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Found 85 results

  1. zipping

    Android Phones

    https://www.techspot.com/news/72685-samsung-confirms-galaxy-s9-debut-mobile-world-congress.html Samsung confirms Galaxy S9 will debut at Mobile World Congress next month Not CES, as some predicted By Rob Thubron on Jan 10, 2018, 10:33 AM When Samsung certified its Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus handsets with the FCC last month, it was suggested that the phones would be unveiled at Spain’s Mobile World Congress rather than CES, which ends on Friday. Now, the Korean firm’s mobile boss has confirmed this: the devices will be debuted at Barcelona and not Las Vegas. DJ Koh confirmed the news to ZDNet at CES, though he never gave a specific date for the launch event. Mobile World Congress runs from February 26th to March 1, but some companies hold press conferences on the weekend before the conference starts. Last March, Samsung decided to hold a dedicated Unpacked event in New York to reveal the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, with the devices going on sale in April. As the timelines seem to have been put back a month for 2018, it's likely that sales of the S9 and S9 Plus will begin in March this year, the same month the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (also unveiled at MWC) launched in 2016. Koh said the release dates for the new handsets would be announced next month. The mobile boss also spoke about Samsung's foldable phone, confirming that the company plans to launch the device sometime next year. He added that the UX was proving the biggest obstacle in commercialization, but hoped that production would start in late 2018. Additionally, Koh said a new version of Samsung’s AI would be launched this year. Bixby 2.0 will be here sometime in the next twelve months and will be supported on all Samsung devices, which presumably includes the likes of TVs and laptops, by 2020.
  2. Has anyone tried connecting a 4g dongle to the usb slot of a android head unit? does it work? Hope to get some answers before i go ahead and purchase a dongle...
  3. Hey guys, What's the cheapest range of android auto HU currently available and the approx cost of it? Thanks
  4. Mirrorlink vs Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto. when it comes to a car stereo, the today standards will be smartphone integration and connectivity. So for those who are upgrading their stereo aka headunit, here's are some stuff you need keep a lookout for. Mirrorlink. MirrorLink is a device interoperability standard that offers integration between a smartphone and a car's infotainment system. MirrorLink transforms smartphones into automotive application platforms where apps are hosted and run on the smartphone while drivers and passengers interact with them through the steering wheel controls, dashboard buttons and touch screens of their car's In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) system.[1] MirrorLink utilizes a set of well-established, non-proprietary technologies such as IP, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Real-Time Protocol (RTP, for audio) and Universal Plug and Play (UPnP).[2] In addition, MirrorLink uses Virtual Network Computing (VNC) as the baseline protocol to display the user interface of the smartphone applications on the infotainment system screens and to communicate user input back to the mobile device. You can think of this like a google Chromecast. The primary function is to mirror your phone content to the stereo. The adoption of this technology is somehow mixed. Both the stereo and the phone manufacturer must incorporate the mirrorlink technology before it can be used. So if your stereo has mirrorlink, but your phone doesn't have. It cannot connect. But the good thing is that you can access almost all the apps you have on your phone to the stereo. Apple CarPlay CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone while you drive. And now with an all‑new CarPlay Dashboard that helps you with tunes, turns, and Siri suggestions, a Calendar app that lets you view and manage your day, and maps that reveal more of what’s around you, getting there just got a whole lot easier. And a lot more fun. CarPlay features Siri voice control and is specially designed for driving scenarios. CarPlay also works with your car’s controls — knobs, buttons, touchpad, or touchscreen. And the apps themselves have been reimagined for the car, so you can use them while your eyes and hands stay where they belong. It prioritises safety when driving, so if the app inside the phone means distraction for you, Apple CarPlay will not feature it inside your stereo. So the function is limited. And yes. you need an apple iPhone to have apple carplay. Your stereo must also have licensed the apple carplay then it will pair. Look out for this logo when you are shopping for a stereo Android Auto When there is ying, there is yang. Android auto is the answer to apple carplay for andriod. Android Auto is a mobile app developed by Google to mirror features from an Android device, such as a smartphone, to a car's compatible in-dash information and entertainment head unit. Once an Android device is paired with the head unit, the system mirrors qualified apps from the device to the vehicle's display, with a simple, driver-friendly user interface. Supported apps include GPS mapping/navigation, music playback, SMS, telephone, and web search. The system supports both touchscreen and button-controlled head unit displays, although hands-free operation through voice commands is encouraged to minimize driving distraction. They also prioritize distraction for driver. They minimise your usage of the phone and focus on the apps that you will be using when driving. I personally prefer the android UI. But sadly, I am an iPhone user. Hope this is helpful!
