recently, so thought of having something out of the norm to spice things up a little. Let have some fun with creating short sentences using car name...
  3. Hi All bro, I looking for a name card scanner... anyone has anything to recommend?? thanks all
  4. recommended by the local Varta battery distributor to two shops in the west. one shop offered me a varta battery of the capacity i wanted but the battery has no indication of the Varta brand on the body. It has a BMW marked on the body presumably it is used on BMW car but mine is not a BMW but the capacity is suitable for my car. the battery does not come in a box as most new batteries do. it is wrapped in cellophane plastic. It looks very much like a new battery to me. the boss said is a new battery and it just came in a few days ago. he said could check the barcode but when I scanned
  5. [extract] A name is something that we use to distinguish or designate one item from another. For example, in the automotive world, an auto company will give different names for their models to distinguish one model from another. So that when we see a Camry, we know it
  6. Hi, Seek advice on this issue Car title under father, but im the one who took the loan and paying thru my bank acct If transfer ownership from father to me, do i need to fully redeem my loan and take another loan? Reason for transfer is to build up NCD
  7. JeepChee

    Hi all

    testing all
  8. since when did Singapore change name to "Jingapore"?? its an artistic post by Jing Quek but is it ok to change our country's name?
  9. i know everyone here has bought many accs for you car. so what is - to you - the best buy for your car ?
  10. http://www.caranddriver.com/volkswagen/arteon 'Ah Zhong'? Will they change the name in SEA?
  11. what do you think it should be named? simply Sports Hub ? was listening to the radio on this topic.
  12. http://www.petron.com.my/ Petron Corporation is an emerging and rapidly-evolving Asian oil company. We share the same roots as Esso Malaysia Berhad (EMB), tracing our lineage to 1933 with the formation of Standard Vacuum Oil Company. In the past 80 years, Petron has evolved to meet the challenges of a dynamic market. Today, we are the largest oil refining and marketing company in the Philippines, supplying nearly 40% of the country
  13. It is obvious that any opposition will command 30% votes in any contest and WP reputation will add 10% to it and good candidates + issues concerning Singaporeans will swing the vote for opposition to victory. I hope those in the opposition camp realised that, especially people like Desmond Lim and some parties like NSP. In fact, I hope NSP realised that some of their dead wood must go. Nicole Seah factor alone can get better % than Tampines GRC team under Goh Meng Seng and that itself is a surprise to me, though I do like what Nicole Seah has said and done to influence his peers and put
  14. Which is a reliable and not-so-expensive company that can provide such service? Anyone?
  15. For those of us who are the older folks....Author of the book which was made into one of the most intriguing movies I have watched. ..starring Sean Connery...great medieval detective story as well as a great introduction to the science of semiotics RIP Umberto Eco.... Report from Straits Times... http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/italian-writer-umberto-eco-dies-aged-84-italian-media
  16. You bros - Creativity time - what do you think is a good name for a Facebook page that arranges dating events / tries to help people find life partners / aims to help Singaporeans get married?
  17. Over the years, we have come across some funny or rather, "bad" model name. Let me start by sharing a few. Nissan Sway Although it look quite nice, byt I don't think it will do well in area with lot of Chinese, as nobody want to be Sway (down on luck)...
  18. The important of a business name..............koh lian sia............ A Belgian chocolate company is the latest casualty of an unfortunate name-association which saw it linked to a notorious terror group. By Brianna Roberts 7 NOV 2014 - 10:01 AM UPDATED YESTERDAY 3:42 PM 0 The makers of ISIS chocolates will change their name to ‘Libeert’ to avoid association with the terror group formerly known as ISIS. The director of the company, which has been around since 1923, Ignace Libeert, said they experienced a slump in sales as media coverage of the terror group's activity i
  19. It does not エルメスアウトレット trust you aspect is too much too much when I am not エエルメスバッグ trust yourself too. Goddess of the night laughing starry magic, she asked: Can I know the origin of your name? When you do not know the name of God is a starry night in fact, is this, in our country it is probably just a coincidence that it should be called fate, but I take this name: You watch starry sky ashamed to say a little, hesitated. Most High God'll take you to visit and gave the spirit world of you: I was walking smiling invitation quite naturally, took his arm, the goddess body side o
  20. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=404104&DL=1000 http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=43206804&ticker=HMED:SP&previousCapId=13008370&previousTitle=PACIFIC%20HEALTHCARE%20HOLDINGS Dr. Wong Weng Hong, MBBS, MBA, has been the Chief Executive Officer of AsiaMedic Ltd. since March 1, 2012. Dr. Hong served as the Chief Executive Officer of Healthway Medical Group Pte Ltd. He served as the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Medical Services at Healthway Medical Corporation Limited. Dr. Hong co-founded Healthway
  21. A user submitted this vid to me. For sure it's illegal, but kinda cool like he turn on NOS. Skip to 2:00 to see the lights.
  22. Any Bro know what is the name of this 12 Apostles? Is it called Bay of Islands. Which is the best spot to view the 12 Apostels?
  23. Saw this in CNA on Saturday. CNA was reporting about new tax law in India and interviewing some business people about the new tax. Look at his name!
  24. What an idiot! Hope he kenna the maximum fine. If I am there, the first thing I will do is whack the side mirror jialat jialat, both sides.
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