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Found 405 results

  1. Lex250

    Recommendation for locksmith

    Hi all Just need a contact for a reliable locksmith if any one you happen to know one. TIA!
  2. Hi all, i need a good recommendation for a baby car seat. My baby is now 4 months old and weighs about 6.5kg. What do you suggest? I see a lot of cradle like kind of seats, are they better? http://babymeadows.com.sg/maxi-cosi-1/2008...eflection-.html as compared to this http://www.littlewhiz.com/pd-maxi-cosi-dor...le-car-seat.cfm ? please share your experiences! Thank you!
  3. Count-Bracula

    Slow Juicer: Any recommendation?

    Was wondering if any one of you using a slow juicer and would you recommend it? Looking around for one and if I'm not wrong 2 Korean brands are available and maybe Philips?
  4. Hi all, I'm sure a lot of bros and sis out there wear glasses, so am asking for recommendations as I'm not very knowledgeable in this area. Need to make another pair of glasses but there seems to be so many different shops around so don't quite know where to go. Am looking for light and durable glasses, and reliable optician. I was told titanium was lightest previously. Is it still the case now? Last did a pair 4 years ago, and since then have been using smart phones so now eyes getting blurrer… so better get another pair. Anyone tried those progressive lens? Got 'far-sighted' at this age too, so heard some said progressive can cater to both - but apparently can make the eyes confused and blurred is it? And i saw somewhere before got some design that allows a pair of sunglasses to wrap nicely onto a pair of prescription glasses. It's not just those generic types sold at petrol stations but is fitting nicely and comes in a set one. But it's not common as I think I've only seen it once. Anyone tried this before? Figured it would be good when driving. tks...
  5. Hi all, I think the Asian music is never complete without the K-pop and J-pop, some of the modern one here: Ring Ding Dong - SHINee Love Like This - SS501 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsCcGqGVN0U Sorry Sorry - Super Junior Ayo - G-Dragon Feel free to add more . Thank you very much.
  6. hi, wonder does anyone has any contact for cheap public notary? need them to certify documents.. thanks.
  7. Hi guys, im having some issues with my speakers and i suspect they are defective. Any audio shop to recommend to replace my speakers? I am very fresh into car sound system and am already quite lost. I am looking to replace to a better speakers and hope you guys could guide me along. Thanks alot.
  8. Lovethecars

    Any suggestion for sunglasses

    I'm looking for a pair of Oakley glasses... Does anyone have any optical shop to introduce that give relatively good pricing for it?
  9. hi all, got good recommendation of good and realiable wheel alignment workshop? thanks
  10. Hi guys, just wonder where do u go for yr mitsubishi car servicing? Any recommendation? I thought of getting workshop to clean throttle body, change CVT fluid (50000km mileage dun need to change Gearbox filter right?), change coolant plus maybe thermostat. The throttle body looks a little complicating than my previous car as engine bay quite cramp.. Where would u recommend? Thanks in advance for advices
  11. Hi all bros, as above. Tao Kar chew ji lei! TIA!
  12. Any recommendation for 17" Rim for Nissan Latio?
  13. Any bro got any good car wash+polish in JB to recommend.. was thinking of going JB this weekend so can go groom my lau po car abit
  14. Need Recommendation for contractor for kitchen woodwork. Just plain kitchen cupboard woodwork repairs/ revamp.. hence looking for contractors to provide the service. Need not Interior Design companies who tend to charge higher thanks
  15. Hi all, may I know of any recommendations for the above mentioned. Someone in our family is going to pass away, so we wish to get some info. Many thanks.
  16. Dear All, Looking at adding a home air purifier and also a tap water purifier to my home. For the home purifier, was looking at Sharp Plasmacluster models and also Osim ILife while the tap water purifier I am looking at the Osim uPure. Anyone has reviews or other recommendations? For the tap water purifier, I prefer to have those like the Osim uPure which connect directly to the tap as I do not want to have a seperate unit as I have limited space in kitchen. Looking forward to all the recommendations!
  17. Vroomtattat

    Any recommendation for ear digging?

    Hi brudders, Recently, I have been a bit hard of hearing and this could be due to ears being clogged up with too much wax and dirt. Any recommendations for ear digging services other then those at barber shops? Thank you in advance. Huh?? Li kong si mi?
  18. Blackwind

    Recommendation for water filter

    http://diamondwaterweb.com/products_dew.ht...PID=12373396929 i was looking at the above website... looks good anyone has tried or have links to better water filters..... thinking of getting a good one for my family any recommendations
  19. Thermodynamics

    Leather shoes: Any recommendation?

    I recently bought a pair of Hush Puppies black leather shoes and realized that it is not really good. Regretted the purchase. Any bro here can recommend a good pair of leather shoes?
  20. Looking for one where switching on/off, changing circulation and oscillation modes will not give rise to beep beep sound. In other words, silent except for the motor sound. If you do know, pls share the brand and model number. TIA
  21. Hi Just to check for those who frequent malaysia, other than data passport, is there any cheap alternative in getting data plan? Most of the ICC only provide data for short term? Any advice on getting 6 months and above data sim? thanks
  22. AndyHo

    Rims recommendation

    Bro, need advise. Is this 15” ssr pro a good buy? Less than 4kg only. Boss said this this is original , not replica. Price - $1000. OR do you advise getting oz, enkei? Budget < $1000. Attached ssr pro rims which i shortlisted.
  23. Hi guys, not sure anyone have started this thread before.. Anyway thinking about doing staycation in Singapore soon. Anyone have any great idea/experience which hotel in Singapore give you superb staycation hospitality service, food and places to relax? Going with wife ah... So no naughty stuff...
  24. its a 2011 toyota camry currently on Michelin Energy XM2. 215/60R16 95H. need to change all 4 tyres since its been like 4 years already. not sure what tyres to change to so just here to get some recommendations. Thanks!
  25. As above....preferably with good quality recordings. Something along the line of Diana Krall.