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  1. Hi, i wanted to change the factory fitted non blue tooth head unit to one with carplay head unit. any budget recommendation? So far what is see is Alpine ILX-W660E
  2. Hi All, Seeking advise from those who had made purchases with a reliable PI and happy with their them (services, prices, etc.) We all have heard of one way or another of horrid experiences with PIs, but I am also sure there are genuine guys who are pleasant to deal with. Any recommendations from personal journeys? Also, other than the peace-of-mind distributorship between AD and non-AD and clearly price differential, are there any things to watch out for/differences between an AD and non-AD car, specifically for the Toyota Camry? Thanks.
  3. Man, 52, arrested for allegedly smearing faeces on car in Aljunied, but apparently got the wrong car - Mothership.SG - News from Singapore, Asia and around the world A 52-year-old man has been arrested after a car was found smeared with faeces at Blk 49 Sims Place in Aljunied on Nov. 19. According to Shin Min Daily News, the man left "prayer offerings" on the car's bonnet, with a note in Mandarin that said, "The only way to prevent people from knowing what you did is not to do it at all. (若要人不知,除非己莫为)," was found on the windshield. The note appeared to be addressed to a person with the surname of Tan. However, the car belonged to a nearby 60-year-old hawker by the surname of Wang (transliteration from Mandarin). "Nauseating" faecal stains on windows and door handles When Shin Min reporters reached the scene, they found the car had faecal stains on its front and rear windshields, windows, and door handles. The stench from the stains was reported to be "nauseating". The items left on the bonnet consisted of a huat kueh (steamed cake usually used for offerings) with a flower stuck on top, and an orange with a ribbon and incense sticks tied around it. Two police cars were also spotted at the scene, with several officers seen taking photos and carrying out their investigation at the nearby market. Car owner is a chicken stall owner at the market Wang told the Shin Min reporters she sells chicken at the nearby market and knew about what happened only when a neighbouring stall's staff informed her. Shocked and angry, she immediately called the police but returned to her stall to continue serving her customers. She only cleaned her car after the market closed in the afternoon. Wang said she never had disputes with her customers. In addition, she does not know the person to whom the notes were addressed. She added that after she cleaned the car herself, she still had to bring it to the car wash to clean it thoroughly. She said: "We have never offended anyone and have just been making an honest living. This is really too much." Man could have targeted the wrong car Besides vandalising the car, the same perpetrator is also believed to have stuck notes with abusive language on nearby pillars. Other hawkers speculated that it could have been another vendor who offended the man and that the suspect might have chosen the wrong target. Shin Min observed that there was another car in the carpark of the same model, with a similar colour and even a similar car plate number to Wang's car. In response to Shin Min's queries, the police said a 52-year-old has been arrested for public nuisance and that the case is under investigation. Top photo via Shin Min Daily News I https://mothership.sg/2023/11/aljunied-car-poop-smear/?fbclid=IwAR2O5GuQP9yLdb1HL2UlZ2c2KH2CCnSVuSMjzNfn_OPjs1UVX9kiadITXXw
  4. ASEAN version will be launched in Thailand next Monday https://paultan.org/2018/10/22/2018-toyota-camry-launching-in-thailand-on-oct-29
  5. Hi, just to check, if i buy the Toyota Camry 2.0 (A) Understand it does not come with HID Headlights, Is it an offence if installed? Kam sia
  6. Reacting with a brake check to a tailgater or vice versa is courting for trouble. These two actions simply do not go hand in hand with each other. Here's why: What Happened? In the video, the cam car - a Mitsubishi Lancer was gunning down the CTE in the wee hours of the morning at a significantly fast speed. And to its rear was a white Toyota Camry that was also speeding down the expressway. The Toyota Camry gradually sped up and tailgated the Mitsubishi Lancer. Having witnessed the provocation from its rear, the Mitsubishi Lancer reacted with a rather forceful brake check, resulting in the Camry rear-ending it. Despite the collision, the Toyota Camry driver pulled away from the Mitsubishi Lancer before changing lanes and scooting from it. How do you know if it is a Mitsubishi Lancer? A resourceful netizen posted a sgCarMart used car listing: After some poking around, here are the following images of the vehicle in the used car listing: Does the rear of the car look familiar? I don't know about you, but it looks pretty familiar to me. What are your thoughts on this incident? Let me know in the comments below! Netizens' Comments Netizens did not sympathise with the Mitsubishi driver at all. Instead, they went a step further to call him out for performing a brake check, and some went full savage on him. Here's a compilation of these comments: ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  7. It is basic knowledge not to rush across the road and to look left and right before attempting to cross. However, he learned his lesson the hard way for one impatient kick-scooter rider. Watch it here: What Happened? An impatient kick-scooter rider blindly rode across the road at the entrance/exit point of Waterway Point carpark. He knocks into a motorcyclist's tail-box and falls hard on the ground. He quickly apologised to the motorcyclist and quickly got back up to his feet. Needless to say, the motorcyclist was baffled at how the kick-scooter rider managed to collide with him despite being in a stationary position. Moments later, the kick-scooter rider scoots across the road just as a white Toyota Camry exited the carpark, almost causing a near-miss collision with the Camry. And when the kick-scooter rider was riding away, the motorcyclist made the most iconic hand gesture ever: What do you think of the kick-scooter rider's actions? Is it caused by a lack of situational awareness, unluckiness or simply bo-chap? Netizens' Comments The kick-scooter rider really very heng! Joker leh you! I wonder what hand gesture the white car driver is making to the kick-scooter rider🤔 ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  8. its a 2011 toyota camry currently on Michelin Energy XM2. 215/60R16 95H. need to change all 4 tyres since its been like 4 years already. not sure what tyres to change to so just here to get some recommendations. Thanks!
