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Found 258 results

  1. Thaiyotakamli

    Most noisy car fan

    I noticed there are several makes that have super noisy fan. One of my previous cars also had this problem which is F10. At times it gets noisy until 20-30m away can hear the noise. My neighbour W221 also noisy but not as bad as f10 but today i found out the most noisy one which is jaguar E pace, the car havent come, i can hear the fan noise lol, so heres the ranking based on car model 1. Jaguar E pace 2. Bmw f10 3. Merc w221 is there any other model that have this same annoying fan sound?
  2. How many of you actually pay attention to automotive brand or their logo, and are curious how a car model get it name? The key objective of this thread is to allow us to share what we know about a particular brand, model and/or it logo. Let me start with the follow brands. More to be added. Alfa Romeo I own up first, I didn't know that the word ALFA is actually an abbreviation, which stand for Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili, whereas ROMEO is the name of a Neapolitan Entrepreneur, Nicola Romeo (who take control of the company in 1915), instead of it founder, Alexandre Darracq. I will skip the history part, as I don't wish you to fall asleep (as I normally do during history lesson ). But the most interesting part is with it logo, and again I have to admit, I have all the while thought that the snake-like creature on the right side of the logo is spitting fire, while the "fire" it is actually a human at the mouth of the "snake"! So have anyone managed to guess how the logo come about? Why is something so cruel being featured on the company logo? OK, there is 2 version of the story actually. Version #1: From Wikipedia Alfa Romeo's logo incorporates two heraldic devices traditionally associated with its birthplace, the city of Milan: a red cross, from the emblem of Milan, and the biscione (a heraldic charge showing on argent an azure serpent in the act of consuming a human; usually a child and sometimes described as a Moor or an Ottoman Turk), a crowned viper swallowing a Moor—emblem of the House of Visconti, rulers of the city in the 14th century. Version #2: From Alfa Romeo On the left: the red cross on white field is the symbol of Milan, the hometown of Alfa Romeo. On the right: the symbol of one of the most important families in the history of Milan (and Italy), the Visconti family – the family that ruled Milan. There are a lot of legends about the origins of this heraldic symbol, representing a mythological animal with a human in his mouth (some believe it to be a dragon, but most likely a snake). During the time of the crusades, Otone Visconti , the founder of Visconti Family and a knight, fought against a noble Saracen knight (nomad from the Syrian Desert that bordered the Roman Empire). Otone beat the Saracen knight and, following the tradition, took the symbols the Saracen carried on his shield: a snake with a human in his mouth. At first glance, it looks like the snake is eating the human. Instead, the human is coming out of the snake a "new man," purified and renewed. The meaning: The snake is a circular animal (a snake can assume a circular position) and is an animal of the changing – able to change his skin regularly and totally renew or rebirth himself. BMW OK, I believe most, if not all MCFer knew that BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works (Bayerische Motoren Werke in German). But how does the blue propeller styled logo come about? Although some associated it with a spinning aircraft propeller (BMW was once in aviation business too - producing aircraft engine under Rapp Motorenwerke), it is actually derived from the logo of Rapp Motorenwerke, from which the BMW company grew, whereas blue and white is the official colors of the Bavarian flag.
  3. Hello All! Any idea where to sell brand new stock rims and tyres? It seems like many shop only willing to do trade in but not buy them as it is.
  4. Trusty

    Which fridge brand is better?

    currently looking to replace my old 1.. shortlisted the above 3. no idea about fridges... but somehow im leaning towards lg. yup.. in terms of reliability and functions... which is better?
  5. home drink alone to enjoy or coffee shop or bar or
  6. anyone ever used the brand NUTEQ absorber how is it ?
  7. Many people say Toyota no longer offers value for money cars in Singapore. Its expensive, not worth it, old fashion specs etc For the money you are paying to buy a Vios with drums brakes, no leather seats, manual aircon, missing DRL, you might as well buy a Korean car. It has better trim level and is much cheaper. In my view the reason why the local agent priced it higher is because the brand is associated with reliability. You may hear people saying Korean cars are just as reliable but the Kia and Hyundai are still one notch below Toyota. Their selling point is they offer better interior design, more features such as wireless HP charging, rear aircon. However not everyone is impressed with these type of stuff. The more stuff the car has, the higher the chances of it breaking down and electronic stuff is usually 1 yr warranty only. What are your views?
  8. Hi Guys, Like to find out from you guys that which battery brand is the consumer's choice. Kindly share with me the battery you are using and maybe why did you choose that battery! (:
  9. I am trying to comprehend. A brand new is the same price as old car by prorating the brand new depreciation value. Many people discourage from buying new by saying you lose 30% value the moment you step out of the showroom. Ive gone through the listings and made comparisons. It's not the case. Used cars sell up to 95% of brand new car value even if 1 year old with over 10k mileage
  10. I came across a brand of rims called 'Forged'. Very literal. Not sure if the rims are actually cast or forged. Very curious about this brand as I cannot find anything about it online. Is there anyone who knows any info on this brand of rims?
  11. recommended by the local Varta battery distributor to two shops in the west. one shop offered me a varta battery of the capacity i wanted but the battery has no indication of the Varta brand on the body. It has a BMW marked on the body presumably it is used on BMW car but mine is not a BMW but the capacity is suitable for my car. the battery does not come in a box as most new batteries do. it is wrapped in cellophane plastic. It looks very much like a new battery to me. the boss said is a new battery and it just came in a few days ago. he said could check the barcode but when I scanned the barcode the search ended with no result can this be a new battery as the shop is recommended by the local varta distributor
  12. Hi all I 'll need some advice on which is good for applying on new car? Budget $1500 Cheers!
  13. Acevin

