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Found 89 results

  1. Lkp848

    Honda Smart Key

    Hi, Just got my Jade in August. Having some problem with the doors. Advice appreciated. Problem 1. Car locked. Remote in pocket. Not able to unlock the door on the passenger side. Have to unlock the door from driver side. Once unlock from driver side, then only can be lock and unlock from passenger side. Once car locked, and walked away from car for 10 to 15 mins, cannot unlock from passenger side again (no response when holding on to the handle). Have to first unlock from driver side before the passenger side door work normally again. Problem 2. Boot door. Almost the same as above but with additional problem. Cannot lock with the button under the handle. When I pressed the lock button, no sound, no light, no function. When I pressed the unlock button, got sound, got light but cannot open the boot. All doors able to lock and unlock using the remote control Any bros with similar experience or can recommended workshop that can resolve the above issues.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVDTYkYVFF4 The SMART Autonomous Self Driving Vehicle is a collaborative project between the Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) and NUS. The research aim of the vehicle is to provide 'mobility on demand' to supplement the existing transport system. The vehicle uses a variety of sensors to guide itself along the road and to react to obstacles, other vehicles and most importantly, pedestrians.
  3. Brabus' Ultimate E 2020 Is a $53k USD Electric Pocket Rocket source: https://hypebeast.com/2020/4/brabus-ultimate-e-smart-eq-fortwo-cabrio-tuned-city-car-electric-2020-first-look Automotive tuner Brabus has given its Smart EQ ForTwo Cabrio-based model, the Ultimate E, a facelift and revision for 2020. In 2019, the model was dubbed the first-ever performance-tuned electric car. Its latest iteration packs the same amount of power, producing 92 HP, which propels the two-seater from 0-60 MPH in 10.9 seconds. Brabus’ Ultimate E 2020 will continue onto a top speed of 81 MPH, and is good for 125 km of range. Although these figures are not in-line with Brabus’ usual high-performance models, the car does feature a three-phase synchronous motor to change the dynamics and give a greater sense of speed. A newly calibrated torque control system, as well as four driving settings that range from “Standard” and “Eco” to “Sport” and “Sport+” give the car a “pocket rocket” feel. All of this is accessed via the “Driving Fun Switch,” which when turned to its max setting will give the car a total torque output of 180 Nm. The Ultimate E 2020 also features a redesigned body for 2020, sporting a new WIDESTAR kit that gives more stance and a wider look to the front of the car. There’s also a new set of 18-inch forged wheels, a cockpit that’s covered in luxurious Brabus fine leather, and a new suspension system that has been tuned to cope with the wider track, lower stance and the ultra-flat tires. Take a look at the Brabus Ultimate E 2020 in the gallery above, and inquire for your own on Brabus’ website now. The Ultimate E 2020 retails for €49,449 EUR (approx. $53,400 USD) and will be limited to just 50 units.
  4. Hishercar

    Who says DBS is SMART?