  5. Motorola’s RAZR is returning as a $1,500 folding smartphone The legendary Motorola RAZR might be making a comeback as a $1,500 foldable screen smartphone, and it could launch as early as February, according to a new report from TheWall Street Journal. The original RAZR was one of the most iconic cellphones ever made, and it seems that Motorola’s parent company Lenovo is looking to cash in on that branding with an updated foldable phone (similar to the one that Samsung has teased for later this year). Per the WSJ, the new RAZR will be exclusive to Verizon in the US with a planned February launch, although the device is still in testing and details have yet to be finalized. Also unknown is nearly any concrete information about the phone. There’s no word yet on things like screen size, specifications, or even form factor. Will the revived RAZR just borrow the name but use a more traditional landscape folding display? Will Lenovo follow the original RAZR design and have some sort of super long vertically folding screen? This isn’t the first time that the RAZR brand has seen an attempted resurrection, either: in 2011 and 2012, Motorola also teamed up with Verizon (it seems to really like the RAZR name) for a series of Droid RAZR devices, which tried to cash in on the goodwill of RAZR devices, albeit without any of the flip phone design that was part of the original charm. That said, dragging old smartphone designs to the present in updated forms is starting to become a trend. The HMD-owned iteration of Nokia has practically made a cottage industry of it with rereleases of the Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8110, but those devices were meant to be fun, nostalgic novelties, not flagship competitors. According to the WSJ report, Lenovo is hoping to manufacture over 200,000 of the new RAZRs, which may seem optimistic for a $1,500 luxury smartphone. But considering that the (admittedly much cheaper) RAZR V3 model sold 130 million units over its lifespan, if lightning does manage to strike twice, that goal might not be so hard to hit. Samsung might have confirmed the launch date for its first foldable smartphone https://bgr.com/2019/01/14/samsung-galaxy-fold-release-date-reveal-billboards/ Following months of leaks and speculation, Samsung finally announced last week that it will hold its latest Unpacked event on Wednesday, February 20th in San Francisco, California. The presence of the number 10 on the invitation all but confirmed that the Galaxy S10 will make its debut on the 20th, but we still weren’t totally confident that Samsung would bring its foldable phone to the event as well. But Samsung might have just removed all doubt. In a post on its Newsroom site over the weekend, Samsung shared a series of photographs taken at the Place de la Concorde in Paris of several new billboards the company recently installed. The Hanegul text reads “미래를 펼치다” and “이월 이십일,” which translates to “The future unfolds” and “February twentieth.” Although we already expected the Galaxy Fold (or whatever Samsung ends up calling it) to make an appearance at the event, the message on the billboard — plus Samsung’s decision to dedicate an entire Newsroom post to it — certainly takes some of the guesswork out of the process. In all likelihood, the device that we saw momentarily at Samsung’s developer conference late last year will be unveiled in full on February 20th: Samsung has reiterated on numerous occasions that it plans to launch its foldable smartphone in the first half of the year. If the phone is indeed going to be shown off alongside the Galaxy S10, there’s a chance that it will be available on store shelves at the same time as well — presumably in April. According to recent reports, Samsung is still trying to settle on a name for the device: Galaxy F, Fold, or Flex. Whatever it’s called, it’s going to be pricey. Royole could be the first company to release a foldable smartphone https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2018/10/31/18048252/rouyu-flexipai-foldable-smartphone-folding-screen-china Phones with foldable screens have felt like they’re on the cusp of arriving for years, but outside of a couple of concept designs and trailers, we have yet to see one receive a proper release. However, Royole Corporation could be about to win the race with the FlexPai, a tablet-sized phone that can be bent into a shape the size of a small paperback book. Before you get your hopes up that the era of foldable smartphones is finally upon us, you should watch the below video featuring the device. It looks early, to say the very least. For one thing, the phone doesn’t fold flat, so it ends up pretty bulky when packed away. The software also appears to get confused when the phone’s screen is bent, with the display flashing a couple of times before picking an orientation. Internally, the device features a Snapdragon 8-series chipset, and ITHome (via GizmoChina) suggests prices will start at ¥8,999 (around $1,290) for a model equipped with 6GB of RAM. Pre-orders will open on October 31st, with orders planning to ship in December. Royole’s FlexPai is due