    Car Battery brand

    Does Amaron has a sister company of car battery? I was told theres one, think if not wrong (not sure too) the battery brand is Trans?? If yes, is it ok? Many Thanks.
  14. Who is going? Is it open to public? https://www.audibrandexperience.sg/ Singapore will preview the world of tomorrow through the eyes of Audi with the biggest event of the year - the Audi Brand Experience Singapore 2018. Held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre from 10 to 14 October this year, the Audi Brand Experience Singapore will feature the official debut of the brand's highly-anticipated flagship model, the Audi A8, in Singapore. In a spectacular display of innovations spanning over 8,000m2, the Audi Q8, Audi A7 Sportback and Audi A6 will also be making their debuts alongside over 30 models in a choreographed brand show filled with stunning visual light effects. Together with the grand display of Audi's top-notch innovation and technology, visitors will stand a chance to win a brand new Audi A5 Sportback in the lucky draw by taking part in a quiz at the event. This lucky draw is exclusively for ticket-holders, and each ticket purchased qualifies the holder for one chance to win. Tickets are now available with prices starting from $9 for myAudiworld and Audi on demand members. Early bird tickets are also available at $11 until 23 September. Visit www.audibrandexperience.sg to purchase tickets to the Audi Brand Experience Singapore 2018 and for more information about this event.
  15. Called up a battery rescue number from mycarform in September 2017. To change a battery in Suntec when my honda headlights forgot to off. The new battery brand was DRIVE. At that time the guy came in a conti OPEL van with his GF, to help me change the battery. I think I paid $160. Yes I know it's market rate for AMERON, not some lousy DRIVE brand battery. I did told that guy I want AMERON, but he said this is a GERMANY branded battery, just as good as AMERON. Fast forward to last week. Can't start my car. I know this time it was not due to headlights drain out the battery, because I did check the day before I left the car locked. So I thought I can jump start with another car battery. Hooked up the red/black cables to a fully charged battery. Still cannot start. In the end swopped out the DRIVE battery with a second hand AMERON battery. And the Honda car starts perfectly. One week later, still ok. I have a pulse charger(Ctek) to charge the DRIVE battery at home. For the past week, the charger is tick-tok-tick-tok trying to charge the battery. Even tilting the battery is all possible position it is still not able to charge. I don't know how a car battery can suddenly FAILED. Be careful with this DRIVE brand of lousy battery. I now only trust big brand battery. The second hand AMERON battery is already four years old, and is still strong and workable in my Honda.
  16. Hi all, Anyone know if changing battery outside of RM will void warranty? Any cons if change outside and which brand is good? Thanks a lot
  17. Hi, I am thinking of changing my tyres on my Estima. Current I am using Dunlop (225/50R18) but few months back it hit a nail so I am contemplating to change it soon. The current model as I have checked with many shops are hard to replace (ie such models are not common in the marketl) so it's best to change all 4. I have been reading that certain brands have their pros and cons. In my previous ride which is a Toyota Wish from BM, I used to always use Yokohama (stock). I am not into tyres so basically safety is the top prority and I do travel to Malaysia quite abit with my family. Any brand of tyres to be recommended for safety and fuel efficency? Thks.
  18. Where to buy cheap and good engine oil? Any Brand or Place to recommend?
  19. Azizul Hj Tandek, managing director of Enggang Keramat Automobile, told paultan.org that the company will be launching a new Malaysian car brand called SAF – named after the arrangement of Muslims in prayer – in April this year. The new lineup will consist of rebadged versions of models from the Chinese brand Foday, namely the Lion F22 pick-up truck and the Landfort seven-seater SUV. The two vehicles will be badged as the SAF Striker and SAF Landfort respectively, and will look identical to the Foday models, albeit with SAF badging. Both models will be built at Oriental Assemblers in Tampoi, Johor, the same company that also assembles Chery models in Malaysia. Only one engine will be available from launch – a Mitsubishi-derived 4G69S4N 2.4 litre petrol engine delivering 134 hp at 5,250 rpm and 200 Nm of torque from 2,500 to 3,000 rpm. Five-speed manual and six-speed automatic transmissions are on offer, as is a choice of either two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive (Striker pick-up will be 4×4 only). The Striker is expected to be priced below RM100,000, while the Landfort SUV is slated to cost less than RM150,000. Exact kit has yet to be decided, but both models should come with dual airbags and ABS with EBD; no stability control on offer, however. Enggang Keramat is looking at an initial run of 100 units for each model when the brand is launched next month, available at 20 dealers nationwide – all 3S centres – in both Peninsular and East Malaysia. http://paultan.org/2016/02/29/new-malaysian-brand-saf-to-launch-april-striker-pick-up-and-landfort-suv-to-be-based-on-foday-models/
  20. Raubern

