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Found 38 results

  1. INTRODUCTION: U-Audio is a Pit Stop for all your car accessories need. Being in the car accessories trade for more than 20 years, we do not just sell accessories but provide customised solution to all of our customers' needs. Apart from audio system we provide a comprehensive list of services like Car Alarm Systems, DVD, TV systems, Solar Film, Sound proofing, Air-Con Servicing, Car Battery, Customised Car Number Plates, and many more. LOCATION: 22 Boon Lay Way #01-62 TradeHub 21 S(609968) PHONE: 9688 4020 (Ah Seng) OPENING HOURS: 9.30am to 7.30pm (Mon - Sat) Our listing on SGCARMART: http://www.sgcarmart.com/directory/merchant.php?MID=11526
  2. Hi guys!Wanna check with you guys! My brother is driving latest Subaru XV, wanna upgrade to maybe pioneer or alpine in order to have Apple car play function but the original XV head unit size looks weird. Any recommendations that the replacement can be just plug and play?
  3. Goldenvodka

    Taobao Headunits

    Just for sharing here. Recently I bought a headunit, face plate and harness from Taobao, costing less than $150. Touchscreen quality is as good as other branded head units, sound quality I have no comments. Bascially it comes with a harness that fits to your vehicle without any cable cutting or whatsoever. Plug and Play. Best it comes with andrioid auto and Apple Carplay. I saw other basic headunit that cost than $100 with all in accessories. My unit was a stock HU that was removed from a Nissan Vehicle. They managed to do modification to the stock head unit to make it usable on any other Japanese/korean cars. Just doing a sharing here. No sale or advertisement.
  4. Hi, Anyone would be able to advice on how to replace the GPS software on China DVD player ? Mine is currently running WINCE 6.0 and comes with built in GPS, but without Singapore map. And there isnt a Singapore map for me to download. Not sure if i can replace the stock software? Please advise. Thank you
  5. Did you ever realize that your head unit can be the best way of your entertainment? Well, I think you know about it normally but many may don't! Yes, head unit can be your best entertainment ways regrading in car entertainment. I wanted to give some ideas regarding the best car head unit those can take your entertainment at the high stage! Let's have a look at some most popular head units that can be your in car entertainment main purposes! PIONEER DEH S4000BT Are you trying to upgrade your automotive stereo with the most effective single DIN head unit accessible within the market? Well, Pioneer DEH S4000BT are going to be the primary alternative for you. This model permits you obtaining the most effective extremist clear sound within your automotive. Our editorial team researched to a tolerable degree to square this model at the #1 position. It permits you CD/DVD, MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, playback exploitation the distinctive USB. The 13-band extremist graphics equalizer provides you swish sound dominant. the graceful exterior style can amendment the within read of your automotive & can assist you creating your automotive additional respectable with you friends and family. Features Hands free calling Audio streaming Digital display Modern remote control CD/DVD, MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV BOSS AUDIO BV9986BI BOSS Audio BV9986B is another best one DIN head unit within the when market. This model enclosed with uncountable trendy options that you just can largely prefer to take. owing to it’s service we have a tendency to featured this model to focus on you and permit your obtaining a best product for your automobile audio improvement. This item is combined with automobile & marine audio in order that folks will have a distinct take a look at by exploitation such model. and truly it’s one thing totally different within the market that you just should not forget to shop for that permitting trendy Bluetooth technology. Features Fits any size of head unit HD 7” TFT touch screen display Convenient for hands free phone calls CD/DVD in multiple formats SD cards Support ALPINE CDE-HD149BT Alpine CDE-HD149BT one DIN head unit is that the one for classical read with several trendy options enclosed. It’s another high complete across on-line that is additionally called the foremost fashionable premium din stereo for higher sound as perpetually. The options keeps the stereo up and running with owner satisfaction. This classical best single DIN head unit can make sure you running your reproducer with non-stop music. Features Output power of 50 watts RMS power of 18 watts iPhone/iPod feature enabled 9-band parametric equalizer LCD rare display EZONETRONICS CW9601 Ezonetronics CW9601 is that the last of out list however ne'er the smallest amount. we tend to placed it at the last however not decide it wrong having at the last. This model is another trendy fashionable one with massive bit screen show that together with show flipping feature that is such cool. This model is enclosed FM feature to form things a lot of swish for you. The HD monitor provides you reside expertise even within the geographic region. Features 7 inch indash touch screen Supports USB/SD cards Wireless remote control system Supports FM radio Can connect your iPhone/iPad/android Source: AutomotivePick.com
  6. just curious, why do my pioneer headunit has a gps, yet in kpe sometimes also no accurate signal (using waze). asking because i connected android auto, using waze and waze doesnt show my correct location if my phone gps is not on. havent tried with google map. does the headunit GPS only work for google app? if waze is relying on my phone gps, why does my headunit has a gps module thingy?
  7. Poh Kim shop in Plaza Singapura giving away free DVD player when you buy DVDs source: https://mothership.sg/2020/09/poh-kim-free-dvd-player/ In a world of Netflix and chill, DVDs (Digital Video Discs) are anachronistic pieces of the past that symbolise the heyday of entertainment technology in the early 2000s. The clunky pieces of plastic that hold one movie per disc and have to be manually slotted into a designated player, sounds completely off in 2020, what with cloud computing and subscription accounts. But instead of surrendering to the digital ones and noughts, one shop in Singapore is doing its level best to stick it out to the end. Free DVD players Poh Kim, which started out doing video tape rentals, is giving away free DVD players with every minimum purchase of hundreds of dollars of DVDs. This offer sounds even more insane considering it used to be giving away free DVDs for each purchase of DVD players. Offer According to Poh Kim's offer: A S$79.90 DVD player is given free with every S$159.90 purchase of DVDs. The model of the DVD player is different and more upmarket if customers buy more DVDs. For a S$899.90 purchase of DVDs, a free DVD player worth S$459.90 is given free. Currently, some customers have taken up the offer, according to the shop. However, the DVDs must be bought at original prices and not the discounted price. It is not known for how long this offer will run. Background Poh Kim Organization was established in 1984, according to its website. It specialised in the rental of video tapes, and from 1992, it started to rent and sell Laser Discs (LD). From 1997 it started dealing in Video Compact Discs (VCDs). Subsequently, it began dealing in DVDs.
  8. About Android Auto Mirroring, CarPlay has been working fine but until Apple finally is happy to include other third-party navigation (rumoured end 2018), Apple map is crap - it's bringing me to timbuktu most of the time.. Recently trying to connect the HU with Mi5 but have not been successful. For those successfully using the mirroring, 1. What's the phone model please ? 2. To establish the connection the first time, do you need a USB cable to port 2 ? The manual doesn't say there's a need for a cable - just need to establish BT connection first. 3. Was a second USB cable included in the original package ? Thanks.
  9. Idaddy88