to have some pretty serious competition very soon. Samsung’s foldable smartphone is set to be making an appearance next week at its yearly developer conference, and both LG and Huawei are reportedly developing foldable handsets of their own. It really feels like we’re on the cusp of these devices actually releasing, but then, it’s felt like that for a while. Move over bezel-less displays: Samsung, LG set sights on foldable smartphones for 2019https://www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/move-over-bezel-less-displays-samsung-lg-set-sights-on-foldable-smartphones-for-2019-3353291.html Smartphones these days don full screen, almost bezel-less displays with multiple cameras, powerful processors and bigger batteries. Though the innovation may be at its peak, individual components aren’t available to their full capabilities in smartphones as of now. Companies are working on making faster processors that do not heat the device, bigger batteries which have a thin form factor, etc. What seems to be an upgrade in order to achieve these requirements is introduction of foldable smartphones. Multiple Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are in works to introduce foldable smartphones and consumers may be able to buy the new tech this year. Samsung confirmed that it will launch a foldable smartphone in 2019. In its launch event last year in November, the company showcased a tablet-sized screen which can be folded into a smartphone. Samsung called it ‘Infinity Flex Display’. No details were given during the event except that the main screen is a 7.3-inch display which can be folded to a candy-bar sized smartphone with a screen on 4.6-inches. The phone is tipped to be called as the Samsung Galaxy X or Galaxy F and the rumour mill states that it will be priced around $1400. LG, that doesn't like to be behind innovation and has been competing with Samsung in the display department, had also teased a foldable smartphone last year. The company filed a patent showing a “mobile phone with a flexible display which can be folded in half” . LG Mobile CEO, Hwang Jeong-hwan told Korean news site Yonhap: “We are working hard with our partners on various obstacles that can occur while folding and unfolding.” On being asked about the launch date, he said the company will launch the device when they can provide enough customer value rather than being the first in the world. A legendary smartphone manufacturer once upon a time, Nokia had filed a patent in December 2013, which was granted last year. The patent hints that Nokia will launch a foldable display smartphone this year. No details are available on the size of the display or any other specifications. Huawei CEO, Richard Yu, confirmed in 2017 that the company will launch a foldable smartphone this year. He had said that the company is working on a flexible smartphone prototype and similar patent diagrams appeared online in March 2018. The patent document reads a device simply as “foldable smartphone”, but show a book-like phone that can be opened up to create a larger tablet with a hinge connecting each of the two screens. Is this what Apple’s first foldable phone will look like?https://sg.news.yahoo.com/apple-first-foldable-phone-look-230451667.html Samsung has a huge year ahead when it comes to new smartphone launches, as the company is expected to unveil the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy F on February 20th. The Galaxy S10 series will be the main moneymaker for the company this year, but the foldable phone is also essential for the company, considering all the hype around it right now. We’ve got billboards in Paris, as well as reports from Korea driving home the same point, that the Galaxy F — commercial name pending — is a breakthrough device, one that signals Samsung isn’t done innovating in the mobile landscape. Samsung, of course, wants to set the tone when it comes to new smartphone form factors, just as it did with the Note series years ago. But this time around, competitors will be quick to launch foldable devices of their own, with Apple, Microsoft, Huawei, LG, and Xiaomi being a few of the companies rumored to be developing such devices. Apple is the most secretive of the bunch, and we have no idea when a foldable iPhone will be ready for mass consumption. 2019 iPhones are largely expected to resemble last year’s models when it comes to overall design, and a new iPhone design isn’t expected until 2020. A report did say that the first foldable iPhone will launch next year… but we may already have an idea of what Apple’s foldable phone could look like. All the way back in 2013, more than a year before Apple launched the bigger iPhones that fans had been craving, an Apple patent came to light showing a strange iPhone design, one that heralded several changes that were in the works for Apple’s flagship smartphone. Known as Apple’s “wraparound iPhone,” the phone in the following image shows several design features that Apple has already adopted. The phone has an edge-to-edge display (iPhone X), no home button (iPhone X), no headphone jack (iPhone 7), and a set of virtual volume buttons (iPhone 6s’s 3D Touch, but also iPhone X’s home button). The one thing that’s missing is the actual wraparound screen, a display that wraps around the back of the phone. Apple’s wraparound iPhone surfaces now and then, but I always thought the patent was more about the technologies that such a device would require, like in-display buttons, than the actual