  9. Any opinions on the 2.5 camry hybrid vs 2.5 mazda 6? both priced quite similarly....which is a better buy?
  10. What say u? https://medium.com/the-ascent/get-rich-and-drive-a-toyota-camry-3acb4288a5b6
  11. The Toyota Camry has always had an 'uncle's car' stigma to it, but the new one now is dressed with radically sportier and sharper looks, so is it necessarily deserving of the association? We put one to the test! Toyota and Lexus alike have a perchance for large grilles, and it seems the Camry has no qualms about sporting the same! So no prizes for guessing what captures Jon's attention here As you would expect, the Camry is really well appointed inside, But Julian finds something he really likes about the dash! And is it comfortable to drive? I think this picture tells alot... Or maybe the sgCarMart crew is a lot busier than they look? So is the new Camry still deserving of its 'Uncle's car' image? Or has the sporty image come with upgrades to the rest of the car befitting of a younger audience? You have to watch the full video to find out!
  12. A friend of mine is currently looking at getting a Camry. Would like to seek some comments. Thanks.
  13. I was at Expo last Wednesday (6/1) and left at 6:20pm. This Camry (attached) tailgate my back at the exit gantry and gotten his free parking. To test if the parking mgt really chap about these act, I wrote to the Expo mgt. Below is the extract of their repy: Thank you for sending us the details of the tailgating incident at Singapore Expo. We regret that we are unable to pursue this with the errant driver as our system needs his IU number to check if he had paid or not paid carpark charges. It is also not in our jurisdiction to pursue charges against this deliberate act. We are glad that this incident did not cause you any harm and we hope this will not deter you from visiting Singapore Expo in the future. So my question is, are those ERP carpark exit signs saying tailgater will be handed over to the police for real?
  14. New Camry with Dynamic Force 2.5l engine and TNGA architecture http://pressroom.toyota.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=5868 Press Release_2017naiasdetroittoyotacamry.pdf
  15. Hi there, i'm having terrible fuel consumption with my toyota camry. even when i drive "conservatively", it is doing about 7-8km/litre. completely horrible. what are your experiences?
  16. Anyone knows where i can get the touchscreen of the toyota camry tomtom gps repaired? am unable to press anything now and so the screen is stuck cant use the gps now even after updating the firmware and resetting.
  17. Here we discuss how durable is your car ...... So far my 9 year old Latio super durable and long lasting and seldom gives me problem . I am the first owner and so far no major issue except replace radiator at year 8.5 , ignition coil at year 7.5 , front and back absorber at year 7 and air-con compressor at year 6.5 . The main problem in Latio is high usage of battery and mine only last less than 1.5 year , and recently I use Amaron seen can last longer ! My mileage now 210,000 km and all these while been servicing by TC . What about yours ?
  18. According to the BM SE, the FL 2015 Asian Camry is coming in about Jun this year. Saw the Thai version brochure below: http://www.toyota.co.th/models/camry/pdf/camry_brochure_2015.pdf The 2.0L has a new VVTI-W engine with 6 speed GB. Although the design of the Asian camry still not so sporty like the US version but I think this new FL looks good!
  19. To be launched in Japan in Jan 06. Stay tuned!
  20. Hi I bought my first car, a 2000cc conti - 10 years ago. In the blink of an eye, it's time to get a new car and I'm a bit clueless at this. I've been thinking of getting a Japanese car this time round because of the better value retention and also I've been driving Japanese cars during business trips - very impressed. Yesterday, I went to the Mazda, Nissan and Toyota showrooms. Seems like I can get a 1600cc car like an Altis, Maxda3 around 90-99k. However, I also checked and a 2-3 year old Camry or Teana can also be gotten around the same price range. I would like to ask for your opinion - what's the better buy?
  21. Hi need you guys' inputs. Car in issue here is the 2007 model 2.0L Camry, basically the current model minus the minor facelift. Sometime back while on the road the traffic light turned red at a not-here-not-there point (you know la) and I had to brake hard to a stop. Travelling speed was probably around 60-70km/h. Note: hard braking, but surely not sharp emergency braking. Road condition was dry but slightly bumpy. What I experienced was a rather violent vibration from the brake pedal and steering wheel, or basically the whole car. It did not happen immediately when I applied the brakes, but midway through the braking. Whether braking ability was still present or not I can't recall, as I was kinda shocked momentarilty (luckily there was no other vehicle in front). I remember instinctively stepping in more and the vibration went away, and everything went back to normal. Following so I was wondering whether it was ABS. However in this scenario the road was dry and there wasn't any loss of traction. I've experienced ABS on another car before and I don't remember it to be as 'violent' as this. Furthermore, it wasn't as it was sharp emergency braking. Eventually I gathered it could be the road bumps that 'confused' some sensor or whatever during the hard braking. Just recently, my dad seemed to have experienced the same issue. This time he was on expressway around 100+. I don't know how hard he braked this time relative to my experience, but his description of the vibration was similar to mine. I am planning to go to Borneo Motors for this. But before that I'd like to consult you guys on what could be the problem, and if there has been any similar experience. As you know, it may not be possible to emulate the same thing to the Toyota guys. Not saying that they will not believe, but it's also hard for them to diagnose without a first-hand experience. Hence I thought it might be helpful for me to gather some intelligence from you all first. Thank you, and may all drive safe.
  22. Hi All.... I did a air-con flush around july and a few days after that, my air-con seems to be blowing out a kind of funny smell, something alike a herbal/bitter smell. Only at low speed and engine start-up would i get the smell and its only coming out from the front passenger side air vent. Anyone has faced the same situation before? Please advise. Thanks a million!!!!
  23. Just curious... above affordable Jap luxurious sedan I vote Teana
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