    Delinte tyes

    Anyone heard of this Delinte before? What other brands are available for 225/50/18? The tyre shop near my workplace only have this brand available
  21. Shocking News!!! British car brand MG returns to Singaporehttp://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/motoring/british-car-brand-mg-returns-to-singapore The ZS compact crossover is the first MG model to return to Singapore. Classic British car brand MG, now owned by Chinese automotive giant SAIC, is back in business in Singapore, after an absence of nearly 15 years. It has appointed Simply Cars - a used car trader and parallel importer of popular German brands since 2006 - as its agent. The company first revealed plans to bring in MG cars back in 2014. It is finally happening now. The first model to debut is the MG ZS compact crossover and an initial batch of 20 cars has arrived. The ZS sold in Singapore is made in Thailand, but imported from Britain, where the MG factory makes changes to the car's exhaust system to make it comply with Singapore's Euro 6 emission standards. The ZS - MG's second sport utility vehicle - is powered by a turbocharged 1-litre three-cylinder engine (made in Zhejiang, China), with a six-speed automatic gearbox transmitting 111hp of power and 160Nm of torque to the front wheels. The car's zero to 100kmh acceleration is 12.4 seconds and its top speed is 180kmh. The speedometer is UK-spec (UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence), so its mph digits are more prominent than its kmh digits. The front end of the ZS looks a little like the previous Mazda CX-5, but the MG is much closer to the Honda HR-V/Vezel in size and wheelbase. Two versions of the ZS are available - the basic Excite version and the better-equipped Exclusive. The latter has additional features such as xenon headlights, a 360-degree camera system and a Garmin navigation system - all of which are fitted in MG's Thailand factory. The Exclusive version is also retrofitted in Singapore with leather upholstery and electrically adjustable front seats. The ZE Excite is priced at $113,000 with a "guaranteed certificate of entitlement", while the tag for the Exclusive is $120,000. The basic model has an open market value (OMV, or approximate car cost before taxes) of about $19,000, so it is eligible for 70 per cent financing. Simply Cars senior director David Ng says that he plans to open a dedicated MG facility at the Leng Kee Road motor belt "by the end of this year". In the meantime, he has tied up with two workshops to offer a five-year/100,000km warranty for the new MG ZS. The next MG to be introduced in Singapore will be the MG3 hatchback, a compact five-door with the same 1-litre drivetrain as the ZS. It is scheduled to arrive next month.
  22. So many brands of Smart TV and so many models in the market, see until blur... Some recommend only buy LG and Samsung, one salesman swear by Sony, another one say Phillips better, the more I listen, the more confused I get... If looking for an under $1500 55" Smart 4k LED TV (whether with inbuilt Android or not), what do you guys recommend? TIA
  23. Some love gin mixed with tonic, other love gin with lime or coke or very diet coke. What is the best brand of gin you have tried. Personally I love gin with soda or sprite and crushed ice.
  24. Lmws214

    Brand New - Razer Phone RZ35

    Heard that this new phone Razer Phone RZ35 is out soon or already out? anyone has one to share their views? A stunning 120 Hz display backed by top-of-the-line performance and battery, the Razer Phone is a smartphone for gamers and the ultimate in mobile entertainment. Those who are keen to order online can try this:- http://www.expansys.com.sg/razer-phone-rz35-0215-64gb-black-308100/?partner=Asianews&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_content=email&utm_campaign=SG%20Razer%20Phone%20RZ35%2006/12/2017 Some features are:- 120 Hz UltraMotion screen Featuring Dolby ATMOS and THX certified audio Dual front-firing speakers and amplifiers
  25. Jeff08

    Hertz brand

    was recently introduced to this brand. any comments on the component speakers & subwoofer? thanks.