wraparound screen. I don’t think that a wraparound display would be useful, even though a rear-facing screen might have some uses. Apple certainly thinks the back of a phone should be put to good use — from the patent: In the last few years the functionality of portable electronic devices has increased exponentially. Further improvements be realized by investigating ways to maximize the utility of unused portions of these devices. Form factor is an interesting area for development given that a large majority of portable electronic devices have settled into a standard form factor; namely a flat planar form factor with a display on one side and an opaque housing which contains the electrical components covering the rear surface of the device. Unfortunately, this popular form factor, leaves the sides and rear surfaces of the device unused or at best configured with buttons and switches with fixed location and functionality. Since many of these buttons and switches have fixed functionality they cannot always be incorporated into third-party applications. But recent developments made me reconsider this patent. Perhaps Apple hid the foldable iPhone design in plain sight all along. Since I did mention Samsung’s hype about its foldable handset, I’ll point out a quote from a Korea Herald report about Samsung’s foldable phones endeavors: Compared to the wrap-around display phone — which Apple seems to be looking into as one possible design for its foldable model — [samsung Design Innovation Center head Federico Casalegno] said Samsung’s in-folding display phone could provide better experiences for users in terms of design. The report relays statements made by Casalegno at a press event last week, but what’s curious is that Samsung seems to know what design Apple has chosen for its foldable iPhone. It’s unclear where Samsung got its information from. A few years ago, we learned that Apple teamed up with LG to create a secret smartphone design, one that Samsung could not copy. At the time, it was believed that Apple was developing foldable screens with LG’s display arm. LG, of course, is rumored to be working on foldable phones of its own. In addition to this remark from Samsung, we also have one other interesting development that’s worth revisiting. A few weeks ago, well-known leaker Evan Blass posted the following video: Can't speak to the authenticity of this video or device, but it's allegedly made by Xiaomi, I'm told. Hot new phone, or gadget porn deepfake? pic.twitter.com/qwFogWiE2F — Evan Blass (@evleaks) January 3, 2019 At the time, I said the foldable smartphone in the video looks a lot better than the Galaxy F. The interface seemed quite responsive, and the UI was quick to transition between tablet and smartphone mode. But the second I saw the person in the video folding the left and right sides of the display behind the middle part, which stayed active, I immediately thought about Apple’s wraparound iPhone patent. Considering all the iPhone technologies Apple has unveiled since 2013, such a design for a foldable iPhone would make plenty of sense. The phone would have an all-screen design, with or without a notch. The display would extend from corner to corner, and the phone would not have any physical home button or headphone jack. A variation of 3D Touch could help Apple place volume controls on the sides that would adapt depending on whether the phone is used in tablet or phone form. That said, this is just speculation at this point, and there are plenty of things to iron out before any smartphone maker launches such a device. Durability is one thing to take into account, for example. A foldable phone with a wraparound design would have all sides of the screen exposed at all times. Blass wasn’t able to confirm whether Xiaomi is making a phone like the one in the clip above. But if someone made that foldable phone prototype, it means that we might see such devices in stores in the coming months or years — assuming, of course, the phone in the video is an actual gadget, not a digital render. Xiaomi is already rumored to be working on foldable devices of its own, and Chinese display giant BOE may be the company that will provide bendable displays to local device makers. Reports said last year that Huawei would work with BOE on its first ever foldable handset, a device that may be introduced as soon as late February, at MWC. If it sounds familiar to Apple fans, BOE is also a company that has been vying for iPhone X display orders, according to recent reports. In other words, Apple is likely aware of all the display prototypes BOE may be developing, including foldable screens, in addition to display prototypes from other big names in the industry, including Samsung Display, LG Display, and others.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8wNu_T86UU
  7. Top Apps 75% off I just spend a total of 50cents for these 2 Apps, OfficeSuite Pro 6+ Runtastic Pro
  8. Hi, can any kind soul shed some light on those android HU found in taobao, esp those with android auto? how is the sound quality like and do they break down easily? I'm currently using a pioneer x5850bt but its starting to feel crippled- can't run spotify, gps and i have no idea how to run appsadio.
  9. Hi, Need an advise here. I have converted some Youtube video to MP4 to view on my Android head unit but it doesnt work. Invalid format. What is the recommended solution? Which media format is suitable to play on Android HU? Appreciate any advise.
  10. steveluv