    Does this forumer makes sense or is DBS just plain NUTS? http://forums.asiaone.com/showthread.php?t=15911 I don't understand................got one DBS Managing Director who was retrenched today and newspapers say he got like 20 months salary as retrenchment package is it? Assuming his Managing Director pay is S$12,000, then 20 months would be S$240,000! And S$12,00 is just a modest estimation on my part. If that's the case, won't DBS suffer a loss? I mean, the purpose of retrenchment is to save costs, but by paying this guy S$240,000 in advance, what are they thinking?! DBS lose one-shot S$240,000 (20-months worth of salary) by sacking a staff and he don't even need to work at DBS anymore, and he gets free pay. If they keep him, they will only need to pay him S$12,000 a month and stil get his work contributions and results. If that's the case, why people can still cry when get retrenched? If it's me, I would be praying to the Heavens and hope my company retrench me ASAP, immediately if possible. That Managing Director must be laughing all the way to the bank. He don't even need to work for the rest of his life, assuming he sells his bungalow and buying 4-room flat and car(s), with his savings all these while and that S$240,000 goodie he received from generous DBS. And there'll be more than enough $$$ leftover for his son's education and daily food and groceries. What's the rationale of these big fat-*** retrenchment pay? Has these companies gone bonkers after suffering big losses recently?
  5. The new tech driving traffic on Singapore's roads Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/new-technology-driving-traffic-singapore-roads-11688500
  6. Recently came across an Android local application called "Summon Auntie" where we can alert /page each other in single click. In addition, it shows the Traffic news (the google map one), timer reminder for parking. This should be available for I-phones as well. Let us add interesting applications in this thread. 1. Summon Auntie 2.
  7. My laptop has a mini display port and a USB port. My TV has three HDMI ports all in use and a few USB 2 and a USB 3 port. Any way I can watch stuff from my laptop on my Smart TV? My missus wants to watch a Chinese TV series - The story of Yanxi Palace - which she can get on the laptop but would be better watched on the Smart TV.
  8. Who have brought this? Good? https://www.nonda.co/products/smart-vehicle-health-monitor Nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor: Give your car a health check any time https://www.straitstimes.com/tech/give-your-car-a-health-check-any-time The Nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor is a small Bluetooth adapter that connects to your car's On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD-II) port. The OBD-II is your car's on-board computer that monitors important information, such as emission, engine coolant temperature, mileage, and ignition. Its port is usually used by professional mechanics to troubleshoot vehicle issues. And now, you can monitor your car's vital statistics at your convenience with this adapter. Just plug it into the OBD-II port, pair it with your smartphone using the ZUS app (available on Android and iOS) and you will be able to keep track of your car's health in real time. The most difficult part is locating the hidden OBD-II port. It is usually located behind the dashboard, above the brake pad or accelerator pad (transport regulations dictate it must be located 0.6m from the steering wheel for easy access). Once you find it, pop in the adapter and start your car's engine. Launch the ZUS app at the same time. Note that you will need an account to use the app - either sign up for a new Nonda account or use your Facebook account. Upon logging in, tap on Add Device at the top right corner of the Dashboard window of the app and choose the ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor option. The pairing is almost immediate. The Dashboard will show real-time data of your car's current speed, top speed, current engine revolution, top engine revolution and engine coolant temperature. It is great to know such data, so as not to "over-rev" the car's engine. The app also has Car Finder, Mileage and Safety Centre options. Car Finder remembers where you parked your car, while Mileage automatically logs your drives in terms of distance travelled, time taken and mileage cost. It has pre-set mileage rates for the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. You can key in your mileage rate by calculating the cost of petrol, based on your car's fuel consumption. It is a good way to keep track of your fuel expenditure. You are allowed up to 60 free mileage logs a month, but you can have unlimited mileage logs via a monthly subscription of US$2.99 (S$4.09). The Safety Centre option is probably the highlight of the adapter. It allows you to identify potential issues by performing a number of checks, which encompass emission, ignition system, speed and idling control, computer circuit and gear box. I am glad my three-year-old car passed all the checks. But I cannot verify how accurate the checks are as the app just shows the list of checks being done. There is no data associated with the checks - for example, the gear ratio is not shown. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuqzCD649Z0 It saves you trips to the mechanic by giving you real-time telemetry and allows you to perform checks any time you want. SPECSPRICE: $99 CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth WEIGHT: 25g (body with battery and memory card) RATINGFEATURES: 4/5 DESIGN: 3/5 PERFORMANCE: 3/5 VALUE FOR MONEY: 3/5 OVERALL: 3/5
  9. Jay5555

    Is igloohome smart lock good?

    Want to get a smart lock and saw this ad online. Have anyone use this before? Should I get it?
  10. So many brands of Smart TV and so many models in the market, see until blur... Some recommend only buy LG and Samsung, one salesman swear by Sony, another one say Phillips better, the more I listen, the more confused I get... If looking for an under $1500 55" Smart 4k LED TV (whether with inbuilt Android or not), what do you guys recommend? TIA
  11. Guys......looking around to join more forum chat topics and come to mind that there is no APP for MCF. Therefore, suggesting MCF to come up with an APP both IOS and Andriod, this way, most of us Bros and Sis can have them all on hand. Using mobile phone website to access is not convenient at all. Anyone support your ideas and we can feedback with MCF looking into it. Ideas can range from functions and designs or anything you may think off. Even if someone can contact MCF bosses. I am sure this can work somehow.....Cheers.
  12. Dinkydong

    Intelligent Smart Car Sun Visor

    Has anyone come across a product like this one? Those manual flip ones available on Qoo10.sg and Ebay do not appear to have positive feedbacks in terms of cutting down glare and improve visibility. I'm wondering if an active model like this one works.
  13. Axeman24

    Smart car wash and polish

    Hi guys, those stay near Sembawang MRT station just found this car wash place recommended by my friend. Very good service, for those interested can try it.
  14. Picnic06-Biante15