    Pioneer AVH-X8850BT

    http://www.strathfieldcarradios.com.au/pioneer-avh-x8850bt-multimedia-player-with-apple-car-play-android-auto/ Saw this at a workshop. Seems very new to the market. Anyone installed? Can share the difference between x8750bt?
  10. weekiat572

    Kenwood DDX 917WS

    My PI is giving me tis model for my car , any inputs or current users who can comment of tis set ? http://www.kenwood.com/sg/car/visual_navigation/ddx917ws/
  11. Hi guys! Looking for a pioneer headunit model for my lancer glx which i bought a 2-din case oversea, any recommendation for the following simple requirements : 1) CD player 2) FM Radio 3) Thumb drive 4) if can have rear camera (not a must to have) lastly if can get 2nd hand i also wont mind, thanks all ! I can go JB or msia to buy also if recommended ! Gong Xi Fa Cai !
  12. Hey guys, I am getting my new Toyota Vios in a few weeks but it did not come with a reverse camera. I like to check with Vios owner if I can just install the reverse camera and link up ti the stock dvd player or I need to buy a brand new full set? Thks.
  13. Deckbuild

    Kenwood DDX918

    Anyone have lobang to Kenwood DDX918?
  14. Kieran1975

    MP3 Songs for ICE

    anyone know where can i down load good quality MP3 songs for ICE? Thanks.
  15. There no In-Car Entertainment system that supports Android Auto but there's system which supports Apple CarPlay. Just wondering when will Android Auto system be supported here in Singapore!
  16. Does such an all in one unit exists? Im looking to modernise my newly renewed 5 year coe altis I want to have car recording camera for front and back of my car. But when putting the car in reverse, it will show the reverse camera in the media player. Don't need a particularly good head unit just one that has basic functions.
  17. Hi folks, I am thinking of buying Pioneer HU and speakers from Amazon.com. Will they be compatible to use in Singapore?
  18. So_nice

    Pioneer Single DIN HU

    Hi guys, I’m looking to buy a pioneer single din HU for my car. Reason for a single din is because I’m installing a din meter gauge. I’m looking for something that comes with a USB port that can I can plug my iPhone in to charge and play music at the same time. Any recommendation? If got shop to recommend also welcomed
  19. Anyone using this headunit? Any comments? https://alpine-usa.com/product/view/apple-carplay-android-auto-ilx-207/
  20. Hi folks, Anybody has used Kenwood DNX9170s that comes with 7" capacitive touch screen and support both Android Autoplay and Apple Carplay ? http://www.kenwood.com/sg/car/visual_navigation/dnx9170s/ Anybody has any price & shop to share ? So far my Google search only shows ~USD890 from eBay and RM3200 from some Malaysia sites. Lastly, can it support car with 360 camera as well as steering wheel remote ? Thanks
  21. My ride radio reception suddenly turned poor... mostly static noise... I wonder if the internal electronic antenna got problem. to change it cost how much ah? Don't wanna kena ketuk..... long time never visit any accessories shop... where can I go for east or central area?
  22. I am unsure why the previous thread about the Pioneer AVH-X8750BT was removed. Starting another one. Question: Does AVH-X8750BT come with HDMI cable? What's come with the box?
  23. Hi guys, I am quite new to In Car Entertainment. I always wanted a better sound system for my vehicle but not gonna go too deep into it. With the help of some friends we managed to install the following used items. ( KIA Optima K5 ) We have installed the following items 1)https://www.pioneer.com.sg/sg/products-detail/index.html/?product=TS-A1606C 02 sets of above. Hence my vehicle currently has 4 speakers and 4 tweeter. 2) Used Sony subwoofer in installed boot. Ancient big ass type. ( Powered ) All items are currently connected to my stock HU. Now I am looking for one last piece of equipment to enhance my music listening experience. May I enquire if changing HU or adding an AMP would be more significant? Thanks in advance.
  24. Can anyone advise me an external media player that can play flac and wav file in my car.. Currently my in build media player can only play mp3. I am using Alpine PXA-H800 sound processor.
  25. As anyone installed android HU, have you rooted it? How is the review?