    Huawei Ark OS

    Interesting video but also sounds like a sales pitch for Huawei too
  11. Fishy

    Android TV

    Hi, I would like to ask if anyone here is using these devices on their TV, which can convert their TV to a smart TV. any feedback on their performance? http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/ippea-tv-50-m...deo-10-07-2012/ http://usb.brando.com/mini-x-android-tv-bo...813c051d15.html
  12. BabyBlade

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro / Leica Camera

    Hi all. So over the weekend this happened. I bid farewell to my exactly a year old iPhone 8 Plus. My circles.life sim card survived apparently. But having not back up my iCloud for awhile.... there goes everything else inside. Including contacts. Too heartbroken to going back to being an Apple user, though no fault of Apple's, I bite the bullet and went for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. My first android in years. No research done on this phone except constantly impressed by @steveluv's vacation pictures taken by the Huawei. Huawei users fall in here! What's good about this phone, tips and tricks to use the camera correctly, reasonably priced tempered glass for the curved screen, solid phone casing etc. Please share with a total noob here!
  13. bellboy

    Xiaomi Box VS MiniX

    Thinking of buying a device to watch movies and shows via streaming. Can they show channels like BPL, HBO, Discovery etc? Which one should I buy? Xiaomi box http://list.qoo10.sg/item/%E5%B0%8F%E7%B1%B3-LOCAL-SELLER-3RD-GENERATION-XIAOMI/416359404 MiniX http://list.qoo10.sg/item/MINIX-ANDROID-MEDIA-HUB-WITH-REMOTE/411901499 Thanks!
  14. JJaassoonn

    Android conversion.

    Dear all expert, Can share which Android conversion should i install .
  15. StreetFight3r

    Android boxes gonna get banned soon?