    S$25 SMART Phone Coming

    Smart Phone cost on S$25/- ..... Its started with Xiaomi at S$169/-, now Mozilla ............ yahoo news: Why You May Be Buying a $25 Smartphone Feb. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Mozilla has revealed a prototype smartphone running on Firefox OS aimed squarely at emerging markets. Costing only $25, it's the cheapest in the world...and it's better than you might think. (Source: Bloomberg) watch the video on link : http://sg.news.yahoo.com/video/25-cheapest-smartphone-ever-040351602.html MS & Andriod can step aside, heres come Firefox ..........
  15. Ender

    Casio First Smart Watch

    Unlike other Smart watches with poor battery life, this can last for 30 days and is spec like a Casio, i.e use for outdoor and physical activities. http://www.digitaltrends.com/wearables/casio-wsd-f10-android-wear-smartwatch-hands-on/ http://wsd.casio.com/us/en/
  16. Picnic06-Biante15

    Smart Phone That Can Bend .......

    From Yahoo report. Read more for other Hi-Tech products coming in 2013 link: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/digital-cra...-011455921.html Smartphones that bend When fashion and technology meet, good things can happen. Sometimes. This might be the case with bendy screen smartphones. Samsung has already shown its OLED display technology, which means this tech could be in our hands
  17. Hi bros/sis, I was at the petrol kiosk the other day and noted the selling of this "Avantree 4GS smart bluetooth headset" at $39.90. (attached image for reference) It didn't have any indication of A2DP (for media e.g music movie sound play back) but it did state Stereo music. So I was wondering if anyone have tried it as I am curious on: 1. Is it good in terms of sound quality? 2. Does it play back sound of movies, games etc? Thanks
  18. Axeman24

    Smart car wash and polish

    Hi guys, those stay near Sembawang MRT station just found this car wash place recommended by my friend. Very good service, for those interested can try it.
  19. ----- Subject: Puzzle Three men went to a hotel to share a room. The clerk asked for $300. Each man paid $100, making up the $300. The hotelkeeper then decided to allow a discount for the day, charging only $250 for the room. He told the clerk to return $50 to the three men. The clerk pocketed $20 for himself. He gave the remaining $30 back to the three men. Each man took back $10. Therefore, each man paid $100 - $10 = $90 for the night. $90 x 3 = $270 + the clerk's $20 = $290. Question: Where has the remaining $10 gone?
  20. All smart phones have utilties for you to track its locations. Letting you possible to find it back. OK......'possible' only That include Iphones,Android phones,Windowphones.......not sure abt Blackburry though. I know for Android phone even after you lost your phone,you can download a tracking utility called 'Plan B' into the phone fr your desktop. That will track it down. But of cos the theive can delete n u have to download many times. Even restarted phone can download tracking fr you desktop. So....have you ever done this?
  21. Jellandross


    i want one! the engine diagnostics display on smartphone is especially cool. no more guessing at why the CEL is lighting up and potentially getting smoked by workshops to change this and that part. it's a shame that it only works for US cars at the moment. https://www.automatic.com
  22. Ysc3

    Dual sim smart phone

    anyone with the above can help me try this ? I would like to know if for a dual sim smart phone, can we I put in my own SG card (for roaming) and then for the second card, put in a foreign data sim card and set it to be a hotspot card ? meaning my SG card will tap on the foreign data-sim for data access ? when I am overseas ? all in the same phone ? so i do not have to carry two phones ? (coz now I will use my Samsung Note with a foreign datasim and set it to be a hotspot, and then use my Xperia Z with SG card inside for roaming and access the wifi of the Note.)
  23. Man uses first-class ticket to get free meals for almost a year The Star/Asia News Network | Fri, Jan 24 2014 A man bought a first-class ticket and used it to have free meals and drinks at the airport's VIP lounge almost every day for nearly a year, Kwong Wah Yit Poh reported. The itinerary for the ticket was found to have been changed more than 300 times within a year, and the owner of the ticket used it to enjoy the facilities at the airport's VIP lounge in Xi'an in Shaanxi, China. The rare case was discovered by a China Eastern Airlines staff member, who then decided to investigate. When the ticket's validity was almost up, the passenger cancelled it for a refund. An airlines spokesman said there were no means to stop this act, even if it was done on purpose. However, many netizens lauded the passenger for being smart, rather than condemning him. (source: http://www.relax.com.sg/article/news/man-uses-first-class-ticket-to-get-free-meals-for-almost-a-year) Gota give this man a Tiger! Best part was he even went ahead to cancel the ticket for a refund at the end of the its validity. Not sure if we can emulate him here TGIF bros.