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  1. DarkLord

    CVT cooler/warmer

    No issues. Done it before on colt turbo and current ride comes with one.
  2. DarkLord

    2019 Forester

    Got to manage your expectations sia.
  3. DarkLord

    2015 Forester 2.0

    True. But nobody knows for sure when it's time up so live live to the fullest!
  4. DarkLord

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Very expensive toys you have sir.
  5. DarkLord

    2019 Forester

    I see. Going to do up the ICE after collection? Have you tuned up your FXT? Can't wait to sit in it again to try the sound quality.
  6. DarkLord

    2019 Forester

    New CX3 or 5?
  7. DarkLord

    2015 Forester 2.0

    The ICE is definitely power! They sure can. Recently they wouldn't replace my brake switch and the reason they gave is that they couldn't take a stock photo of my ride. Champion. Like then saying goes "want to mod, don't worry about warranty. Worry about warranty, don't mod" Lol.
  8. DarkLord

    General Election 2015 - 11 Sep 2015

    He's a nice man. Interacted with him on a number of occasions.
  9. DarkLord

    Sugar Dating sites

    Oh... Didnt think of that thou.
  10. DarkLord

    Sugar Dating sites

    Last time good job so got a lot of time to hang around. Now doing toilet cleaning busy. Too much poop nowadays. I saw his postings. I kept in touch with some of them in real life. Everybody busy busy.. Except for you.
  11. DarkLord

    Sugar Dating sites

    Cool. I do visit your site every now and then. Where's the rest of the old gang? Missing too?
  12. DarkLord

    Sugar Dating sites

    Me newbie too. Just logged in here yesterday. Have been busy for the past few years.. Building the nest and career. Still at the same place? If yes, we are kinda sama sama liaoz. Have been busy for the past few years.. Building the nest and career. Still at the same place? If yes, we are kinda sama sama liaoz.
  13. DarkLord

    Sugar Dating sites

    Take too long to back up using Drop box. Wired connection still faster. How's life bro? Long time no see? It has been years since I logged in here. The forum has changed but you still the same.
  14. DarkLord

    Sugar Dating sites

    They have been at it for the past half a decade or so. the amount of PDA between them can be back up using 1 TB of hard disk drive at least.
  15. DarkLord

    2015 Aug, 2nd COE Bidding Exercise

    MOM put down restrictions on the employment passes mah. Many are getting decent pay but see no reason to burn money like singaporeans. They saved the money and go back to buy their Ferraris. Better deal. I stayed in Australia for a couple of years, I remembered the average there is 7-8 cars per 10 persons. I bought a car for less than 3k for moving around then. Sold it for 3K when I left. Lol.