    SINGAPORE - New laws will be tabled in Parliament some time this year to ban the sale of media streaming boxes with "add-on" services that help consumers access pirated content. This clarity comes on the heels of a three-year review by the Ministry of Law (MinLaw) and the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (Ipos) of copyright laws here. The legality of media streaming boxes has been a grey and contentious area as copyright holders have found it difficult to apply many of the usual legal avenues created in the DVD era against set-top box retailers that benefit from the sale of "add-on" services. "We are of the view that legislative amendments are needed to both clarify our policy position and the actions that can be taken against retailers of such set-top boxes," said MinLaw in its Copyright Review Report issued on Thursday (Jan 17). "The measures, which are absent today, will make clear that acts such as the import and sale of such devices are prohibited," said the ministry in a separate statement. The review involves two public consultations, three town hall meetings and 10 engagement sessions conducted since August 2016. Feedback from various stakeholders - including consumers, industry and trade associations, businesses, intellectual property law practitioners and academics - were sought. Close to 100 formal submissions and more than 280 online feedback forms were received by MinLaw and Ipos. The new laws will impose civil and criminal liability on people who wilfully distribute or sell a product that can be used to access pirated content if the product is designed for such access or advertised as such. It will also be illegal to sell a generic device with "add-on" services - such as supplying website links or subscription services to pirated content. The Copyright Act was enacted in 1987, with major revisions last made in 2014 to allow content owners seek a High Court order to get Internet service providers (ISPs) to block piracy websites. Before the revised law, they could not compel ISPs to block pirated content. Last November, the High Court ordered eight new piracy websites and any others related to them to be blocked, bringing the total number of such websites blocked to just over 60. However, there was no move to ban the applications in media streaming boxes, also known as Android boxes, and the boxes themselves.
  16. https://www.archer-soft.com/en/node/329 7 Best OBD2 (Android/IOS) apps For Your Car in 2017 Modern cars have the capacity of a few computers, are tooled with software that contains of millions of lines of programming code and produce gigabytes of data, but they are still different from connected cars. A smart vehicle is able to optimize its performance to reduce fuel consumption, show the best path to follow taking into account current traffic and weather conditions, detect errors in the engine and collect information data to negotiate lower insurance rates. Most cars and light trucks are equipped with on-board diagnostics, or an OBD II port that provides access to data from the engine control unit (ECU). To get the information you need to plug in an external device. The OBD-II specifications provide a standardized hardware interface - a female 16-pin (2x8) J1962 connector, so a single external device can be used for most car models. It also should have an Internet connection to transfer the collected data. To handle all information collected from OBD2 device you still need on-board diagnostics app for car. Here are 7 best OBD apps you can find that will help you to maintain the performance of your car. You can find some of the best obd2 app for different platforms: Android obd app and iphone obd app. Let’s review them, their advantages and disadvantages. Here are the most popular auto diagnostic OBD apps for Android: 1. Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) One of the most popular obd2 app for android reader application in the Play Store, Torque Pro showes a broad list of features and detectors supported, and the numerous widgets and plug-ins that use it as base, giving more of functionality. See your car's activity in realtime, get OBD code faults, vehicle productivity, sensor’s info and other. Torque is a vehicle efficiency/diagnostics instrument that uses the OBD II Bluetooth adapter connected to OBD2 engine control/ECU. You can make customized dashboard with the widgets in application. The app uses the GPS to allow tracker log with OBD engine logging to see what your car was doing at any period of time. It also shows and resets a DTC/CEL/fault code like a scanner. Torque helps you to fix your car and reduce repair costs. Other Torque features: Dyno/Dynomometer and Horsepower/HP It reads the temperature of transmission speed timings - it became more accurate than via GPS CO2 emissions indicators Custom dashboard User profiles Automatically GPS tagged tweets Big fault code database and fault codes history Supports different color themes Available to send logging information directly to web or email for analysis HUD mode for night mode driving GPS Speedometer and compass in real time Turbo boost for vehicles that support MAP and MAF Voice alarms Car dock maintenance Allows to share application screenshots to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, e-mail, etc A simple interface for developers for AIDL API for third party apps Supports tablet devices Works on different vehicles that use OBDII bluetooth adapters (almost all vehicles produced after 2000). Common problems with Torque Pro: High battery consumption. Incompatible with some cars We think high battery consumption can be a great obstacle to use this software. Every software development team should pay attention to customer’s reviews. For example, here in Archer Software we either follow our client’s specification or we make sure that our software solutions are environmentally friendly. We advice to read our 5 things you need to know before developing the car app. 2. HobDrive You should try one of the most undervalued OBD apps in the Play Store, especially if you are the owner of a hybrid car. HobDrive is an intelligent Trip Computer and OBD2 diagnostic software. HobDrive uses your ELM327 adapter and GPS sensors to measure trip information. ELM327 (Bluetooth, Wifi) is recommended, but can use GPS only. A HobDrive version, in comparison with demo: Continuous errors tracking MPG tracking hour, day, week time periods Graphical measurers Diagnostic of KWP protocols. Fueling and service records. HobDrive include such features: Vehicle sensors indexes Engine diagnostics Trip recording computer Performance tools Route planning Calculating MPG Flexible visual layouts ​Many users complain about: Unstable work Poor clarity (blurring) on devices with higher resolution Problems with Bluetooth connection Archer Software monitors the appearance of new gadgets and their popular resolutions. Therefore we try to release new versions of our applications every 1-2 months, increasing stability with every new version of the software. 3. OBD Car Doctor Pro The primary and functional app, OBD Car Doctor reads the data sent from your OBD adapter, and reports all real-time engine and car parameters: speed, angle of rotation, temperature, pressure and some other sensors data supported by your vehicle. It enables to draw charts with real-time data. Car Doctor checks engine light control: reads and clears stored error codes and related data. Features: Real-time vehicle indicators: speed, angle of rotation, temperature, pressure and other sensors Chart drawing with real-time data Check engine light control: error codes and related freeze frame data Records of parameters in real time Allows to read and display multiple parameters Recording of parameters in background View and send recorded parameters GPS supported Fuel Economy parameters Allows to store and share DTC data Fuel consumption in time periods Common problems here: Unstable connection with cheap adapters To clean up errors, you need additional step-by-step manipulations Problems with Bluetooth connection We advice other software development companies to make stability improvements in every released version like we do in Archer Software. We think it is the key to the success. 4. Carista OBD2 Carista OBD2 lets you to personify your car by improve its electronical options. It also lets you test your vehicle for errors, and delete any existing faults of code and tests emission. One should have an OBD II adapter that plugs into car's OBD2 port. Once you allow Carista app gather data from your vehicle with OBD II adapter it will tell you if the car is struck. If you don't have OBD adapter, you can enter the data by yourself. Extended diagnostics. The Carista application can monitor your vehicle's viability and reports faults. You can also delete any fault of codes and reset the check engine light, check if you're ready for emissions testing. This application is compatible with all OBD2-compatible manufacturers and models (almost all vehicles produced after 2000). In comparison with other apps, Carista gives you admission to advanced manufacturer's specific diagnostics, such as ABS, airbag, navigation, etc. and gives you the aptitude to reset this indicators for supported models. Extended customization. Carista app lets you change the way your car behaves: the app can set headlights to turn on automatically when one starts the engine; or the doors to lock when one starts moving; or change the type of sound that the back parking sensors make. The Carista application can do all that things. Preventing Damage. Carista's overheating alert allows you to control your engine's temperature and respond in case of overheat. Carista runs in the background and can notify with an alarm tone just when the temperature of the engine rises to unsafe level. This app also has some things that may upset its users: Connection error while saving changes in the settings Connection problems with some adapters Archer Software always pay attention to testing our applications before releasing the software. Be sure, when developing application from specification to final version, the app we produce will not have any errors or problems. It’s a level we support. For example, the certifying body conducted an audit of Archer Software, and reported that we are the first IT organization to obtain this new ISO 9001:2015 certificate. There are also many universal OBD apps for iPhone: 1. OBD Auto Doctor OBD II Auto Doctor is the leading OBD II car diagnostics instrument. It is considered to be the best car diagnostic app for iOS platform. The Auto Doctor application allows to check and reset the sick codes. Using this OBD II diagnostic app you can interact with your vehicle's OBD II system easily, and make your mobile a very gifted automotive scanner. OBD II Auto Doctor is a great app for ones who are interested in knowing more their vehicle. If you want to control car data in real time or turn off the check engine indicator, this is an obligatory instrument. Benefits: You can see the preparedness for test of emission and advanced diagnostic DTCs, Freeze Frame, MIL You can view fuel consumption to save money View OBD II indicators on time to detect anomalies You can change numerical or graphical view of OBD II sensor data Supports data of engine, transmission, etc. You can send diagnostics data via email Allows to read VIN, Calibration Identifications and Calibration Verification Numbers of ECU Auto Doctor supports built-in DTC database with over 14000 alarm codes You can choose imperial and metric units A few disadvantages of OBD Auto Doctor: Problems with connecting adapters labeled ELM327 v2.1 The problems with the accuracy of fuel consumption in diesel vehicles Such applications are made to get more from driver’s cars. But some software problems and errors can trigger your users to switch to other applications. Here you can read why users may dislike your application. 2. EOBD Facile One doesn't need to call manufacturer to make a diagnostics of your vehicle or find out why the check engine light is turned on - now it's available on iPhone/iPad. Connect an OBD II device to port in your vehicle and start the application: it will allow to diagnose a car, turn off the indicator lights and see the vehicle's data in real time. The EOBD Facile app functions: View engine faults of codes and find out their meaning Clear the check engine light Monitor special manufacturer error codes Make recordings of trips and save via iPhone/iPad, recover them later using EOBD Facile application Create and view records of GPS data There are also some errors in EOBD Facile: Incompatible with some cars The free version is completely non-functional Periodic connectivity problems Such high number of errors may appear when development company skips or minimizes the testing and error correction phase. In Archer Software we advise to choose outsource software development when you feel you don’t have enough staff to make best testing to avoid problems. Here you can find benefits of outsourcing software development. 3. Engine Link The EngineLink application can help your iOS device to become a vehicle diagnostic instrument with OBD II with WiFi/Bluetooth adapter. Benefits: Start checking emissions See the vehicle's condition in real-time. Read and clear OBD II faults of the code. One can see car performance in real time and read sensor data. You can choose the data you want to see and turn off the rest of information Interactions with DTC/CEL /fault code - stored or in real-time MPG widget for monitoring fuel consumption and its efficiency HUD mode for driving in night Display the temperature of transmission Speed, RPM, load and coolant, fuel tank Customized dashboards See full customized GUI with different kinds of gauge You can add different libraries via app ECU support User can change back colors Log in via e-mail The EngineLink application has some problems: Can use only ELM compatible Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Low Energy adapters to work good Problems with wi-fi connection Problems with language support Such data visualization software can help to turn your car into connected car. When outsourcing software development you can be sure you get an app that has all features you wanted and all errors eliminated before the app went live. Archer Software is a recognized provider of embedded software solutions for connected cars as well as mobile apps for car owners. With a vehicle monitoring application that can be customized based on the needs of your organizations and customers, you can be sure your drivers are meeting best practices. Such a tool is perfect for industries like taxi and limousine services, general shipping, and the transportation of dangerous goods. Additionally, we have vast expertise in developing mobile applications for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry, including geolocation tracking and geopositioning services. You can learn more about our work with car related apps on our For more information about how we can develop connected car software solutions that are right for you, contact our experts at info@archer-soft.com. Recording of webinar Why Is a Custom Automotive ERP Solution Better for Manufacturers? 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  17. Hi Guru, My KIA K5 head unit went off suddenly. Most auto shops recommend Pioneer kind of ICE. https://www.pioneer.com.sg/sg/products-detail/index.html/?product=AVH-X8850BT I'm not so like it as it need to change the panel to fixed it. I searched the web and found exact profile of a head unit from Taobao that fit exactly to my current head unit. Read through review and seems better features than Pioneer, Would like to seek helps any recommendation of good auto shops willing to provide service to install head unit we ordered from overseas. Much appreciate any bro/sis lobang. Thanks. Good day.
  18. There no In-Car Entertainment system that supports Android Auto but there's system which supports Apple CarPlay. Just wondering when will Android Auto system be supported here in Singapore!
  19. Luckcent

    Internet tv or Android tv

    Hi All, Its time to retire my old television and to get a new set. There are so many on sale with all kinds of features. So which set is better to use , Internet tv or Android tv ? Why so?
  20. Anyone have any affordable Android Auto HU for Qashqai 2016 to recommend, please? Somewhere less than $600 will be good. Do also recommend the installer if possible. Thank you in advanced.
  21. Thinking of getting the Redmi Note 3 @ $299. It has a 4000mAh battery with dual sim function. Alternative would be note 5 but a bit out of budget. Any grabcar/uber drivers here? What are your phone you used for work? The huawei I purchase from Grabcar cmi.
  22. http://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/tech-news-oneplus-collecting-your-private-data-without-permission OnePlus is collecting your private data without permission By James Lu - on 12 Oct 2017, 9:11am OnePlus is known for its great value smartphones, but you may want to think twice before buying one. Security researcher Chris Moore has discovered that OnePlus' OxygenOS has quietly been collecting a ton of user data and transmitting it to a OnePlus server along with your phone's serial number. Moore detailed how OnePlus devices record data at various points, including when a user locks or unlocks the screen, which apps are opened, used, and closed, and which Wi-Fi networks the device connects to. While that's fairly standard, it's almost unheard of to tie that data to the phone’s IMEI, phone number, and mobile network names, which means the data can easily be traced back to you. According to Moore, the code responsible for the data collection is part of OnePlus Device Manager and OnePlus Device Manager Provider. Moore says in his case, the services had sent off 16MB of data in 10 hours. Responding to the controversy, OnePlus revealed it collects two streams of data from all users. The first is termed "usage analytics," which helps it to improve its software. It also adds that this type of data-sharing can be turned off by going into settings, selecting "advanced," and turning off "join user experience program." However, the second stream, which OnePlus refers to as "device information" can't be turned off. "We securely transmit analytics in two different streams over HTTPS to an Amazon server. The first stream is usage analytics, which we collect in order for us to more precisely fine tune our software according to user behavior. This transmission of usage activity can be turned off by navigating to 'Settings' -> 'Advanced' -> 'Join user experience program'. The second stream is device information, which we collect to provide better after-sales support." Source: Chris Moore and XDA Developers
  23. Taken from BGR, just wanna see MCF poll results. Personally, I will get the 5.5 inch version.
  24. The evidence supporting the lack of an app drawer in the Android N release is really starting to stack up. The just-announced LG G5 has no app drawer and while the Galaxy S7 does have an app drawer, there is a hidden setting to remove it. All of this is making it look increasingly likely that Google is indeed planning to ditch one of Android’s most recognizable features. http://www.androidauthority.com/exclusive-android-n-may-not-have-an-app-drawer-674571/ http://www.androidauthority.com/android-n-no-app-drawer-evidence-lg-g5-samsung-galaxy-s7-675315/ Android becoming iPhone liao!
  25. Little_prince

    Ownice C500. any thoughts?

    http://www.lightinthebox.com/ownice-c500-android-6-0-quad-core-2g-ram-head-unit-for-2din-universal-support-4g-lte-with-16g-rom_p5520260.html?litb_from=forum_irecommend hi guys anyone try the model before? specs etc looks decent and price is good. seems pretty value for money. any thoughts? quite cheap. maybe i just order first and test test and give reviews. hahahaha